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Mexico Pachuca Mission Tour 2014

 "Regarding one's testimony, remember, that which one willingly shares he keeps, while that which he selfishly keeps he loses.. Teach and testify. There is no better combination."

President Thomas S Monson

Mission Tour Week - 2014

Monday- Preparation Day including office meetings, planning meetings, special interviews and house cleaning as we prepared for the arrival of Elder Alan R Walker of the Seventy and his wife. 

Tuesday- Exercised, washed both cars inside and out while President rode his stationary bike for two hours reading as many letters as he could as he knew his time would be limited for the week. And then as unexpectedly as could happen the ENTIRE Mission home flooded. We had a large rain and hail storm Monday night and our roof had over a foot of water across the top. A church employee who came to the mission home earlier Tuesday morning was working on our water boiler which had blown up and burned up the whole side of the house. He was painting the house in that area before Elder Walkers arrival and noticed the massive water on our roof and that the drain was plugged. He unplugged the drain which overwhelmed our sewer system causing all the water from the roof to come up through all the sinks, toilets, tub, and showers. I was outside and walked into the house to get paper towel to clean the car windows and our house was covered in 2 -3 inches of water EVERYWHERE. I just stood there and was like "Oh NO!". Needless to say 6 hours later we got it all cleaned up -made banana bread for wednesday mornings zone conference and threw dinner in the oven in perfect time for the arrival for Elder/Sister Walker. Oh heavens...stress level a little elevated!

Wednesday-Mission Tour Zone Conferences Tecamac I - Tecamac II

Zone Conferences went from 900 am to 130 pm. The devotional starting with a song, prayer, reciting "Missionary Purpose" and DC 4. Then two missionaries were called on by Elder Walker to give a 10 minute talk on Alma 23:6. The whole mission had been asked to prepare a ten minute talk knowing only two would be asked to share. It was wonderful and set the tone. Then I spoke for ten minutes with President translating,  President Egbert for 30 minutes, Hermana Walker spoke for 30-40 minutes and then we had a 15 minute break for a snack and bathroom break. Then Elder Alan R. Walker trained the remaining time.  After zone conference Elder Walker interviewed 2 missionaries and President interviewed 2-3 missionaries. 

The missionaries through the entire mission were so attentive and enjoyed the training and council by Elder/Hermana Walker. They are from Argentina and were serving in the Monterrey Mission for three years before their call last year to the Seventy. They have one daughter (7) and live in Mexico City where he is employed by the church as a financial controller for the Mexico Area. They are young in years but seasoned in church service and experience. What a privilege and blessing to have them visit our mission. 

Each night we traveled to various Stake Centers and had training with ward/stake councils on the Work of Salvation with most of the missionaries in attendance again with their wards/units. Again all 4 of us speaking...

Don't be fooled by Elder Reese's serious face (below left) as he says I don't take the picture fast enough when he is smiling. True! He was smiling right before this... I need to work on my lightening fast picture taking skills. Love all these missionaries so much. Notice Elder Panigua picked his birthday gift - a new toothbrush/toothpaste/and shower scrubby. It;s the simple things in life that brings joy... and Elder Jacobson/Elder Rodas speaking one on one with Hermana Walker. What a fantastic day we had in Tecamac!

Tecamac II Zone - May 2014

Tecamac I Zone- May 2014


Thursday Zone Conferences In the Tulipannis Capilla

 Pachuca Centro Zone- Pachuca Mx Zone- Pachuca Sur Zone

Pachuca Centro Zone- May 2014

Pachuca Mx Zone- May 2014

Pachuca Sur Zone - May 2014

"Grabbing supplies after Zone Conferences"

Elder and Sister Walker toured our mission office and met our incredible secretaries. Hermana  Xolalpa (VISA's) and Elder/Hermana Ramos (finances/supplies/referrals/housing etc.) Complimentary comments to our office missionaries for the incredible and professional job in running the mission office. 


Friday Zone Conference- 

Tezontepec - Valle de Mezquital - Tulancingo Zones

Valle De Mezquital Zone- May 2014

Tezontepec Zone- May 2014 

Tulancingno Zone- May 2014

Hola Presidente!

