Sunday, July 5, 2015

5 July 2015 - " Decide what you want..."

"Decide what you want, 
decide what you are willing to exchange for it,
 establish your priorities, and go to work!"
- H Lamar Hunt

"Motivation and Goals: A Powerful Combination"


"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can."
- John Wesley

Molango 4 July 2015

Una semana mas que pasa, y me convenso mas de que en __________ hay personas preparadas... Tubimos con mi compañero de experimentar el poder de los miembros para comprometer a los investigadores para el domingo, dos investigadoras que teniamos muy buenas ellas leen, oran, aprenden, hacen todo bien pero no asistian a la iglesia... hasta que tubimo la oportunidad de hacer participar a una hermana... nose como lo hizo, pero fue tan maravilloso ver que a una le invitara a actividades de la soc. soc. y a la otra solo con una visita... las dos se hayan comprometido a sistir el domingo!! Cuando le fuimos a ver y dar las gracias las lagrimas no las podia ocultar, era maravilloso ver como los miembros pueden lograr las cosas que nosotros como misioneros no podemos. Ahora estoy muy convencido de que los miembros son lo mas importante en la obra. y no quiero dejar de trabajar con ellos!! he podido aprender tanto en solo un ciclo y estoy profundamente agradesido.

Mision Mexico Pachuca Missionaries moving the work forward with increased, obedience, commitment, dedication, effectiveness, efficiency, and power of the Spirit!

"Thanks Mom for sending this cake mix for my BIRTHDAY!
We even are going to frost it with chocolate and vanilla frosting!!!"


"Trying to enjoy walking in the rain... not just getting wet!"

Elder Johnson and Elder Garza have had enough water exposure to last a life time the last few weeks. They had to empty the baptism font by hand two weekends in a row because the drainage pump doesn't function! (Only in good ol' Mexico)- bucket by bucket and were soaked after each time. They said they would gladly do this every weekend if it meant a baptism ! And then it rained each night as they were out working and so were soaking wet when arriving back to their house for the night. That little heater has been getting a work out trying to dry shoes ...

 "Why does serving others always make you smile?"

 "She is SO great! She is always ready to work and invite ALL to come unto Christ. It rained this day so hard and she just kept going and working with us and didn't say a word just had a HUGE smile the whole time.  WE LOVE HER!"
Replacing two broken doors in their house! 
Thank you Elders!!!

 "UHM... what color should we wear? Purple you say?"

......Estoy aprendiendo mucho y me gustaría compartir una experiencia que tuve esta semana pasada. Fue muy interesante porque esta experiencia realmente cambio mi vida PERO fue por medio de algo tan sencillo. Estábamos en la comida con una hermana y su amiga (alguien que no es miembro) y pedimos si pudimos compartir algo y nos dijeron que si. Entonces decidimos a ver el video de gracias a que el vive) Y he visto MUCHAS veces pero cada vez me hace llorar o sentir el espíritu MUY MUY fuerte pero este vez me impacto MUCHISMO mas que lo normal (Y yo digo que lo nroaml es mucho). Compartimos una escritura y al preguntar y escuchar a las hermanas me impacto mucho que estaban diciendo. Y estaba meditando y escuchándola y sentí las palabras de espíritu que “También dio su vida y hizo todo para ti también” Y al pensar que hice por MI también me hice llorar. Tal vez porque cuando comparto y hablo a las personas usualmente digo algo como, “Hermana Él le ama a USTED y dio su vida para USTED.” Hablo en este manera porque estoy tratando enfocar en ellas y espero que las personas pueden saber y sentir el amor de el pero en este momento sentí el amor de el por mí también. Fue un momento hermosa porque sentí el espíritu recordándome diciendo que “recuerdas el hizo para ti también.” Y en este momento recibí una confirmación tan firme que Jesucristo realmente vive es mi Salvador me ama y me entiende. Fue por medio de una lección muy sencillo pero cambio mi vida ese día y testifico de el con tanto certeza que él está conmigo.
Hermana G 

"... just biking in the mini "river" because the rain literally flooded the roads- but HEY the sunset was beautiful..count your blessings name them one by one!"

