Sunday, January 12, 2014

...simple moments make great memories.

A More Difficult Life

When trials and hardships are tossed in your path and challenges clutter the way.
When people despise you for what you believe and hate you for things that you say
When the world is unkind and nothing seems fair,
When people desert you and don't seem to care,
You're required to do so much more than your share.
Grow up a bit, climb out of your pit, and think what the Lord had to bear.

-Elder Jason Beyler


After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel.

-Joseph Smith JR.

... simple moments make great memories.

 Feliz Cumpleanos- "Happy Birthday Elder Mendoza"


 Hermana Laguna and Hermana DeFranco going about the "Work of Salvation".


Presidente Egbert muy buenas tardes,  
Me da gusto escribirle nuevamente, la semana paso muy rapidísimo que ni la sentí, pero me encuentro muy bien, estoy dando todo de mi y todo lo que e aprendido mas la experiencia que eh ganado y que la sigo ganando la estoy aplicando en la misión, es este tiempo que me queda, y me siento muy bien y contento, esforzándome por solo estar enfocado en la obra este momento, la semana que paso fue genial, realmente estoy muy contento, pudimos trabajar muchísimo con nuestro líder misional, y con los miembros del barrio, nos ganamos la confianza del líder misional y ahora somo uno en la obra de Salvación, nos apoya muchísimo, ayer pudimos recojer a una familia de MA y de I, y los llevamos a la Iglesia y el líder misional estuvo ahi para hermanarlos y apoyarlos, fue un gran día vimos muchos milagros, estamos haciendo un buen equipo con Elder ______, logramos 19 lecciones con miembro y 21 con menos activos, tenemos 5 nuevos y sentimos mucho gozo por los milagros que estamos viendo, y gracias a su revelación cumplimos los estándares de excelencia y nuestra visión a aumentado y sigue aumentando, todos los días proclamamos el evangelio con mucho amor, diligencia y obediencia como usted lo dijo, y aunque tenemos algunas fallas el Señor nos esta bendiciendo de sobremanera, todos los días tenemos varios contacto inspirado y aun mucho mas hay personas que nos contactan y buscamos todas las maneras y fuentes para tener nuevas personas para enseñar para ayudarles a ser Exaltados, y queremos hacer la obra a la manera del Señor, quiero que este tiempo dure siempre, cada día terminamos tan cansados que lo único que queremos es recuperar nuestras energias y salir a trabajar otra vez, pero aun sabemos que el trabajo que estamos haciendo no es suficiente podemos dar mas aun mucho mas, y esta semana nos esforzaremos porque sea así, de acuerdo con la voluntad de nuestro Padre Celestial y Jesucristo, en cuanto a nuestro compañerismo estamos bien, Elder Perez esta progresando mucho, y nos llevamos muy bien, solo el adaptarse a la misión aun le esta costando. pero eso no me preocupa porque pasara, Pdte. Egbert muchas gracias por todo lo que hace por nosotros, junto con hna Egbert, les amamos mucho y no queremos que se preocupen porque estamos muy bien por este lado de Tecamac, cualquier cosa mas bien estamos a su servicio.
APRENDIMOS ESTA SEMANA QUE TECAMAC ES UNA TIERRA DE MILAGROS, justo hace un momento en la comida conocimos a una personas listisima para recibir el evangelio Restaurado, me da tanto asombro como nuestro Padre Celestial , Jesucristo y el Espíritu Santo como en nosotros y en las personas, estoy muy gozoso y feliz que no tengo palabras para expresarlo.
Un fuerte abrazo
Les amo mucho... Elder L


... so then I jumped out of the "combi" ( mexican transport mini van) and my leg got caught on the door hinge and it ripped my favorite pants!" 

This is when you wished your grandma lived next door!


P.S. President... Can these two be trusted on divisions? 


"Makes us wonder what you have been up to..."


Great job Elder Jimenez and Elder Heninger!