Well this week I have really learned a ton! Especially about exact obedience! I told my companion I really wanted us to be as obedient as we possibly could and I know when we really tried our hardest and best to be exactly obedient we really saw and felt the Lords hand in this work. We even had a really neat experience were we tried to be exactly obedient on the dot with time and the day we tried our very best to be our best we had new investigator's, time to teach, and really felt the spirit and so much more. There was a day where we ended Noche de Hogar later than we should have which only left us with ten minutes left before we had to be in our house. And you know what we did Presidente? We sprinted all the way home! And it was a really unique experience for me because I realized that one, the Lord really does provide the strength when we are trying to follow Him, and two that even though I am the junior companion I can still contribute and help my companion to be exactly obedient and have the courage to accomplish all things. My companion and I were mid way home and I realized she was getting behind and I was getting ahead, I thought we have to do this together!! And I told her (or I tried to tell her the very best I could) that we are running and doing this together. Neither one behind neither one ahead. We are companions and a team in this work to be the very best missionaries we need and should be! And so I made sure I ran exactly by her and motivated her to keep going! And not only did we arrive on time but a minute early! (We even took pictures to document the moment of our dedication to be EXACTLY OBEDIENT) I really felt connected and empowered with both of our desires to follow the Lord the very best we could! Even if it meant being sweaty and barely being able to breath. There are still a lot of things we could be better at but its great because we have room to grow and progress. Sometimes I feel that she maybe thinks I am a little too...enthusiastic? or too dedicated with trying to be exactly obedient but I know it will bring us closer to the Lord and I see the blessings for me because my confidence has really grown in this work because I know I am trying to give it all. And deep down I think or at least hope she loves it and sees the difference! And even if I have to do it alone and be strong on my own I know I can do it! And I know if will always encourage her to do it even if it is hard. And honestly sometimes, it is hard, but anything with the Lord is possible. I mean we ran a good mile or so in 10 minutes! and I know it wasn't because of me. I am learning so much and I know we will see the blessings in our area if we try our best! We did not get to teach as much as we would have liked too but this week we are really trying to go strong! During Zone Conference, one of our zone leaders said that the people are there for us to complete our goals and your goals for 40, we just have to have faith and diligently work hard to find them! I am learning so much and am so thankful we were able to talk to our families this past week! Everyday my testimony grows and I know my family is learning a long with me as I am doing this work for our Lord. Every day I want to do something that scares and that pushes me to be better and be EXACTLY OBEDIENT. I know we can do this and Presidente, I am so thankful for you and Herman Egbert! I am certain we have the BEST Presidente (Usted) y esposa de Presidente (Hermana Egbert) in the entire world! I am thankful for everything you do and appreciate it all! Trying my best to represent our Lord and our mission well! Tenga buen semana :) Hermana G

Hola presidente!!
Esta semana fue excelente, en la capacitación nos fortalecimos mucho, y tuvimos una experiencia con ¨the harvesting blessing¨ fuimos con una investigadora que ya habíamos visitado y no estaba progresando, aunque ya había aceptado fecha pero tenía muchas dudas y decidimos dejarle por un momento, al pasar por su casa le vimos y nos acercamos para visitarle nuevamente y nos dijo: lo siento no tengo mucho tiempo, al instante el espíritu me indicó que era un buen momento para dejar la bendición en su casa, así que le dijimos, somos representantes de Jesucristo y él nos ha enviado para dejar la paz y bendición en su casa podemos dar esta bendición, y ella no entendía muy bien que íbamos a hacer pero nos permitió pasar y le hicimos preguntas para conocer un poco de su familia, y luego nos arrodillamos y comencé a orar y al terminar le pregunté ¿Cómo se siente? tardó unos segundos para responder y su respuesta fue: sentí que mi corazón se ablandó, wow presidente fue sorprendente y luego recordé que debíamos invitarle al bautismo y le pregunté ¿Seguirá el ejemplo de...... y ella dijo: si. y luego le pregunté será bautizada el 8 de Junio?, y dijo: si, fue sorprendente presidente, antes ya habíamos intentado hacer eso, pero lo hacíamos dudando, pero ahora fue diferente tuvimos fe y todo salió muy bien, me asombró cuando su respuesta fue: sentí que el corazón se me ablandó.

