Monday, July 11, 2016

10 July 2016 - "A grateful heart"

28th June 2016
Heading Home from Mision Mexico Pachuca
It's crazy this is over. We are feeling what our missionaries must feel at the end of their service. Many mixed emotions.

 We are greeted at the Las Vegas, Nevada airport by two of our three daughters and their families. What a sweet reunion.


29 June 2016
A sweet reunion with President Egberts parents 
at the home of our second daughter Taysia Kai. 

 Oh how we missed these three stinkers!
Tatum (middle) came up to me and asked "Are you my Grandma?"

 Andy's (Presidents) incredible parents- Lorrie and Farnes Egbert

30 June - 8 July  2016
A family trip to Lake Powell on the house boat.
No pictures as we look horrible in swimsuits!

9 July 2016
11:00- 2:00 pm

My parents 50th wedding anniversary celebration


9 July 2016
A 6:40 pm temple session in the St. George Utah Temple.
A sweet reunion with some our special kids.
My heart was so full!

9 July 2016
8:30 -10:30 pm after the temple session we met even more missionaries at a pool party with family and the Waffle Truck was the "bomb"!


Sunday 10 July 2016 @ 9:00 am
In the Leeds Utah ward for Elder Logan Hayes homecoming talk.
He did an amazing job. Some of the missionaries were in attendance to support him.
This entire weekend was PERFECT!

At 1:00 pm in our home ward we spoke and their were an amazing amount of family, friends, missionaries and their families in attendance.
I spoke about: "Tender Mercies and Miracles in our everyday lives and gave examples of those tender mercies from the mission"
President spoke about: "The Miracle of a Mission and what to do to prepare for that miracle to happen."

The missionaries in attendance surprised us with a special musical number and sang Presidents favorite hymn. "I know that my Redeemer Lives"
The Spirit was so strong and we just cried as it just touched our hearts in an indescribably way. I don't think their was a dry eye in the chapel either.

Then everyone headed back to the house for some lunch.
I'm sorry I didn't get more pictures but I was so busy socializing that my daughter finally grabbed the camera. So thanks to her we have record of this weekend. But we are missing pictures of a ton of missionaries and their families. And I totally apologize. We are so grateful for the love and support of everyone, expressed through their kind words and efforts in spending this weekend with us.
It was truly INCREDIBLE
Missing all our missionaries back home in Pachuca. And sending you our love!

 Don't know what I would have done without these two BFF's.
They kept everyone fed and the house in order. 

Several of my friends from work came and supported us. Totally touched my heart!

 Our grandson Tucker feeling like he is a Latino!
He loved all those returned sister missionaries.
 (He did have a shirt on during the party this was after when we were cleaning up)


So at the end we took a picture but over half the missionaries had left to drive back to their homes. We felt so bad we didn't get an entire group picture.
So below I will list all that were in attendance from the mission. 
My memory is fading so if I forgot someone please message me I want this for record.
This list doesn't include their darling parents, spouses, or "special friends"
So many amazing people.

Elders                                          Sisters
Ethan England                                    Juliann Daines
Scott Felsted                                       Mallory Peterson
Zachary Ellis                                      Rachel Anderson
Danny Poulsen                                   Mextli Lozano
Spencer Shillig                                   Micah Yates
Hunter Reese                                      Brittany Colby
Trey Sims                                           Shannan Peel
Stylan Iverson                                     Kelsey Snyder
Josh Oliver                                          Sophia Guerrero                        
McKay Rentz                                      Lorena Cardona
Johnathan McCormick                        Leah Langdon
Christopher Esteves                            Sarah Markle
Curtis Hixon                                       Mackenzie Bruggeman
Logan Hayes                                       Cassidy Riding
James Scott Christensen                     Cassie Hoopes
Braden Messick                                   Katie Nielsen
Taylor Cardon
Preston Messervy
Spencer Clark
Jake Smart
Alec Galo
Alex Stewart
Jordan Stucki
Aaron Lainhart
Brendin Carlson
Cameron Beesley
DeAndre Cardwell
Isaac Ford
Landon Bickley
Jon Ferrin
Trevor Sanders
Josh Stephens
Nathan Child
Trent Smith