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...all the snow in Alaska won't make it white."

'Unless we make Christmas an occasion to share our blessings, all the snow in Alaska won’t make it white.'

 Bing Crosby (1904-1977)

"Sharing the 'blessings' of the gospel in the Mexico Pachuca Mission"

What is taking place in Pachuca? Here's a glimpse...

Elder Bickley and Elder Rodas' house looking good!

Mission Leadership Council December 2013

Service... always is in "Season"

"Checking the Sanity level in the Office" 

Our poor overworked secretaries are closing up the fiscal year and are going "crazy"... we requested a raise for them and it was approved! I asked President if I could have a raise and he said "Yep"- All of you get the same...100% increase of blessings... we will take it!

Candid Camera...
Look, a package for Elder Campuzano!  
Elder Ford and Elder Mendoza looking sharp in their holiday attire- 
and the 'final touch'- the 'Star'. 

 No comment will do justice about these two warriors...

"Service Starts right here at Home"

I had the opportunity to have the secretaries over for breakfast and when they went to leave they decided to do a little service for President and Hermana Egbert... washed both the mission cars which were VERY dirty. I love our missionaries because they are always looking for a way to serve even at the very front door.


Arrivals from the Mexico City MTC  

Three sisters and four elders pictured here with our two assistants. This is at the Pachuca Bus terminal where we meet them and then they come to the mission office for breakfast and interviews. Then companionship's from close by come to the office and pickup each one to work with them for the day. We received notification that our missionaries arriving from the United States (Provo, Utah MTC) had delayed flights and will arrive tomorrow to our mission instead of tonight. Ahhh... this will be a long day and night for them.


Mission Wide Transfers (Cambios)

President tried to keep the changes as minimal as possible before the holiday as most companionship's are doing wonderfully. However, with eleven new arrivals and 7 departing there is a certain domino affect. Our missionaries from Provo, Utah MTC (4 sisters) arrived just after our transfer meeting started. They are absolute "troopers" as they had little sleep and no showers for over 24 hrs.

New Arrivals December 2013

TUESDAY Afternoon

 Gathering of the departing missionaries for dinner/interviews and Wednesday departure.

"Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end.
 They simply mean I'll miss you... until we meet again."

December 2013- Departing Missionaries
Elder Huff, Elder Terry, Elder Rodriquez, Elder Loazya, Elder Lopez and Elder Mijangos. We are missing Elder Noriega in this picture as he had to catch a flight several days earlier.

And thus our Christmas Devotionals begin...

"What shall we give?"

 You know, they only send the most talented to Pachuca!

 What a wonderful spirit was felt by all.
The Christmas Devotionals were on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday through the mission as we gathered a few zones together. Each zone presented a special musical number and messages were shared by Elder-Hermana Ramos (Office Couple), President/Hermana Egbert, and wonderful messages by video from church resources which set the tone. A wonderful spirit filled each days devotional. I would not have traded this experience for the world. Its been the best week in the mission thus far for me personally. We ate lunch consisting of lasagna, turkey-gravy, mashed potatoes, green salad, french bread, cake, and pink lemonade. As always they eat like it is their last meal... which makes it even seem more like home! Then for their gift they each received a copy of one of my favorite Christmas stories "The Christmas Orange" and a mandarin orange. They also wrote on a piece of paper "their" gift to our Lord for the upcoming year.  They wrote very specifically their gift and placed it in a holiday wrapped box. Last but not least, they each received the annual flu vaccine.

 Elder Beesley did my vaccination... he did a great job! 
I had lots of helpers... band-aide king, sign out roster captain, distraction Elder, and the alcohol wipe presenter... It was a team effort. And lastly the support group for consoling....

Thursday- Day 2
Devotional in Tecamac
Seriously, we have great talent in our mission. Impressive!

 "What Shall I Give?"

 It is so touching to see how they each support and encourage each other in times of stress... if you could have watched this whole event!

FRIDAY- Day 3 

 It's no surprise how quickly music can set the tone of the meeting.

 Elder Macias and Elder Barber get credit for the cute hats.
More "pouch" arrived for these two zones- So exciting!

 I told them they would thank me later for the flu vaccination... 
I'm still waiting...
The facial expressions were priceless!

"Merry Christmas to the Mexico Pachuca Mission family and friends." 

May you consider as we have:

"What Shall I Give". 


Buenas Tardes Presidente Egbert. 
quiero contarle algo que a mi padre le sucedió en un mes así como este que es algo especial pero cierto y también da la importancia como dice su carta ;en que es el momento mas importante de predicar el evangelio de Jesucristo en este mes que da felicidad, paz y gozo..
cuando era mas chico mi padre me contó esto me dijo que su familia (mis abuelos y tíos) se reunía alrededor del árbol y cantaba cuatro o cinco villancicos, y luego a los niños se les invitaba a encontrar sus regalos, que estaban cubiertos con una manta donde se encontraban a un lado de una figura del niño jesus.
Esta tradición del día de Nochebuena desarrolló en mi papa unos fuertes sentimientos de santidad, gozo, amor, gratitud y seguridad. Estos sentimientos, que irradiaban de los símbolos de la figura de cera del niño Jesús, la cual sólo veíamos por Navidad, tuvieron una gran influencia en todos nosotros.
Muchos años después, cuando ya tenía mi propia familia, (nosotros sus hijos y mi mama como esposa) recibio el mensaje del Evangelio de Jesucristo cuando los misioneros llamaron a su puerta. me dijo que Había algo en esos misioneros, un brillo de confianza, de esperanza, de seguridad y de amor, que al principio nos parecía de un cuento de hadas.
¿Sería cierto? ¿Sería cierto que todos somos hijos de un amoroso Padre Celestial y que por
medio del Espíritu de Jesucristo yo podía llegar a entender los sentimientos que había tenido
en la Navidad de mi infancia?(eso dijo mi papa)..ahora el sabe que Gracias al Evangelio, el entendimiento que les condujo a su conversión y bautismo les habia ayudado a ver que cada día podía ser una Navidad si nos centramos en Él, le escuchamos y le abrazamos con un corazón amoroso y agradecido.
¡Qué gozo recibió mi familia cuando abrimos nuestra alma a la luz del Evangelio de Jesucristo!
Como se acerca la Navidad, sé que al recordar siempre a Jesucristo, al estar siempre centrados en Él, nos sentiremos como si cada día fuera Navidad, tal y como mi papa, mi mama en ese entonces sintieron el 24 de diciembre en su niñez.ahora se que estos son mese para recordar mas plenamente a Jesucristo y alo grandiosos que hiso el para que nosotros disfrutaramos..agradesco estos momentos y no los cambiaria por y tambien testifico de esto presidente en el nombre de Jesucrsito ,amen. gracias por sus cartas y le deseamos feliz navidad, mis padres le mandan saludos y mis hermanos tambien. a usted y a su esposa.
Elder R.

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