Sunday, February 22, 2015

22 February 2015- Pictures are worth a thousand words...

Getting After It... There is WORK to Do!

Hermana Peel and Hermana Contreras

Dear President Egbert.
Well this week, was super good like every week. We had many miracles, and we found 16 new people. And I'm just greatful for all this opportunities. We had all this miracles and opportunities to share the gospel. President i felt so strong in my heart how we need to share the message of the restoration of the gospel with all the people. I read in preach my gospel how the promise is that we will invite the Spirit if we share our testimony. I had never felt more passion in my heart to do it until this week, because right now I can say that I know and not just believe . We were in a lesson and sharing that message and we had this investigator Jessica she try to be hard but is all the opposite and she was asking us all this things about the restoration adn she said Ok sister you are telling me that if dont accept and dont get baptized in this church i wont be received in Heaven and I say YES hahaha , and President i just saw that she was worried for her for her family and i felt how she was worried for all the mankind. So i just felt how the Father feels, how you and President Monson feels and all the leaders, I just saw the faces of all this people and felt so bad that they don't have the gospel. So Hermana P and me decided to share the message of the Restoration with everyone starting in the Combi and with every person. We were studying about Joseph Smith and i felt the Spirit so strong and I'm ao greatful for Him and I admire Him and I just want to testify about Him with everyone.
You're right with the letter sometimes we don't do the things because we don't trust in ourservles because we can do anything we can achieve many things , and i learned with my companion this week we learned about prayer and we were practicing and she just was quiet and then we talked and she shared me an experience and that totally changed my vision about prayer i said Hermana If yo do that with all the people you will change the lives of the investigators. President she just did it she taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ and share something about his sister who is sick and our investigator miroslava feels a conection with her. I Just want that she can feel and know how this people love Her and that she has this power and this sweet Spirit to so it.
I'm so happy , and I figured out that I'm a happy person and that everything and everyone can change I'm so happy to know and to live the gospel.
President this is the work of God and I know it I feel it everyday and I'm greatful for this privilege to give more love to everyone.
With love .

Hermana C

Busy little Bee's in the Mission

We are very proud of the missionaries as they do their due diligence in becoming the best teachers of the Gospel by studying and praying daily about their investigators needs. The mission requirements of 5 Sunday attendances for their investigators before baptism helps to define the importance of Sunday meeting attendance- and helps as each missionary works to find "Real Converts" who are waiting to hear the "Good News of the Gospel".Though our numbers may be lower than other missions in this country we are confident that real converts who will continue as active members are being baptized here in the Mision  Mexico Pachuca. Thank you to all the missionaries for your obedience, diligence and hard work... you are being blessed in many ways! The Sisters have been BUSY little Bees!

Presidente, it has been a great week to be a missionary here in Huauchinango 2! 2 baptisms this week! On Thursday we baptized Abi, the daughter of the pastors... EN EL RIO. It was the most amazing baptism I have ever seen! It was on Thursday, which was absolutely beautiful here in Huauchi. When we got to the chapel, the font wasn't full (we are working on getting the ward mission leader to take on some more responsiblity...) so we decided to go on down to the river. Abi was 125% willing - she didn't care where as long as she would be baptized that day. Even thought the water was super cold, she hopped right on in. Afterwards, she bore her testimony. She is so incredible. A real convert! I know she is going to do many great things for the Lord in His church.

And yesterday, we baptized Paola, 19-year-old mother of two. This sister is young but has so many responsiblities. She has her daughters, her husband, her negocio, and is just trying to do her best. We have been teaching her since my first week in the field, and so yesterday was so special. Many members came to support her in her decision to be baptized, and Edwin, and recent convert performed the ordinance! Everything was so perfect. I am happy.

As I finish up my 12-weeks of training, I think about all of the many things I have learned in the past 3 months. I can't put into words everything that I have experienced and all the ways I feel I have grown. I am so grateful to have had Hna. Zenteno as my trainer; she is incredible. She is truly a consecrated missionary. I know that you are inspired, President, because I have had her as my companion. Together, we are like (in the words of Hna. Z) "fuego". I have learned how to teach by the Spirit, but more, I have learned to live by the Spirit. Yesterday, I was preparing for the day, doing the mundane things, but I was just so happy! I thought, "I can feel the Spirit right now." And it's true. I am so grateful to have learned to recognize and teach by and help others recognize the Spirit so early in my mission.

I am just happy here in Huauchinango. I feel like I was put in the perfect place with the perfect people in the perfect moment. It's going to be hard to separate from Hna. Z, but I am looking forward to new experiences.