 "This picture isn't really clear but it has a special story. We were riding our bikes and we saw the Elders from our neighboring area talking to a man who was pulled over on the side with his car. So we came up to see if we could help Elder Smith, Elder Gonzalez and a member on his bike accompanying them to lessons. They just asked us to watch their bikes and they went and helped this man push his car to a safer part on the road. It was real and sincere service in action. They contacted him and he ended up being somebody in our area. So we will be visiting him soon. It was a special moment because many blessings were reaped from one simple action on a raining, and cold night."

Leaving baptism clothes for President to take to Molango and a little breakfast treat on the mission mini van.  "We love you President/Hermana Egbert!"


Mision Mexico Pachuca Leadership Consejo
1 July 2015
  • 0900- 0945 : Training to Zone Leaders on "Training District Leaders"
  • 0900-0945- Sister Leader Trainer Training
  • 0945-1000 : Breakfast snack, break and group picture
  • 10:00 - 1:00 pm Leadership Consejo
- Bold and Powerful Invitations- Elders Ellis/ Castano, Hrmns Guerrero/ Vasquez
- Leadership Lesson - Hermana Egbert
- Accounting by zones of individual converts since January 2015 of lessons taught after baptism. Are we following through with our commitments to these members?
- "Being a consecrated missionary"- President Egbert

- Lunch: "Hawaiian Haystacks", dinner rolls, green salad, and cheese cake

 The "Sister Leader Trainers" stayed inside the mission home for specific training while the "Zone Leaders" took the outside patio.


 I love the concentrated looks and attentive nature as they practice!

 Alright... the tables are arranged and the food is ready! Let this lunch BEGIN!
 "Simona" comes to the mission home 15 minutes before lunch is served to help me serve it buffet style and then to "clean up"! This sweet sister has become a dear friend to me...

 The sisters take ALL DAY to wash their hands when the Elders are ready to eat!

 When Elder Zeledon wasn't looking Hermana Egbert stuck her finger in his cheesecake! Pretty Sneaky!!!


Leaders with mail and supplies in hand- head back out to their areas to prepare to present the material from today to each of their respective zones tomorrow.

EVERYONE WITH THEIR 4th of July attire!

Thursday - 2 July 2015

Zone Leaders Elder Cardwell and Elder Zeledon
Sister Leader Trainer Trainers assisting this zone- Hrmns Guerreo/Vasquez

Every zone starts with English Exams from  0900-1000
This month District Leader training was from 0800-0900

 Thank you to EVERYONE for your efforts...

 Grateful for Missionaries who can play the piano and lead music!


Thursday - 2 July 2015

Zone Leaders Elder Meschini and Elder England
Sister Leader Trainers assisting this zone- Hrmns Angulo/Colby
President Egbert Presiding at this training

Well done Elders!

Thursday - 2 July 2015

Zone Leaders Elder Castro and Elder Fox
Sister LeaderTrainers assisting this zone- Hrmns Hoopes/Castellanos
Presidents Assistants E. Ellis/E Castano attending this training.


ZONE CAPACITATION in Valle Del Mezquital
Thursday - 2 July 2015

Zone Leaders Elder Ponce and Elder Pearson
Sister LeaderTrainers assisting this zone- Hrmns Zenteno/ Langdon
Hrmn Egbert in attendance at this training


 (Above) So this practice got very intense spiritually. The Elders taught so well and with such the spirit that Hermana Garcia started to get emotional and cried. I was touched by just observing this practice. Wow Impressed is all I can say!
Practices are so vital to each training....

Wrapping up the capacitation...


.....I want tell you an experience: My companion and I had gone to town, we taught and we started to take the bus. Suddenly we saw a lady, She was in problems because She was carrying heavy bags. We helped her. When we asked: A donde va? She said: Pozo grande. The same town that we had walked. So, Inside of me I thought help me Father because I don’t have strength to walk a lot again. In my heart I was praying, with my strength I walked and with my arms carrying the bags. So, a brother in a taxi, stopped and said: subanse!! I have a testimony that when I help someone that is need, God helps me. I know that this taxi was in this place for me. Because when I lost the strength my God supports me. For this action we had 5 new investigators and 5 grateful hearts.
Hermana Z

