Sunday, October 5, 2014

5 October 2014- General Conference Weekend-

"Stayin' in the boat and hangin' on with both hands"...

Elder Ballard-
 Sunday PM General Conference

"kind, loving, dedicated, compassionate, obedient, encouraging, and focused companions are invaluable"


(Spanish Speaking Elder with 9 months in the Mission-great work Elder)
hi President
good afternoon
I finished another week, I can not believe that time is gone.
This week was busy for me to the point of home tired. want to tell you that this week we had divisions with the zone leaders. was somewhat surprising to me and with that could give me that I already learned the area also had spiritual experiences and was guided by the promptings of the Holy Spirit you will share my experencia I had while we were heading to the food I felt the impression of visiting a young man who has addiction problems got home and the young man was not the mother opened the door and as we turned and told him that we had met his son and had to visit so we invite you to go while we were in lesson and knowing the boy's mother said with tears in her eyes that her son was gone miguel house told us'm desperate not to do and I asked god to help and I can not believe you came to me that God answered my haiga prayer that fast is beyond doubt that god really exists and is always with me and has not forgotten me we affirm our testimony and told that we are instruments in the hands of god's amazing to feel the holy Spirit and now I understand and have a more uplifting testament to the spirit always ignore the griss sister she is progressing and has decided to change for your child is more closer to God by his example is that if I did not heed the impression I felt the Holy Spirit's sister and her despair that had been committed some would feel disaster and that God had abandoned the well that it was a miracle more than I've seen in the mission through my work and diligence and obedience to our heavenly father is blessing me in this part of the good vineyard as that but I tell elder H have learned a lot from it and now I understand the purpose of God that has prepared so you can get to make a real tool in your hands the I have changed a lot now I understand the scripture found in Malachi 3: 3 "and he shall sit refining and purifying silver, and he shall purify the sons of Levi, the will refine them as gold and silver, and offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness.'ve seen as El Salvador has been refined and purified and I'll let you continue doing that even in my thanks for your love and for your great example president 
with love Elder C


"No missionary can determine the lasting effects of his or her labors."

-Elder Richard G Scott

(Spanish speaking Elder from Mexico with only three months remaining in the mission field- Impressive)

Hello President
for I am very well have been a very good week we surpassed 40 lessons for the third consecutive week and now have to go for more we are finding people who are willing to follow the example of Jesus Christ and I'm trying to max this past week we had divisions our leaders zone and learned a lot on that day dedication I could see by Elder ____ motivated me to give even more from me and remain vigilant I could learn a lot and remember a few things he had left to do and I feel well that also he could learn something from me I am very encouraged by this time I am working and dedicating everything to the lord that this work not yet conluye and will not do until the Lord says that this conclusion will proceed President we will continue to satisfy the stanadards we are not going to trust and we will not lower our guard feel a great love for this work and for people who want to learn I thank you for every President and admire all that you do for this work and for each us
Elder H

"Sweet, my blanket from home finally free of bed bugs!"

So appreciate the willingness of zone leaders. district leaders, and sister leader trainers in helping companionship's move to a new house. "Many hands make light work".... it's so true!

These two Elders were furniture moving professionals.... thanks so much!

Just check back with us next week and we will have our new house in perfect order...

( English Speaking Elder from Utah with 19 months in the mission, part is in English because he it is what he wrote home to his parents)

.....el mes de Octubre va a ser el mes en cual bautizaremos cada semana! Ya tenemos las personas, y ya tienen o solo faltan uno o dos mas. Solo necesitamos encontrarles para terminar todas las lecciones y asegurarnos que estén 100% listos, nada mas!

