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11 January 2015- "Go and be a blessing to someone.."

"Go and be a blessing to someone..."

"Never an Ex- Missionary"
Elder Cano (Senior Couple), Elder Martin and Elder Zeledon in Apan


We love it when a plan comes together and all the diligent effort, hard work and divine intervention pays off..."Welcome to the fold"

 The Hermanas in the Pachuca Pachuca Centro Barrio are always consistent with their effectiveness and progress in their area specifically. Nice job Hermanas! 

 We have seen smoke coming from Huachinango ... It was from all the action in that part of the mission! Nice job Elders...


Mission Picture Gallery before CHANGES

Our sister missionaries looking like the typical tourists at Teotihuacan. CUTE!

 On of my "favorites" is companions in matching ties! 
(My daugthers are rolling their eyes right now-thinking of all those years of matching outfits!)


 Hermana Nunez cooking up a fancy Argentinian meal...

 Feeling the love of "sisterhood", as they know some of them will be moving...

 The "Giant" and the ..... 

 President Egbert was fortunate to see one of our returned missionaries Elder Macias in Tulancingo on Fast Sunday- he was back to the mission visiting for a short time.

 Elder Pass and Elder Vique loved the thoughtful treats given to them...

 Elder Lainhart I hope you are current on the "Heimlich" and your CPR skills in case your companion chokes on that GIANT gob stopper.... holy moly!!!

 Elder Lainhart and Elder Nolascco ready to eat their P-Day lunch of a "TORTA".. I think your arteries are clogging up before your first bite!!!

 "The Three Little Pigs and the Three Little Elderes"

Elder Kearl is our "Super Hero" as he trained two at one time in Huachinango and was excited to do so! We appreciate the missionaries who take on extra work loads or assignments with a willing heart, cheerful attitude and then give it %110 effort! His district has been on fire and motivated by his excellent leadership skills and genuine example.... We couldn't ask for better- these three missionaries are golden...

 Huachinango in all its beauty. From jungle to thick wet fog! 
Their chapel is a two story building- unique for this area.


Transfer Week - Always a BUSY Week

 Arrivals from the CCM and MTC January 2015
Hermana Peel (Utah), Elder Groesbeck (Texas), Elder Ellibee (Alaska),
 Elder Pease (Pennsylvania), Elder Jensen (Oregon), Elder Jones (Utah), Elder Matinez (El Salvador - Member only 14 months!), Elder Duran (Mexico)

 Mission Wide Transfer Meeting- Just over half of the mission affected with changes


 Elder Elton (left) went and joined this companionship (right) from the transfer cycle before in Santiago as a "trio".

 Hermana Luna and Hermana Bermeo (sister leader trainer trainers) 
and Elder Barrios and Elder Clark (President's assistants)


Goodbyes are not forever.

Good byes are not the end. 

They simply mean I'll miss you


Until we meet again!

Elder Panigua ( Guatemala), Elder Eusebio ( Rep Dominicana), Elder Hernandez (Mexico), President Egbert, Elder Lancaster (Wyoming, USA), Elder Rodriguez (Peru)

 Farewell BBQ, Final Interviews, and Devotional.


Wednesday District Meetings 
(A few we peeked in on)


New Missionary Orientation


 Freezing cold in the church... but that way no one falls asleep during training!!!

 Elder Carlson and Elder Barrios putting their bikes in their house Friday Night... 
Cold, Wet, Rainy!...but still smiling....
Don't worry we delivered them extra blankets.

 Thank goodness these sisters were able to meet us at a last minutes notice with pouch (Santa boxes, blankets, and Books of Mormon) for their area. 

 President Egbert's older brother Cory came to visit for a few days. He arrived on the same flight as the arriving missionary from the Provo Utah MTC. He helped load suitcases in taxi's after transfer meeting, BBQ'd hamburgers, waited in the office when needed for President, drove to Mexico City with one returning missionary who's bus broke down and wasn't going to make it on his flight back home to Peru, attended district meetings, new missionary orientation and found a mere 50 extra minutes to look at the pyramids with President. When they arrived to Teotihuacan they told them it was going to close in 45 minutes. So they hustled to the top of the pyramid and did a quick tour that the time allowed. That was the extent of his FUN! We sure enjoyed his visit and assistance... and appreciate all the missionaries who made him feel so welcome. He sees why we love you all so much!

 On the way back to the airport for his flight home they stopped for 5 minutes and bought a "Triple combination" for Elder Iverson who had his taken by thugs! We hope they are reading it cover to cover... and someday get baptized!

Happy Sunday from the Constitucion Ward Missionaries

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