Sunday, March 9, 2014

name them one by one...

Count your many blessings- name them one by one...

President and I have so much to be grateful for as we experience this time in the mission with amazing young women and young men from all over the world who are serving unselfishly for 18-24 months as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.We along with these Elders and Sisters are learning and growing as individuals and representatives of our Savior Jesus Christ. In this last cycle of zone conferences we have encouraged them to be bold- to open their mouths and share the good news of the Gospel that has the power to improve everyone's personal circumstances. We encourage you at home to consider what you can do to move the Work of Salvation forward in your small corner of the world. Have you invited a neighbor to church, do you do your home teaching/visiting teaching faithfully, have you gone with the missionaries serving in your area to teach investigators, have you invited friends or neighbors over for a family home evening, or have you borne your testimony to someone less active? I truly believe that if our missionaries are obedient, diligent, and are faithfully working coupled with members who are willing to assist that the work will move forward at a significant pace. I testify that if we seek for personal inspiration and ask for help that we will find courage, become more bold, that we will make and find opportunities to share the "good news" and that our personal efforts will mean something.

Sunday- March 2nd, 2014 headed into the St. Augustine Church building....Notice the brave little girl who played for the entire meeting.... so impressed! Our oldest daughters family that came to visit were quite impressed.

Monday- March 3rd 2014 we headed to the dinosaur park for an hour with the little grandsons. Oh it was so worth the $10 pesos to get in.... Yes- for all 6 of us to enter was the equivalent of like $4.00 US. Can't beat that for a mini theme park! Only in this great country of MEXICO! Loved it!!!
Tuesday we went to a little zoo that is close to Pachuca. They have an amazing variety of animals... I was impressed. Most looked like they are starving- as the "straw" they feed them lacks the nutrition they need but little Tucker (4 yrs) and Tatum (23 months) loved it as much as we did. They were fascinated with feeding the giraffe carrots. 

Monday afternoon we invited a couple of missionary companionship's who live close over to the mission home to have a hamburger and to meet our kids. We wanted our family to see what amazing missionaries we have here in the Mexico Pachuca Mission. They said they could see why we say, "We have the BEST in the WORLD". They were able to spend some time with Elder Smart and Elder Lopez on Sunday at church, others on Monday at the BBQ and they met a few additional missionaries in the office on Tuesday morning while a few were waiting for their companions for VISA renewals. Our daughter Tia Marie verbalized "Your sisters are so cute!"- I know, I totally agree!!!!

 President did a great job on the burgers and the Elders patiently played with Tucker and Tatum... 

 The sisters were troopers running around the yard chasing the little boys and retrieving plastic balls... Tucker said he wants to be a missionary in MEXICO!!!

 "Simply delicious..."

 Tucker helped make a delicious chocolate cake so he wanted to squeeze the whipped cream on top and pass it out..... "Good job Tucker!"

 I think Elder Reese (left) is putting a few pounds back on after that rough start in the mission.... he was a trooper! I agree-its obvious huh... Elder Beesley and Elder Reese together as companions looks like way too much fun!!! Elder Caballero is smart tucking his tie in his shirt so sauce doesn't spill down it... I wished we could have had our family meet every missionary.

 Elder Caballero trying to keep up with Tatum and save him at the same time from getting conked on the noggin' from Tuckers baseball bat! Thanks Elder for your help... and Elder Jones having high hopes Tucker can hit the ball that far!

 Oh when it comes to Ping-pong and soccer these kids are serious players... the girls hold their own... no mercy shown there!

 "Boys will be boys"- in 10 minutes a serious game with strategy and sweat ensued. Gotta love it!

 Headed back to their areas... as those two hours went by way too fast. We are missing Elder Contreras and Elder Hernandez as they jumped in the car just ahead of this picture with our office couple for a ride closer to their area. You can tell how Tucker felt about the ten missionaries he hung out with today! That smile can't get any bigger-


Pachuca Mex -Nuevo Hidalgo 

House visit to Elder Beesely and Elder Reeses' home away from home....

 The sunglasses are way cooler...

 Our missionaries are the most happy and positive kids in all the world...