Nada mas un ejemplo de los milagros que vemos diario aqui en Mixquiahala. Siento al esforzarme cada dia a ser lo que el Señor quiere que sea, he encontrado milagros día tras día. Otra vez es en Ingles, de lo que envié a mi familia. (si eso no esta bien hacer, por favor me diga)

Yesterday we found a really great lady! We had just finished up with a lesson with a recent convert and after wards we asked who she knew that could benefit from the message. She started saying how she didnt know anyone and she has tried time after time with some frineds but they dont want anything. We just were sitting there for a second in silence and we were getting ready to leave when i remembered that she had told me before then that she had just moved into a new house because she has a friend who is really nice and rents to them really cheap, kinda helping them out kinda friend. I asked her about her and she said she has invited her to like 5 times but hadnt accepted. We asked if she was home and could introduce ourselves with her and she was like yeah, that would be super awesome. She went and came back with her friend. We introduced ourselves and it was one of the most awesome experiences. She mentioned how her mom had died, she uses bad language, and a few other little things like that it was kinda cool though. We made her a really awesome promise. We were like "HNA we are Jesus Christs reprisentitives, for some reason he has sent us here tonight . Maybe we dont entirely understand why, or what you are going through, or what you have already gone though (she started crying at this point) but we know that God has sent us here tonight becasue he wants to bless your life in this very moment. We know as you as you do what we ask you to do you will find the peace your looking for, you will have the guidence that you need to raise your children and you will have the strength to over come what ever challenges you have in your life." Then we invited her to be baptized and she accepted, as well as she accepted the other commitments that we left with her. As we left i just felt like wow, that was awesome. We really were sent here for a reason tonight, God really does love his children
Gracias por todo Presidente,

Look what the wind blew into the mission office on Monday afternoon? 

Loving us some missionaries....

(Sister from Idaho who has been in the mission 6 months!) 
....también, este semana tuvimos un historia muy bonita. Estábamos buscando una referencia a lado de una antigua investigadora, entonces pasábamos para preguntarla si ella sabia donde estaba la referencia... pues no sabia... pero emperezamos preguntarla como esta y ella nos dijo que leo todo del Libro de Mormón en la 4 meses que no lo visitábamos. Y que ella sabe que esta libro es verdadero. WOW que BONITO! entonces ella va a leer 2 Ne 31 y va a orar y después si ella tiene los mismo sentimientos ella va a bautizarse.

La situación con ella es a testimonio para me que Dios los conoce a sus hijos. El sabe cuando están listos. Me encanta este oportunidad que tengo ser una misionara en este obra, en este área, y con este compañera. Gracias Presidente por TODO!
lo quiero
con amor
Hermana P

Nuevo Hidalgo Casa II moving event...

 Oh my.... future models for missionary monthly? 

Thank you Sister Riding for ridding that closed fridge of mold... 

Tecamac I Zone Activity

 What troopers these two sisters are... daily wound changes in the local clinic continue on... but they keep smiling and moving forward. Love these kids!

 Tecamac II Zone Activity- Beautiful Day

(Spanish Speaking Elder From Nicaragua who is ready to write in English starting this next week!)

Estimado Presidente
esta semana fue muy buena me gusto mucho porque encontramos 13 nuevos investigadores y casi la mayoria fue referencias estoy bien animado cn los miembros a trabajar ya que estan poniendo much de su parte y eso me anima mucho porque puedo verlos que estan animados y les interesa la obra..
tuvimos 4 investigadores enla capilla pero nada mas uno con fecha .
esta semana tuve una gran experiencia ya teniamos semanas de estar enseñando a varias personas pero sentia que no ivan a progresar pero seguimos enseñando pero esta semana senti que deviamos dejar a varios investigadores lo hisimos y empesamos a enseñar a otras personas y fue algo tan maravilloso que pudimos encontrar mas personas que si estan interesadas en mejorar su vida y siempre ivan los mismos investigadores eternos ala capilla pero este domingo fue algo muy diferente los 4 de este domingo fueron personas que nunca avian ido ala capilla y les gusto muchisimo.
ahora si e podido ver que si cambiamos esas rutinas malas a buenas podemos ver muchas cosas bien buenas.
Elder Z

 October 1st 2014 

Leadership Consejo - Are we ready?

