Sunday, August 11, 2013

If It Doesn't Challenge You... It Doesn't Change You."

Its Been an Eventful Week at Our Home Back in St.George, Utah


Our youngest daughter Tahlia Mae turned #19 and our first granddaughter  "Emri Mae" was born on 09 August 2013 . Tahlia is flying down this next Tuesday- she will be a lot of help as we have Elder Valenzuela from the Quorum of the Seventy coming for a mission tour. We will have special zone conferences, then ten missionaries leaving and eleven missionaries coming in- (one visa in limbo). So lots of changes this next cycle. President and I are feeling blessed.







"If It Doesn't Challenge You.... It Doesn't Change You."

            President Egbert has really encouraged the Elders to do their “Planning” each night with real purpose and intent, and to start/end with a prayer as directed. Also to let inspiration lead the planning of what each investigator may need and to also have back up plans coupled with a desire to work hard being a vital part. President Egbert firmly believes that what happens between 630-1000am each morning and during the planning session at night from 900-930 pm determines the success or failure of the day. We have most of our companionship's that are committed and obedient to the little things- like being up at 0630 each morning and are blessed for their efforts. You can tell who is working hard no matter the challenges of their companionship or area; and then those who sluggishly go about the work because of low commitment and work ethic. We are seeing specific missionaries making a significant change in their perspective and commitment to why they are here. Oh how we love each one of these individuals… not only for where they have been but for where they are now; and for where they have the potential to be. Our thought for this week is “If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you!”

            This is a phone call President Egbert got the other night at 1015pm from two obedient and hardworking missionaries. It went something like this… “President, we wanted to call and tell you we did what you taught us and we were blessed because of it! Last night we did real thorough planning with prayer and thought, being led by the spirit, and made back-up plans. So we went to  one of our appointments and they weren’t available, then we went to our back up plan and they weren’t available either. We both looked at each other and thought ‘Man, we did what we should and we are striking out here!’  So then standing at the corner of the street we offered a heart-felt prayer asking for inspiration on what direction we should go. We felt we should turn a specific direction on this corner and knock the doors of four houses down this particular street. We knocked all four doors with no success and as we stood at the last house feeling discouraged we turned to look up the street and a woman was walking towards us. We both looked at each other and said, “This is her”- we greeted her and talked with her. She invited us to follow her home and to share our message with her mother. As we arrived at their humble home, we were invited in and shared our message with not only the daughter and mother but another sister who happened to be there. President, we now have three  more investigators because we followed the promptings of the spirit and put forth the effort of planning that has been asked of us.”

            Well to say the least, there is no better phone call then that before your head hits the pillow! What amazing tender mercies we witness daily…I testify that God knows each one of our missionaries by name. He knows their needs, their struggles, their challenges, and the deepest desires of their hearts. He sent them here to Pachuca for a specific reason- His Hand is in every aspect of our lives. I love this thought “The Lord isn’t asking us to load up a handcart- He’s asking us to fortify our faith.” Elder Ballard.

            With permission I share a tidbit from this week’s letter of an Elder. “ … we have a mission plan (in our area) and are doing visits with the members and leaders to get them involved and leading the work of rescuing, retaining, and finding new investigators. We are doing all that we can to help in every aspect of the work. I LOVE THIS WORK AND I LOVE THE CALLING…I want to help as many as I can in these few months that I have (left) to work my fanny off for the Lord. I know that this work is the work of the Lord and His glory is the salvation of His children. Thanks for your example and for all you do to help this mission out in every way possible…I love you ...”

Service Project for the Pachuca Sur Zone
Painting the house of a service missionary couple- they say that...
"The painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do."

Monday's are the missionaries "P" day. The mission office is busy with missionaries coming in picking up "pouch" (mail) for their area, having special interviews with President, turning in reimbursement receipts, and playing a little soccer or basketball. On P-Day they clean their apartments, do service projects, use the computer to write home and write President a letter, they grocery shop, get money from the bank, get haircuts, and/or have fun activities as a zone....

President attended "district" meeting in Tulancingo. Role playing in groups is helpful...
Sister Egbert did apartment checks for 3 companionship's. Assessing for cleanliness, order, and safety. (You know how Nurses like to assess!)  The Elders were good sports and committed to improve/continue to keep their homes in order. 
"Cleanliness is next to godliness. Not that cleaning is a spiritual experience, rather it lets the spirit dwell where they study and prepare. And their wives will thank me later!"
I saw a quote one day that said "No husband has ever been shot while doing dishes!"

Elder Campuzano singing a special musical number with this brother while his companion Elder Huff plays the piano. What a beautiful spirit this song brought instantly to the baptismal service.

"Zone Training Meeting" in Tulancingo the day after the Mission Leadership Council.


Elder Ortega and Elder Pintor with a new convert. He mentions because of her physical limitations due to an accident it took both of them to baptize her.
He also is an artist and drew this logo to represent our mission.

Elder Poulsen and Elder Almaraz with Jorge an investigator/convert and
 Sister Egbert dropped off homemade strawberry ice-cream to the Pachuca Sur Zone at their
"Zone Training Meeting."
It was a perfect 'snack' for the ten minute break in their training.

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