Sunday, October 26, 2014

26 October 2014

"I'm not perfect, but I'm perfect in trying..."

(This sister is from the Utah and has been here 5 months)
Hola Presidente!
Another week has come and gone and i still am trying to believe it! I am also not looking forward to in two weeks when i will have to start writing in spanish every week but ahi vamos! So this week we were super blessed and we were able to see another one of Gods children enter the waters of baptism. I dont think there is anything better than that :) once again i just felt so blessed to be here in the mission and be able to help people truly change their life. We had a lesson with this well new convert before his baptism on Thursday and as we were talking about baptism a little bit more his eyes started to well up with tears and ah there are not words to describe the happiness i felt in that moment. That truly another soul has found his way back to our heavenly father and that i was able to be an instrument in helping him. We have truly been so blessed in this past month. Those people that are truly ready to accept the gospel and make the changes necessary in their lives have been placed in our path. We have a little family Maria Concepcion, Pablo, and Yareh. They are so great! They have been loving to come to church and Concepcion has been reading every day and every time we visit them we can see that her testimony of the book of mormon has grown. She is also ready to be baptized but she doesnt want to do it alone and the problem with her husband is that he doesnt speak spanish as his native language, he speaks a native language from his little town so he is still learning and sometimes doesnt understand us very well and its difficult for him to read. So we have been really relying on the spirit to help him and he hasnt said no, just more time. But i have faith that in the next month they too will enter the waters of baptism! We also were blessed to start teaching the mom and sister of a less active member we have been visiting. They came to church before we even started teaching them and they loved it! I feel so happy and grateful to be here and for every day that i have here. Thank you so much for all you do President. Le amo! :) Hna. R

Hermana Riding cleaning the font for their baptism. The smile doesn't give away how excited they really are! We are so proud of all our missionaries....

"You have the Savior of the world on your side. If you seek his help and follow his direction, how can you fail?"

- Bishop Stevenson

(This Elder is a native Spanish Speaker and just took his final English Exam-Amazing job!)
Soo president!!
.....this week, i think, it was one of my best weeks in my mission, talking about my sipiritual progress... Elder P is awesome President. Hahaha He really knows how to work. He is like Elder _________, but obedient jajaja One thing that i have to tell you is that we were eating in a kind of fonda al aire libre, and he invited the lady to hear us, and she accpeted. After the lesson, a lot of boys from the medium school... (secundaria) were in the table beside to ours, and they were shouting and speaking, and making noise, you know, but to finish with the last prayer, me and Elder E, and Elder R, (we were eating together cause the got money and we were sent to that fonda so they came with us) thought, "we can't pray here!" and Elder P   shouted to those boys and girls and he said: Heeeey!! we're gonna pray alright? so, could you be quiet for a little? and then we started to explain the prayer and everyone of them prayed with us!  that was cool! c:
Soo, President, i love my new area and my new comp.
I love you President. Have a nice week and thanks again! c:
Elder S

Leadership Training with Zone Leaders and District Leaders  

"You don't need a title to be a leader"

Zone Leaders (above) Elder Iverson/Elder Rodriquez and (below) Elder Clark/Elder Smart did a great job in delivering their message on the assigned topic. 

Mision Mexico Pachuca leaders look at their assignment as "an opportunity and not an obligation". 

(This Elder from Utah will return home in the Spring 15'- great job in Spanish)
Presidente Egbert,
Me ha encantado estar en este barrio porque, igual del último ciclo, no habiamos trabajado muy bien con los miembros pero ahora me siento muy agradecido que Elder ______ me mostró la importancia de hacerlo. Me encanta ver que nuestros investigadores no tienen que depender de nosotros sino que tienen contacto constante con los miembros. Les encanta estar con ellos y los miembros igualmente nos están llamando y enviando mensajes para ver como va los investigadores. Es increíble. Gracias por la nueva regla de capacitar a los miembros cada día. sinceramente veo que al hacerlo la obra del Señor va a avanzar con rapidez.
Por ejemplo, tenemos una investigadora llamada Laura. ella no leía y no llegaba a la capilla (como muchos investigadores), pero esta semana pasada pedimos al representante de los J.A.S. si podría organizar una noche de hogar acerca de la ley de castidad. los J.A.S. sincillamente, como un equipo, organizaron esta noche de hogar y fue maravillosa, la mejor noche de hogar que jamas he tenido en la misión. habíamos traido a Laura y también a Natán (un investigador de oro) quienes se conocieron y se fortalecieron muchísimo el uno a la otra. Presidente, fue una actividad inspirada porque el proximo día asistió a una actividad de los J.A.S. en la capilla, asistió a un bautismo que tuvimos en la zona y asistió con uno de ellos (J.A.S.) a la capilla. Anoche fuimos con ella y al terminar la lección ella se paró y dijo, "disculpe, sólo quisiera anunciarles algo, he decidido acerca del bautismo... (con una sonreísa dijo) ¡me voy a bautizar!" pusimos fecha bautizmal para el 25 de octubre.
Sé que al estar con los miembros, ganar su confianza, capacitarlos y animarlos, tendremos mayor éxito como misión. Gracias Presidente, les amamos muchísimo y estoy siempre dispuesto a hacer lo que me diga.

Su siervo y amigo,
Elder S

Picture Gallery- 

We have the BEST missionaries in the WORLD! 

Look at these missionaries "attack" their English Language Exams!!!!

 This sister on the left is always willing to assist the missionaries when they go out to teach. We are so grateful for willing members who work and support the missionaries.