 Still wouldn't trade a one of them!


Family-time: PRICELESS

Wednesday Morning- Good byes at the airport... never easy. Bitter sweet really; maybe another visit next year here to Mexico. Tucker said he would stay with us here in Mexico forever if he could have his bike. I told him no problem we can find him little friends, a pre-school, and a bike. What else do you need at 4 yrs old?

"Are you pretending to work?"

President back to work answering emails, phone calls, and contemplating the upcoming transfers...  I told one of our friends serving in a Mexico City Mission that a few weeks ago this was our theme for the WEEK ... 

"Our mission is one tent short of a full blown circus!"  

 ...she emailed me back saying the following week they had all the tents! Thank goodness we can all have a good laugh when the stress level gets a little elevated!


Thursday- Mission Leadership Training 

Breakfast of cheesy eggs, bacon, and blueberry muffins.... training... and then lunch served of homemade sloppy joes, green salad, and cream-cheese brownies. I'm not sure what my favorite part of this monthly meeting is... I love having the zone leaders and sister leader trainers in the house. I dread the day we grow too big and won't have enough room in the mission home. They squeeze in perfect for now... keeping our fingers crossed....Sorry for the terrible picture- my fault as I thought the camera sitting on the ironing board on top of a Styrofoam cooler would be high enough. But- we are not seeing Elder Esteves and Elder Vaquez very well.... sorry Elders. Plan "B" next time.
Training today focused on increased quality practices in all training's and helping missionaries learn to really "listen" when teaching- what are the individuals needs? 


Friday - Pachuca Sur Zone Capacitation- 

What a great group of missionaries. The Zone Leaders commented when I asked them how they felt about the training that  "it went well". Special thanks to all the zones that had their training today. I can't be everywhere... so I apologize for not having pictures from the other groups. This specific training occurs the day after the Leadership training as the Zone Leaders return to their areas and train their missionaries.


Moments captured...

our missionaries always look so professional

So... if I was walking down a street in Mexico and saw these two handsome, happy, and intelligent young men I would stop to listen to the message they had to share. Wouldn't you? Elder Ellis ( An amazing new missionary 5 wks in country) and Elder Ceballos ( President's recent assistant who goes home in one week- and is training Elder Ellis his last cycle). What a perfect match they have been. A testament to the fact our Heavenly Father has his hand in every part of what takes place here in the mission. Our new missionaries have been paired up with trainers who have been perfect for their needs. This next transfer (in one week) will put a lot of pressure on our sister missionaries who are going to be training. As we have 24 sisters right now... many of those sister leader trainers who are not available to train and we have 12 new sisters coming next Monday. We have complete faith and confidence in all our sisters to step up to the plate, train these new sisters and open new areas- even though some of them have only been here 5 weeks themselves. Extra prayers sent this way for these missionaries are always appreciated as it is no easy task! 


 A little Monday afternoon pizza/soccer...


"Check out that Mexico Sunset!"


"Serving every day of their mission in such a way that when they get out of bed every morning, Satan says, 'Oh no...SHE's AWAKE!"

 Abigail's baptism in the Pachiquilla Ward with Hermana Contreras and Hermana Dominguez. 


"No missionary can determine the lasting effects of his or her labors."

Elder Richard G Scott

 Elder Perez and Elder Gomez using their P-Day for service. 

What a wonderful example they are ... thank you Elders.

 We barely fit on this couch with all these furry friends....

 Shopping on P-Day at Wal-Mart for the weeks groceries...

 Gotta love these prepared missionaries!


Elder Esteves and Elder Unamuno ... "Enjoying the Mission"


  1. Again, I just want to say thanks for all the time and work that goes into this blog. We read it every week and it makes us so happy to see the missionaries in the Pachuca Mission working hard and having fun. And it gives us an extra big smile when we see our own missionary's face there! YAY!

  2. El Maleta "briefcase" que es sobre el escritorio del Presidente se parece que es muy similar de uno que el tenia durante su tiempo de la obra en Colombia. Hay que chevere es eso de ver su Presidente aqui. Gracias por el ejemplo y la obra que todos estan hacienda alla.