Sunday, November 24, 2013 done by ordinary people...

"The major work of the world is not done by geniuses. 

It is done by ordinary people who have learned to work in an extraordinary manner."

No comment needed for this photo- as their faces tell how they feel about the mission. These boys have figured out how to forget themselves and get to work. 

What a blessing each one is to the Mexico Pachuca Mission.

thank you so much for that blessing it has helped me so much. i know that i just have to grow up and not worry about my problems and instead worry about the problems of other people. i have been trying that this last week and it has really helped me alot. i am finally starting to learn how to forget myself and go to work. and it has been amazing- the misión is so much better when you figure that out. so thanks for everything president love you 
Elder ____

Mondays are a special day... its the day they get ready for ... the rest of the week.


President Egbert,
This has easily been the best week of my mission!

Training is incredible. I have a great companion that is working so hard and I see so much potential in him. If it were up to me, I could do this every six weeks until I am headed home! We have had some disappointments and setbacks, as in any companionship, but we are both working in unity and determined to see a drastic change here in "________". I know that the Lord himself sent me Elder ______ to do just that, and it has become so clear to me in the past couple days that he is the person indicated to do so.

Our first few days here I was so lost in the area. We have really learned to depend on the Lord. Despite our inadequacies, he has put people in our path that can progress and have desires to follow the Savior. We have achieved this divine help because of our new focus on the Doctrine of Christ and Obedience with Exactness. As we have been led to knock inspired doors, and do inspired contacts, it has strengthened my testimony so much that this is the Lords work, and we are just living the privilege of playing a small part, through our obedience and diligence. We have also prayerfully sought the Lords help in exciting the members and have seen such a difference in their attitude about the work. We are finally starting to work the way the ward wants. As we have applied your counsel to visit their Elders, Relief Society Members, etc. to rescue, that we will also find investigators and help them fulfill their calling, I can testify that your promise has already begun to be realized. We are working hard, and so excited to the what the Lord has in store for us here!

As we have put inspired goals and thought of people instead of numbers, we have worked so hard and done everything to fulfill them because we know that they are the LORDS goals for this area and if we don't come through we will let him down. Through that effort, we are finally beginning to see fruits of our labors and know that that will continue.

I want you to know that the change in the mission rule regarding baptism stirred my heart. Real Converts. People that will see this through to the Celestial Kingdom. I love what John Taylor always said, "The kingdom of God, or nothing." Anything less would be a travesty. I love you and sustain you completely.

Have a great week!
Elder __________


 Elder Gil (left) ROCKS! 

He took his English Language Test and scored very high. So proud of him. Elder Flores (right) is working on his language study daily too.


"Future" missionaries came in to meet us and have a quick tour of the mission office. The tour was quick as its one big room, storage room (behind us) and Presidents office. But I took a few minutes and showed them all the missionaries pictures in Presidents office and how he has them split in zones and companionship's. I explained to them how transfers are physically made on the board and when a picture is turned a certain way it means something different: 

  • 1. Tilted 1/4 turn means moved to new area/ new companion 
  • 2. Turned sideways means new leadership assignment
  • 3. Turned upside down means "Have no idea what to do or where to put this missionary" 
  • 4.  Pictures in a vertical line down the left side of the white board means going home the next cycle

Then before they left I shared how much I loved each of those #126 missionaries specifically. Then I reminded them to keep the commandments and to come to the mission with everything on the table when interviewed by their Bishops and Stake Presidents so that they come with no guilt or regret on their shoulders. Instead, "square with the Lord" and ready to serve. 


 "Got Toothpaste?"

S'Mores Anyone?
So this darling Elder Rodas had a damp shirt and thought he would just place it over their portable space heater to get dry. With-in 30 seconds it had burst into flames. "Its dry!"
Elder Bickley was in the shower and could hear his companion all of a sudden start yelling "Ahhhh...ohhhhh...." and when he jumped out of the shower to check on him there was smoke and flames. Making memories in Mexico!

"A Day at The Ranch"

Elder Loza and Elder Ceballos spent the day at the Bishops Ranch helping fix fence and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. The Bishop and his wife are so kind and such great hostesses'. They treat our Elders with the ut-most love and respect. 

Service makes you smile... even if you don't want to smile! Elder Bickley and Elder Rodas helping this sister apply a glue like substance to her walls. She was so grateful as Elder Bickley is tall enough to reach the very top. Thanks Elders for being helpers in the Kingdom.

