Sunday, February 14, 2016

14 February 2016 - " A Mission who loves their Savior, their companions and the people they serve"

dear president
this week was awesome !! we could find 16 new investigators in spite of only have 8 investigators in the church we could seen that promises of the lord in Dyc 88 ... if we are obedient we could see the blessing because Our Heavenly Father is obligated ..
we are working for the miracle of the 300 contacts ...this cycle my companion and I have the goal of contact as minimum 12 people everyday because we know that this is possible ... if we want to baptized lots of people we understand that we have to find lot o people ..we trust in the God Promises ...we are doing our part. always there are things to improve and we want to overcome our weakness and forget ourselves and go to work!!! i love my companion she help me a lot !!!
For another hand teach the repentance is amazing because some of our new investigators cry while we are teaching the steps to repentance incredible how they could felt the spirit ....
love the misión and i am so excited to continue finding people and proclaim to them the repentance and invite to them to be baptized!!
love you president thanks for all!!
Hermana C

"You will come to know that what appears today to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment that you will ever make."
-President Gordon B Hinckley

"Robbed by Marvin the martian"


"Success is not measured by what YOU do compared to what others do, it is measured by what YOU do with the ability God gave YOU."

 We love it when a district leader/companion helps support the sisters baptisms.

Hola Presidente,
Este semana ha sido algo difícil, con las cosas que se cambiaron y con no mucho éxito en la capilla pues ha sido algo un poco difícil. Pero en verdad yo creo que en domingo nos fue muy bien. Contactamos un señor que estaba cargando algunas cosas, creo que fue su comida, y le dificultaba mucho caminar, entonces le ayudamos a cargar sus cosas y cuando llegamos a su casa nos invitó a pasar. Pasamos y compartimos una lección con el sobre las el bautismo y como el puede volver a ver sus familiares. Este señor se llama Leopoldo, y nos dijo que tenia 88 años. WOW. Esta viejo, pero nos expresó que el no conocía su papa. Cuando tenía 1 año su papa se murió y no tuvo la oportunidad a conocerle. Entonces nuestro día no tenía ninguna cita fija, decidimos mi compañero y yo ir a la estaca y buscar por sus antepasados y toda su familia. Les encontramos a su familia, también encontramos que no tiene 88 años pero que el tiene 91 años. Su rostro nos mostró su gratitud por saber quienes son sus papas y también a conocer su familia. El aceptó una fecha bautismal para el 13 de marzo y nos va a acompañar el domingo. Precisamente ayuné por este razón, por un bautismo. Y el Señor nos ha bendecido con la oportunidad ser buenos instrumentos en sus manos. 
Se que el evangelio es verdad, las buenas nuevas que traemos al mundo lo cambiará cuando hagamos nuestro parte. Se que el Señor vive y que nos guía diariamente cuando somos obedientes. 
Le amo
Elder H

P- Day Monday....
Those hours go way too fast!

District Meeting in Huachinango
(Each missionary wrote a 'commandment' for another missionary. Then they were reminded as missionaries they need to teach by example. Sister Lam wrote that Sister Santos had to roll through the grass 10 times - and then ended up having to do it herself. They cooked hamburgers and enjoyed the time together)

 No worries, no knife to cut the onion or tomato? 
Just use the sharp edge of a tin can top. That's a scout right there!

¡Hola Presidente!
This week was great! It was full of miracles and tender mercies and was filled with the hands of God. We have seen miracles from being exactly obedient to the best of our ability, repentance when we are not, and trusting in God. And following your council and direction of course!
Since the Capaciation de Zona, we have probably taught about 10 or more lessons that have been about repentance and the 6 steps. Every single lesson has been so full of the Spirit that our investigator or the less active we are teaching had to have felt it. We saw a lot of tears this weekend from people realizing that they are loved by God, and that repentance is very possible and a gift from Him and they don't have to feel guilty anymore.
Yesterday we also had a great experience from fasting. We had a ton of great lessons afterwards, and we have been filled with the power to teach from God since then. There was one in particular that was just amazing. We found a reference in a pueblito named Martha. She has 5 children, they live in one room, and they live day to day on the money that Martha recieves from selling bracelets (I think) in the street and markets. Other missionaries found them about a year ago, but she was living with her 'husband' without being married. Well she couldn't get baptized then, but about 4 months ago, she left him with her five children because he was very abusive. She told us right away she wanted to get baptized, but she couldn't because she wasn't married to her husband. Well, after the first lesson, and explaining she could get baptized now, she said 'yes' before we could even finish the invitation of baptism. She is so ready! And we are so grateful! I want this family to have the gospel soooo bad! They need it so bad, and they are so ready to have the windows of heaven opened upon them.
Thank you for your prayers President! We are so grateful for your support and your love. Thank you to Hermana Egbert as well, I hope she is feeling better with her foot!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana H

Hola Presidente!

