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" is the act of obligating oneself to a course of action and then diligently following through on that decision. When people are genuinely committed, they have real intent, meaning that they fully intend to do what they have committed to do. They make an unwavering and earnest decision to change. They become devoted to Christ and dedicate themselves to His gospel."

 The miracle baptism of "Megan"... Our amazing 'Sister Leader Trainers' Hermana Cebreros and Hermana Luna serving in the San Juan Branch.


Stake Conference in Tulancingo...

Sorry the camera didn't focus

(Above) Elder Castro, Elder Lancaster (District Leader) and Elder Rogel

 (Below) Well- these rascals belong to us... Elder Macias, Elder Caamal, and Elder Elton ...who commented he wants Mac-n-Cheese for a snack at Interviews in April. Oh My!!!

 Juice boxes and brownies are perfect for boys at every age!
 Lovin' after church snacks... 

"Goals reflect the desires of our hearts and our vision of what we can accomplish." 

PMG p.146

Caught in the "web" of missionary work and LOVING IT!


Vera Cruz Temple Trip

In our last transfer of missionaries into the mission we had four that had not had the opportunity to attend the temple prior to their mission service. Because the Mexico City Temple is closed for the next 18-24 months for remodeling they were unable to take out their own endowments prior to arrival to Pachuca. The Mexico City MTC called to notify us of their needs and of our responsibility to complete that process. So we this week took them to the Vera Cruz Temple which is the closet to our mission a ( 5 hr drive). We had to arrive the night before to purchase their clothing as that little store is only open from 330-530 pm. The Vera Cruz temple is small and absolutely beautiful as it sits near the beach area of this tropical city. It was so hot and humid compared to Pachuca I wished I had my flip flops, tanning lotion, and beach chair. The temple usually has only one session a day and has had more visitors since the closure of the Mexico City Temple. We were scheduled Wednesday morning for the 0900 session. It was a wonderful trip and the people were so kind and accommodating. 

Purchasing the items needed in the little store and eating some dinner before calling it a night. This little store is located in one of the small classrooms in the church located in the parking lot of the temple grounds. 

Headed back home to Pachuca..

These four missionaries great companions came back to pick them up and also grabbed a bite of pizza. We hadn't eaten all day as we were anxious to get home and get two Elders on the bus headed back to their area which was another 3.5 hour bus ride. It will be a late late night for them... anticipated arrival 1000 PM in Molango. Thanks to all the missionaries who re-arranged their schedules and work days to allow these four missionaries to attend the temple. 


Look at those "Shiny shoes"!

Our sweet Elder Beesley arrived back home last week for possible surgical repair/ and physical therapy on his knee. We anticipate his quick recovery and return. His wonderful  mother sent this darling picture of them leaving for church after his arrival home and commented he was up before 0630 keeping the mission schedule and his brothers surprisingly found their beds made and shoes shined before their departure to church. I love that he is serving his family and continuing to be a missionary while at home as they instantly made him a ward missionary. Hurry back Elder Beesley...


Hermana Anna Diaz was released from our mission Saturday morning just a few months shy of her completion date. She is requiring knee surgery and so we bid her farewell. We will miss that spunky personality and curly hair for sure! With these unplanned complications comes the need for missionaries to change companions and areas immediately. We so appreciate their willingness to help President Egbert and the work in the Mission; we recognize their ability and efforts in adapting to whatever is asked. Thank you to Hermana Peterson (below) who left her two companions and joined Hermana Rojas in her area.


Our loving and efficient Sister Leader Trainers Hermana Cebreros - Hermana Luna visiting Hermana Schaumkel -Trainer(blue) and Hermana Gomez- second from left (new missionary from Guatemala).

Hna Schaumekl and Hna Gomez live above this fabric store and one has to walk through the store to the gate which leads to the stairs to climb the three levels to their apartment. Great area...


  1. Wonderful pictures of all those missionaries and thanks again for Pdt. Egbert taking those missionaries to receive their endowments. Please give our love to all of them and our nephew Elder Zeledon

  2. I just received my call to the Mexico Pachuca mission. I am so excited to be a part of the work in Pachuca!