 .... their service didn't stop there. They then helped the sisters hang curtains which was no easy job as the solid concrete walls became a challenge. 

They even tried to reinforce it with "Super-Duty Adhesive". 

Thanks for taking care of your sheep ... 


Our Assistant (Elder Loza-left) and Zone Leader (Elder Oliver -right) went to study with Elder Sic and Elder Castro in Pachuca Centro Apan area.

These two Elders have a cute little home and take great care of it. They requested a few curtains which is on my "To do List".


Zone Conference Pachuca Mx (Tuesday)

This zone has two great zone leaders that put some amazing time into an incredible power-point that was beneficial to follow as they taught the principles they had selected. This zone had great participation in attendance from local leadership which made it so effective and helped strengthen that bond. 


They LOVE getting packages from home! (left) and Elder Ceballos with one of his little friends from the ward (right)- who he says is like his "little brother".

What a great district in Mezquital. They always look so sharp!


Zone Conference Tecamac I (Wednesday)

Excellent Conference as the Zone Leaders set the spiritual tone and were so organized and aware of there time frame. They nailed the practices with evaluation and re-practices that were effective. Elder Cardon and Elder Moreyra did an object lesson that you can see in the pictures below. They rolled sheets of paper into tubes. They made the presentation that one tube can't withstand the weight of hymnbooks and a box with a heater in it. But #9 pieces of paper rolled as tubes (missionaries, ward council members, ward mission leader, and members of the ward) all play an important role in carrying the weight of The Work of Salvation and as a group can accomplish so much more than one person alone. President was very impressed and happy with the day.


Tecamac I- Montes 2  

The Home Tour Continues....

After Zone Conference we took two sets of Elders home so we could tour their homes for safety and cleanliness. Elder Mendoza and Elder Tuft have a quaint little home with wood floors and colorful wall accents. Can you find the bathroom door? Also they do all their laundry by hand as you can see it hung up to dry on their back porch. Moms you should be so proud of these two!


Tecamac I- Montes I

 Home Tour Continues...

Elder Jacobson and Elder DeLeon have a great little home nestled in the back of a quiet street. They live next door to a member of the Bishopric and so that is awesome.  Their home was in perfect order not a thing out of place. When we asked them if they needed anything of course they said "No". So I asked them if their burner worked and they paused..."well it shorts out when it starts getting hot"... needless to say a new burner and little shelving unit to put their food on is on my list to deliver. Love these two Elders as they are working hard and being obedient.


Zone Conference Pachuca Centro (Thursday)

This was a lively little zone as these five sisters added "beauty" to the group and lots of fun smiles and giggles. The zone leaders did a great job and even ordered two cakes highlighting the Pachuca Centro name and had a sweet sister deliver lunch of chicken wraps and rice. It was yummy and healthy. So proud of this fantastic group!!!


Zone Conference Tecamac II (Friday)

 This group of Elders was a great way to wrap up this weeks conferences. Zone Leaders Elder Hirst and Elder Gallegos did a great job teaching and had a great object lesson of how we serve up the gospel in the lessons we teach compared to making a sandwich. 

They used a loaf of bread and a container of strawberry jam, Nutella, and caramel sauce. The first example was throwing a piece of white bread into the chest of the investigator. "Here's ya a sandwich". With nothing on it and delivered offensively. The second example was making a sandwich with strawberry jam on it but the investigator said "I don't like strawberries." And they responded this is a good kind of strawberry jam, you will love it!" and they responded back, "I'm allergic to strawberries... I can't eat them." And the Elders replied, "We are making you a sandwich with strawberries and you are going to love it and like it!" The third example was talking to the investigator and then listening to what they were saying. Then asking them if they would like a really good sandwich. They replied "Yes". They asked them if they liked strawberries to which they replied "Yes". Then they put strawberry jam on the slice of white bread. Then they talked and listened and then asked if they like carmel sauce on their sandwich to which they replied "No". So they said "ok" and continued the conversation and informed them they had Nutella. Did they like Nutella? To which they replied they did like that. The Elders then spread Nutella on the bread, topped it with another slice of bread and served it in a very appetizing and presentable way for the investigator.  The practices entailed asking open-ended questions, really listening an using the spirit to guide them in what the needs of their investigators are and then to teach according to those needs. When they get to know, love and care for these people in Mexico they will better be able to share the gospel. 