La ``harvesting blessing`` es un gran éxito en Loreto. Elder F y yo lo usamos en intercambios. Encontramos 5 nuevo investigadores en 1-2 horas y algunos tienen mucho potencial. Siempre ellos nos rechazan con otras maneras de contactando....
Elder S

Pachuca is a beautiful sight...

 I get copied in on a letter to home from an Elder....

"Another week has flown right on by. I can`t believe that three weeks have already passed in this cycle. We have found a bunch of new investigators that have potencial. It is amazing how a simple change in how we contact can make such difference. My mission president sent out a letter that talked about the ``harvesting blessing.`` In this blessing, we bless the house and family in the name of the Savior and by the power of the Holy Priesthood. Afterwards, we feel if the Savior wants this family to hear the Gospel and (I haven't had enough faith for this part) invite them to be baptized. 

...we got to visit the Cristo Rey statue of Pachuca. It is pretty neat. The story behind it is pretty cool. There used to be a mine nearby. One day the entrance collapsed and the miners couldn't escape. So they started to pray and promised that if they got out of the mess they were in. They would construct a statue to honor the Savior. Right afterwards, a few more rocks fell in the entrance and this opened up a way out of the mine. Long story short, they constructed a statue there...

I learned a great thing about the Sabbath day this conference by the Mission President. It reminded me of a talk that was given by a general authority. Many times we focus on what we can and can´t do on Sunday. It becomes a chore that we wish would end so we can go back to ``having fun.`` This wasn't what this day was made for.  The Sabbath day is supposed to be a delight, a day of rest. (Purpose is to Sanctify and to bring us into the presence of the Lord) Something that we look forward to every week. A day in which we can worship God. Being obedient to this day can make or break us. Preach my Gospel says that when a country doesn't observe the Sabbath day, their religious life decays. This applies individually too. I just ran out of time to write but here are some scriptures.

 Doctrine (don't remember how to spell it) and Covenants 59:8-19 and Isaias 58:13-14 describes the doctrine with clarity."
Elder S


....thanks for sending us the Harvesting Blessing thing again President, that has given me more of a desire to fulfill my calling and to be a true representative of Jesus Christ. We have tried to do that this week and only one time it was successful but it was such an amazing experience. We planned for one hour in the day we would knock doors to do the Harvesting Blessing and like the 3rd house we knocked on let us in and we did everything in the way that you taught us in the letter. When we started to talk he all of the sudden pulled out a Book of Mormon and said his friend had just given him it and he started to read it and then we knocked the door! We were truly guided by the Spirit to that home and that guy. His name is Rafael. He has such a big desire to learn and to change his life, it is so awesome! I can't wait to see him progress even more and to find more chosen and prepared people like him!....
Elder H

It's just fun to hang out as a district of 4!

Hola Presidente,
I don't have much time.... I got sick this Saturday and spent most of the day contacting the bathrooms of my investigators houses. We ended up going home 30 mins early so I could get some rest. The next day I woke up not feeling much better but knew I needed to go to church. So we went and then got to work. I decided the best thing to do was just tough it out. I knew that the Lord would bless me if I sacrificed my desire to sleep and rest. And that's exactly what he did! We ended up having 10 lessons, 7 new investigators and a miracle all in the space of 8 hours. The miracle was a prayer that my companion and I said. We prayed to know what color of door to knock to be received. When the prayer finished I had the strong impression of light blue, but my companion also had a strong impression of black. I thought this can't be right, we prayed to the same person why the different answer?? later that night we found out why. As we were searching for doors we saw a door that was black a little ways up a side road. So we went and contacted there. They didn't receive us but we saw another black door a little farther up so we went and knocked that one. Same response. But then we saw at the end of this side road a light blue door. So we went and contacted that one and were received very warmly. We taught them a little over The Restauration and baptism and have a date to visit them tomorrow. The miracle is that if we hadn't knocked the black doors we wouldn't have seen the blue one!!
Thank you for everything and have a wonderful week!!:) Elder B

Zone  Activity the First part of the Month in Tezontepec

 This was a race of two neck ties in the circle. One you had to tie with a single knot and the second tie had to be tied with two knots. If the ties both caught up to you you were out.  So much fun! But yea...  a little bit of pressure!
Hola Presidente ..

