Sunday, February 1, 2015

01 February 2015- Some weeks it feels like survival of the fittest....

"The Gospel is a way of life. It's purpose is to help us become like Christ."
-Mark E Petersen

Tanning, studying, and enjoying the fresh air of Molango
Elder Katich practicing reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish out loud with a pencil in his mouth to help build the muscles in his mouth to help him pronounce the words more correctly. Elder Gonzalez his companion doing his English Study! 

One of the many blessings of being a missionary

"Baptism is a sign to God, to angels, and to heaven that we do the will of God, and there is no other way beneath the heavens whereby God hath ordained for man to co me to Him to be saved, and enter into the kingsom of God, except faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, and baptism for the remission of sins...; Then you have the promise of the gift of the Holy Ghost."
-Joseph Smith

 Elder Condori and Elder Hayes heading into the church for this young boys baptism on Saturday night. Elder Hayes texted that the ward was a huge support and the baptism service went well! Nice job Elders.




"Not failure, but low aim is often our greatest sin"

Found things in Jardines De Morelos in wonderful order. 
So proud of their efforts and their commitment to keep it looking as such. 

Nice job Elders Sanchez/Messervy

Day # 6  Interviews and House Checks 
Tecamac II Zone -Tuesday 
27 January 2015
"You exert a certain degree of influence, and be it ever so small, it affects some person or persons, and for the results of the influence you exert you are held accountable. You, therefore, whether you acknowledge it or not, have assumed an importance before God and man that cannot be overlooked."
- Lorenzo Snow

Doesn't get any better than that!









Love our missionaries and all their fun personalities!

 Elder Hayes make sure you get every last drop out of that juice box!

Thank you Elder Pass and Elder Vique for the great day of interviews. And though it was a long day and we starved you out.... we enjoyed spending our day with you. You are a part of the sweet memories we will cherish from this mission service. Thank you for your strict obedience and great work ethic... you lead by example!

Love it when these houses are in perfect order... thank you Hermanas for your consistent efforts.
Sometimes I think these letters are like praying. Hna. _______ assures me that you read all of them, just like we teach our investigators that Heavenly Father listens to all our prayers, but sometimes I wonder if you really have time to read all of them. But even when we doubt if God listens to all his children, we pray, and I´m writing you even though I´m just one of 191 missionaries in our mission.
The week was really good. Hna. _____ is so patient, and helps me understand many things. My Spanish is slowly improving... I think. It is hard to tell with such slow progress. I think that I am also getting used to the feeling the food gives me, like I swallowed a porcupine.
I love our investigators so much. It is funny to feel so strongly about people that I met three weeks ago, and don´t understand much of what they say; but I love them more than words can say. They all have such beautiful eyes, and are so humble. When we go visit them, and they sit on buckets, so that we can sit on the chairs, I feel so humbled, and I can tell a small amount of how much God loves them, and their sincerity. I have never felt so devastated when someone didn´t come to church, but I felt awful when Cecy didn´t show up to church.
Sometimes I struggle in the lessons to pay attention, when I don´t know what they are talking about, and there are so many other things to think about, or distractions. It is one of the things I am trying to fast from for 40 days, but it is a battle every day. Also, in personal study time, I am very confused about what to study, and the more I try to heed the advice of Hna. _______ and the sister trainers, the more I feel like my study time is not yielding anything.
Arelia´s baptism was on Saturday. She is so impressive. I think that it has been a real struggle for her with her family, but she still keeps moving forward. Even at the baptism, when the boiler didn´t work, she walked right into the freezing water and didn´t complain. She has such a fun spunky personality through it all, as well.
I´ve been thinking about music. Sometimes it is such a distraction, especially since everyone just listens to American music, so I hear it, and start thinking about other things it reminds me of, like college. But it has also brought the spirit a lot. Hna _________ also wants us to sing to people before we teach them, and in the buses, and sometimes when we are in peoples homes, it really invites the spirit while we teach. One day we were in our casa in the morning getting breakfast, and I was singing I Will Rise, a song by Alex Boye, and Hna. _______ come out, and said: "Wow, Hna. If you believe everything that you sing, you will never lose your testimony." It showed me that the message of a song is really important, since "the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me..."
I try hard to be obedient, and do what is right. It is all I want, but sometimes, I think that I don´t do very well. It is like how Elder Holland always talks about Peter. I feel like, right now, I am the Peter that denied the Christ, and cut off the ear of the guy and it had to be healed back on, and who went back to his nets and fishing after being with Christ for three year, etc. etc. But I want to be the Peter that taught with power and authority, the Peter that the people lined the streets just hoping that his shadow would pass over them. I try to identify the things in Peters life that changed, and I think that maybe it was faith, or that he wasn´t all the way committed. Sometimes I think that I lack faith. And we try hard to be exactly obedient, but it just doesn´t happen no matter how hard we try. In an institute class, our teacher was talking about how many things in the bible could be translated differently from the original Hebrew text, to mean different things. I specifically remember him talking about the commandment to honor thy father and thy mother, and how he thought it should be translated to mean bring honor to the father, father being heavenly father, and I often wonder if my life, or right now my mission, and what I do brings honor to Heavenly Father, and I feel some what shameful, because I think of all the things I want to do better, so that when people see me, they want to praise my God, and that my life can bring honor to The Father.
This letter is getting long, and if you are reading it, you might be thinking about how you have 179 other letters to read, so I´ll be done now. Life is so good! And I hope to be a good representative of Him who trusted me enough as a stupid 19 year old to help feed his sheep. It is such a blessing to be here.