The Zone Leaders had ordered lunch from a company in Mexico City that works often with the missions of the Church. He once had a catering business in Salt Lake City Utah for many years. They had lasagna, green salad, french bread, lemonade, and cake. It was delicious.. and these Elders ate like it was their last meal. 


Tecamac II- Zumpango I -II 

 Home Tour Continues...

After Zone Conference we traveled to the area of Zumpango where two companionship's work. We wanted to tour their homes for safety and cleanliness and once again were very pleased with the way they take care of their little homes. Elder Lancaster requested an iron and one more table for their kitchen and Elder Huff's little home was perfect with lots of kitchen cabinets and even a bathtub which is a first for me to see. When I asked if the tub worked, Elder Cardwell quickly commented "We don't have time to sit in the bathtub!"  Oh how I love these Elders!!!


Wrapping up the Week

Saturday at 0330 we made a trip to the Mexico City Airport and then we came back and President went to Tulancingo for an Interview with the Stake President and training for the Stake/Ward councils regarding the Work of Salvation.  Sunday (today) we went to church at a 0800 ward where we have 4 Elders. It was the perfect day as it was the primary program. I wished I could have taken pictures but let me try and describe this... so a group of maybe twenty five children dressed in their Sunday best with the boys wearing little bow ties ( Red, Yellow and Blue) and white shirts and the girls wearing the same color bows in their hair. The ward has no pianists, so three of our four Elders (Elder Stewart, Elder Stucki, and Elder Medina) took turns playing to the best of their abilities (which was amazing!) all hundred primary songs that these cute little kids sang through out the program. The Elders took turns sliding on and off the piano bench rotating on the songs they could play. To the mothers who begged, encouraged, and bribed these Elders into practicing, you will never know the effect that the music had on the success of this program. The spirit comes because children sing these sweets songs...but is so enhanced by the music which accompanies the voices. So we thank you... and to those that are thinking of serving a mission it's never too late to start piano or pick up where you left off years ago. That talent will be such a blessing to those you serve.

And this afternoon President has a Stake Training at one of the Mezquital Stakes for their ward councils regarding the Work of Salvation. These weeks just fly by as there isn't enough hours in the day.  

I am a witness to the blessing that "whom God calls, God qualifies"...

PS  We are seeing the holiday packages arrive and the Missionaries are so excited. Thank you for your efforts in behalf of the missionaries here in Pachuca. May God watch over and bless you this week as we all contemplate the blessings in our lives that we have been so richly blessed with. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

... listened to a prompting and obeyed, though he knew not the reason why.

"listened to a prompting and obeyed, though he knew not the reason why."

This week we had our visa secretary relate the following story about a trip he and one of our new missionaries took to the Mexico City Airport in trying to locate a missing passport....

  "we arrived at the Mexico City Airport Tuesday afternoon in hopes of finding a lost passport of one of our newest Elders. Immigration and customs had no signs of it being turned in and as we were trying to gain information on how to obtain another one or directions on what to do at this point I had the strongest impression I needed to go to the other terminal. So I explained to my companion for the day that we needed to detour to the other terminal though our errand was done. As we arrived there we ran into an Elder who was returning home to his country (Peru) after the completion of his mission and immigration wouldn't let him leave as his VISA had unknowingly expired. Having served as the Mexico Pachuca Mission Visa Secretary I have had to deal with all sorts of situations and problems and am familiar with the officials in the airport. I took this sweet Elder and assisted him in finding a later flight, resolved the VISA issues, bought him dinner, and  left him in better shape then we found him. Though we arrived back home hours later than we had planned a feeling of peace and contentment filled my soul as we both crawled into our bunk beds after 1230 am. I know Heavenly Father sent me to that terminal specifically to help this Elder who was stranded- proof that we can be the answer to someone else's prayers if we will but listen for those promptings and then act upon them." Elder Campuzano

Elder Dove (Utah), Elder Arnett  (Arizona), Elder Menedez (California), Elder Nilsson (Idaho)
Elder Gastelum (Mexico), Elder Rubalcava (Mexico), Elder Rodriquez ( Dominican Republic), Elder Enriquez (Mexico),
Elder Duran ( Mexico), Elder Zamudio ( Mexico), Hermana Perez (Mexico), Hermana Peralta ( Mexico)

Departing Missionaries November 13- 2013

"Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end.

