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I know it to be true...

"I Know It To Be True..." 

Not very often do I take the opportunity to publicly share my feelings... simply my emotions run to close to the surface and tears seem to seep out when least appropriate. That being said- I simply want to state for the record that, "I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. That he did translate the Book of Mormon. That he saw God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son. I know the Work of Salvation involves us all- and I know I can do my small part here in Pachuca Mexico. I know Heavenly Father knows you and he knows me- and he cares about each of our missionaries specifically. I know His hand is involved in the work here in Pachuca on a daily basis; I have witnessed it myself. I know that prayer can be a powerful life line when we need His help or just want to offer a prayer of gratitude. I know I am blessed. This I testify of ...."

Hermana Salli Kae Egbert

At the Tecamac Stake Conference last Saturday and Sunday we had the privilege of watching this young girl play the electric key board (piano) for the Stake Conference congregation and choir. What was so impressive was how confident and brave she was... we have several Elders through the mission and one in this particular area that is trying to expand his skills of playing the piano so that he can assist his specific ward who has no pianist. His comment included "I wished I would have taken advantage of piano lessons when I was young".... and " Oh -when our ward sings it can be rather painful". He has a simplified hymn book that I happened to bring from home and he is feverishly practicing on this keyboard every chance he gets. We are so grateful for the handful of Elders who know how, or are working on learning how to play the piano.

 We applaud their efforts and talents. 


Elder Esteves and Elder Leon looking handsome for Stake Conference ... 

It was just for fun before they left for the meetings. These masks are very popular in Mexico and are actually used in wrestling attire. I value their sense of humor- the mission is meant to be fun and at the same time rewarding while building work ethic, testimonies, levels of maturity, self confidence, and love for others.


Mondays are P-Days 

This group of Elders that live close to the area went to see the pyramids. It was a beautiful day with a fun group of "brothers" to share in the fun. Look how sharp they look in their missionary attire even on P-Days! Always a representative of the Savior Jesus Christ.

 Proud to call them our "Stripling Warriors of Pachuca".


 And...... yes these are our Stripling Warriors on Ice!

Pachuca just installed a mini ice rink in the center of town and it was free on Monday so they went to do a quality control check. Yes, when I asked them where their helmets and body armor were they said they forgot it at home. Luckily no broken bones only lots of fun, giggles, and a few bruises. I'm sure the spectators were impressed with the natural talents of our Elders. You have witnessed  Olympic lifts, spins, twirls, the "Choo-choo train" line and when some let go of the side railing Olympic speed skating captured on camera! Yes they only send the most talented to the Mexico Pachuca Mission.  

Happy Holidays to Everyone at Home...




On occasion we have sick ones that work until they give out and then collapse... 

Hermana Cebreros was being "Super Woman". Finally after a days work her companions towed her home and called me for assistance. She had not felt good for 3 days... I delivered some antibiotic and the next day a sweet sister from their ward stayed with her while the other two worked in their area and the day after that she was back on her feet! 

These girls never complain or whine.... they put the rest of us to shame. 

(That couch is enough to make your back and neck hurt even if the rest of you felt fine!)


Mission Leadership Council  

This is held monthly in our home for all the Zone Leaders and Sister Leader Trainers. We eat breakfast at 830 and have training from 9:00 -2:30 pm. Then we eat lunch and everyone heads back to their zones where the following day they teach and train the missionaries in their zones. All the power points, videos and agendas are downloaded on each Zones USB drive to assist them in their own training. We have the most marvelous Zone Leaders and Sister Leader Trainers who are catching the vision of what President Egbert see's for Mexico Pachuca. 

 I'm never at a loss for help in the kitchen... These three had the cinnamon french toast and sausages with warm maple syrup down pat. It was a hit and I think Elder Oliver holds the record for twelve french toast!  I just love these kids... warms my heart in real life and then again to see them in pictures. 

At mid training break they had a holiday snack of Ritz Crackers, Cheese cubes and salami thinly sliced with Cran-grape juice. Yum!

 For lunch we had spaghetti, cheese bread, green salad, corn, and "Lazy Daisy Oatmeal Cake". And for the trip home on the bus they got a snack of banana bread...

 I don't think it made it for breakfast in the morning.

Hola Presidente.

Pues esta semana, a sido buena, aunque hay dias en que estoy triste por las personas que no progresan, mas que nada por que no quieren aceptar o no queiren volver con nuestro padre celestial, y pues eso es lo unico que me aflige, que otras personas no quieran acepatar a Jesucristo como su salvador, es diciembre y es en la epoca en que mas recuerdo a mi Salvador y Redentor, recuerdo todo lo que el hizo, como, lo hizo y por que lo hizo, estoy gozoso presidente un gozo que no puedo describir solo se que Jesucristo y Dios me han purificado, me estan moldeando y me estan ayudando a ser mejor Discipulo y deseo con todo mi corazon llegar a ser como ellos quieren que sea, y mas que nada llegar a la vida eterna, realmente se que no hay mejor descision que esta, el estar al servicio de Dios y olvidarnos de nosotros mismo y buscar el exito de los demas, y perderme hasta llegar al punto de no preocuparme mucho por mi, se que con eso puedo llegar a ser mas y mas como jesucristo por que el cuando vino , no vino a buscar su gloria,salvacion, o Exito, si no el vino para que nosotros pudieramos lograr nuestro exito, y el al hacerlo asi el obtuvo su propia salvacion, y se que esa es la unica manera de lograr nuestra salvacion, se que estoy siendo probado por el señor en cuanto a mi paciencia, y perseverancia en cuanto a seguir adelante aunque todo este saliendo ''MAL'' y realmente no puedo describir que gosozo estoy por conocer a Jesucristo su expiacion y su amor que el tuvo por nosotros, se que lo que el hizo no fue facil, pero el estuvo dispuesto a hacerlo por el amor que tiene por cada uno de nosotros, muchas veces pienso, que se puede hacer, como puedo ayudar a mas,y mas personas a saber que Dios existe que nos ama y desea que estemos con el y llego a la conclusion, y siento que , debo hacer todo lo que estoy haciendo y mejorar siempre, hasta llegar a ser tal como Jesucristo es, estoy agradecido por su amor presidente por su comprension y por cuidarnos tanto, se que usted siempre se preocupa por sus hijos en esta mision , 