 "I got POUCH!" 


Ward Activity in Huicholes- with the help of the ward mission leader.

 This truck was so dirty that we decided to provide service- a bucket of water and cereal bowl, a little soap, long brush and a love for people makes this service so much fun! Thanks Elders for being such great representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ. We love you! Elder Meschini and Elder Castro in Tizayuca.

"Happy Halloween" to everyone at home! 

Missing these two Elders already! 

(Elder Christensen and Elder Messick) 

A little one day old kitten

"Crickets" are tasteless but if you add a little chili to them they go down pretty good. Are these a great source of protein? 

Headed home to their areas after leader training! Those smiles... 

 Stopped by to check on these two on our way to training ourselves and found them happy and healthy. They had a baptism this last Saturday and are so excited. It's been a long time since this ward has had one. This ward has not had a bishop since our arrival here to Mexico (over 14 months) for many reasons...(long story) and the Elders serving here just have extra challenges in helping the counselors keep everything a float. 

Talent runs deep here in Mexico and we love the colorful attire!

Elder Perez is such a fun and tender missionary. 

Sunday visit to Molango 
Found all well and the missionaries working hard and in good spirits. 
President Egbert gave a very inspired message which was well received...

Elder Katich and Elder De Leon had their house in perfect order. 
Elder Katich paid his companion a nice compliment stating, "he knows how to clean a house and keep it clean!"

Sunday, October 19, 2014

19 October 2014- "the discipline contained..."

"The discipline contained in daily obedience and clean living and wholesome lives builds an armor around you of protection and safety from the temptations that beset you as you proceed through mortality."

-Elder L. Tom Perry

Elder Smart and Elder Clark with a few extra "passengers"

 "Our baptism of Getzemaní! Her mom and little brother have their baptisms planned for the end of this month, they are such a super family!"

 "You gotta be twiners for these special occasions"


and then ...  there was before changes-

 Elder Santos providing "service"... such a great opportunity

 Family Home Evening at the Stake Presidents house in Tulancingo

Jungle Time in Molango

Molango sure enjoys a visit from the Zone Leaders every other cycle...

 "President, you say no to dogs, cats, and birds for a pet. How about this cute little thing- I heard you used to have pet pigs!" 

 the beauties of Molango-

 Elder Campuzano "dying"- (not really- he gave 110% til the last minute)- his district mourning his final days in the mission- 

 The "elders" pretending to be the "sisters"... and vice versa

 Loving us the craziness of the mission...


Monday Morning Arrivals
Including 16 from the Mexico City CCM

Monday Night 
4 from the Provo, Utah MTC


Mexico Pachuca Mission Stats

  • 20 Incoming Missionaries
  • 5 Elders Returning Home Honorably
  • 6 Missionaries returned home this cycle for various reasons early
  • Opened 6 new areas and reopened 1 area
  • Total of #192 missionaries after the "dust" settled
  • November will be Zone Conferences and December our Christmas Devotionals
  • September 2014- Mission finished with #78 baptisms
  • ____________________________________________________

Tuesday... and then there were changes


and I think they are off and running

 Oh man.... these suitcases aren't going to all fit! 

How come the Sisters pack so much stuff?

 Thank you Bishop for bringing your truck to transport these six missionaries things to their new areas...We couldn't do it with out so many great members!

 Happy to be in the service of our Lord, Jesus Christ.... 


and then there are the goodbyes of the returning five.

 Goodbyes are not forever.

Good byes are not the end. 

They simply mean I'll miss you


Until we meet again!


Wednesday District Meeting in Apan- 

President Egbert visited a Pachuca Sur District - the Assistants went to the Pachuca Centro Zone and I headed to Apan/Sahgun district. Love our great missionaries serving there, including our senior couple who really help with district meeting practices.


Fun Surprises...

Our three daughters flew into see us for a few days- we are so grateful for their husbands at home who handled the grand kids and held the fort down in their absence. 

(Tahlia Mae 20, Tia Marie 26, and Taysia Kai 25.)

 Nothing like the girls and their "daddy".... oh how he misses them!

Tia Marie helping prepare 4th quarter birthday gifts for the missionaries to be handed out in the November Zone Conferences-and Taysia Kai making cookies for the "New Missionary Orientation"- she is a goddess in the kitchen! and where is the little one? In Presidents (dad's) office reviewing school finances and upcoming options as she prepares for Physicians Assistant School. 

Friday -"New Missionary Orientation"

 We are so grateful for the Assistants, Sister Leader Trainer Trainers and office secretaries that play such a huge role in this training of new missionaries and their trainers.

 Our girls taking in the view... and they brought the donuts, juice, and cookies.

 New Missionary and Trainer Orientation- October 2014


A little family time

 Friday afternoon we did a family trip to the local "TuZoofari" We had such a great time together... the grand kids would have loved this though!



 President Egbert went to Mexico City for a Special Training for all Stake Presidents, Counselors, Bishops/Branch Presidents, and Mission Presidents for the Mexico Pachuca Mission and Mexico City East Mission. President commented it was a great training by inspired servants of the Lord- Elder Anderson- Elder Maines and the Area Presidency

Elder Ferrin and Elder Jones

These wonderful Elders at the church to fill the font for a baptism!

After President returned home later we grabbed a bite to eat with the assistants-
and then off in the morning for a special Stake Conference in Pachuca Centro. Our girls are back on an airplane Monday morning for home. Thank you to all the missionaries who gave us time with our family.