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27 July 2014- A beautiful people...

Mexico: A beautiful people

Hence, the reason we are here...

 The missionaries are doing great in their areas. We love our missionaries!

Hermana Guerrero and NEW Hermana Cuc walking the streets of their new area trying to find an address of a referral. I just happened to drive past... so proud of their efforts!

We recognize the many great members, investigators, and total strangers that watch out for and care for our missionaries. They often just "adopt" them as their own. Thank you sincerely ...

"Gettin' dunked!"

(Spanish Speaking Elder with 9 months in the mission- Check out his ENGLISH!)

President Egbert:

I want to tell you a short story abouy the sister that was baptized the last week This sister had many years attending the church and listening to te missionaries but she never wated to be baptized, we tried to do our best in every lesson with her, we knew that she have rejected some missionaries but, we have faith and we started to teach with members every lesson.

Finally she accepted to be baptized and with the help of the members she could do it

And I was thinking about it, and all the persons that we have found are referrals from the ward and from the members So i realized that If we had members in the first lesson the course of the convertion of the investigators will be better, because they have persons to help them from the beginning.

It's intresting how everything change with little things that we do

Now this week I want to be better so I will focus on my service to the members and in the little things that change all

thanks for your help   Elder P

Waiting for the bus... playing marbles. 

Life lesson #44 : Sometimes the simple things are the greatest


(Spanish Speaking Sister Missionary with 6 weeks in the mission)

.....el día sábado hicimos divisiones y wow fue una experiencia muy gratificante para todos. Para las hermanas miembros, para los investigadores y para mi. Le contaré lo que paso en una de las lecciones:
Íbamos a buscar a un investigador pero no estaba así que en los planes seguía otro, pero por esa calle había una investigadora que siempre que tocamos no estaba, pero sentí: toca ahí, y mi hombre natural tuvo miedo porque no estaba con la hna ___________ y me sentía sola, y pensé: No, mejor seguimos caminando. Y otra vez senti: Toca, toca y me vino un pensamiento: Ella esta sola!, Y Tocamos, ella nos recibió con gusto y efectivamente se sentía muy sola. Dejamos la bendición y paz en su hogar. Fue muy especial!.

Que hubiera pasado si no hubiera escuchado esa impresión???, no quiero ni imaginarlo!

Esto aumento mucho mi testimonio sobre los susurros del espíritu santo :D

Gracias por leerlo :D, i love both!!!    Hna. Z


It's that time again...

 Incoming- Outgoing- and Mission Wide Transfers

Monday morning arrivals from the Mexico CCM

Monday night arrivals from the Provo, Utah MTC...


"Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I'll miss you...until we meet again."

Elder Cardon (Utah) was our only returning missionary this cycle. We will miss him because of his kind and humble mannerism and his undying example of obedience. We will always count him as one of our "sons". We love you Elder Cardon!


(Spanish Speaking Native Sister- Her English is so awesome!)

Hello presidet
how are you? I´m fine.. I´m very well. I been happy. It´s hard but there isn´t other way for progresing. My companiom is the besth!!. She help me a lot of.. When i´m feel bad, She told me What happen? . She is wonderfu! I love her!
President I feel frustrated for writte in english but i love you. thank you! for help me in my progress!
I´m grateful for every blessng in the mission... Everyday I understand a little more because I'm here. My Heavenly Father wants to explode my divine potential.
It´s amanzing to see the change in the life in the persons by the Atoment! :D and i don´t know writte... :) Good Bye!! :D I love you!

Tuesday Morning Faces of Change

  • Incoming of 8 Sisters and one Elder
  • Outgoing of one Elder. (Elder Cardon above)
  • 3 missionaries didn't arrive - (Visa, Injury, Reassignment)
  • Opened 3 new areas and reopened one area
  • One trio of sisters
  • 5 new called zone leaders
  • Several new district leaders and sister leader trainers
  • New set of "Sister Leader Trainer Trainers"
  • Newly called assistant to the President (Elder Esteves)
  • Approx 100 missionaries involved in transfers
  • Total number of missionaries assigned to Mexico Pachuca # 167
  • 21 Incoming in the next cycle...

