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04 January 2015- HAPPY NEW YEAR!

"Bring it..."

We can talk all day about being great missionaries- but their is a vast difference between talking about it and actually doing something about it. We all have arrived at the door step of 2015- with the opportunity to make this once in a life time assignment an "extraordinary" experience. It begins with goals, specific plans, and action...
Cheers to all of us as we decide how to accomplish what we desire!

Reasons worth Celebrating!

 "Epi" the newest addition to the "Bosques Del Penar" Ward.

 Elder Bickley and Elder Cruz both wore white to this young mans baptismal service. Elder Bickley is such a natural at making things fun and bringing a smile to everyone's face. The culture is for people to be serious during picture taking- I think he's changed the perspective of that where ever he has served! 

 The baptism of "Alejandro"- the hermanas commented that this young man has a very special spirit about him- and they were the ones blessed by his conversion process.

 "Juan" has served the last three years in the Military- and the hermana's commented this service was extremely special; with a very strong spirit present.

(English Speaking Sister with 6 months in the mission)
Querido Presidente,
Feliz Año!! Wow el tiempo pasa muy rápido. Todo es muy bien con nosotras, estamos trabajando muy duro, a veces es difícil pero aquí estamos. Esta semana fue muy buena. Siempre estamos intentando a mejorar, y a veces lo logramos y a veces no, pero celebramos cada vez que mejoramos. En el inicio de mi misión muchas veces pensé ¿por qué no puedo simplemente decidir hacer una cosa y lograrlo? como mi manera de pensar o muchas otras cosas, se ve tan fácil en el libro de mormón o en la biblia, pero con tiempo me di cuenta que mientras que se ve así, probablemente fue día tras día, ellos trabajando haciendo las cosas pequeñas, entonces esto es que estamos haciendo. Trabajamos día tras día y nos esforzamos ser un pocito mejor del día anterior y siempre hay esperanza para mejorar. Mañana le prometo y a el Señor que voy a ser un poco mejor de hoy, y mañana un poco mejor hasta el fin de misión, porque pienso que esa es la meta. No tenemos que ser perfectos ni tenemos que mejorar solos es por eso tenemos la expiación de cristo y es en mis planes para usarla cada día!!!!
le amo mucho,
Hermana C

A few more Christmas pictures to share including a few more district service projects on Christmas Day


 The "Montes" District- Elder Esteves getting everyone in the holiday mood....

"Plazas District"- Elder Galo District Leader

 "A little more house painting"... 


 A Christmas to remember for us...


Well, don't these two look like professional BBQ'rs?


"Ixmiquilpan District"- Elder Hernanadez District Leader 
"Washing up some service on Christmas..."


"Las Torres" District making cookies to deliver to others...

 Oh it's been sooooo long.... Brown Sugar!!!! (District Leader- Elder Jacobson)
(Hermana Egberts family ships in brown sugar on occasion for those perfect chocolate chip cookies... Doesn't get any better ! The electric mixer gave up the ghost  (died) during their baking project... and so the Elders had to finish mixing the cookie dough each with a beater in hand- they were almost like the power tool!

 The hermanas put the finishing decorations on the plates....
 Elder Jacobson reported only a few burnt batches...

"Nuevo Hidalgo" District: Elder Niro - District Leader
 Assisted a family with cleaning up the house, dusting, organizing and dejunking... "Many hands make light work" 

Elder Contreras are you finding treasures?

Don't worry- fun is always present when service is involved!

(English Speaking sister finishing up her first cycle [6 wks]  in Mexico)
Hola Presidente!

It's been another good week in _______! And I experienced my first Christmas away from home, which was different! Although it was kinda hard and lonely and everything was different, it was the most meaningful Christmas that I've ever had. I think that wearing the name of the One whom we are celebrating on your chest makes everything a little more real. I am so grateful for the opportunity to testify of His divinity and power, especially in this Christmas season. He has healed me and helped me, given me power through His Atonement to do things and do them better than I could on my own. This is the reason I am a missionary - to testify of Him every day. And during this past week, I realized that more than ever.