Hermana P

Day # 7  Interviews and House Checks 
Pachuca Sur Zone -Wednesday 
28 January 2015

PERFECTION looks like this....

 Elder Cardwell and Elder Ferrin are great zone leaders. They lead by example and always have their house looking spiffy. I didn't get a picture of them after all the interviews were over- but we had a marvelous day and enjoyed our time spent with them. They have the biggest zone in the mission to oversee and work extra hard to take care of those #30 missionaries. You have earned our love and respect!

Tizyuca 1 - Elder Johnson and Elder Meschini 
They live in one of the simplest and tiniest houses and have things very clean.
 Thank you for all your effort Elders.













Elder Urriola and Elder Jacobson in Las Torres 2   
I got this picture out front before entering their house and then my camera died, and my cell phone was also dead. That is sometimes how I feel by days end of interviews... "low battery".
So no pictures of their home tour... so sorry!

Hello President,
I'm so grateful for the interviews, it was a opportunity to learn and ponder about the things that we need to do to hasten the work. I began my purification and I'm thinking a lot in my heart desires because I understand that they are the engine of my words and my acts. Thank you for your counsel and your example because it helps me to be more like our Savior Jesus Christ.
As a zone we are changing our vision, our missionaries want to work hard, not only to have a lot of lessons, but to bless the life of the people with the most precious thing, the gospel of eternal salvation, the are teaching with power, contacting people and sharing the gospel with everyone and we know that the success will come soon, but the most important thing is that they are understanding that they need to consecrate their lives in this work. We know that we will have obstacles but I hope that we can feel the hand of The Lord helping us and inviting us to keep doing our best. I just feel these things this week, I know that we had not the best week, but we are changing as missionaries and as companions because we are following the way that Jesus Christ taught and the way that He expects of us.

Now we are studying for the Zone Conference, asking for the guidance of the Holly Ghost to help our missionaries to improve and do the little things that make the big miracles. In this time of the mission we have all the things that we need, we just need to do these things and continue doing them always. I love the scriptures that you thought and sent us specially D&C 64 because teaches us about keep working everyday with consistence and promises us that we will have success.
Thank you for remember us that we should give ourselves everyday to The Lord.

Love you, see you

Elder C

Day # 8  Interviews and House Checks 
Tulancingo Zone -Thursday 
29 January 2015

First house of the day was in "Xico" with Elder Pearson and Elder Pina. 

We haven't inspected this house for quite some time and so it was great to drive up to their casa. President interviewed the Elders out on the front porch while the other one helped me assemble a new storage shelf for their kitchen. We love this beautiful area and are grateful for these two Elders. We have to have total faith and trust in them as they are so far removed from the hub of the mission. They have a beautiful church building in this little town. Impressive! These two Elders have a great desire to be dedicated servants and  I appreciate their genuine kind hearts. 

