Sunday, September 8, 2013

Parade of Homes

Quotes of the Week

- "Dear President, My companion and I are doing a little better. Though sometimes I feel like I'm driving with the Parking Brake on!"
- This Elder had no shoes because both pairs were totally blown out and we couldn't find his size, he also, on the day I received this text, had lost his only name badge, " Sister Egbert, I am name-less, shoe-less and feeling worth-less."  We got it all taken care of and his name badge arrived yesterday. But we both will giggle about this for a long time to come. I love it when they can find humor in things especially when it is challenging!
- A recently returned missionary from Utah wrote this week," missionaries we often deviate and think that we are good missionaries if we baptize a lot, or if we have lots of lessons, or if we just focus on our investigators.  I know that as we focus our  missionary efforts on Christ (whether we be here at home or as an official calling in the Church) then we will see the fruits of our labors. We will see lives change; including our own." mb

Current Events of the Mission

- In 7 days we had 6 Elders get robbed. All at gun point- the one incident they only stole two cell phones and 40 pesos. ($3.00) The one Elder commented that "The Gun didn't even look real...but I wasn't going to find out for sure!" The second incident they stole 150 pesos from an Elder and his companion even though he had 300 pesos in his pocket- pulled out his white bible and shrugged his shoulders and told them he had nothing. So they continued on down the bus.
- One Elder reports that earlier in the mission a bus was being robbed and they asked everyone for 10 pesos. The Elder only had a 20 peso bill and the robber gave him 10 pesos back in change! That totally cracks me up.... another story where someone demanded money from Elders, they only had a 50 peso bill and the robber said "wait a minute". Ran into the convenience store got change and gave back 30 pesos and kept 20 pesos. Holy cow!! Are you kidding me?!  It's reassuring to know that the Lord is on our side, and when our missionaries are cautious, aware, and obedient the protection of the Lord is always on our side.
- The water in the baptismal font stopped filling. No more water! So the missionary in shallow waters, on bended knees, baptized the investigator as they sat on their bottom in the bottom of the font. Then laid down like in a bathtub. It worked- and thus the work moves forward.

Parade of Homes

Mexico Pachuca Mission

Wednesday we had Mission Leader Training with our new "Sister Leader Trainers" in attendance. It was fun to have a them present as we will be getting more and more sisters in our mission. The training was at our home from 830 am to about 300 pm. It was a great meeting and intense from this side of the kitchen door. So I didn't feel comfortable taking pictures as not to ruin the flow or the spirit of the meeting prepared by President Egbert and Assistants Elder Dove and Elder Poulsen. (Took a few after) I was in charge of breakfast at 0830 and lunch at 200 pm- and spoke for a minute regarding medical updates.

Leadership of the Mexico Pachuca Mission

I know I have said this before but this is the happiest and most enthusiastic group ever!
Leadership gathering "Pouch" to take back to their zones.....

On Thursday we attended one of our Zone Capacitions' in the Pachuca Centro Zone and enjoyed watching Elder Loza and Elder Garcia teach all their missionaries the things they learned on Wednesday. Again a session of role playing directed towards "Helping teach a member to invite a non-member".
Power-points, video clips, great discussions and a few words from President Egbert made it a great training.

 Mexico Pachuca Centro Zone

After this meeting President and I headed to three companionship's homes for the

 "Mexico Pachuca Mission Home Show".....

and since you aren't available to buy a ticket and tour... we are sharing the tour with you through pictures.

Home #1 of Elder Kearl and Elder Zepeda
"Real De Minas"
They do and outstanding job keeping their place spotless and in order.
I forgot to take my camera- so I ran back and took one of them from the outside. A+ !!!  Couldn't be prouder of their efforts... Thanks to the mom's at home who taught them basic skills to help them in the mission. Note their little plant on the balcony between them that they planted....

  Home Number #2- Elder Segura and Elder Gomez
" Pachuca Centro- Centro"
This little humble abode has a million dollar view, however its nestled in a very unique part of town. The set up of this little home is odd. Every room has an outside entry with a locked door. So outside on the patio you go to enter the kitchen/family room, or to use the bathroom, or to the bedroom, or to the closet. We acquired better mattresses, a heater, and a few other things to make it more comfortable. They are very content here and live near the city center that is a live and happening area.

HAPPY DAY! Elder Segura found shoes finally in his size... Miracles happen!!!
I have to give Elder Segura credit- in regards to his home visit he said,
"This is like the Parade of Homes!"

Home #3- Elder Stucki and Elder Rodriquez
"Pachuca Centro- Pachuquilla"
These two Elders live in the cutest little house. They need a little goat out front so they don't have to trim their grass with a machete.
They live in a very unique area outside of the congestion of Pachuca Centro.
Other than one leaky window when it rains this place is in tip top shape...don't worry Mom's -we are all over the leaky window!
Interesting fact: In this area when the garbage truck comes by you have to be present and pay them right then to pick up your garbage...hmmm?! 
Not convenient for these poor Elders...