le amo presidente 

mis saludos a usted y la hermana egbert 

Les Amo...♥♥♥ EJ


 If you ever need to smile you just have to see or talk with Elder Katich and Elder Esteves! 

I love love their matching sweaters and that looks delish on the table! 

Also... I think if the mission allowed "PETS" Elder Katich would sneak "Cappuchino" home.


Happy December President Egbert!

I once heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Upon remembering this phrase a few days ago I realized something very important: I felt like I was going insane trying to work in the area. Applying the saying to myself I realized that if I am going to be a successful missionary here, I need to do something different.

First thing that I have noticed is how much of a whiner I've been, especially in my time here in _____. Yes, it's a hard area, but is harder with a bad attitude. I need to start thinking more positively.

Second, I have been giving up too easy. Work is the answer to almost all problems. Sure- a day doesn't go my way. This just means that I have to think on my feet in who to visit, and learn from my mistakes, planning for a better tomorrow.

Third, I can be the change this area needs if I can be honest with myself and perfect my weaknesses. A less than 100% missionary will not get the 100% results he wants.

Fourth, I need to get better at verifying with everyone. Good fruit can't be harvested if the plants are left to themselves.

Your letters are important and not to be taken for granted. I'm going to start reporting in these letters how I have utilized the letter in my week. Sorry for being too dense to realize the gift in my face.

I want to be better. I have the desire. now I need the goals. I'm working on them right now.

Love EB

 I apologize as the picture (above left) is blurry but this is the Elders after district mtg in the Tulancingo Zone. This district is in a very far away and remote area from us. Oh how we trust and love these kids ... I wanted to show you their two story church building that will be unique looking to many back at home.
 (Above right) is the picture of last weekends baptism of Elder Barrios and Elder Ferrin's (One of our amazing new elders) new convert who is a seasoned young #70 years old.


Pachuca Centro Zone Leaders  

Aren't we a little happy about moving? This new residence will suit their needs so much better, I'm just sorry Elder Arnett went home before he could enjoy the nice change. A member of the ward lives next door and is renting this to our Elders. He just put in the new window (above) the day before and was finishing the tile work as I took a tour. He is going to paint the upstairs ("headquarters") this weekend and they should be all set. I will return in one week or so for the official home tour and to share pictures of the inside. Construction while living in the same space doesn't portray the full potential so a picture of them at the front door was only fair. Great job Elders!


 SERVICE is GOOD for the SOUL 


Ward Activity sponsored by the Missionaries It was a great and successful activity with about #70 in attendance. The good bishop (above right) is so good to our Elders- we love him.


I can't help but share this beautiful photo of our recent assistant in the mission Elder Dove who is back home in Utah and sent us this picture of him on Thanksgiving morning out on the patio reading the Book of Mormon daily like he did in the Mission. So proud of you Elder Dove.

When the Missionaries return home after completing their call they commit to President the following items... signed by them and President the night before they fly home. President got the basis of this idea from a Mission President serving in Japan when President Egbert was serving as a Stake President. 

Would any of these help you as you set goals for the upcoming 2014? 

  • I will daily rejoice in prayer to my Heavenly Father. I will always pray for blessings and guidance. I will always give thanks for the miracles and tender mercies in my life.
  • I will search the scriptures daily and will always maintain my love for them.
  • I will spiritually renew myself each week and I will keep the Sabbath Day holy through attending sacrament meeting and participating in the sacrament worthily.
  • I will always have a calling and I will always magnify it. If I find myself without a calling I will go to my bishop and ask for a calling.
  • I will always have a current temple recommend and I will attend the temple regularly. The first six months of returning home from my mission I will attend the temple a minimum of two times each month.
  • I will dedicate myself to a life of service. I will be first to offer my service whenever an opportunity presents itself. I will magnify my duty as a home teacher/ visiting teacher.
  • I will diligently strive to keep myself pure and virtuous. Specifically, I will avoid pornography as if it were a lethal plague.
  • I will always pay an honest tithe and generous fast offering.
  • I will be a missionary for life! I will NEVER be an "ex-misionero". I will pray for and seek out missionary experiences daily. I will for my entire life strive to support and help the converts and the companions that I had during my service in the Mexico Pachuca Mission.
  • I will actively seek for an eternal companion. This means that I will live worthily so that I am guided by the Spirit. I will go where worthy members go, I will do what worthy members do, and I will ask for the guidance of the Holy Ghost to assist me in finding my eternal companion.
As I fulfill these 10 Commitments, I know that I will always be able to say "Yes" to the question Alma posed, "Can ye feel so now?" Alma 5:26


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  1. Loved your testimony! You are incredible in serving your elders as they serve others! Keep up the good work in feeding them both spiritually and physically. You make a great Mamasita!