 1 October 2014- Mexico Pachuca Mission Leadership Council 

16 Zone Leaders- 

12 Sister Leader Trainers- 

2 Assistants to the President-

 2 Sister Leader Trainer Trainers- 

 Spaghetti/Meat sauce, Texas Toast, Green Salad, and Chocolate Mouse

 .... finished... all is well!


Pablo trying to fix the reason our water stopped working in the mission home... he never gave up and fixed the problem, installing a new pump by nightfall. Thank you Pablo for helping us.

(This Elder from Utah has been in the mission one year)
Querido Presidente,
Esta semana con Elder ______ fue excelente. Realmente sentí que hemos mejorado mucho como equipo en esta semana. Muchas gracias por la oportunidad de tener una entrevista con usted, la disfruté mucho. Al respeto de lo que me comentaba de las comidas en mi entrevista, hemos mejorado mucho. Creo que desde ese día, le máximo que hemos estado en una casa por la comida es 50 minutos, y en las lecciones son como 40. Yo puedo sentir mejor con mi mismo al final de cada día porque sé que me estoy esforzando mucho. 
Yo realmente amo a Elder ______. Es un gran ejemplo para mí. En esta semana, también, he visto mucho progreso de él. En los contactos él está hablando mucho más, y tomado la iniciativa. Estoy muy agradecido por que él es mi compañero. Hemos podido contactar en las calles, combis, casas, y camiones. Amo ser misionero. Amo servir al Señor. 
Yo he sentido muy bien Presidente. Siento la ayuda del Señor mucho y mi trabajo. Esta semana una de nuestras investigadoras se bautizó. Ella es increíble. Siempre dice ''yo voy con TODO,'' y sí ha cumplido. Nos ha expresado que quiere salir en una misión cuando cumple un año. Estoy muy feliz por la oportunidad que tengo de trabajar en esta área con mi compañero y ayudar progresar la obra del Señor.
Gracias por el amor que siempre nos expresa hacia nosotros. Sé que usted ama al Señor, por eso da todo su corazón, alma, mente, y fuerza.
Le amo mucho presidente,

Elder F


 Pachuca Mex Zone  Capacitation

 It is obvious why the English Program is moving forward... thanks to the efforts of so many in every companionship, district, and zone.

 Elder Cardwell celebrating early with a 'snickers' because Hermana Molina is rocking her English Exam....

 Elder Jones and Elder Chavez (zone leaders) checking area books...

 Celebrating Mexico's Independence Day

Love the headbands Sisters! 

and the mustaches (below) oh my...

Ok.... they are quite handsome (below) without the mustaches!

If there are any perks to delivering a missionary to the Mexico City Airport for President Egbert- it would be the five minute opportunity to grab a burger from here - and they didn't even get a milk shake! Do I not teach them correct principles? 

Thanks Elder Esteves and Elder Kearl for "all" the things you do that are a big deal for President and I.

 Sisters are you on a roof? 

 Elder Pena, Are you ok?


Got him!

So this companionship is only suppossed to be two in number- but this extra visitor was uninvited! Great job Hermanas Riding and Sosa in capturing the little critter!


Update and where are they now?

 Sister Roper still moving forward on recovering from her medical challenges. She is staying strong and being patient- knowing things happen for a reason and in Heavenly Fathers time frame. We are anxiously and patiently waiting for her return... hoping for December or the first of the year. Love you Hermana Roper!


Elder Broxton Hirst recently went hunting with his brother. The hard part was dragging the buck up the hill where the 4 wheeler was parked. Broxton is working full time at Hill Air Force Base as a civilian in the supply department and furthering his education at Weber State University. He is teaching the 10-11yr old primary kids in his ward. He is going to be an uncle in March- and already realizes this new grand-baby is going to be a great addition. We love and miss you Elder Hirst!


Elder Taylor Cardon enjoying conference in person this weekend. He is an ambassador at Utah State University and just working, studying, and making time to date. You look great Taylor...


Elder Seth Huff has been home almost one year- where did that year go? He is currently studying at BYU in the accounting program (the reason why he was such a great financial secretary in the mission!) in his junior year and is looking for an internship for the summer before he starts the masters program next year. Dating a little when he can fit it in- but being cautious and taking Presidents advise in finding the right one to marry. Wishing you were here in Mexico- and we really miss your piano playing skills! Hugs from Mexico.