 "Our Amazing Zone Leader Elder Unamuno"



 president egbert!

 i hope that your are on your bicycle working out while reading this, because you are going to need your heart rate up for what i am about to tell you...this week was absoultley awesome! elder ____ and I more than doubled our lessons from the previous week! we didn´t get 40 lessons but we got 30! and that is outstanding progress from our previouse 13! we are not going to stop! we realized that we waste so much time walking, so we are going to run from appointment to appointment. we are even looking for all black running shoes to make us faster! we have caught the same vision of what you have for this mission. i think if we shoot our goal past what you have for us then there is no way we can get less than this standard of excellence if this is swhat we need to do we are determined to do it! Elder ___ and I are going to take this up a notch, we are so determined to reach our full potential that when we do. your going to have to make us shirts that say the pachuca bazooka.

there is really no way that we can fail either! we have many plans and we are going to get these priests in this ward to go on splits with us once a week. and bishop R is one of the best bishops I've worked with, and elder ___and i are really together on this!! im thankful you have raised the bar! i love the mission!!-elder i

.... so then this is the letter from his companion.....

Hey President!!!!!
This week was absolutely awesome!!! Me and Elder ____ just caught a vision this week of how important this work is and that we give absolutely 100 percent of our ability to this work. We achieved our goal of 30 lessons this week through tons and tons of hard work, faith in our God, and Loving the work and the people. And we have witnessed miracle after miracle. And this week we are determined to not only achieve 40 lessons, but to surpass it! We have decided that we need to give more effort every single day. We are literally going to run to appointments to use all of our time more effectively. Elder ____ and me are super excited for this week! We are only going to give the very best of our ability. We started this cycle with 0 investigators, we now have about 10, and 3 of them have dates, with the others soon to follow I am sure. Me and Elder ____ have strong desires to lead the Mission Mexico Pachuca, and we are going to do all in our power to do so. President, thank you so much for raising the standard, It's woken us up, and from now on we are in full force Champion mode. We understand that we can always be better and I look forward to this week to see how much more we can improve. With God we have no limits. I love my life, and I love being a Missionary. Everyday is a good day to be working in the vineyard of my Father in Heaven. ANIMO, Presidente!!!!!!!!

Le amo,     Elder F

 The beautiful skies of Mexico Pachuca Mission...taken by Elder Heninger

 Oh my heavens!!! 

This is the picture you'll get if you lay on the only King sized bed in the mission and put the camera on the light fixture hanging from the ceiling. 

Yes, our Elders are SO CREATIVE!


 So what do you do while waiting for the baptismal font to fill? 

Take a zillion pictures with the camera that keeps on "clicking".


"We are not only effective in missionary work, but also in fly capturing! Sticky fly strips work really good where we live!" 


Our missionaries do such an awesome job keeping their study areas clean, organized and motivating. 

Lovin' this personal space!


 P-Day.... Hiking to the top of the Pyramids

 "She's actually wearing a jacket!"  The cold weather never bothers this amazing sister missionary- "Hermana DeFranco"


An amazing baptism and the first for our new Elder Medina. Elder Stewart is such an incredible trainer and companion. Always putting himself last.

"The Lord, My Companion and Me"


 Interview Day in "Pachuca Mex"... though I was absent ...

President confirmed he would bring a treat for the missionaries. 

Candy bars that were pretending to be Sister Egbert's sugar cookies... Yum!


 "WORK"- Our favorite four letter word


A smile costs nothing, but gives much...


Safety First- Good job Elders


Valle De Mezquital Zone- Interview Day


 Pachuca Sur- Interview Day


..... Christmas 2013- Not to be forgotten.

 All Bundled Up

 Someones family sent "snow" .... Add water and "wala"

 A little holiday celebration as companions... love the candle light decorations!

 This generous ward mission leader and family invited these five missionaries over for Christmas Dinner


 Service: Gives us Defining Moments


The more you love, the more you'll find That life is good and friends are kind. For only what we give away , Enriches us from day to day. 

-Helen Steiner Rice

Though all missed loved ones back at home, the Christmas phone calls helped spur them on- Memories of Christmas spent here in the mission, allowed for real growth and unselfish giving. Thank you to all for your love, support and prayers daily. President/Hermana Egbert

My few days home for the wedding allowed me extra hugs from these guys... 
...we missed grandpa (President).


Leadership Training on Saturday 11th January 

All Zone Leaders, District Leaders and Sister Leader Trainers. Pizza, soda, and homemade chocolate chip cookies to honor our Mexico Pachuca Mission Leaders.


  1. Love reading your blog! My son is serving with you. It is so nice to read the goings on there!! -Sister Rhonda Lancaster

  2. Another amazing week in Pachuca! What awesome missionaries & leaders!