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...the only true change agent.

Ask for His Help

"The Savior entreats us to come unto him. He wants us to come close to him. He wants us to have increasingly repeated interactions with him and to really get to know him...
As we increase our interactions with the Savior- as we really come unto him- we can become like him.... We will increase in our ability to see more like him, to love more like him, and to be more like him."

Although our Lord Jesus Christ never changes, he is the quintessential change agent- the only true change agent. Don't you love that seeming irony: the only true change agent never changes! There is only one true and living change agent- and he changes not. And he loves you. And he loves your desire and your efforts to change. He is your Savior and my Savior! We need to actively, persistently plead for the power of his infinite and atoning sacrifice to be applied in our lives. And as we do so, his ultimate healing will bring to each of our lives the ultimate change.

Wendy L Watson

I love visiting the Elders through out the mission.. and as I get braver to drive here and there and make it safely back home my confidence grows. These amazing Elders needed a few essentials and were so grateful for the simplest of items. This was on Monday morning - Elder Jacobson and Elder De Leon(left)were already cleaning up a storm with their mop and toilet cleaner at 7:15 am. So proud of them. Elder Ajpop and Elder Lancaster (right) were ready for an glad I made it there before 1000 am.


Our Tecamac II -Zone Leaders Elder Hirst and Elder Gallegos live in the cutest neighborhood especially for the area. I was happily surprised. I couldn't find their house so had to finally drop my pride and call them to come meet me at a local supermarket that I could locate. They took a taxi and met me there and then escorted me back to their darling home. I dropped pouch for their zone and a case of Book of Mormons. Also a fun birthday box for Elder Hirst whose birthday was Friday. I had an extra dish drainer for their cute abode and they were so excited. I love the efforts of these Elders because they make their place a home away from home and take such nice care of what they do have. Also they are so gracious and always treat me with such love and respect. I couldn't ask for anything more...


After making my rounds to two areas of the mission I returned to the mission office at 1030 and found these darling little elves enjoying the holiday spirit as Sister Ramos decorated the tree and President Egbert was doing special interviews. Thanksgiving isn't celebrated here in Mexico (who knew?) so we jump right to the Spirit of Christmas. They dressed Elder Loayza in a tree skirt and the message we are sending to everyone at home. Also note the boxes that arrived - #14 holiday boxes for missionaries.... I was so excited. The majority will be distributed all over the mission on Thursday when zone and district leaders come in for Leadership Training. 


Monday is P-Day and that means "PREPARATION DAY" and these guys are working it perfectly. Helping each other hang up curtain rods and then taking time for a little "siesta" ... though I think Elder Katich and Elder Rogel are playing "possum"...

 Can't help but love their fun personalities!

With permission I share letters occasionally from the Weekly Mailbox to President- 
They strengthen my faith and hopefully yours....