Elder Spencer Shillig is living in California. He hung up his welding helmet and is working as a financial planner at an accounting firm. He is serving as first counselor in the Sunday School. He lives 5 minutes from the beach- I think I need to go visit! He is dating and enjoying where he lives. We miss you and love you Spencer and will forever be grateful for the impact you had on our transition into the mission. We have survived our first year! 

 Elder Dillon Dove is living in Salt Lake City Utah. Dillon is working full time, going to school full time, and winning the heart of this beautiful young lady named  Daylan. Looking forward to where the future takes you two... love you Dillon!


Elder Michael Menendez is going to school at BYU-Idaho. He is currently majoring in communications- with an emphasis in advertising. His goal is to work as a graphic designer for an advertsing firm in Los Angeles. This summer he was able to work as a production assistant in LA on a reality television show.  He enjoys photography as a hobby and dates cute Danielle who makes him very happy. We wish you much happiness and success Michael-

Elder Jose Luis Mijangos 
works for the government as a promoter of a program against hunger. It is a humanitarian service to assist those struggling in towns near his home. He loves his job and is studying marketing. He feels that God has blessed him immensely and his service as a missionary has helped him serve the members of his branch as he serves as counselor in the Stake Sunday School Presidency, Single Young Adult Representative, and as a Ward Mission Leader. We are so proud of you Elder Mijangos. Un abrazo from President...


Elder Daniel Mansilla ( Lima, Peru) 
is currently studying "Tourism" and takes every opportunity to work on any internship offered. He was fortunate enough to start school right after his arrival back home. And because of good grades was given a scholarship- he is currently serving in the Young Single Adults and has witnessed an increase in the ward attendance. He is forever grateful for his mission service and the blessings it has continued to provide him. This is his message today to share with you... "estoy realmente agradecido de haber serido al señor, es algo que NUNCA me arrepentire, todos los dias recuerdo los momentos tan amravillosos que tuve en la mision, y mas aun como ahora en mi vida puedo captar mas rapido todas las bendiciones del diario-hay una frase que me gusto mucho de la conferencia "Caminar físicamente por donde Cristo caminó no es tan importante como caminar como ÉL caminó", ser un discipulo de jesucristo en estos tiempos no es facil, a pesar de todo lo que nos rodea, pero el ser espiritualmente fuerte es lo que quiere ver el señor."


(Spanish speaking sister from Mexico who has been in the mission one year- Nice English Hermana!)

Dear President Egbert:
This week had been incredible, i really felt the miracles of true love for the people and my Savior's power and love through the Book of Mormon, the elders and the sisters of our ward had 5 baptisms and two of them was realized by a recent convert Bryan, and the other recent converts were there and they decored the room and i really felt the love between them, how sweet experiencie was for me saw that group of people together for a great cause, and the support between them. President i hope i can describe my feelings when i saw that family all dressed in white and the sunlight was AMAZING, when we saw that picture we said "That's how heaven is ".
We are so happy to work here, I'm super happy to see this miracles.
We are teaching families, one of them is V Martinez' family, they are investigating the church for almost 5 months, they always went to church, Silvia (mom) stop smoking and they are trying do live the Sabbath day , they are always in the activities but they aren't married, and in the past they don't want to be married, but yesterday they told us that they will do it on October 15th.
President we shared our love our pure love with them, and all this miracles happened, i saw the smile of Lupita one of the daugthers who is a member of the church (she is the first of the family who took a baptism), and i know that she felt peace.
This week i learned about ABINADI in the book of Mormon, I'm now in Mosiah, and i felt the pasion that abinadi had and all the faith, how this knowledge about Jesus Christ totally changed Him and how that knowledge encouraged Him.
I'm so happy , so so happy to have this experiencies with the scriptures, President I'm so happy to be here and I'm greatful with Christ , because He rescued me.

With love and faith.

Hna C

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