Thanks for everything, President!
Hna. S

 The Mision Mexico Pachuca is eternally grateful for the efforts of good ward members who work so diligently and sincerely with the missionaries to help in anyway they can to support the investigators and converts. These good men (above) make every effort to help people get to church on a regular basis. The sisters are so grateful.


Buenas Tardes Presidente!
Pues primero estoy muy muy muy feliz :) gracias por dejar la hermana C conmigo otro cambio le amo! Este semana pude ver aun mas las bendiciones y cambios de la 40 dia ayuno. Testifico que realmente funciona y cuando nos esforzamos el padre celestial nos bendice enormemente. Hemos estado ayunando y orando para el area y los investigadores y wow hemos visto milagros. Karen por fin aceptó una fecha! :) Fue una leccion tan especial y el espiritu fue tan fuerte y no tengo duda que dios nos dio este milagro. Me encanto la conferencia, todo lo que nos enseñó fue perfecto. Me ayudó entender mas la ley de castidad la verdad. He sido miembro todo mi vida y he escuchado tantos discursos y charlas de la ley de castidad pero lo que usted nos dio fue lo mejor. Me hizo pensar en novios que he tenido y que es lo que realmente quiero en mi esposo y que es el tipo de persona que yo quiero ser despues de la mision. Siento que cada dia estoy creciendo y aprendiendo mas y amo eso. En esta semana estaba estudiando y mucho de lo que estudié hablaba de tener un cambio en su corazón. Esto es verdaderamente lo que quiero tener quiero cambiar otras personas y sus vidas pero tambien cambiar la mia entonces esa es mi meta, hacer constantamente las cosas sencillas para lograr un verdadero cambio en mi corazón. Presidente le amo y agradezco el padre celestial por me haber puesto en esta mision. Gracias por todo lo que hace y por ser el papá que es :) que tenga una muy buena semana!
Hrmn R

Going about the Work...

 "We HEART you"


"Check out our awesome fridge of healthy food Hermana Egbert...." PERFECT !!!


District Meeting in Pachuca Centro Centro ... 
Great job by Elder Leon and great participation by the whole district. 
Hermana Egbert was very impressed!


Querido Presidente
Quiero compartirle  mi testimonio que se que cuando uno es obediente el Señor realmente esta obligado a bendecirnos .... lo estoy viendo en esta etapa de mi  misión ...las bendiciones que recibo me motivan a esforzarme mas y mas !!!

esta es mi ultima carta en español ..asi que quiero aprovechar y contarle que el Señor esta moldeando mi caracter lo esta haciendo.... y esta semana he estado ayunando y orando mucho(por que tengo muchos defectos ) para ser mejor misionera .y .una mejor sierva !!

Presidente , aniela , thamara y el hno Hernan se bautizaron la semana pasada y  fueron ordenanzas hermosas donde moro el Espiritu Santo ... Me siento demasiado feliz y quiero encontrar a mas hijos del Padre dispuestos a cambiar .

se que la obediencia con exactitud es la clave , y trabajar con los miembros :). No es facil, pero aunque los hermanos del barrio tecnologico se cansen de que las misioneras le llamen para que acompañen en las visitas pienso parar jejeje y se que ellos reciben bendiciones tambien :).

Me siento muy animada presidente muy animada :D . Gracias por sus cartas inspiradas que me ayudan a ser mejor misionera !! Gracias por llamarnos hijos .
Hermana C

I'm Grateful for Good People here in Mexico
Investigators, Members, Neighbors that care for and love our missionaries

 This good brother (above) always watches out for our missionaries... it was rainy so they were given plastic bags to help protect them as they all left home with out umbrellas or rain jackets. Thank you Hermano!

The Bosques Del Penar Ward helped celebrate Hermana Cardonas birthday a few days early... and they sure made it special! 
Happy Birthday Hermana Cardona.... We love you!

 This cute family left before the crack of dawn on Sunday from Tecamac to travel to our furthest area of "Molango" to visit this little branch to bid Elder Katich farewell as he departed from the mission on Wednesday. They made great effort in time and resources to express their love to him for his service here in Mexico. It meant so much to Elder Katich.

Hermana Alvarez was reassigned to the Visitors Center in Mexico City- a rare and tender mercy and blessing. Thank you to President Anaya who so willingly welcomed here to the Mision Mexico City East...
Hermana Nicolosi and Hermana Alvarez worked so well together... a heart felt goodbye.
The Picture Gallery

 These leaders are too stinkin' cute!

