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9 August 2015 - "I will persist without exception"...

The friendships made in the mission will not only last a life time...


It makes you smile too... oh yes it does!


8 Elders and 1 Sister = 9 Ready to ROCK and ROLL


Hola Presidente Egbert!

Everything is going well so far today, and I feel good! We had a cool experience in the taxi on the way back to our apartment in which we talked to the driver and taught him a short lesson about prayer and feeling the Spirit and we asked him to pray to know if there is a true church and what it is, which I think he agreed to do (but to be honest I am not quite sure if he committed or not because I couldn't understand everything that was being said)! I prayed for him and for his family, his health, and his work, and the Spirit was really strong. It is good to see that we can just start going and start teaching immediately. I am happy and feeling great about being a missionary.
Thank you for everything!

Hermana D (first day in the mission)

Tuesday - Mission Wide Transfers

- 9 arriving missionaries
-13 departing missionaries
- 3 houses closed down for this cycle
- 2 trio's (one of sisters, one of elders)
- This was a huge transfer cycle compared to 6 weeks ago. All but 18 companionship's had changes.
- # 161 missionaries "after all is said and done"

 Welcome to the mission.... introductions and brief testimonies by new arrivals

 Because we have lost such a significant number of missionaries from the United States since January- President called 5 Latino English Specialists to take their places. What a blessing that we have missionaries that are capable of filling this assignment. Our mission as a whole is doing EXCELLENT on English Study.
We are so proud of our missionaries!

 I barely spit out a message in Spanish that I had worked on for a couple of days. It was rough.. but the message was a good one! (Even if they couldn't understand one thing I said). 
"I will persist without exception" 
I shared a story about a man named Bill who was trying to find a bird feeder that was squirrel proof.  But we learned that squirrels spend  98% of their waking hours looking for food. In fact, they are unique in the animal kingdom as they would rather look for food and eat than spend time having relations with other squirrels. This just shows what kind of focus the squirrels bring to the mission of getting food out of the bird feeder. 
So what can we learn from the squirrels?
Focus and determination beat brains and intelligence every time. You don’t have to necessarily be smarter or better educated to succeed. Your power lies in your ability to focus on doing what is important. If you focus on the right things, and work at them, you will achieve exceptional results.
By persisting without exception, your outcome, your success- is assured.
Then I closed with this.... "

"Elders and Hermanas my prayer is that you will repeat these words in your mind.. 
“I will persist without exception. I am a person of great faith. I will expect miracles in my life because faith produces them every day. I will believe in the future that I do not see. That is faith. And the reward of this faith is to see the future that I believed. I will continue despite exhaustion, I focus on results. I am a person of great faith.  I will persist without exception.”

In the name...."

 My twin sister came down to visit for a couple of days and she played the piano for us... closing with "Called to Serve" in English. Our missionaries do great!!!

Faces of change....

 We put clothes for Elders and Sisters that have been donated over the last year by departing missionaries for the missionaries to take as needed. It was perfect.

 Departing missionaries shared a brief testimony in between new assignments for each zone. They bring the spirit to the meeting- such great examples of dedication, faith, obedience, and persistence. We will surely miss them.

 This TRIO looks like they are going to have a good time and work hard!

 This ward is going to LOVE this TRIO. Watch out here they come!!!

 Elder Messervy's birthday was TODAY! (red tie)

 Departing missionaries shared a brief testimony in between new assignments for each zone. They bring the spirit to the meeting- such great examples of dedication, faith, obedience, and persistence. We will surely miss them.

 Departing missionaries shared a brief testimony in between new assignments for each zone. They bring the spirit to the meeting- such great examples of dedication, faith, obedience, and persistence. We will surely miss them. 
(Apologies as we missed a picture of Elder Clark) 

 After the transfer meeting we have a special orientation for those who would be interested in a 4 week business class offered in Mexico City which is geared specifically for returned missionaries. "Academy for the Creation of Business"

 Seriously President, You should put a baggage limit on the sisters!

Until next time.....

Hola Presidente!

