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20 July 2014-

"Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain"

"The Ward Bike Gang"

- weapon of choice includes the Book of Mormon

When it rains in Pachuca it really comes down... notice the rain coming down the concrete stairs.


Christmas in July for this district! The Sister missionaries surprised the Elders with these cute little gifts.

 This district has way too much fun! 


What a ray of sunshine these two are!!!

 You can't beat the beauty of Pachuca after so much rain! It really is the most beautiful place on Earth.


Look what I found on Monday morning? Yard care with hand clippers... 

This is a talented group and not only in playing "soccer"/"futbol"


Making it better...

In this specific area there are no other options for places to rent. Elder Clark and Elder Garza decided to do home improvement on Monday for their P-Day. Thanks to the Zone Leaders for their assistance. Hermana Egbert made a little breakfast to help get us rolling...

 And the end results were noticeable... amazing what a little paint can do. We all will never forget how the concrete was falling off the wall quicker than we could get the paint to stick. It was such a fun day spent together!

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."

-Albert Einstein

"Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet."

-Roger Miller 

"A friend is one who know you and loves you just the same."

- Elbert Hubbard

"Make a Wish"...

 "then again, we are in the best mission ever- so I don't know what more we could wish for!"

-Hermana Guerrero (upper right)


Hola Presidente!

Pues, como empiezo. Tuvimos una buenísima semana por causa de los dos bautismos. Pero los números, lecciones y todo, no salieron muy bien. Entonces esta próxima semana voy a esforzarme a tener un poco más de éxito en esos puntos. Sin Embargo estaba muy contento con las dos hermanas que se bautizaron. La verdad me trajo muchísimo felicidad a ver estas dos hermanas a seguir el ejemplo de Jesucristo.

En la semana pasada, en miércoles. Recuerdo muy bien jaj. Hice la oración con todo de la micrio. Me levanté y les hablé a cerca de la oración. Y la hice. Después expliqué el Libro de Mormón. Creo que fueron tres que nos aceptaron. Fue una experiencia que nunca voy a poder a olvidar. Y de hecho, me gusta mucho a hacerlo así. Contactar personas así.

Presidente, todo está bien aquí. Ya entiendo el área muchísimo mejor. Casi perfecto. Y ya estoy siendo más diligente. A la vez estoy mejorando mi obediencia.

Le amo,
Elder E

Changing lives- one at a time!

 You won't find a kinder- happier people. We love Mexico!


Zone Activity in Pachuca Sur...

 Our three amazing companionship's in the "Nuevo Hidalgo Ward". this ward activity we and the youth knocked a lot of doors and shared the gospel with all the people that we met in the streets and invited them to hear the missionaries. The youth experienced how it is to serve as a missionary.


Elder Hernandez and Elder Stucki


 Birthdays in the Mission are Memorable


We had a really neat experience that shows this work is not us, it is solely the work of God. On Wednesday we had an hour before lunch so we were contacting a little bit and my companion was like let´s knock at this door, so we did and in the middle of us introducing who we were the lady was like come in! come in! sit down! uhm... OKAY! So we started talking with her and her 16 year old daughter who had a Book of Mormon from a friend three years ago. They were really receptive and we have another appointment with them this week. So we left thinking "oh.. these are going to be really good investigators, how cool!" but, then on church on Sunday a young women from the other barrio told us she had a reference for us, one of her friends from the middle school but she hasn't really stayed in touch so we were talking and we asked what the name was, and it´s the same girl the we visited on Wednesday! and then after church two members of our barrio told us they had a reference for us. While they were explaining the situation of the family and where they live, my companion and I looked at each other, no way could it be for this same family! but, sure enough it was! What are the chances that we randomly knocked at this house and then received TWO references to visit this same family? It was such a neat experience. It reminded me that there is not any part of this work that is us. God knows everything, and he knows when his children are ready for this gospel.

President, I love serving this mission. The good experiences definitely out way the difficulties! This gospel is true!

Love, Hermana P

Tecamac 1 Zone -Interviews and House Checks

Elder Elder Vasquez/Elder Smith- Bosques  

This house looking better and better over the last year. Kudos to every companionship who makes improvements!


Elder Vasquez/Elder De Leon- Bosques 1 

This house is great and in a unique'subdivision'. Proud of the efforts they have made to keep things in order! Nice job!!!


Elder Heninger and Elder Meschini in "Heroes 2" 

These two Elders are making the best out of a unique little apartment. I think painting, a plumber, and an overhaul of the previous owners furniture is in the near future. I love the enthusiasm and efforts of these two Elders! 


Elder Panigua and Elder Hernandez  in "Heroes 1"

This companionship finally got the toilet to stop leaking from the upstairs and now on their list is to have a kitchen sink installed and we will be basically in good shape. Thanks Elders for getting these basics done.


Elder Beck and Elder Gonzales in "Pradera"  

The house of blue looking good... they even found a stash of clothes left from other Elders to donate to the office store... 


"Montes" Elder Pena and Elder Williams 

Even though they have some serious leaks and the ceiling is falling down- this house is not too bad. The owners will hopefully help us out in a timely manner or they may have to move. These two are so great together- dynamic duo!


 "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

-George Bernard Shaw


 Elder Hernandez-Elder Rodriguez- "Jardines De Morelos"

These two Elders get the award for the cleanest house of the day ! Great job...


Elder Jimenez/Elder Ordonez- Montes  

Amazing what a little scrubbing and rearranging can do to even the most challenging of houses! Nice improvement Elders...


Faces of interviews...