These cute girls had their house in great order and clean as a whistle! They have a house that gets very humid but cracking a window or opening the door helps bring that humidity down. This ward has three companionship's and they are quite spread out as this area is HUGE! Thanks for the diet coke.... exactly what i needed! 
(P.S. I ate Presidents candy bar.... shhh... don't tell him)


Hermana Snyder and Hermana Zenteno are the cutest pair. 
Almost wrapping up the 12 week training program in one the most beautiful areas of the mission. Check out the view in the picture collage below out their back window.
 Positive, happy, smiley, obedient and working hard describes these two! Don't worry sisters, I'll be back soon with a refrigerator that has a door that doesn't fall off!


Elder Castillo and Elder Kearl balancing out all the hormones of sisters in this area. Elder Kearl has been an extra ordinary district leader and has made an impression in this district and zone as he does any where he serves. We will sadly say goodbye to him in two weeks as he returns honorably home. Ugh! I don't like that part...


 President stopped and interviewed Elder Jones and Elder Vasquez at their home on our way into Tulancingo. It saves them a trip into town and back to their area. They had things in great order in their home. I love when they actually take pride in where they live and make small improvements and leave it spotless for the next ones transfering in. Elder Vasquez has never disappointed me with his cleaning and organizing skills. He is training Elder Jones and they love their area!

These two sisters live right across the street from the chapel. I told them when they hear the prelude music playing they know they have to dash across the street and they will still be on time!
Hermana Luna and Hermana Gonzales doing great work in their area!


Hermana Melendez and Hermana Hoopes are having a great time together and commented that this week they found some great future investigators. They have been knocking doors trying to meet more people. So proud of their efforts and determination to get things going in their area. 

 Traffic in Tulancingo downtown was crazy so a few companionships came straight to the church as I was exhausted and frustrated with traffic... half lost too! Thanks to these companionship's who I know had their houses in perfect order, emergency funds and required medications waiting for me to check. I love their happy, sweet, and loving attitudes that can make me feel all better! Flowers, diet coke and hugs... what a blessing they are to me!

 Sister Leader Trainers in Tulancingo- Hermanas Dominguez/Daines


 The Zone Leaders house is close to the chapel and colorful. We are grateful for Elders who take such great care of their houses. This one has two bathrooms even and both of them were spotless! Thank you so much!

The last of the last.... Interviews finished for this quarter and we so love and appreciate these good zone leaders. Elder Cruz and Elder Heninger- 
Tulancingo January 2015
Mision Mexico Pachuca Missionaries 

Don't worry Mom Galo and Mom Rogel... we finally got them a bed frame on Friday. I didn't know they were sleeping on the floor because their originals ones were so bent. I think that's another reason why house checks are so key... I can personally see what needs to be purchased or repaired.

Huachinango Hermanas getting their SERVICE on!



These two are just having wayyyyy too much fun together!

 So if we ever did a SERVICE calendar these Elders could be AUGUST. Unloading a few tons of hay for the ward mission leader. A little sweat and good company makes any service a whole lot sweeter! Red cheeks and exhausted expressions... i love it!

 Elder, what time was your next appointment ?

 Elder and Hermana Ramos (office couple) are so good and patient with our missionaries! We are going to miss them come their departure in April.... sniff sniff....

 Divisions with members can be so efficient and effective- we love member missionaries!

 Mom Guerrero sent enough fruit snacks and CHEEZ ITs for these two districts. 
Ahhh..... thanks from everyone- what a fun treat!

 Study time in the mission is such a valuable gift that we know will never again exist with this same time allotment. What a blessing ....

 "Life is a competition not with others, but with ourselves. We should seek each day to live stronger, better, truer lives; each day to master some weakness of yesterday; each day to repair a mistake; each day to surpass ourselves."
- David B Haight

 The recently released Hermana Rojas came back for a visit and was able to get a hug from an old favorite companion (Hermana Diaz). Though they only had one cycle together before they were needed in special changes to assist two other sisters that small time serving together bonded them as sisters for a lifetime!

-  _____________________________________________
House Checks also requires some house modifications- don't worry Elders we got this assembly down pat!

