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Warning Signs and Topes

Warning Signs and Topes

"Any of you who have traveled from Pachuca to Molango realize it's a very twisted and dangerous road. At the side of the road, in places where there are the most dangerous curves, are a number of crosses that represent the location of travelers who have perished in route to their destination. Before arriving at any of these curves there are multiple signs, warning messages, and speed bumps (Topes) that alert motorists of danger. However for some reason, whether high speed, inattention, distraction or willful disobedience, these dangerous curves have taken the lives of many travelers. Obeying or heeding the warning of one only one caution sign likely would have spared each individual.
Our path in mortality is much like the road between Molango and Pachuca. There are many spiritually dangerous curves, but better than the signs, warning messages, or speed bumps, that warn motorists; we have commandments, pure doctrine, eternal truths and counsel from prophets that warn us of danger and protect us from spiritual death. The question that we must ask ourselves is, will we listen to everything that has been provided? Will we obey when we think that something is small or perhaps insignificant? Will we follow every rule in the mission exactly? Or will we justify not obeying when it's something that we really want and appears harmless? The counsel and rules given by the leaders of the church and myself as president of the mission are to protect you from calamity…" 
 exert from one of President Egbert's weekly letters.

We again traveled this weekend to the farthermost area of  the mission- "Molango". Two Elders are serving there, overseeing a mission dependent "Branch" and "Group". We go to support, train leaders, and were able to attend a baptism.

Here is a sneak peak of the Mexico Pachuca Mission...

Another beautiful day in Molango for a baptism under the waterfall. This young woman has the most beautiful spirit and will be such an asset to the branch. President Egbert carried this little girl up and back because it was so wet and muddy from the rain- didn't want her little white tights and pink dress to get dirty...

What a great place to study in the mornings!
Elder Poulsen quit chasing that poor little chicken- we will find you something to eat!

Need I even comment on this picture?

Pachuca Mx Zone
I am so proud of the service our Missionaries carry out during the month. There is a fine balance in serving others -but making the most effort in finding and teaching those who need the gospel message in their life. So proud of our Missionaries as they in August taught over #2481 lessons to less actives. They realize it's not all about baptism numbers, but rather about "The Work of Salvation." Real converts and real growth in the church.
Oh how we love these kids! 
Pachuca Mx Zone

 Pachuca Sur Zone
The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.       Mahatma Gandhi 
How cute is this group?!

 We went to a district meeting in the Mezquital Zone.
Elder Unamuno did an OUTSTANDING job!
President was so pleased....

The above picture are of Elders from the same "Generation"-
The bottom picture is of Elders from the same area- Is that really considered a tree?

 So many amazing converts......
 Elder Bowles and Elder Almaraz two GREAT zone leaders!
" Elder Unamuno and Elder Hurtado working so well as a companionship"
Elder McCormick and Elder Henginger with "matching" ties! Looking sharp!

The assistants in planning meeting with President. Looks intense in there!

Look at what the "wind" blew into the office.... 
Elder Iverson, Elder Hixon, Elder Loayza, Elder Bickley, 
Elder Vique, Elder Dove, Elder Poulsen

District Meeting in Tecamac-
Elder Messick concentrated his efforts on teaching the concept of working
with ward leadership in furthering the work. The practice session entailed each Elder playing the part of a ward council member as they discussed real members, investigators, converts, and less actives in their areas. Elder Kofford was brave and took the part of the Primary President and I represented the Relief Society President. My comments were minimal- just smiled and nodded my head when asked a question. Spanish progress... no comment!
President Egbert was the "Bishop" with the others representing the role of Missionaries, Ward Mission Leader,  Elders Quorum President, Ward Missionaries, and Youth Leaders.
It was very effective- though your first reaction when "role playing" comes up is "Ughhh..."
But it is so vital for the success of the missionaries to practice, practice and practice!

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