Pues, this is it. Siento bien. Siento un poco de nervios. Pero siento que he trabajado con todo. No remordimiento. Esos dos años en verdad han sido los mejores que he tenido en toda mi vida! He aprendido tanto en este corto tiempo, y ahora me toca seguir edificando el Reino con todo lo que he aprendido y lo que seguiré aprendiendo. Espero aun día que puedo decir como Enos: ".......habiendo sido influido por el poder de Dios a predicar y a profetizar a este pueblo y declarar la palabra según la verdad que esta en Cristo; y la he declarado todos mis días, y en ello me he regocijado mas que en lo del mundo.............y me regocijo en el día en que mi ser mortal se vestirá de inmortalidad, y estaré delante de el; entonces veré su faz con placer y el me dirá: Ven a mi, tu, que bendito ere;hay un lugar preparado para ti en la mansiones de mi padre."

Presidente, en verdad no hay palabras que le puedo decir para dar le mi agradecimiento por todo lo que ha hecho para mi. Quizá ha sido la persona que mas me ha influido en toda mi vida. Gracias por ayudarme elevar mi visión, y entender que en verdad tengo el potencial de llegar a ser como Mi Padre Celestial, si me esfuerzo por ser perfecto como El es. Creo que le podría escribir un libro bien grande con todo lo que le quiero decir. Pero mas que nada gracias. Espero que sigamos en contacto.

Con mucho amor, su hijo,
Elder F!!!!...........................................¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ANIMO!!!!!!!!

BBQ and Devotional for the Departing 13

Elder Clark (Washington, USA), Elder Leon (Chihuahua, Mexico), Elder Heninger (Canada)
Elder Pena (Oaxaca, Mexico), Elder Vique (Cuernavaca Mexico), Elder Fox ( Utah USA)
Elder Islas (Pachuca Mexico), Hermana Bermeo (Ecuador), Hermana Bailey ( Utah, USA),
Hermana Boone (Mississippi USA), Hermana Anderson (California, USA),
Hermana Guerrero (California, USA) and Hermana Nielsen (Utah, USA)


Tradition of taking a picture of present and past assistants...
So here we go!

 Oh heavens..... are they crazy or what! Take # 2

 Take # 3...

 Take # 4....

Take # 5....

 Take # 6... Now you see why it is inspired to only have 2 serve at a time!

Take # 7.... are you feeling sorry for me yet! or are you jealous?? 

 Take # FINALLY... one your mothers would approve of!

 So that was short lived!!! What are we to do?

So grateful for their service and example.... We love them ALL!

 Oh thank you for the shirts! We love them... such a keepsake!
Not sure I can bring myself to wear it.... I want to keep it forever.

New Missionary and Trainer Orientation on Friday.

 So the activity went a follows. Each trainer took their new missionary and was to guide them to their assigned seat by using verbal instruction while the new missionaries eyes were closed. Then the leaders gave big marshmellows to their trainers- each marshmellow representing an act of disobedience (not getting up on time, not studying properly, cutting language study short, etc...) As more disobedience became involved the less the trainer was able to guide and direct their new missionary. 
"Only through strict obedience can a trainer lead and guide his companion in the proper way to set the tone of his mission service."

 Sister Egbert's lesson on food shopping and budgeting (above) and 
(below) reviewing medical protocol for the mission. 

 August 2015 Trainers and New Missionaries

The end to a great orientation is wrapped up with fruit juice and donuts!



 Forever Friends...
 Family Home Evening with the San Juan Ward

 FSY was a HUGE Success in this Stake!


Hermana Cuc grateful for her amazing companions- as she says good bye to them these next two cycles.

The death of Hermana Boone...(Completing her mission service)
Her district in mourning....

 Hermana Anderson testing out the Uni Brow look.... (not a fan Hermana)

 Crazy drivers....Look out!


Oh my.... Do I dare ask where you found that wig?

 Hermana Nielsen will surely be missed by her ward and sisters in the mission field!

 Please please, Can I keep him?


The long anticipated arrival of some of our returning missionaries....
Hermana Boone to Mississippi, USA.


Elder Leon arriving in ChihuahuaMexico 
He knows first hand the blessings of his service....

Hermana Nielsen arriving to her sweet family in Utah.
Job well done !

 Sister Nielsen spoke in her ward today to report on her mission service and was so happy to see the recently returned Hermana Daines (left).
Proud parents of a returned missionary who served honorably. 
Thank you for sharing her with us these last 18 months.

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