 On his last P-Day in the mission Elder Katich took his companion Elder Gonzalez for a BIG ol hike in the beauties of Molango. With permission they dressed in hiking clothes... and Elder Katich took one last look at the area he has grown to LOVE.

 I love HOT DOGS.... Next time I want to come!!! 
Those look even better than Costco...


And then there was the anticipated departing of 17 missionaries returning home on completion of their callings....
 Seriously, The area of Molango about killed Elder Katich... 
and Hermana Cebreros (below) as she finished out her mission in the Plazas Area...

 Elder Bickley loved his District, and he was loved by his District....
and then the new missionaries arrived...

A little breakfast, introduction, and interviews with President all on Monday Morning. Then off with random assigned companionship's for the afternoon/night who live close by. Transfer meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) where they will meet their new assigned trainers...

TUESDAY MORNING- And so the FUN begins....
  • 17 Departing Missionaries
  • 12 Incoming Missionaries
  • 1 Elder waiting in Chile for VISA Clearance
  • 1 Senior Couple completed their 6 month mission as Branch Support
  • 2 New Senior Couples arrived in the Office to replace the Ramos' in April
  • Closed down four houses
  • President Egbert's parents arrived for a few days to observe the happenings in the mission on a fun and busy week

 No Changes for Elder/Hermana Ramos... Elder Ramos is still the junior companion!


Sister Leader Trainer Trainers/ Assistants to the President
Then the ever dreaded good byes for us and exciting anticipation for parents as their son's and daughters return home...

"God Be With You- Until We Meet Again"

Grandpa and Grandma Egbert just LOVED our Missionaries... now they see what we are talking about. This trip brought back many great memories for them as a few years back they served a proselyting mission... to Iowa.

Hi! President, Good afternoon !!

I wanted to talk in English, but I had an experience that I wanted to tell and do not think I can express myself so well in English:

En la semana andábamos en Tasquillo e íbamos a visitar a Eloisa e Isaias, una pareja muy buena con 3 hijas ya mayores. Cuando llegamos a su casa, encontramos a Paulina (su hija) estaba preocupada porque su perrito "Tutsi". Se les había escapado. Eloisa había salido en carro a buscar al perrito, quisimos ayudar, pero teníamos visitas que hacer, les dijimos que andaríamos por ahí y que lo buscaríamos en camino a las casas. Ya en la Noche íbamos a regresar a Ixmiquilpan, pero sin saber nada de Tutsi, quisimos ir a ver que ocurrió. Al llegar Eloisa estaba muy triste, busco toda la tarde pero no lo encontró!! le preguntamos si había orado para encontrarlo, entonces ella nos pidió hacerla porque confiaba mucho en nosotros. Mi compañero hizo una Oración Especifica y pidió que el perrito apareciera esa misma noche!! al escuchar eso me alarme!! (sinceramente) pensé mil cosas, y si no aparecía!!? su fe caería! pero no hice casi solo confié! y ella confió igual. Al terminar la oración, nos agradeció con lagrimas en los ojos y nos ofreció gelatinas (siempre nos ofrece algo jaja) ella entro a la casa por las gelatinas y como 3 segundos después vi en la oscuridad, lo que me pareció un gato!! pero al acercarse mas lo distinguí, no lo podía creer... Era Tutsi!!! gritamos a la hermana Eloisa "Hermana ese no es Tutsi!!?" corrió a la puerta y si era!! al meterse el perrito y regañarlo jaja nos dijo con mucha alegría: "Esta noche nos arrodillaremos todos y le daremos gracias a Dios" me encanto eso que dijo y que comprendiera que Dios contesto la oración inmediatamente!!!. En verdad me sorprende el gran amor que nos tiene Dios y que si responde nuestras oraciones!!

Thanks for everything, President!! that week we had the conference we could implement many of the things you teach us, good. Thanks for all your effort and I hope to see you soon!! Bye!

Friday .... a day worth celebrating all it's own.

 Successful new missionary and trainer orientation... I didn't get the full group picture as I was at the hospital but caught this group walking through the parking lot headed back to their areas...

 Great Zone Leaders from Pachuca Centro who helped do shifts with our Elder Barrios in the hospital. Today was the day he got released... it was an ALL day process but his great companion Elder Rubio and the Zone Leaders were instrumental in his recovery and will continue to assist him as he recovers back in their house... The Relief Society President has their meals planned for all week. This little nurse was so kind and attentive... Thank you for all your prayers in his behalf!

"Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best."

"You were chosen to participate in HIS work at this time because He trusts you to make the right choices. You are the chosen generation."
- Randall L Ridd