Sunday, August 4, 2013

Moments In Time- 04 August 2013

Moments In Time

  So this week President had 3 "Special Interviews"  for investigators with needs/concerns. All three of these sisters were humble, with tender spirits. President Egbert commented several times how pleasantly pleased he was by the spiritual preparation of the investigators. Kudos to these 3 companionship's who worked with such diligence and thoroughness in preparing these investigators.





"The major work of the world is not done by geniuses. It is done by ordinary people who have learned to work in an extraordinary manner."

 Elder Ceballos shows us this amazing waterfall area called 
"Huasca de OCampo"....

"Hermana mayor de 90 años, decidida a seguir a Jesucristo, luchando y esforzándose por aprender el evangelio. A pesar de la edad y los sacrificios que hace por asistir a la capilla, cada domingo esta firme y fiel en su convenio. Realmente fortalece nuestro testimonio."
Elder Martinez/Elder Zepeda

This sister, more than 90yrs old, decided to follow Jesus Christ. She is fighting and striving to learn the gospel. In spite of her age and the sacrifice it is to attend church every week; she is faithful and strong in her commitment. She really strengthens our testimonies!

  "Actividad misional de barrio Xicotepec:
Fue una tarde muy divertida, donde los investigadores y los miembros se divirtieron aprendidendo el vangelio de jesucristo. Fue una gran actividad donde salimos fortalecidos con el espiritu de unidad."
Xicotepc Ward missionary activity.
It was a fun afternoon where the investigators and members enjoyed learning the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a great activity where we all left strengthened by a spirit of unity.

 Elder Iverson and Elder Loayza with one of their faithful new converts and also a fun photo of Elders Mendoza, Iverson, Loayza checking out the sites of their area.


"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can." 

John Wesley

Mission Leadership Council- Wednesday

 We had breakfast at 0800, training til 230pm and then"la comida".
 After lunch they all departed off to their distant homes where they did training in their zones the following morning. What a great group of Elders! I so enjoyed them in our home. Each companionship went home with a plate of Orange Rolls and a plate of Banana Bars. Some of these kids we need to fatten up a bit!
At the hospital where I worked we would eat anything... I think these kids would too!
You will also notice I wasn't called here to Pachuca for my rhyming abilities! (Twix bars)

Is this set of 5 not the happiest looking group? 
The sad thing is on the 17th we will be sending a few of these home.
 I'm already attached... President has even cried tears over thinking about them leaving!
Its truly amazing how quickly you fall in love and care about each one- a 'tender mercy'.
 Saying "Good bye" until we meet again....

Mision Mexico Pachuca Zone Leaders/Assistants August 2013

"A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves." —Lao Tzu

The following is taken from a letter of one of the zone leaders pictured above. With his permission and names omitted I share this exert from his weekly correspondence to President Egbert; just to give you a taste of some of these tender missionary moments.

"We had another amazing experience. When we got here 4 and a half months ago we met the husband of the Primary President. He isn´t a member and has been atheist his entire life or a so he claimed. We had many lessons trying to strengthen this mans faith in our divine nature and the relationship that we have with our loving Heavenly Father. Although, each and every time we left the invitation to pray he would accept and then not do it. We battled for 4 months trying to understand what was wrong with the way we were teaching him. I know that it was especially hard on his wife and his daughter who is a counselor in the Young Women's Program. Finally, we found the key through your counsel, President Egbert. We prayed and fasted and were able to think of some inspired questions to ask him. In the last lesson we had with him this past week, we followed the planning and the Spirit took hold. We started the lesson and were able to answer all of his doubts. We discovered that he had a hard time believing in the creation. We explained everything with power and authority and the Spirit spoke disguised with our voices. At the end, there was a sudden silence. I looked at the man and asked.. ¨Do you have faith in God, our Eternal Father, as well as his Son, Jesus Christ?¨He replied with.. ¨Yes.¨ Then I asked.. ¨Do you believe that they exist and love us?¨ He replied.. ¨Yes.¨ Then my companion looked him in the eyes and asked ¨May we finish with a prayer?¨He nodded. Then my companion with the Spirit asked.. ¨Will you say it?¨ We watched tears come to his eyes as he said the words.. ¨Yes. I can.¨ We hit our knees together and being shocked by the impact of the experience and tears in our eyes we waited in silence. Then the first thing we heard was his voice as he broke the intensity with the words.. ¨Heavenly Father..¨It was the first time this man had ever prayed in his entire life and as we finished, we were all crying. My companion and I walked home that night with tears in our eyes and smiles from ear to ear. We have seen miracles this week. We know that there are more to come. All is going well and we have faith that all will go well this week as well. Thank you for your help, President."


  1. Wow...what an amazing letter/experience for those missionaries. I got teary just reading it. I love seeing all you pictures! You are beautiful & I miss you.

  2. Loved this Salli !! What an amazing experience. Made me cry just reading it. I can't even imagine how many more sweet souls are out there just waiting for someone to say the right thing and someone to be patient enough to wait for their 'right time'. Keep bringing on the orange rolls and I'm sure that rhyming thing will follow shortly...Take care dear friend. Be praying for you all!