 They simply mean I'll miss you... until we meet again."

We sadly said goodbye to twelve magnificent missionaries.
Many served as Zone Leaders, Trainers and Assistant and so again we felt a large leadership gap ... and we sent our first two sisters off as well. What amazing young woman! We have the ut- most love and respect for these missionaries and we know they will be great assets to their wards and branches back home. 
 P.S. Bishops: They all need a calling ASAP.

Just relaxing and playing games together as President is interviewing one by one. I have a feeling the girls are going to beat these boys! Where is Elder Dove? Probably playing Ping-Pong outside on the patio... good luck to whoever is outside taking him on!


....when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.

Our Newest Additions To The Mexico Pachuca Mission....

 Our 11 morning arrivals from the Mexico City MTC at the bus terminal with 2 of our assistants on the outside.


Our 10 night arrivals from the Provo MTC- They are starting to get a little glossy eyed and delirious after being up since 1:00 am. 


Picking up our night batch from the Mexico City Airport and ran into our friends President-Sister Hall (orange top) from the Mexico Mexico City Northwest Mission, and other missionaries (secretaries and assistants) picking up missionaries for their mission Presidents. So fun to talk with them while we were waiting for our missionaries to clear immigration. Then we loaded up and headed home to Pachuca where we fed starving missionaries, President interviewed each one, and then we called it a night.


Every 6 weeks when new ones come and seasoned ones leave us for home- it creates a domino effect of change through the whole mission. We call it "Cambios"= changes. So here are the faces of all those cambios.

"You are good. But it is not enough just to be good. You must be good for something. You must contribute good to the world. The world must be a better place for your presence. And the good that is in you must be spread to others..." 

Gordon B. Hinckley


After transfers, everyone picks up "pouch", "keys" and "phones" for their new areas and head out in taxis or buses until the next cycle. We then gather the new missionaries #21 and their trainers and have a 2-3 hour orientation. We cover the essentials in this training... Presidents assistants, the secretaries and President are involved. 

I add my two cents and bring the treats!!!


Thursday Zone Conference in Mezquital

We enjoyed our day with this group of missionaries... it was very chilly and we about froze to death in the chapel after 6 hours but I eventually un-thawed after returning home. This zone had the most amazing turnout as the Stake President, Bishops, Ward Mission Leaders and the High-counselor over missionary work all made an effort to attend. These zone leaders did a great job as we had changes two days prior and so they had to adjust to new missionaries and to the new area themselves. Kudos to all...

 Great teaching by the Zone Leaders & President Lozano -Stake President

 This was an awesome musical number in English/Spanish.

Is that the cutest smile from Elder Reese after 2 days in the mission?


Friday Zone Conference in Tulancingo

What a great spirit attended this Zone Conference and though this is a smaller group it made it even more intimate and cozy. Two ward mission leaders attended this conference and we appreciate their sacrifice as we know their time is so valuable. Our new Elders in this group are working so hard and rocking the language. Elder Ferrin was a champ!

Making Memories...

These converts wrote a message to Elder Mijangos and Elder Kinsley who were key in their conversion even though they were moved from this area. Hermana Diaz and Hermana Laguna were able to finish up with their progress and share in this special event.

 Is this not the picture of happiness in the Mission?!

 District of Elders from Tecamac 1 in front of the famous leafless tree!

 Waiting for the bus after transfers... headed to their area with suitcases in hand.

 This was quite the fun group... and now after transfers... pictures like this are so priceless.

A little Pizza on P-Day...


 So proud of our missionaries! Look how busy they have been. If you only knew how hard they have worked as companions in some of these areas you would appreciate these investigators dressed in white. Each has a unique story...

Four of Mexico Pachuca's Best

Hermana Ramirez, Elder Flores, Elder Lastra, Hermana Diaz

Pachuca Mx Zone activity before transfers. Got to love these happy, sweaty, and excited missionaries! 


 Elder Unamuno and Hermana Diaz celebrating 9 months in the mission. Congratulations!!!


Just love these boys...These Elders never complain-rather just work hard.

(Left) Elder Sanders and Elder Smith with tired eyes... they have been working so hard. (Right) Elder Stewart loves training his new companion and commented that he is an incredible young man. So that makes 4 of them in this picture collage. Elder Stewart did you steal that microwave from the office kitchen?!!