We had 10 people in church yesterday, which made me so happy! The thing about missionary work, though, is that you're still disappointed about the 10 people who didn't show up. People are so sure that they are going to go to church, and then they just don't show up. It's so disappointing, but it just makes me want to teach better so that the Spirit is so strong, they run to the chapel doors! I think that Hna. Z and I are learning that little by little - how to teach so that the Spirit testifies in every single lesson.

Our companionship is doing very well. Hna. ______ is a great trainer (obviously, as she has already trained 4 Sisters). It's tough to be with the same person 24/7 for me - I'm the type of person who needs some alone time - but it's teaching me patience and humilty. Really Hna. ____ is great to be around and I think that we're learning a lot together.

Thanks for everything, President!
Hna. S
  Morning schedule to a "T"
Visited a District Meeting and a Service Project Completed
Called Our Family
Appointments wrapped up for the day
Planning -n- Studying sessions done
Christmas Celebration of our own... Christmas PJ's!!!

 Elder Stucki/Elder Cruz Tulancingo ZL's.

Tulancingo District: Elder Vasquez District Leader

Service involved helping a sister pack up to move 
(Trying not to break the breakables!)

Merry Christmas from some of the Elves in Tulancingo!
(Elder finishing his 3rd cycle in the mission)
Dear President,

We had another successful week here in ________. I learned a lot, and we achieved a lot. Thats what I love about the mission. We learn and learn, and while we learn we enjoy the success of our labors.

After finally getting through a sick holiday weekend, we started the week off, puting all our efforts to make up for the time we lost while I was sick. We found a lot of new investigators, and were able to balance time with our current progressings. It feels really good to have such a big pool of progressings. We have 7 people who have new fechas and are progressing to their put baptism date! This sunday we brought another new person to church named Elizabeth, and she came out of the church crying, not of sadness, but of happiness of how nice all the member were to her! Wow what an improvement Ive seen in our Ward since I first got here! We have a lot of posibles and a few sures for the month of January, but its scarry because almost all of their dates are for the end of the month. It means this week means everything because they have to come. I know we can do it!

One last thing presidnet before i end. This week Ive really learned the power of lesson one and the book of mormon. I have learned that we should take every moment to share the amazing story of the restuaracion of the góspel. It is everything we have! I have learned that if we want people to progress and REAL converts, we must help them read the Book of Mormon. It is everything!! We may be able to scrap a baptism here or there without people Reading, but this is not what we need, we need people who are converted! As I have made goals with my investigators and converts to finish it, I have found the ones who are really Reading and feasting upon the Words of christ, are the ones who will have the desire to be baptized without so much push.

President I know this work is true. My testimony is something that I now treasure so much, and I want everyone to enjoy the blessings of having a true testimony of the góspel of Jesús christ. Whatever happens this next cycle, i know that have done a good job in this área, and I would be leaving it better than I found it. If I stay I would be happy also because we have plenty to work with. I know God will send me where I need to go.

Have a nice week president,
 Elder E

Don't worry District Molango has service on lock down!!

 We set up balloons, curtains and other things for a wedding 30 minutes from Molango with a sister who is now active!! She was less active- but now she isn't!!

We are quite the balloon inflaters and streamer hangers.... 
Maybe "party planning" is in our future???? 

Elder Katich and Elder Gonzalez
(English speaking Elder who just finished his first [12weeks] training) 
Hola Presidente!

Had my first Navidad in the mission. It was a different feeling than before. To be honest I felt the spirit more here than in my home. During our activity on Christmas we handed out candy to the people above Real del Monte. It was really neat to see the faces of the kids and the people when they saw a tall white boy wearing a Santa hat handing out free candy. It always feels better to give than receive thats for sure. The talk I had with my family was really good. I have missed them to be honest but thats the mission.

During the Christmas season it was a lot easier to make contacts with people using the El es La Dadiva. It was easier because almost all the people here celebrate the birth of Jesus and almost all of us have something in common. While we were contacting in a combi to Real, a person with a gutar started to play a song and even started to sing. It was cool! He sand good and the other people in the combi started to sing too. The spirit I felt this day was way special. Christmas in the mission is way different than the other I have had. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and thank you for all President Egbert. Thank Hermana Egbert for me as well! Thanks for all!