Estoy muy bien en esta semana pude experimentar muchas cosas, pude sentir el Espíritu y fue tan especial .. pero hoy quiero contarle una experiencia muy bonita que tuve en esta semana. El sábado pasado teníamos cita con un joven que fue bautizado hace dos semanas pero no se había confirmado y pues fuimos a visitarle para recordare que al siguiente día lo iban a confirmar y su mama y el muy atentos nos invitaron a pasar y empezamos a enseñar y después de unos 5 minutos llego el papa del joven David y el y su mama muy espantados dijeron vallase no queremos que les haga nada y tampoco que sea grosero con ustedes y pues al ver la cara de angustia de ambos pues desdimos salirnos y cuando volteamos el papa del joven nos grito y dijo "no quiero volverlas a ver mi casa por que este hogar es católico y nos cerro la puerta en la cara" y lo que paso que encepe a llorar y mi acompañara y yo nos detuvimos a unos pasos y nos quedamos viendo y pues seguimos caminando hacia la comida, pero yo sentí un vacio y le dije a mi compañera y pues las dos dos volteamos nos vimos y dijimos"SIENTO QUE DEBEMOS REGRESAR" y regresamos pero antes de llegar a la casa del joven oramos y seguimos caminando y mi compañera toco y salio el padre del joven y nos grito como el quiso , pero mi compañera y yo pudimos testificar de que hay un salvador que le amo y le dije que yo soy una representante de el y que solo lo bendecia y dejaba la paz en el y en su hogar y pude sentir que el pudo sentir el espíritu por que vi en sus ojos lagrimas al igual que en los de mi compañera y en los míos.... Él nos corrió otra vez, pero ayer David estuvo en la capilla y se confirmó. Fue algo tan especial y hermoso ver el gozo de David y de sus primos, tías, y abuelos.... Fue algo tan especial y esto es lo que quiero compartir con usted....
gracias por todo le amo Hna. R y Hna. D

President stopped in on the district meeting of Guerrero for an hour and then drove to the district of Santiago.
Happy faces and positive attitudes are so refreshing!

 Sister Bunnell you play the piano?! 

Santiago District on Wednesday...
President was very impressed with the spirit of this district.
He also commented on how well Elder Hatch did with the class.
Very prepared and it flowed seamlessly!
Blessed with the visit of Zone Leaders (Rt Elder Groesbeck/Elder Barrios) 

Are they not the cutest missionaries ever?!
Hermana Egbert attended district class in Huachinango.
Excellent class! Very well prepared- everyone participated so nicely. 
The zone leaders were even in attendance- Double bonus!
Nice job Elder Verdin!

 If there's not enough tables in the church for everyone - you just make due!

 You gotta love it when the topic for district class has been studied well before the class even happens! Nice job Hermana Lam.

Loved this Practice... Elder Barrera was the investigator sister that wouldn't keep the law of chastity! LOL- he did great helping these Elders practice...

 Alright Hermanas, 5 minutes.... ready set go!

 I love to witness the hand off and communication between companions....

 Ok- so the two on the left (Elder Barrera/Elder Johnson) were the investigators of the zone leaders on the right (Elder Martin/Elder Ruiz) who really exist. This is their story: They are a family from Haiti who moved to Tulancingo after the earthquake a few years back. They speak 'Creole' which is a french dialect. They attend church and activities faithfully- they are being taught by the elders. The zone leaders testified of the miracle of this family; and the experience of the language barrier and how it is all working miraculously! They have an upcoming baptism date- 
Tender mercies happen everyday here in the mission. 