Zone Leaders in Tecamac 1- Elder Gomez/Elder Hixon 

We had a great day of interviews...


Hola Presidente! I loved having interviews with you this week. Thank you for all your support and love. You always know exactly what to say to help me. And thank Hna. Egbert again for the cookies! We have had more lecciones con miembros este semana, which has been great! Sometimes it is hard to get members to come with us. We found a menos activo named Angel. He is older and has a hard time walking. He lives with his nephew, who works all day every day so Angel is alone in his house every day. We took a member with us when we visited him. The member was amazing! She invited him to have Noches de Hogar (family home evening) con su familia and when we invited him to come to church she jumped right in and said she and her family would pick him up. He was able to come to church yesterday and take the sacrament. It is so important to involve the members in this work. These people here need the support of the people that live here and can help them. I am so grateful for those good members here who have a desire to serve and be a friend to all. It makes such a huge difference.
I have learned a lot from the members here. There are some who struggle with huge pruebas and yet they are true to their faith and put total trust in Heavenly Father. I can do the same. My problems aren't very big in comparison to others I've seen, but Heavenly Father cares about every detail and is ready and willing to help and love and support all His children who turn to Him. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here and rely fully on Him. I feel His influence more than ever.
Thank you for your love and support!   Hna. N


Pachuca Sur Zone -Interviews and House Checks

Hermana Rollins/Hermana Ortiz -Valle Dorado

 Not a thing out of place and everything "spic and span" !


 Hermana Schaumkel/Hermana Ramirez  

These two sisters had huge leaks in their house and just moved back in... thanks to their great and attentive home owner who was quick to respond. He made arrangements for them to live in another house while the repairs took place. This kind of response is so appreciated by the mission. 


Elder Garcia and Elder Vique- Villas De Pachuca 2 

This house looked great... they are working on getting their boiler working and shower head to actually spray... Never a complaint just a smile from this great district leader. (Elder Vique-right)


Hermanas Nunez, Mleynek, and Guerro- Villas De Pachuca 1 

Its not easy being in a trio but these three missionaries  made the most of the situation. We are so mindful of the added difficulty not living in their area- but they were real troopers and have worked hard in their area. Thanks Sisters for all you do!


Elder Unamuno/Elder Russell- Zone Leaders in Pachuca Sur 

They have significant leaks in their house and have located a new house to move into. Thanks so much for your patience... and taking care of your zone before your own needs.


I know - I know....

 Where ever Elder Carlson lives I really don't need to check his house, but I love to visit to say Hi and look at his tie collection. If anyone needs a different tie- he is the man! Elder Herrera is being a great companion and their house looked perfect. Thanks for being such great examples and taking such good care of this property!


Hermana Boone/Hermana Galarza- Pitahayas 2 

These two are the dynamic duo and had their house in PERFECT order. So fun to see their newer place... as I only caught a glimpse of it the day they were moving in. So pleased with their efforts and dedication to being missionaries!


PACHUCA SUR saying HI to everyone at home!!!

 Elder Macias/Elder Messick- Tizauyca  

This house looked great.. other than the leaking ceilings and molding kitchen from water that we can't find the source of ... Ahhh!!! President gave them permission to move... so "cheers" to finding a new place to call home! Wished we could take those couches to the new casa...


Elder Niro/ Elder Sims  

These two had their house looking great- I was just so busy helping them put a two shelves together that I forgot to take pictures of their place. (Sorry I'll spot light you guys next time!)


Hi president, this week was beautiful. Well, until Sunday to Thursday was difficult but then we saw many miracles.
I have a testimony about practice, in the district meeting we were practicing for one investigator who until that moment didn't accept a baptismal date, but we felt the spirit so strong and then our district leader told us " Sisters if you teach her in this way and you try to invite the spirit i promise you, she will accept". then we called her! and asked " Sister Mary can we visit you today? " she said yes, and when we were there we felt the spirit, we shared with her all the things in the practice and other things that we felt she needed, and she accepted.
Then Thursday came! , and we have the interviews , thank you president to lead me and for always have the perfect words of me. Is true i forgot who I Am and what things i can do, and how enjoy my mission , and that's why after that i promise you i have my smile again and on Friday my companion and I talked about all the things that we never told and i think that things did that we didn't work with all our hearts and minds, and as one .
I hope my Heavenly Father wants that we can be together more time and be the sisters that we want, ok, miracles happen when we work! and when we love our companion!. On Saturday we were so different, and we found new people and we saw that we were one, president, in the combi i talked with the people they were smiling with me and my companion, i we talked with more than 10, and 2 accepted.
Then Sunday came! and we have 10 investigators in the sacrament meeting, ok just 2 with baptismal date, but we are working on that. I saw the Hand of The Lord, and my heart was filled, president, i love can grow in the afflictions and be so different that i was. I love this work, and I'm trying to do my part and share my light with all my brothers and sisters,and have this love for my Savior.
Amazing things happened , one of them was that Hno Ramon recent convert gave us a reference , He said to one woman " Have you ever see the two girls who come with me?, talk with them, and he share His testimony, then she said " Oh my sons told me about them! They say " they are representatives of Christ". President I Am a Representative of Christ, i love Him, i love His gospel and his teachings, now my goal is give honor to His name and be a miracle maker.
For Him, and all the glory will be for Him.
With love.

Hna C


Glimpse out the window as we drive to Tezontepec...

We had to take a rain check on this house check weeks ago... and the Elders were so awesome having everything in order on a moments notice!


English Exams in Tezontepec Zone... proud of everyone's progress!

Two great districts in Tezontepec...


Sunday Church in Tizyuca... 

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