Elder J
Did Santa lose a reindeer?

(Native Spanish Speaking Elder just finishing his first cycle)

Hello President Egbert!

Esta semana fue realmente interesante me siento muy feliz de compartir el evangelio con todas las personas que conocemos a veces me pongo nervioso pero se que nuestro padre celestial me ayudara a decir las palabras correctas con la ayuda de Espíritu Santo, ayer por la noche nuestras citas de cayeron como eso de las 8 pm y visitábamos a nuestros investigadores o no estaban o no nos querían recibir, así que mi compañero y yo hicimos una oración a las 8:32 pm pidiendo específicamente a una persona a quien enseñar porque a un nos quedaban media hora para ir a la casa, caminamos un poco y a los pocos minutos encontramos a un joven y empezamos a platicar con el pero resulta que era miembro de la iglesia y que asiste al barrio Santiago 2, nosotros somo de Santiago 1, de pronto que se acerca un otro joven primo de este miembro platicamos con el acepto que ofreciéramos una oración le enseñamos y acepto una fecha para prepararse para un bautismo agendamos una nueva cita con esta experiencia compruebo una vez mas que realmente nuestro Padre Celestial contesta nuestras oraciones a veces unas mas rápido que otras pero siempre las contesta me encanta ser parte de la obra misional y disfruto compartir el evangelio con todos! Aun sigo aprendiendo muchas cosas se que me falta aprender mucho pero me esfuerzo día con día para hacerlo.
con Amor:
Élder R

(English Speaking Sister with 8 months in the mission)
No puedo creer que ya vamos a empezar el nuevo año! Me encanta el año nuevo pero siento mas que este año nuevo voy a tener mejores metas :) y voy a cumplirlas! La semana pasada aprendí muchas cosas lo mas importante yo creo es que pude realmente sentir la verdadera significada de la Navidad. No tuvimos una gran cena ni una fiesta, estaba lloviendo, y no había nadie en su casa. Me hizo pensar mucho. Y cuando estábamos caminando por la casa una canción vino a mi mente, noche de paz pero algunos palabras en especial y en ingles :) "all is calm all is bright" todo estaba muy tranquila y las estrellas estaban brillando fue en ese momento cuando sentí realmente que esa navidad había sido la mejor. El Salvador vino un noche en un pesebre, no tuvo una cena ni una fiesta todo estaba tranquila pero fue lo mas maravillosa noche. Me encantaba esa navidad y la oportunidad de realmente pensar totalmente en mi salvador y cuan grande fue esta noche cuando el nació. El realmente es la dádiva. También esta semana sentí como mi relación con mi compañera mejoró mucho! No habían problemas antes pero esta semana puse una meta de conocerla mas y realmente llegar a ser amigas y cumplí :) por medio di preguntas empezamos a hablar acerca de todo y realmente puedo decir que conozco mejor mi compañera la quiero muchísimo. Y eso es lo que pasó esta semana :) fue muy muy muy bonita! 
Le amo presidente! Gracias por todo! Hrmn R
Santa's little Elf in Tecamac
Hermana Gomez

Mision Mexico Pachuca Missionaries "gettin' busy"!

 District Meeting on New Years Eve with the "Tepa" district...

 "We will be sisters forever..."

 "My companion was supposed to give a talk in church on Sunday but he was starting to look like ¨jimmy esponja.¨ That was what I was calling him for the week. His hair just sprung out like a chia pet! So he grabbed hold of the safety scissors and cut it himself so that on Sunday it wasn´t looking so crazy. It made me laugh so hard!!!!"  ... Elder Bickley (Companion)

 Well, Hermanas -that cake looks delish! ( Fast Sunday posting doesn't help either...) Nice job -as I hope your investigators enjoyed your efforts in the kitchen. YUM!