Tengo un fuerte testimonio de esa bendición, al principio tenía miedo porque pensaba que era muy directa esa bendición y yo pensaba que debíamos enseñar antes algo acerca del bautismo, para que ellos aceptaran, pero estaba olvidando que el señor ya está preparando a las personas y que nosotros debemos encontrarlas, creo que estaba olvidando que Dios obra milagros en las vidas de las personas, fue una gran lección que nunca olvidaré. Al estudiar alma 23:6 he aprendido mucho de que debemos buscar la profecía y la revelación por medio de la oración y el ayuno, y escudriñar las escrituras para poder tener entendimiento de las verdades del evangelio, así como lo hicieron Ammón y sus hermanos y se que de esa manera podremos tener el poder Dios para poder ver milagros.

Estamos trabajando muy duro presidente para poder encontrar aquellas personas que Dios ya a preparado, y estamos abriendo nuestra boca con tantas personas podemos, para que de ese modo podamos ser instrumentos para que algún día este area tenga una capilla, se que requiere de mucho esfuerzo, y que seamos constantes para poder estar siempre animados y de esa manera poder fortalecer a los miembros que ya se han inactivado.

Presidente mi companero es una bendición muy grande en mi vida, me recuerda al ánimo que debemos de tener en todo momento, él es un excelente misionero, y está progresando mucho.

Gracias por todo presidente le amo mucho. Elder V

Saturday Mission Leadership Council- May 2014

The Arrival of the "Stripling Warriors" to the mission home for training by President Egbert and Elder Walker.

Mission Leadership Council- May 2014

Survival of the Mexico Pachuca Mission Tour 2014 

An incredible experience- Thank you Elder/Hermana Walker


Sneak peek of the mission ...

Together there is nothing we can't accomplish!

Dear President,
this week has been an excellent week...well I know that there is always room for improvement but we are slowing getting there. This week our investigator Juan, finished his baptism interview. He is literally a rock star, he is 74 years old and he rides his bike to church. He stopped smoking, stopped hanging out with his friends and is doing everything so that he can make a covenant with God. Its so cool to see how people have that desire to become closer to their Heavenly Father. He is getting baptized this saturday and we couldn't be anymore excited. Our area is amazing and the members are so loving, they give us so much food that my companion and I can barely walk after. ha I love this work and I love how being here!!! Serving the Lord has even changed my family. Its amazing to see how many blessing the Gospel can bring into someones life. I want everyone to experience the joy that I have, and Im excited to share it with everyone. Everyday I am progressing, at least I hope that I am. I want to be converted like my converts and always remember the love that Christ has for us,and that we are never alone and that we dont need to feel that way. Thank you for receiving revelation and helping us become better missionaries. I am striving to become the fourth missionary. Thank you!!!!! love you Hermana A

Pretending to be "Bad Boyz" for just a minute... 


Oh My!

Nothing sweeter than these moments in the Mission field. 

Great job Elders.


Elder Cardwell found a little friend

 "President, can we keep him as the mission mascot?"

Sometimes it is the tiniest of people that need the missionaries attention... participating in a little "tea party".

It's always a "fiesta" while in the mission. No where else we rather be at this time in our lives. We love the people of Mexico!


A little P-Day soccer on a Monday afternoon


The zone leaders (below) commented how on Saturday, sisters from the Hacienda ward had four baptized and the service was incredible. They were so prepared with cookies, flowers, and a poster! These zone leaders were so impressed and said to President, "After their baptism we talked and decided we better up our game so we can try and duplicate the environment and feeling of the spirit in that meeting!" What a wonderful compliment to our sisters serving in 'Hacienda'. 

Missionaries from the Tecamac Tecamac ward... 

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