Sunday, January 26, 2014

"The Lord deserves our very best...

"Becoming like the Savior is a gradual, lifelong process, and you can begin by taking small steps every day."

Melissa Zenteno


Gettin' in Shape...and Buildin' Friendships


Look at this hot and sweaty group after a P-Day Monday in the parking lot of the Church... Maybe someday soon we will have sisters in this part of the mission. But for right now, its all "Elder Power". We love how a few members in the area come to play with the missionaries.


No better way to become like the Savior than to follow in his footsteps by serving others....

 " recognize opportunities for small, simple acts of kindness that they can offer to God's children."

 This service was on Christmas Day... 


"The Greatest Service we can provide is to bring others to Christ...                        so they may experience his Redemption."

Elder D Todd Christofferson

 "Haven't these missionaries been busy?!"

 "...when a person accepts the missionaries' invitation to be baptized, it is a moment of great joy." NE

Our Sister's are such effective teachers and have work ethic unparalleled...


The breadth and depth of a missionary's experience are defined by his or her purpose: to invite others to come unto Christ."  NE

Happy faces of obedient, trustworthy, and dedicated servants...

 Ward Activity... Aren't our sisters the cutest things ever!


Interviews in Tecamac I and Tecamac II Zones

I know I have mentioned this before but the month that we have interviews in each zone is some of President's most treasured time... His chance to sit knee to knee with each  missionary that has chosen to serve in the cause of the "Work of Salvation". We leave each zone feeling more love for each of them- more than we can express.

 We delivered in "Pouch" a Holiday card from Grandma that contained a $20 US bill. Elder Katich was way beyond EXCITED! I was able to be the bank and give him $260 pesos in exchange. "Don't spend that all in one place Elder Katich..." several of the Elders want to be adopted by his Grandma... and they asked him "When is your birthday?"  

Thanks Grandma....

 Elder Jacobson made everyone jealous with tons of letters from "Dear Elder" and two packages from home. Most of the Elders keep their packages private and open letters and packages after they arrive back in their areas. Thank you parents for your time, efforts and resources in mailing letters and packages for your missionaries. Brightens many a day!

 After interviews and full of sugar cookies the missionaries head back out to their areas. The four Elders above serve in a very remote area called "Zumpango". They travel back to their area together by catching two different transportation buses... it's a process to get to and from. Thank you for your efforts Elders.

 At interviews we bring supplies the missionaries may need including heaters, food burners, boxes of Books of Mormon etc...


It is interesting the connection that is very apparent in relation to the way missionaries care for their homes regarding cleanliness and order and how they function as a missionary. Those that struggle as missionaries with work ethic and obedience seem to have a home of clutter and filth. Missionaries are required to use their monthly base $ to buy cleaning supplies to care for their homes. I find that through occasional inspection of the missionaries homes we gain perspective of what we are seeing productivity wise in the field. We keep in mind that these are the Lords homes that we have stewardship over, as the Lords money is used to rent and care for these places of refuge and peace. The Lord deserves our very best efforts. We also are able to witness the example that district leaders, zone leaders, assistants, and secretaries are being to the rest of the mission. We hold very high expectations of all our missionaries. We review often ways to clean effectively and habits to in cooperate into their daily lives regarding diet, time management, and health. That being said this weeks home tour included:

Home # 1- "Tec I- Bosques I" 

Elder Katich and Elder Cachique have been working very hard in their area and we are proud on the progress of their home. They had the home owner remove all her "Junk" which gave them more space and they have made huge progress on the cleanliness of their kitchen. The floors and baseboards were incredibly cleaner... so proud of these two. Award for the most improved home! Nice job Elders. 

I will get you the book shelf I promised...


Home # 2- "Tec I- Bosques II" 

Elder Esteves and Elder Leon keep an immaculate home. Not a book or cup out of place. They are diligently working on finding a glass company that will come and fix a broken window. Not one thing I would change or suggest in this home... their bathroom was one of the cleanest I have seen. Score of a perfect 10!!!! 


Home # 3- "Tec I- Pradera" 

Elder Camacho and Elder Pearson have the cutest little blue house inside and out. If you don't like the color blue this house isn't for you. Their storage room was very organized and I love the big bright window above their study area. A little work on the kitchen area is recommended... Thank you in advance. Also a book shelf coming for you too!

Home # 4- "Pachuca Centro- Revolucion 2" 

Elder Panigua and Elder Lainhart have the cutest little apartment. They sit just outside of their area, but have gotten new bikes provided by a generous  member in the ward which is helping them so much. This place sits across the street from a school, and is in a relatively safe/quiet neighborhood. They had their clothes organized well and their beds made neatly. I need them to demonstrate bed making skills to other companions. Nice job! We together worked on their kitchen and bathroom which was effective. They have promised to make their home personal and to make an effort to keep things sanitary. Banana bread was dropped off for their efforts. Thanks Elders... already looks better!


Missionaries are reminded often that Preparation Day is set aside FIRST to clean their house, shop for groceries, do laundry, write their families and President, in addition get a hair cut and take a nap if needed. At 600 pm off they go on their normal missionary routine. Often recreational activities inappropriately jump to the top of the list before the essentials are completed. We have now set aside the Monday before transfers to be only for preparations as normal and then extra effort in updating area books and extra cleaning as Tuesdays are the mission wide transfers. Nothing is more frustrating to missionaries than arriving to a new area/home and having things filthy and out of order. We realize that this is unacceptable and for that reason no activities, service projects or recreational get together are scheduled for this specific Mondays of each six week cycle. 


Home # 5- "Tec I- Jardines De Morelos" 

Elder Sic and Elder Clark have the most adorable home because they have it decorated so cute with Holiday decorations and because it is kept so clean! They commented that they have been debating taking the decorations down, but then their place won't look as festive. You can see for yourself how much pride they take in their place. President was very impressed with their efforts. They actually have one of the best bathrooms in the mission... other than the slight wrong slope on the shower floor. But hey, everything can't be perfect. Look at that nicely stocked fridge and pantry.  

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