hola presidente , en un estudio personal ore para recibir revelacion para mi mismo y pra mi ditsrito, sin saber que leer y que estudiar abri la biblia en el primer capitulo de josue , al empezar aller hubo una escritura que me llamo mucha la atencion endonde Dios le dice ajosue que solamente se esfuerce y sea valiente , qu e su vsita se afija no mirando ni a su izquierda y ni a su derecha , he podido comprender qeu el señor nos pide que solamente nos esforsemos y seamos valientes ,que nos consagremos a el y el hare su parte y que no nos distraigamos mirando no a la izquierda ni a la derecha sino tner nuestra vista unicamnte en su gloria de el , al recordar esto siento que nos distraemos con tanta facilidad, la familia, las cosas que haciamos antes, al erea etc, hace que volteemos ya sea hacia la izquierda o hacia la derecha y nos perdamos , al saber he orado pra nos distraerme y ser como un caballo y que se le cierra la vision de los lados y unicamente puedemirar hacia adelante de esa manera puede llegar ala meta que su amo ha dispuesto que junto lleguen ,este ciclo que empieza me siento agredecido por ser parte de sta obra , dare todo mi esfuerzo , sere valiente no mirare ni ala izquierda ni ala derecha ni mucho menos hacia atras , sino que pondre mi vista fijamente en esta obra y lo seguire haciendo por el resto de mi vida, gracias por los lideres ue tengo por los compañeros que me ha asigando he aprendido mucho de ellos , gracias por todo, 
Elder C


Baptisms in Molango on Saturday 4th July 2015
A "Branch" celebration.
Elder Reese has converted many to the Gospel but had a personal goal to never baptize- instead converting them only! Today he baptized an investigator that insisted he do the honor. His companion was able to baptize her daughter and then from a different family a boy was baptized by his recently converted father.
What a special day in Molango! And full credit given to Elder Ford and Elder Barrera who just left this area several weeks ago and made big strides in this branch!
These Elders are mindful of ALL your efforts and grateful for your example. 
The Elders are hopeful for several more baptisms scheduled this month.

 Check out the new font that was built recently. The Elders in the past have baptized in the waterfall; however it was such a hike and so loud that having this font provides more opportunity for the whole branch to be involved. What a blessing. The Elders turned the water on the night before and it took all night long for the font to fill. It was cold water! But the Spirit here today was WARM!

 It's like one  big happy family in  MOLANGO.

 We are so grateful for these dedicated men who keep this branch functioning and growing! 

*** Our mission has a protocol that each Elder can baptize once in their service here. Other converts need to be baptized by ward members or family members who have a vested interest in them after the missionaries are transferred out of the area. Many Elders wait til the end of their mission- some choose to baptize on their first opportunity. We recognize the success of all the sister missionaries in the mission who play a huge role in the steps leading up to the actual baptism. We are so grateful for the efforts of ward members in each branch/ward who support the Work of Salvation! For it is the Lord's work-



Returned Elder Trent Smith is married! Congratulations from the Mission.
We love you!



Hola Presidente!!

Presidente, esta semana ha sido una semana muy lento pero muy espiritual. Esta semana tuvimos un bautismo! Y no es solamente por eso que me agrado sino de los sentimientos que sentí en el servicio bautismal. Cada vez que participo en un bautismo de otra persona siento una impresión tan fuerte que crece y crece mas y mas. Definitivamente es el espíritu que me esta indicando de lo que estoy haciendo como misionero es verdadero y que Dios realmente nos ama a todos de nosotros que el quiere que regresemos a casa con el. Nuestro investigador que se bautizo es hijo de una paraje que acabaron de bautizarse antes que yo llegue. Su hijo, que fue bautizado, no nos mostraba tanto interés cuando vine por acá. Pero hace algunas semanas su papa nos explico que su hijo quería bautizarse y que quería recibir las charlas. Entonces so las dimos. Después del bautismo, su papa, quien efectuó la ordenanza, estaba abrazándose a su hijo después que regresaron al pasillo. Estaban llorando y abrazándose diciendo que se amaban. No tuve la oportunidad de verlo como sucedió porque estaba enseñando y con otro elder que tuvo un bautismo también pero me di cuenta de la realidad de esta obra. Que une a la familia y que bendice a otras personas. Le agradezco a mi Padre Celestial por haberme dado una familia que me ama, por el evangelio que ha unido a mi y mi familia. Por haberme dado un medio de arrepentimiento para que yo pudiera regresar a casa con mi Padre Celestial y con mi familia. Amo mucho a mi Salvador y se que el murió por mi. 

Gracias por escucharme cada semana y por estar ahí para ayudarme. Le agradezco y espero que tenga un buen dia. Le amo! Cuídese!