President Egbert,
This has been an absolutely fantastic week! This week has been a pretty big "back hand to the face," but in a humbling and gratifying sort of way. We have had a lot of challenges with the people and the way they treat us. I don't think that I have ever felt more hated in my life, but I have never felt like I have loved others more in my life! For me, that really is something special. All the credit goes to the Lord. He has heard and answered our prayers and helped us in every aspect of what we do here. The more I strive to forget myself and get out of his way, the more we are really starting to see the work the way he intended it to be. Including all the baptisms, confirmations, spiritual experiences, miracles, etc that I have seen in the mission, I still would say without a doubt that the most gratifying part of my mission has been helping the members of this ward catch the vision and excitement of each doing their part of the Work of Salvation. I have never been more excited or felt more in place and needed than I do here in this area.
This week we were sporting 7 baptismal dates heading into Sunday. We worked ourselves into the ground to obtain that and ended the week with about 45 lessons taught and about 25 of those with members. (These people are absolute CHAMPIONS by the way. They are out there with us on the front lines contacting, knocking doors, and visiting friends and family, teaching, preaching and testifying.) As we visited all of our investigators to verify that they were going to make it to church Sunday, about 6 out of 7 said they weren't going to show.
Instead of becoming discouraged and slacking off, we decided to kick it up a notch. We fasted and prayed and studied for our investigators the whole week and begged heavenly father to provide a way for them to keep progressing. As I sat there at the piano during sacrament meeting, I played, "How Great Thou Art," as I watched every one of our investigators enter and partake of the sacrament. How great He is!! While I know he honors and respects our agency, my testimony grew so much that he is so willing to do whatever he can, with his arms, "outstretched continually," to help us on our way home.
My testimony for the week is Moses 1:37. Simple but powerful. All he does, no matter how we may see or accept it, is for our eternal benefit. As I watch these amazing investigators progress I see their challenges, weaknesses, and doubts, and through it all the mercy of the Lord has lifted them. I am trying to be kind, and am glad that God is kind. As Elder Holland says, it is a happy way to live. Who would have thought that loving people that throw fruit at us, push us, and spit on us would make us so happy :) The Lord is truly changing me.
Training is teaching me so much. My companion has been such a blessing in my life and I have learned so much from him. We are holding these people to a new standard and striving to see them as they can become, and they are rising up to the challenge and progressing and being a part of the best thing I have ever done or will ever do with my life.
As I think back about our interview when I wanted to go home, there is no shame or sorrow. Just gratitude. The change the Lord has made in me is such a miracle. I know I owe everything to him and will never look back. I testify that he can make so much more of us than we can of ourselves. I love you president. Know that you have helped me become what the Lord needs me to be. I will always be grateful for that.
Wishing the best for you and your wife, and sending love from out here in .......
Elder XXXX


Pachuca Sur Zone Conference- Tuesday 

This is the last of this cycle of Zone Conferences... The zone leaders did an excellent job and had a great variety of teaching- using video exerts which were very meaningful. They also set up the lunch to be served which was very tasty. Thanks Elder Christensen and Elder Almaraz for your efforts. Job well done!


Wednesday "Catch up" This was a busy day at the office for President and I as we worked on administrative items. I worked on medical billing all day and made a small dent... President worked on emails, had special interviews, wrapped up the training with the assistants for Thursday Leadership Training, tried to locate a new tire for our little car and then wrapped up with an Interview by the Area Seventy Elder Mendoza. Before we knew- it was 800 pm and we were ready to head for home.


Leadership Training for All Zone and District Leaders -Thursday 

We had this training for 2.5 hours from 10-12:30 pm and they all arrived at the church next to the Mission Office. They were instructed by the Assistants Elder Loza and Elder Ceballos and President Egbert. These leaders carry additional responsibilities as they care for the missionaries in their assigned areas. They teach and support on a continuous basis and are always serving as the example. So their level of worth ethic, obedience, and Integrity has to be exact. I love how when President was talking they were all attentively taking notes and quiet as little mice.

Mexico Pachuca Mission Leadership  

Picking up pouch, supplies, and headed back to their areas.


Faces of our Happy Leaders.....

Look I got "Mail"... I'm so excited! 

It was the most heart felt, sincere and touching note from an Elder here in our mission expressing his love and gratitude for me as his "Mission Mom" and his love for President. It totally touched my heart and filled my bucket... I was teary the whole way home as I read it... I love these Missionaries more than words can describe and consider each one a member of our family forever. 


Elder Cardon (Zone Leader) and Elder Macias (District Leader) taking pouch back to his area and stopping for a quick picture...


I love this picture because this shows exactly how good our Elders are. I asked Elder Christensen "Are you breaking into your Christmas box?"  He replied,"No this is my Thanksgiving Box and because its Thanksgiving at home today I'm sharing it with everyone."  I witnessed him passing out treats to a bunch of his missionary buddies who were so excited... It touched my heart that he was so unselfish with his box when I know how valuable it is to them when they receive a box from home. 


 "Do you want to be happy? Forget yourself and get lost in this great cause. Lend your efforts to helping people... Stand higher, lift those with feeble knees, hold up the arms of those that hang down. Live the gospel of Jesus Christ." 

Gordon B. Hinckley

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