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

Winston Churchill




Wednesday - District Meeting Visit to the "Pachiquilla District"

Elder Mora did a great job- and everyone passed off their English module. 


Friday New Missionary/Trainer Orientation 

The new missionaries had two days to settle into their areas and get acquainted. Everyone seemed great and not overwhelmed. We love and appreciated our trainers!!!

Our great new missionaries after orientation including Elder Gomez (Right) who came mid cycle from Peru after he got a VISA clearance. His generation is actually the last cycle- but we threw him in this picture too!

 Welcome everyone to the Mexico Pachuca Mission! 

Greatest missionaries in the WORLD serve here! 

( An Elder from Utah who has served for just over one year)

Presidente Egbert,
Esta semana ha sido increídble. Hace unas semanas estuvimos esperando a la combi cuando vi a un señor empujando su carro lleno de sus pequeñitos y su esposa. Pues sin pensar corrí para ayudarle. Empujamos por un rato hasta cuando pregunté a donde ibamos a ir con él. Nos constestó, "a La Calera". La Calera es un pueblito muy lejos de donde estabamos. Pues llamamos un hermano del barrio y el trajo su carro para poder empujarlo con más poder. En unos 30 minutes llegamos seguros y felices. El señor se llamaba Ricardo y nos agradeció muchísimo. Nosotros al irnos, le pedimos permiso para regresar y compartir un mensaje de Jesucristo. Por supuesto aceptó. Pues no sabiamos que su esposa era una miembro menos activa pero en las primeras visitas les fijamos 3 fechas bautismales, con Ricardo y sus dos hijas, Daira y Danna. En fin, ayer fueron bautizados. Presidente, no puedo expresar mi gozo al escuchar que pasaron sus entrevistas bautismales. Fueron defíciles y poco complicados, pero sí pasaron. Amo a ellos con un amor perfecto. Yo creo que ellos aún no saben el extento de mi amor y felicidad para ellos. Gracias por guiarnos Presidente, sé que al estar aquí dispuestos y listos para toda situación, veremos que el Señor hace su parte para enviarnos la vía.
He aprendido muchísimo de estar aquí en _________ primeramente con Elder _____, Elder ____ y ahora terminando con Elder ______. Aprendí a perder el miedo de hablar en combis, paciencia es una virtud celestial (que quiero desarollar), hablar con todos, servicio hace uno feliz pero aún más al servidor, y mucho más. Pues gracias Presidente Egbert. ¡Me siento muy satisfecho de estos 3 ciclos que he gastado y siento que estos próximos 7 pueden ser aún mejor!! ¡Le amo y estoy aquí para servir!

Su misionero y amigo,
Elder S 


We look pretty snazzy in ties too!!!

 Sometimes we experience unique situations that just puts a SMILE on your face.

 Elder Sims and Elder Niro just LOVE this couple... they consider them"Golden"!


Save us a bite Hermana Dias/Hermana Rojas... Yummy!!!


Tulancingo taking care of  business with language exams!!! EXCELLENT JOB

 Time to CELEBRATE!!!


Tepa District Meeting....


 St. Augustine Elders doing an incredible job in their area! 

First baptism on Saturday 26 July 2014...


 Loving the Mission Experience

Our missionaries are looking a little "GQ"


I love the birthday celebrations!!! 

Elder Stucki your party takes the cake for best decor... Kudos to whom ever decorated!

Happy Birthday Elder Smith! 

(and to your other two brothers) He is a triplet from St. George, Utah. His brothers are also serving in two other Mexico City Missions. This is their last cycle and they all will be returning home with honor!


Guerro District having a great activity!

 "Seriously we are going to have another birthday before a bus arrives! Somebody show a little leg..."


All the recent rain is hard on the shoes!


Why not eat a banana while its raining? Out working in the area with a great member from the ward!"

There is something "magical" about loving your companion and the people you serve- no where else we are supposed to be- at this time in our life!

Oh my... what zone leaders are these two?



This little "Pharmacy" mascot is so cute! Reminds me of a Doctor back home...

Have we mentioned how many dogs are in Mexico?


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