Monday, July 13, 2015

12 June 2015- Better late than never??

"Getting started, getting finished- both ends of a journey require a demonstration of 'Passion!" "With passion, you will overcome insurmountable obstacles. You will become unstoppable!"

Happy Birthday USA!
Seeing how no cars for missionaries and only selected areas for bikes... I wonder how the church would feel about me purchasing a few horses and carts? 
It totally works for catching a ride to school!


"... proceed. To wait, to wonder, to doubt, to be indecisive is to disobey God."

Quick little story! So in may Efren and Alfredo the two boys were baptized and on Saturday their sister Dulce was baptized! 
 Efren was able to baptize her! So now the family is complete! 
They are all members we just have to work to get the dad to reactivate.

Baptism of Martha and Alejandra! On the 4th of July! 
"Doesn't get any better than this!!!"

Nothing is sweeter than that first hug after returning home with honor.
Job well done Elder Carlson!

 Sure missed my sisters!


Monday is P-Day and we made the most of it today!

A little painting project that took us all day and I mean ALL DAY... but thank goodness a few of the district members helped for a few hours. 
Made a big difference.

 We are obviously much more handsome as missionaries than we are as painters.

 Multi tasking... cutting the lawn and taking numbers from the zone!

 Hermana Egbert doesn't need a rake handle to do the job?!
 I think she had more paint on her than the walls in the house.

 Cleaned up and headed back out to buy groceries and write home.
 Thanks Elders for all your help.

 Looking so great! What a difference a little paint makes....

  AMAZING!!!! What a difference a little paint makes and the lawn cut!


Meanwhile at the other end of the mission 
on P-Day they attacked their house and this scary storage space.
 Barbie dolls and a littleTaylor Swift mixed in the junk! 


Monday house checks in Zumpango
6th July 2015
(I can't cover the entire zones sometimes during interview day so I go to a few out areas to check their houses on a Monday prior to interviews if possible. Today was the two companionships in Zumpango)

Hermana Lam and Hermana Chozo 
Both were fighting a cold during house checks but up to speed for interviews. We are so grateful Hrmn Lams wrist healed so quickly and without concern. 
The cast is off and she is happy!

Elder Barrera and Elder Steadman
Elder Steadman is the CLEANEST missionary in the mission. He never has a paper out of place, a spot of food or grease in the kitchen, his bed you could bounce a quarter off of, and the bathroom is spotlessly clean. I love coming to his house every quarter!

Oh ya -emergency funds and medications complete and in hand!

Tuesday 7 July 2015
Interviews and House Checks in Tecamac 1

 Let me just make a few notes...
 Zone leaders teach, review area books, check phones, and handle pouch.

 Reading the assignment before the lesson...

 Lovin' us some homemade sugar cookies!

 The whole stinkin zone took all the frosting and we were last, and no frosting left! ugh!! Thanks guys!!!

 A little capaciation by the zone leaders - motivating us onward!

House Checks went like this.... 
To be honest this was the most impressed I have ever been with the zone as a whole and their house checks. Very very impressed! Job well done Tecamac I.
We do have quite a few roof leaks because these are older homes and it rains every day now... we are on task to get them fixed as quickly as possible.





These two have the worst leaks in the zone and are being patient troopers!

 I love how they have a menu posted that they follow weekly to make cooking and shopping easier and more effective. Nice job Hermanas!


 Impressed! Thank you Elders...

 We just moved Elders into this newer house because of the horrible status of the last house. And now they have leaks here! But at least they got a new boiler installed and the kitchen sink hooked up. "Poco a Poco!" (little by little)


 Emergency funds and meds out ready for inspection! Love it!




A little lunch action with our soup!

 Our old district members...

 Now, our new district....

 Birthday Boy a little excited for his cake!

 "Pres Egbert" with little cookie! We are quite talented....

 So this little dog is getting a bath courtesy of the sisters "service". Lucky him!

 We are so incredibly grateful for our good bishop of this HUGE ward!

 Church selfie! (Total legal if it's before meetings start)

Interviews/House Checks in Tecamac II
9th July 2015- Thursday


Sister Egbert in the utility closet restocking cleaning supplies. The missionaries in a few districts clean the church each Wednesday because it is such a struggle in this area to have members take part and have pride in their building. THank you for all your efforts!

 My crazy missionary's from Tecamac. 
Though they did get a new phone today... so they are quite happy!

 Fine, Hermana Egbert! Here are our pretty faces for our 'Moms'!

 Returned Elder Cordova stopped by at the end of interviews and was able to say hi and sneak in with President for a 10 minute interview. So good to see him.

 Such a perfect picture for a Gatorade ad!
House Checks in Tecamac II went like this...



 These sisters made there home so colorful and fun! Check out those butterflies, hearts, and sun! Nice job hermanas.


This little humble abode is unique... 
A boiler that works would be a great place to start on hermana Egbert's "To do list".
Elder Artl borrowing the mission vacuum to touch up the rug in their study area. 
Thanks Elders for being so stinkin' cute!



Being taught by and sharing individual thoughts on the theme of missionary work.

Zone Leaders Elder Cardwell and Elder Zeledon keeping there house in order.

"Saturday is a special day..."
Saturday with help from their willing district and zone leaders- we managed to move Hrmn Yates/Rivera to a clean, bright, and fresher smelling house. (No airflow in there other house)Thanks for finding this better option sisters. 
Worth all the effort a 1000 X over.

 Thanks missionaries for helping this morning!

"My Mom is better than yours!"
Thanks mom for the box.. it made this hectic day of moving even better!
Sunday 12 July 2015
President and I went to Huachinango to speak, then we were able to check houses and do interviews there at the same time, then we drove up to Xico and found those two Elders, checked their cute house and President interviewed them.
 "Productive and efficient" is how I would describe today. Hence though the reason why the blog was a day late in being posted. Couldn't get it done before bed.
Thank you for your continued love, support and prayers for our mission. 
We need everyone one of them!

 "Hermana Yates- my Mom is AWESOME too! I got a package today as well" YIPPEE!



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