Saying good bye to my friend "Lu" who came to visit for 5 days. She flew in with the new missionaries on Monday night ... they were so grateful to have her aboard and she gave them a "heads up" about this crazy Mexico Pachuca Mission! Her little grandson Josh who is 4 was so excited she was on a mission in Mexico. Lu asked about the abbreviated version of the 12 week program. We tried to condense it down to a 5 day program. After her experience with us as we had missionaries arrive, depart, training, and endless phone calls day/night and then two days of traveling for zone conferences I think she is needing a vacation from her vacation. She cooked up a storm while she was here and arranged all my pantry and cupboards so perfectly! Thanks so much Lu for all your help... I could never repay you! 

Her remarks when it was all said and done was- "I had no idea!". 


Testimonies of our Missionaries who just went home...

 President and I feel if each missionary returns home converted themselves to the Gospel of Jesus Christ with an unshakable testimony then our work here in Mexico will have been a success. If they baptize real converts along the journey then we consider that an additional blessing. Our motivation comes from the desire to impact each missionaries' life so that for generations to come their own families will benefit from their service and growth here in the Mexico Pachuca Mission.

President/Hermana Egbert

Me encanta la Misión México Pachuca......

Como Todo debe de terminar algún Día, en verdad presidente puedo testificar que la misión es muy corta ahora veo que las cosas pasan muy rápido, que uno cambia su forma de ser y de actuar y lo mas importante que ama uno mas a las persona pero mas a Dios si un misionero no aprende amar a las personas en realidad no esta en una misión y solamente esta perdiendo tiempo eso fue lo que aprendí yo en mi misión la verdad gracias a mi Padre Celestial que me ama e cambiado mucho gracias a El y se que muchos misionero están cambiando ahorita gracias a Dios y a usted que es nuestro líder en la misión y también nuestro papá por 2 años y gracias por eso no se que mas escribir pero le amo mucho presidente y gracias por todos sus consejos muchas gracias y nos vemos mañana martes en las oficinas y esto se lo comparto en el nombre de nuestro amado hermano Jesucristo. Amén             Elder Enríquez 

I am grateful for the privilege to serve in this country. To be able to serve in this mission. I'm especially grateful for the two extra weeks to be apart of the Lord's work. This has been just the beginning of missionary work for me. I have learned many things while serving for these two years. I have learned things that will help me when I return home. I will never forget that special and rewarding feeling of helping others. The feeling when you truly put others in first place and do everything you can do to help others feel the love of Christ. 
One of the greatest miracles of my mission wasn't the blessing that healed, or finding the last minute golden family who was ready for baptism. For me it was feeling of the remission of my sins. It was when I felt like my heart was accepted by the Lord. God gave me the blessing to see peoples potentials. What I wanted everyone to know was the power and the true purpose of Christ. The feeling that I feel about our Savior is what I wanted everyone to feel. The love that I feel from our Lord is what i want everyone to feel. 
I now understand that the gospel is made for families. So that our families can be united. And boy are we one great big family. Our Heavenly Father is just waiting for us to come back to Him. I know and testify that this plan is real. That God lives and that He truly loves us. He wants us to be happy. He has blessed us with this gospel and with prophets to guide us. What a blessing that he gave me the privilege to serve a full time mission. To see the many miracles each day. To see the way the many different ways that the gospel blesses our families.  
It's true when they say that the time flies, but you have to get rid of that calendar with the count down. Stop thinking so much about how much time you have left. It was when I got rid of these thoughts when I realized that the time does fly by. Simply just enjoy the mission. Enjoy that blessing and feelings of being obedient and dedicate your time to help others. BE YOU. BE YOURSELF. 

With love, 
Elder Menendez      Los Angeles, California. 