 "Los Pinos District"


District Meeting in Zumpango with Elder Gomez on 12/31/2014
President Egbert traveled to their district for the morning...

and then President arrived to Tecamac II just in time to witness the missionaries cleaning the church and finishing up English Exams! He commented how the building looked a million times better- the members in this area struggle with taking pride in their church house. The missionaries are trying to serve as an example.

Love this crew of missionaries in Tecamac II who do language exams and clean the church weekly.... Thank you.


(English Speaking Sister with almost 5 months in Mexico)
Dear President,
Christmas here was unique, but very special! With lots of cold and lots of rain.. Once in a life-time type of experience! My first and last Christmas in the mission was one i will always remember! I got to really think about the true purpose of Christmas and be even more grateful for all the blessing i have in my life. A very special Christmas!

As for the work... we found a new investigator! Vanesa. She is awesome! So prepared. We had a lesson with her last monday night and we were just kinda talking with her and getting to know her and we ask her if she has any questions... her question was: "Yeah, how can i become a member of your church?" ..... :) Yeah, we were pretty stoked. She is set to be baptized on January 24th. Our investigator Mariana and her kids all came to church yesterday too and they loved it! They also have dates for January 17th.. they are progressing so well!

Lourdes! She is so excited for her baptism and so are we! We practiced her interview with her the other night and she is so ready. We also had a SUPER awesome family home evening with the Familia Reyes and the Familia Flores last night. We kinda did a "New Years" theme and everyone set goals and we went around in a circle and shared them. Wow! It was AWESOME.. some the goals were things like: prepare to serve a mission, finish the Book of Mormon, be baptized, have the missionaries visit my house (a neice of the Fam. Reyes), get sealed in the temple, magnify my calling, etc... it was so special. They are working toward amazing things! And the best part... Guillermo prayed! He doesnt like to pray out loud and he never has.. until last night! It was a miracle! :) We were so happy!

Well, everything here in our area is going super well and we are making some big progress with numbers of lessons and progressing investigators! I have had the oportunity to really exercise faith in the Lord her in the mission and I have learned so much! Sometimes we have problems come up.. sometimes things dont go as we planned.. sometimes changes come.. sometimes we just need to be patient in the Lords timing.. but no matter what comes our way, we need to have faith that the Lord is guiding our footsteps and helping us to become who he would have us be. "Come what may, and love it"
Thanks for all you do!
Hna. Y

 "Constitucion Ward" Missionaries
(English speaking Elder with 13 months in Mexico)
Querido Presidente,
Otra semana en la misión y esta pasando muy rápido. No puedo creer que vamos a terminar el año 2014 pero si. Me encanta estés fechas pero cuando estoy en mi casa porque no tuvimos mucho trabajo. En la semana hicimos mucho servicios, algunas grandes y otros no tanto y siento muy bien a hacer estos cosas por la gente. Aprendí esto de mi papa. Aun que no fue cada domingo siempre estaba ayudando los demás. Recuerdo que me llevo a corta madera, pintar casas y muchas cosas mas. Recuerdo que a las 6 30 cuando estuvo en casa los fines de semana levanto para ir con el tractor y limpiar los patios de los que no tenían. Nunca entendí porque hasta la misión. Siempre estaba cumpliendo con sus deberes como poseedor del sacerdocio. Eso me pongo a pensar mucho que no soy perfecto tengo defectos y tengo mucho aprended pero aun siendo así puedo cumplir con mis deberes el mejor que puedo. Amo mi papa y su gran ejemplo para mi. Siempre podemos prestar servicio a los demás y se que sentimos un gozo muy grande. Llevamos bien mi compañero y yo y estoy tratando a ayudar el saber tiene un potencial muy grande pero necesita dar mas pues todo en cada momento. Me ayuda mucho con mi mismo a esforsarme para ayudar a el. Gracias Presidente por todo. Con amor Elder R

 District Meeting in "Villas" - with Elder Eusebio in charge..... Found everyone celebrating after with a group picture and Elder Panigua with a fever! 
Zone Leaders were visiting this meeting today.

Our "Wild -n- Crazy" Sister Leader Trainer Trainers....

