Monday, November 4, 2013

...we will.

"Who will share the restored gospel with the people of the world?"

That answer is, "We will. The members and missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will." 

 So, will you help us?

The Stripling Warriors from Valle De Mezquital

The AMAZING Pachuca Sur Zone at Zone Training 

Elder Chavez and Elder Smart with two of their converts. 
These two far exceeded the Standard of Excellence for total lessons taught last week. President commented to me how proud he was of them. 
And mentioned specifically many companionship's that did likewise.

This is the creative work of Elder Chavez and Elder Smart. They made this poster for their ward which their ward council LOVED... Great job Elders....
President Egbert,

We had a baptism this week!! Her name is Clemencia and she is 86 years old!!!! she does not look 86 that is all i got to say. We were filling out her information for the church records and she told us that on this Wednesday that she turns 86! She was born in 1927! on Sunday was her confirmation and my companion is the one that confirmed her a member of the church.

This Sunday was so awesome! We had our family of 4 come to church again and the whole ward was introducing themselves and making them feel warm and welcome! I know that they are going to get baptized! One of the kids is going to start taking seminary and the other wants to take institute! And they aren't even members yet! they have their date for the 16th of this month.

We also were walking in one of our colonies this last week and someone calls out to us, "elders! elders!" We look and it is people we don't know. We walked over and they asked where the chapel is. We told them that is like 15 minutes from here and we gave them the directions. They told us that they are members and moved here about 3 months ago and haven't found the chapel. We then asked if we could come by to visit them and the mom said, "That is actually what we wanted, because my daughter here is 10 years old and my son is 8 and they aren't baptized." My companion and I were like OK!!! They told us that they were coming to church this Sunday and we would put an appointment then.

In the ward council we explained this story and how we should be ready to receive them and give them a warm welcome. And did they give them a warm welcome! The dad is already going to have a home teaching companion and in front of the 200 people in the chapel the bishop announced of the new people that lived in the ward. It was so awesome. We also helped them with the secretary to pass their records over from their last ward. Then after church all the members were coming up to us and telling us they are more than willing to go to lessons with us and whatever to help the work. We were shocked to say the least.

My companion and I are really excited about the progress of the ward and the excitement that they have. When you put your trust in the lord is when you see the blessing and the fruits of your labor!

Elder S      04 Nov 2013

Pachuca Centro Zone Service Project

The missionaries helping with the "Children's Garden". Nothing like a little service, a little sweat, and a little association with each other to bring a smile to everyone's face.

 Look how cute these faces are... I love each one more than words can say. They each have such a unique spirit and talent. All contributing to make this the Best Mission in the World.
...and of course where ever Elder Dove is there is always fun and games (while everyone else is working). Seriously, the kids had more fun playing soccer with a plastic drink bottle and Elder Dove showed them how its done!

 Who's the short guy? Elder Enriquez is wrapping up his mission and will be returning home the end of this cycle. Superman (Elder Russell) has been diligently helping him prepare for his English Exam certificate.  This group of Elders can have fun in an empty dirt lot with a soup can, or on the court with a basketball or soccer ball.

Below we have a "District" from the Mezquital Zone eating together.
This particular group is unique as they never complain or call with any problems. I never worry because I know they are busy working hard, being obedient, and doing what they should. So very proud of them all!  P.S. Elder Fox- I want one of those bags!


 Picking up "Pouch" for their Zone.... Poutty faces because no mail for them!!!
Mondays in the office... emailing home, playing soccer, turning in receipts, dropping off laundry, and picking up a little chocolate for the road!

Sister Perez is such a good sport. She came in and took her English Language Test and while in the office endured the teasing of these two Elders. Though tiny in stature she is mighty in spirit!

 Helping Elder Smith and Elder Sanders move two blocks away. This house won't flood sewage and is in a protected gated neighborhood. A great move! Sorry that Elder Barber missed out and only experienced the nightmare flooding..... The little mission mini van is amazing. It even fits a couch... and the Elders found room to ride along!

Tuesday morning at 0630 am Elder Campuzano (VISA secretary) and Elder Ramos (office couple) head with me to Tecamac 1 where we worked on leaking and broken sinks and toilets of two companionship's. It was an all day project getting there, finding parts, fixing/repairs, and returning home-- but job completed with success thanks to the talents of these two. Look how effective a shower curtain rod can be when waiting for the adhesive to dry to hold the sink on the wall better.
And the two (Above right) Elders "Smiths" ... well they fixed their own toilet! Kudos Elders!!!

Elder Carlson and Elder Felsted's converts...
"From Marriage to Baptism"
Mexico Pachuca Mission Leadership Council

Mission Leader Council
This training occurs monthly in our home with all the Zone Leaders and Sister Leader Trainers. Elder Dove (above) teaching a concept using a chocolate birthday cake for President as a visual aid. He had dirty hands from wiping the souls of his shoes and then took a hand full of cake and plopped it on the paper plate asking President, "Do you want some of this cake." President was hesitant to take it as it looked horrible how he was serving it up. The point of the concept.... "Sometime how we serve up the Gospel of Jesus Christ is much like this plate of cake. The presentation is horrible.... instead putting more interest in explaining concepts in a sliced and organized way with love; and then inviting them to make commitments and be baptized. Often we get in a hurry, skim over difficult or complex concepts and throw baptism on the plate like a handful of cake." 

The Mexico Pachuca Mission A.P's and Sister Leader Trainers

Ok... so this was not on the agenda!! President arm wrestling Elder Ceballos ( the Elder won!) and then "Rambo Leg Lifts" which President was able to do! So they are even- each won one competition.
 Its only been 26 years since his mission when the only other missionary that could do them were President Egbert and Elder Keith Wills while they served together in Medellin, Colombia.
And then eating together as a family group... chicken breasts, potatoes casserole, corn, green salad, garlic bread and for dessert homemade chocolate mousse. They like the diversion from the "taco's".

President and I went to Molango this weekend to reorganize the Branch Presidency and to visit the group. We also painted part of the Elders home while we were there. It was a good chance to spend some time with these two wonderful missionaries while improving the gray concrete interior of their home. I think I had more paint on me than I got on the walls. It was therapeutic to do something physical that had immediate results. These Elders are doing great and have been working feverishly on their piano playing skills. Elder Cabellero played all the songs in sacrament meeting. Impressive!
"Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world"
(Matthew 28: 19-20).

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