Saludos Presidente,
 espero esté muy bien y espero que tenga una linda semana... Esta semana ha sido muy buena, tenemos una investigadora llamada Gloria y ella al principio no tenía mucha confianza en nosotras, siempre nuestras citas eran en la capilla y no se abría mucho a compartir sus experiencias con nosotras, la semana pasada la retamos a buscar una respuesta de Dios y a bautizarse, pero que ella tenía que poner todo su empeño a buscar esa respuesta, tenía que leer, orar frecuentemente e ir a la capilla y así lo ha hecho, he visto un brillo en sus ojos, ella ha comentado que se ha sentido muy feliz e inclusive nos invito a su casa y nos presentó a su mama, ganamos su confianza y me siento muy feliz por ello :D, ella tiene un verdadero interés y tiene esperanza. También tenemos a un investigador llamado Carlos, el estudia aquí y esta toda la semana, pero los fines de semana se va a Venados muy cerca de Mistitlan, porque allá vive su familia, entonces tiene dificultad para ir a la capilla, le invitamos a que tomara una decisión y compartimos nuestros testimonios mi compañera y yo como el Evangelio había bendecido nuestra vida, ella le comapartió que su papa a su edad había conocido la Iglesia, que nunca había encontrado algo que le hiciera tan feliz que el Evangelio de Jesucristo y que había cambiado la vida de toda su familia, yo compartí que gracias a la valentía de mi mama yo estaba aquí, que ella había salvado el alma de mi hermana y la mía y a pesar que mi hermana ya no esta activa, sabía que un día iba a regresar, así como yo regrese, fue la primera vez que llore al compartir mi testimonio y se sintió mucho el espíritu, mi compañera también lloró y Carlos lo sintió y dijo que haría lo posible por asistir. Creo que he aprendido del don del discernimiento y a conocerme a mi misma, quiero cambiar mis debilidades y ser mejor hija de Dios, de verdad quiero dar lo mejor de mi en esta obra y ayudar a otras personas a venir a Cristo, todos los días recordaré a mi Salvador y seguiré su ejemplo. Gracias por su comprensión y empatía Presidente, le admiró porque Usted me transmite el amor de mi Padre Celestial, gracias por todo... Que tenga linda semana. 
Le amo a Usted y a su Esposa H. G 

Picture Gallery of the Week

Hermana Guerrero (right) was confined to her house for two weeks due to chicken pox which ran rampet through their ward. Her and Hermana Tuz had lots of STUDY time. Their district brought over a Happy Birthday Poster and a cake as she was stuck in the house during her special day. Also her great district leader Elder Caamal went and purchased her medication from Walmart Pharmacy in Tecamac and delivered it to her. Happy Birthday... one for the memory books.

 Happy Birthday.... love it when you can celebrate with your "Mission Family".

 Hermana Cebreros was fortunate to visit these special converts in the very first area that she served here in the mission. She found these fun pictures of that memorable event on display in their house. They are strong members of the church and feel blessed by the gift of the gospel that she shared with them almost 18 months ago.

Hola Presidente!!
How are things going!? Things are great here! Today, as you know, we are going shopping in the Tianguis with Sister Egbert! We promise we will keep her safe! I´m sure we´ll have a great time! This week was fantastic!! We had three Baptisms on Saturday!! Wow!! It went so great! The water in the baptismal font was freezing, and I hope that none of them got pneumonia:) The people that we baptized was a family of three, Yolanda, her son Pablo and his wife Maria Elena. They are amazing!! They shared their testimonies after their baptisms, and I have to admit that I did cry a little bit:) It was such a great experience and it was even better when we had two families of investigators come to church and witness their confirmation! This weekend has probably been my most favorite so far!! I´m so grateful more and more every week that I decided to come here!! There is nothing that I would rather be doing right now!! I think that the lack of sleep is worth it!! haha I love it!! It was a great week for Elder G and I and we hope to have another one this week!! We are looking forward to the Interviews this week (The house inspections not as much:) haha, Thanks for all that you do president!! we Love you tons and cant wait to talk to you this week!!
Love you!

Elder P

Monday in Zumpango as I was doing house checks- I had 40 extra minutes and so we planned to see the local shopping while I had two "body guards" to direct and protect me. I think 40 minutes in any "Tianguis" (Huge neighborhood garage sale) gave me my fix for the rest of the mission. It's almost like a dollar store on steroids- in addition to produce, tacos, meat (with lots of flys), clothes..actually anything you might need! 
So fun to spend some time with Elder Gomez and Elder Paytner... a less active sister who we met there gave us a free Popsicle- how kind.


 Happy Birthday Hermana Luna!!! You deserved this SURPRISE...

A few hours at the Pyramids with this member on P-Day... Beautiful weather!

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