So on Friday we did administrative things (paperwork, planning meetings, million emails, and phone calls) and delivered some supplies to a couple of companionship's.
President had a special interview with Elder Cardova and Elder Carlson's investigator. President mentioned that in just a few short weeks Elder Carlson's language skills are coming along impressively and it looks like he has been doing lots of walking! They looked great!
Saturday we had a meeting in Tecamac starting at 800 am. We left here right at 700 am. Thank goodness for the GPS which helps us navigate through some of these areas. You would never find some of these churches without some kind of intervention. We had been invited to a Stake Training on Missionary work where an amazing Stake President had all 12 bishops and their wives present. They ate breakfast probably somewhere around 1030 or 1100 together. We had to excuse ourselves at 1010 as we had  made arrangements to check 3 more missionaries apartments. So thus the "Parade of Homes" continues:
Home #4- Elder Hernandez and Elder Stewart
" Tecamac II- Hacienda 2"
So this little apartment is in their bishops yard. Built above the garage.
They had it Spic & Span- I wouldn't have changed one thing!
Everything in order... a place for everything. Look how they have organized using shelving and check out the shower- it could be a mini baptismal font!
Everyone got banana bread or chocolate chip cookies for allowing us into their home away from home. Nice job Elders! 

(Special thanks as they navigated us to the other two areas)

Home # 5- Elder Elton and Elder Sic
"Tecamac II- Ojo De Agua"
So these two Elders live in the back of a members home in a little apartment. They have these killer guard dogs out front. Elder Elton loves where they live he just says "You have to hang the laundry inside because the dogs will take it off the clothes line , and well...... not good!"
What is unique about this place is they have access to a washing machine which is very unusual for our missionaries. They wash their sheets weekly and they like to cook when they can in their kitchen. Impressed with the pictures of Christ they had hanging everywhere. They have made it so personal- I love it!

 This is them on Monday (P-Day) checking out the Pyramid!
Home # 5- Elder Christensen and Elder Hixon
"Tecamac II- Huicholes"
This cute little house has a amazing back yard... flowers, grass, and trees. Do you see their little "friend" in the tree? This house was in total order- kitchen not a speck of dirt and you could have eaten off the floor. I loved their study area as they had pictures hanging and lots of post-it-notes with motivational thoughts. Everywhere you looked on the mirror, the fridge, the microwave, the doors...everywhere... were little post-it-notes reminding them of their goals for the month! Loved it! What also was impressive as soon as the home tour was over Elder Hixon whips out his planner and had questions to ask President regarding specific investigators. Both Elders very in-tune with specific concerns, and needs of their people. They had run home from an appointment to meet us and we took them and dropped them off to their next appointment. Just another example of our hardworking missionaries. Oh how we love each of these missionaries!
PS: Grandma Hixon- Please send Elder Hixon more treats we have got to put some fat back on his bones....

So that wraps up the "Parade of Homes" for this last week.
We will post more as we visit each companionship's home.

Elder Bowles, Elder Almaraz, Elder Bickley, Elder Vique
Visiting a historical site related to "Mining" .

With permission I share this story from one of our great Elders...

President Egbert! thanks for taking the time to talk with me today, and giving me peace of mind. I'm grateful that I was able to learn from you. The other day we had a spiritual experience that I would like to share with you.. we were on our way to an appointment with an investigator, we had been there many times before, and we knew exactly where her house was. On our way there my companion and I passed her house. Further up the road we realized that we had walked right past her house. we were thinking "how did we pass her house"? As we started to head back a man around 25 years old came running up to us from behind saying with tons of enthusiasm and excitement  "excuse me! ..are you guys Mormons"!?...we talked with him, and turns out he had just moved here from Puebla and couldn't find a chapel anywhere in this area. Pedro explained that his wife is a member but that he wasn't and that he wants to receive the lessons. We accompanied him to his house to meet his wife. Turns out they had just moved here two days ago, and Pedro had received one of the lessons from elders in Puebla. After talking with him we set up two appointments to meet with him and his wife later this week. We asked him if he would be baptized and he with enthusiasm agreed!....It is my testimony that we are directed in this work..there is no way that we would have found him (or him us) if we hadn't walked past our destination..I am thankful that the Lord is able to use us as instruments in his hands. I'm humbled to be a part of this work, and thankful that our prayers are answered and we were able to be directed by the Lord.
Thank you for all that you do, your guidance and counsel is much appreciated and needed. i trust you, and i trust in the Lord, i am so thankful that this work at times is challenging!!, because its a challenge i am able to learn and grow. grow in faith and testimony. i know the Savior lives , and knows each of us personally  His desire for us is that when our life's missions are over, we can return to live with him again. I'm learning to love the people here, i can feel it. i am learning more the love the savior has for each of us, I'm thankful to be apart of this mission. and will waste and wear out my life bringing knowledge of the truth to our brothers and sisters here. thanks - Elder _____.


  1. I am having Austin read your posts to prepare him for serving. Love love that you took Picts of missionaries apts. and the stories you share. It makes it "real" for us here at home. Love you!

  2. I love all the missionary apt! So fun to see them! & I love all the quotes and stories from the missionaries! Love you!

  3. Thank you, thank you for your wonderful blog. It is so wonderful to see pictures of my son and as a mom, I am so grateful to you and your husband for your loving service!