 District Huachinango February 2016


.....Me he esforzado junto con mi compañero por hablar con nuevas personas, eso nos ha ayudado mucho, pues algunos investigadores nos han dado muy buenas referencias, sé que el hacer "la pregunta" ayuda mucho, sobe todo cuando el espíritu santo lo sienten al momento de que les estamos dando una lección.

Este domingo fue muy bueno, pues a pesar de que en la semana no nos fue bien con las lecciones, nuestro ayuno fue por aquellas personas que ya estamos enseñado y en eso nos enfocamos, por eso tuvimos cinco investigadores en la capilla, la mayoría de ellos tiene fecha para bautizarse. Eso me animo a que esta semana trabaje con mayor fuerza, por cuidar del tiempo en cada lección, en la comida y en todo, ya que el tiempo es de Dios, es su obra, nosotros solo somos sus instrumentos.

He estado muy enfocado en los estudios de Idioma, de Libro de Mormón, en fin en cada una de las escrituras que tenemos aprobadas, busco poder declarar junto con el testimonio del espíritu santo, así como mi meta de la semana pasada, de enseñar, escuchar, testificar y prometer bendiciones, me ha ayudado mucho. Porque las personas en ocasiones quieren saber que bendición tendrán en especifico cuando cumplen con algo específico.

El ser especifico me ha ayudado también al hacer las oraciones, puesto que de esa manera recibo respuestas claras y especificas.

El cumplir con las 12 semanas y el estudio de ese manual me hace saber que también es algo que han establecido los líderes de la Iglesia para que nosotros estemos más preparados al enseñar a todas las personas.

Cada vez me siento más enfocado en esta obra y amo estar aquí, sobre todo el amor que tengo por las personas. Espero que esta semana sea mejor que la otra y poder encontrar más personas para enseñar.

Saludos a usted y a su esposa, les amamos.
Elder P
Drop by's are so much fun!
Hermana Egbert dropped by a few houses during planning sessions on Friday and totally loved these darling smiles of obedient missionaries ....

 Elder Dixon happy to have a new bike/lock to replace his that got stolen.
He testifies that the video at orientation is totally true! 
"Don't EVER leave your bike unlocked for even five minutes!"

 Rock solid sisters in the midst of planning and having a great day!

 Mision Mexico Pachuca- It's own kind of beautiful

 Service is such a huge part of missionary service-
Elder Garica/Elder Perez cooked dinner for a very sick sister that has several small children. "Elders, that looks delicious!" 

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."

Not all responsibilities of a zone leader are rosy!

The water and electricity are very unreliable in Mexico-
that being said....
Sunday the toilets were not working and after a full days service with several wards... needless to say the toilets needed to be plunged. 
"thank goodness for a long handle on the plunger!"

 "Leadership is action- not position"

 "Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it."


hi president,
this week was about 27234623746x better than the last! and it makes me so so happy!
in all honesty, nothing grand happened this week but lots of small acts of kindness just made me smile.
Reading the Book of Mormon in the mission has been a very special experience. i have grown to truly love the people who wrote these sacred scriptures. i have always known the book of Mormon is true and that we can receive revelation by reading but this week i just feel such a love for the prophets who wrote these words and have been able to use the things i have read daily in lessons. i love seeing the Lord work o people through the scriptures, not only the investigators, but in myself as well. thank you so much for your inspiration and love siempre.
mucho amor

hermana t

 Pachuca Sur Zone- February 2016

Which step are you on?
I won't do it
I can't do it
I want to do it
How do I do it?
I'll try to do it
I can do it
I will do it
Yes, I did it.....

 What awesome zone leaders that shared a little breakfast snack with this companionship after studies...
"Drink Milk.... It does a body good!"

 "Life is like a camera. Just focus on what's important and capture the good times. Develop from the negatives, and if things don't turn out, just take another shot!"


Hermana Markle  with her district before her departure home last cycle

The "Árbol de descanso" that is a tradition in her last area
to rest at this tree on the way to the cemetery...

Reunions are so sweet!
Yep and she has a twin sister.... crazy huh?!

And these two handsome returned missionaries Elder Katich and Elder Hixon sent us this cute photo today as they unexpectedly ran into each other in Salt Lake City.
They send their love and Valentines Day wishes to the Mision Mexico Pachuca.
Thanks for thinking of us- you made the day perfect!

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