Elder J


.....Este semana encontramos una investigadora y su esposo de oro, estaban orando por un cambio en su vida y es cuando hable por el microfono, muchos veces estes contactos no funciona muy bien porque estan en su casa atras de un teléfono y no hay contacto visual y es muy facil de colgar, pero sentí la necesidad cuando estabamos pasando en la calle, estábamos caminando rapido y pasamos la casa, pero no fue mas que 3 pasos y fuimos para tocarla, nos presentamos y ella nos dijo mi parce perfecto pásense. despues nos dijo que tenia un libro de mormon, que algunos de sus familiares son miembros, que consiguió el video de la restauración por ella misma, y que ha rechazado los misioneros dos otros veces, pero este vez ella esta segura que este iglesia es donde debe estar y le gusto mucho el domingo, acepto fecha y todas las cosas que dijimos este dia Se que cuando hablamos con todos y cuando seguimos el espíritu siempre hay exito!!! amo este obra y voy a aprovechar todo el tiempo que tengo aqui!!!

estamos aqui para servirle como siempre,

con amor,
Elder C

Remember when? Pictures before changes.... (above/below)

....In this week we looked some miracles, this area is awesome, first we lost in our area, it´s very huge and i think we are we? but we decided to contact in this place, and we looked a mom with her baby and we contact with harvesting blessing, but she told us, i can´t i need to go to the store, and we told her: we could folow you and then we can go to your house, and she told us mmmm ok let´s go, :) President when we offer the blessing then she accepted a baptismal date, and she accepted attendance to the church, she is a gold investigator, on Sunday she arrived with falda and she arrive at 7:50 more or less.
Then we called some members para que nos acompañaran to some appoinments, and we called with brother Ventura he is the president of the quorum to the elders, and he told us that he can´t but he want a blessing because he was very bad, we expained that we was very far but hariamos lo posible por llegar. Then president the spirit nos indicó taht we need to go with that member, and we called some member and he nos llevó with the broher Ventura, President I NEVER HAVE LOOK A MEN WITH THE FAITH THAT BROTHER VENTURA HAS, presidente él no podía levantarse y le dolía todo el cuerpo no podía caminar, el nos DIJO: nunca HE faltado a una reunión sacramental porque cada Domingo deseo poder renovar mis convenios, y no quiero faltar este Domingo, así que elderes gracias por estar aquí quiero que me den una unción y yo tengo la fe suficiente para ser curado pero quiero saber si ustedes también la tienen, respondimos: claro que si hermano, lo haremos el simplemente sonrió y nos dijo: adelante dénmela, Presidente al dar la unción pudimos sentir muy fuerte el espíritu y recibimos una confirmación de que él asistiría el domingo, al terminar sólo nos agradeció nosotros le dijimos: hermano nos vemos mañana usted irá a la capilla, al día siguiente al llegar a la capilla lo vimos a él caminando con su familia y al vernos llegar nos dijo: Gracias elderes, President this time in my mission is a miracle, sorry all my mission has been a miracle, In this week we have more spiritual experienices i lov that area, it´s hard for me but this time me está moldeando mucho más. 

President i love you please saludeme a hna. Egbert
 les amo Elder V

We have found beautiful places in our area...

 The members spoil us! 
Quesadillas bigger than our heads!!!! Oh my!

 "I love my companion who turned #22 this week! I asked her what she wanted for breakfast and she said 'French Toast' - So french toast it is!
The assistants also helped make her day extra special!

Hi dear president: well let my say this week was amazing we work so much... and we have 14 new investigators thanks for the fasting!!! and more of them are families, and we are so really happy!! because we know the time go so fast!!! and we need to do everything!!! i really love this area and my companion....  i really appreciate your help and you patience ...because i try to do my best, but i know, opposition in all things!!! hahahaa... but we really think about you, and im think about what more what can we do, and we try to found a equivalence in everything!!! i feel so happy for to stay in this wonderful mission, and specially for everything what we can do great!!! i love you president and im feel so old for my birthday!!! :3 but I'm so happy for to start a new year in Mexico, because i love it!! :D Thanks for all and say sister egbert i love you!! :D Hermana V 

Sometimes you just need some ice-cream to make it all the better! 

You too can have fun with a little bit of tape!!!

 Just representing Presidente Egbert! 
Every-time we see airplanes we also think of Presidente!

 These are our NEW FAVORITE!!!

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