I love "matching" companions... your scarves look nice Hermanas! 

 Dear Mom: Send "Long Johns" and "tights" rated for the North Pole!

Though Huachinango feels far away from everyone and it can be wet, cold, and foggy- It is a paradise all its own! Missionaries never want to leave this area after serving here. We have 4 Hermanas and 2 Elders serving in this humongous area and one set of Elders in Xicotepec about an hour bus ride further up the mountain. A district of 8 under Elder Kearls direction.

A little holiday celebration with the Tizayuca Ward

District Meeting on New Years Eve with the "Actopan" district... 

One Mezquital zone leader and an assistant to the President visiting this district. I had not been to this chapel since they remodeled- and "WOW" it is absolutely gorgeous. Felt like being back in Utah... This area/ward are loving their new building and for good reason. I dropped off a box for Elder Lash that arrived...

They are ready for 2015!



Our every faithful hermanas serving in Tulancingo... 

District Meeting on New Years Eve with the "Nuevo Hidalgo" district...  

They are ready for 2015- as soon as they warm up!


District Meeting on New Years Eve with the "Loreto" district...  

They are ready for 2015!



Dropping off pouch/supplies to the Tulancingo Zone Leaders... a few more Christmas boxes keep trickling in for missionaries.... Yeah!!!! 

 District Meeting 12/31/2014  Happy New Year! 

(Elder Reese being a jokester with his scarf wrapped around his head... he doesn't cooperate well when I'm trying to take a picture! Silly boy...)


 The broken bed dilema.... I don't mind as I love any excuse to see these darling hermanas...

Monday office visit...


Picture Gallery

Zone Activity in Tecamac II- 

 "Santa" delivered a pack of minature Coca-Cola bottles...
 They drank until they could drink no more!!!

 Hermana Afualo talking to her family on Christmas Day ... connecting to Alaska

 The members are so generous and kind when feeding our missionaries... "Thank you so much"

 I think there is a resemblance...

"Whoever said you can't buy happiness, forgot little puppies!"
-Gene Hill
(Native Spanish Speaker just finishing her training- (12 weeks)

Hola Presidente como esta?...... 
La semana pasada fue un poco difícil, pero no imposible, siempre encontramos personas a quien enseñar y he estado meditando en mi meta de la semana y pensé que necesito esa plena confianza en Dios, el saber que él prepara a las personas y ablanda su corazón para recibir este mensaje, también tengo que desarrollar esa fe y confianza en mi llamamiento, siento que me ha faltado eso, para que las personas puedan sentir que este mensaje es verdadero y eso depende de nosotros y he tenido experiencias acerca de eso. El lunes visitamos una referencia de una familia Hernández Monroy de nuestro barrio, la Hna Norma Angélica quien conocimos en una noche de hogar con esa familia, la Hna muy dura, dijo que ella sabía el significado de la Navidad y que ella ya conocía la biblia al derecho y al revés, entonces el lunes teníamos cita y no pudo acompañarnos ningún integrante de la familia Hernández, fuimos y la Hermana muy dura dijo que a qué íbamos o qué queríamos y que como unas niñas querían enseñarle a ella , sentí sus palabras muy fuertes, entonces hice una oración en mi corazón cuando mi compañera estaba hablando y le pedí al Padre que su corazón se ablandará y minutos después compartí mi testimonio del Libro de Mormón y la hermana escuchó y compartió que ella había vivido cosas muy difíciles y lloro la hermana, sé que Dios escuchó mi oración Presidente, cambió completamente su actitud, aceptó que regresáramos y hoy tenemos cita con ella y eso me hace reconocer que detrás de nosotros esta el Padre ayudándonos y que las palabras son de él en nuestra boca, estoy agradecida por ser misionera, jamás en mi vida había sentido tanto al Espíritu Santo, estoy muy feliz por su hermosa compañía. El poder de la oración es impresionante wow!!!! Le queremos mucho Presidente y deseo que tenga un Feliz Año Nuevo, estoy muy feliz porque compartiremos muchas cosas este año con Usted....
H. G 

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