No soy un hombre de muchas palabras, pero lo que he vivido, visto y hecho en estos meses que dura la misión, he podido ver cómo es que el evangelio realmente bendice a las familias. He sentido el espíritu del señor cada vez que testifico que el Señor Jesucristo ha restaurado su evangelio, incluso ahora, y que no hay nada que sea más importante que dar a conocer estas cosas a los habitantes de la tierra.
La manera de vivir que adquirimos en la misión, guardar las normas y reglas, realmente permite que tengamos el espíritu con nosotros; en lo personal no me imagino viviendo sin estas cosas aun en mi casa, así que no dejare de levantarme temprano para tener un estudio de las escrituras.
Yo sé que esta es la obra del señor y de nadie más, que tenemos que hacer nuestro orgullo aun lado para no estorbar la obra de Dios, que a veces, es difícil pero no imposible; sé que el libro de Mormón ha sido revelado en estos días para destruir cualquier artimaña de satanás, y que hoy existe un profeta de Dios sobre la tierra que fue llamado como lo fue Aarón.
Todo esto lo se porque unos misioneros hace cinco años me invitaron a preguntar a Dios el Eterno Padre, si el libro de Mormón era verdadero y si debía unirme a la iglesia. Y recibí una respuesta del Espíritu Santo y no lo puedo negar.
Este es mi humilde y sincero testimonio, y lo comparto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén.
Elder Zamudio

Estoy muy agradecido por esta oportunidad que tengo de escribirles. Nunca pensé que este día llegara. Yo sé que La Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Últimos Días es la única iglesia verdadera sobre la faz de la tierra y que fue restaurada por conducto de José Smith. Sé que Jesucristo pago y sufrió por cada uno de nuestros pecados y que únicamente por medio de el podemos llegar a ser limpios. Sé que tenemos un profeta de Dios sobre la tierra hoy día y el se llama Thomas S. Monson. Sé que El Libro de Mormón es verdadero, que es la clave de nuestra religión y al seguir sus preceptos acercaríamos más a Nuestro Padre Celestial que por cualquier otro libro sobre la tierra. Sé que el sacerdocio es real, que es el poder y autoridad para actuar en el nombre de Dios para ayudarnos en nuestras vidas aquí sobre la tierra y para recibir las ordenanzas necesarias para nuestra salvación. Sé que los mandamientos son para ayudarnos y protegernos. Sé que al obedecerlos con exactitud cada día de nuestras vidas, seremos bendecidos en todas las cosas y que podremos regresar a la presencia de Nuestro Padre Celestial, Nuestro Señor Jesucristo con nuestras familias y vivir con ellos por toda la eternidad.

De verdad, estos dos años han sido los mejores de mi vida. Yo sé sin duda que esta obra es del Señor. Nosotros fuimos llamados por un profeta de Dios de ser Discípulos de Jesucristo para predicar el arrepentimiento a nuestros hermanos aquí en la Misión México Pachuca para que tengan la vida eterna! (3 Nefi 5:13) Se que la clave para tener éxito es ser obedientes con exactitud! Si lo hacemos, tendremos El Espíritu con nosotros y nada será imposible! Eíderes y Hermanas aprovechen este tiempo! Sera el único tiempo en sus vidas donde podrán servir al Señor por tiempo completo sin preocupaciones de casa. Den todo por El Señor y el les bendecirá por toda la eternidad! La misión aun no ha terminado, sino que acabar de empezar! Les amo Eíderes y Hermanas. En el Nombre de Jesucristo, Amen. - Elder Austin Kent Arnett


Ha sido una maravillosa experiencia la mision. Mucho más de lo que yo me imaginaba. El poder llevar el nombre del Salvador es un gran privilegio. Disfrútenlo y hagan todo lo que esté a su alcance por magnificarlo. Hagan lo que Él haría y se darán cuenta más y más de Su carácter. Échenle ganas y ÁNIMO!!! 

Elder Nilsson




no tengo palabras para describir lo que siento por que ni yo misma se que siento hahaha. pero algo si se y eso es que mi salvador Jesucristo  me ama y se que su expiación es infinita y que abarca toda mi vida llena de imperfecciones, este momento en la misión he conocido mas de mi padre celestial que en cualquier otro lado, me encanta saber de la existencia del plan de salvación, es un ancla que mantiene firme de esperanza y alimenta mi fe en Jesucristo mi redentor...Se que la misión es el espacio en donde encontré el propósito de mi vida y la de mi familia, este tiempo me ha ayudado bastante para tener mayor amor por mi familia amo a mis hermanos y mi mamita y amo la obra misional, amo a mi padre celestial y a Jesucristo, que Jose Smith fue un profeta de Dios y se que el libro de mormón contiene la plenitud del evangelio se que la iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los últimos días la dirige Jesucristo por revelación, y se que Thomas S. Monson es un profeta de Dios, nuestro profeta actual...en el nombre de jesucristo amen.     Hna Peralta