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"...assigned to do the Lord's work in a specific area."

"You are assigned to do the Lord's work in a specific area. He wants you to watch over your area with love and great care. Your purpose is to help others come unto Him through baptism and confirmation. Do all you can to leave your area stronger than you found it. Meaningful goals and careful planning will help you accomplish what the Lord requires of you."

PMG Pg 137

Elder Stewart and Elder Ponce at Ward Conference in Xicotepec. A new Bishopric was sustained and an amazing new ward mission leader called... they are excited and love their assigned area!


Hola Presidente,
This week has been great. Thank you for putting me with Elder M, he has been great and I have learned so much. This week we have been working super hard to reach our goals (the standards of excellence) and for the first week in my mission we reached them. I feel so good and I have really learned that attitude is everything. The area didn't change- the people here didn't change- the only thing that changed is our attitude towards the area. It was great and we have been working really well together to find people to teach and to help them understand the message we bring and the importance of it. Thank you for everything President and we will continue to work and improve to make sure this area becomes everything the Lord wants it to be.  Elder P


Our two great Elders from Molango... Elder Zeledon-Elder Vique

Dear Presidente,
This week was awesome. we worked hard and met the standard. Even better we put 11 baptismal dates and 8 were in the capilla.(Church on Sunday) It was fantastic! We are seeing miracles. The one family is large and most of them have baptismal dates; we just need the others to be there. They are an amazing family. They keep the commitments that we give them and have great faith. The father didn't go to work on Sunday so he could come to church. He at first said "I have work and can't come", but then said "never mind I'm going". It is amazing to see people with such great faith. It gives me faith and a feeling this is truly the only true gospel and that people are being prepared for us. It was a great week. Thanks for all that you do. Have a great week. Love Elder R


Tecamac usually has horrible cell phone coverage and so when needing extra help Elder Galo climbs on top of the tallest thing and looks to the heavens ... 



"When does service NOT bring a smile to ones face?".... never...

 Our Missionaries from Huachinango worked together helping their investigator pack his fish. It was a "smelly" job but they had so much fun working together and knowing that their assistance to him was significant. Elder Fox (above) is always stylish now matter what picture he is in... model material after the mission!

These bags are seriously just like what we put our dirty clothes in and probably smells about the same!

 "One of the great blessings of membership in the Church is the opportunity to serve."


(Below) our great Elders in Sahagun - Elder Rodas and Elder Maravilla

 "When we give loving service to others, we are serving God. When we are baptized, we covenant to give such service. We are to become aware of others' physical and spiritual needs. We then give of our time, talents, and means to help meet those needs. We follow the example of the Savior, who came to serve others. We are to do What Jesus did and become like Him."

PMG Pg 87


Pachuca Centro Zone activity....


Leadership Council Training Meeting for April 2014

(sorry about the bad picture... next month will be better)

 Training focused on: 

Assistants- "How to begin teaching" 

 Hermana Egbert- "Transitioning into a leader and the 'hats' one wears" 

President Egbert- Review of Elder Oaks talk at the Mexico City MTC and the principles of missionary work that we have been focusing on that were re-taught by Elder Oaks an Apostle of the Lord.

 The Elders are always true gentlemen and allow the "Sister Leader Trainers" to be served first...

 Elder Bickley can testify that the brownie, ice-cream, banana, carmel/chocolate syrups and whipped topping would rival any Dairy Queen "Brownie Delight!".

 Eating Elders are happy Elders... today's menu of Chicken/Potato/Bacon casserole, green salad, garlic bread, and brownie sundaes.

Our great Sister Leader Trainers who watch over the sisters in the mission. We now have #36 sisters in the Mexico Pachuca Mission.  Leaders L-R: Hermana Contreras, Hermana Laguna, Hermana Luna, Hermana Palacios, Hermana Cebreros, and Hermana Ramierez

Quiero compartir una experiencia que tuvimos el dia de ayer, reconoci de manera mas clara cual es mi llamamiento, estabamos buscando a unas personas, no las encontramos, hicimos lo que usted nos ha dicho, planes de respaldo y mas planes de respaldo, si eso no funciona, usamos la lista de miembros y si aun eso no funciona, oramos en la calle para pedir inspiracion, y nunca lo habia echo como lo hicimos ayer, realmente le pedimos ayuda a Nuestro Padre Celestial, y talvez no fue inmediata su respuesta pero cuando terminamos la oracion me senti completamente llena de gozo y paz y dije en mi interior "Soy Representante de Jesucristo" no tengo porque tener temor de abrir mi boca con cuanta persona sea posible, y no tengo que tener miedo de tocar puertas inspiradas. El reconocer eso ayer me lleno de una alegria muy grande, siempre habia sentido que ese era mi llamamiento pero en verdad ayer lo senti tan fuerte que mucho de ese miedo de abrir mi boca se disipo.
Estoy agradecida con cada una de las indicaciones e instrucciones que nos da, se que realmente son revelacion y que si hacemos nuestra parte como debemos Nuestro Padre Celestial nos ayudara por completo. Hermana P

 Pachuca Centro Zone Capacitation -Thursday


This week was a good one. Actually excellent! The highlight of the week was definitely Sunday at church when we had 7 investigators come. Elder ________ and I were super happy to see all of those people come in and all of our amazing recent converts come in a participating in the Work of Salvation, the way it should be done. We are hoping to see lots of baptisms in this month of April and we are just feeling better and better every week as we keep finding new people to teach and help them along the path that leads to eternal life. We have been so blessed by the Lord and know that we are going to be able to baptize every week like we have been promised as we apply what you have taught us and as we are obedient and we keep receiving the shower of blessing the Lord has prepared for us. My vision has really been amplified these past few weeks that is for sure. 
Elder H

 So these cute zone leaders had these on their head and who happens to walk by? The Stake President of their stake... who just smiled and kept walking.

 Elder Sims and Elder Messick on divisions while their companions are getting  VISA issues worked out. House inspection went great and I truly enjoyed dropping off treats and talking with them for awhile about happenings in the mission. These are two great young men-so blessed to have them here!

President:  I want to tell you about one experience that happened last week. Well we went to have a lesson with a person that I had found by knocking. I was walking in the street and thought that a specific green house I could knock, but then at first I thought " No, lets go have a lesson with who we have planned." ... then for what ever reason I went and knocked the door of the green house. We were invited into this persons house; had lesson one and at the end she got tears in her eyes and told me a small story. She said this day I was having a hard day with her son, with work, and with other challenges and she was praying to God that he would sent someone to help her and then we knocked.. I have to say President I know why I'm here and I have a testimony that people are waiting for me as a messenger of God. I've seen it this week and it changed me. I can’t wait to see her progress to baptism; it has put more of a fire in me. We also went to pick her up for church and she was already leaving, and told us "I don’t want to be late!" Thank you for everything- thank you for the revelation to put me here in this area- I thank you for everything
 com mucho amor  Elder S

 "Picking up pouch and Books of Mormon"

 "The Savior loves all people and desires their salvation..." 

Elder Pearson and Elder Santos in Apan- their house looked great!

 Successful house inspection in Sahagun. So proud of Elder Rodas and Elder Maravilla. The house looked great and they even hung up some curtains...

 Elder Rodriguez and Elder Lainhart had everything in order in their home. I was most impressed with their organized study area and clean bathroom! SCORE!!! Mom Egbert was so excited.... Left them with a few treats and pieces of carpet to use by their beds for prayers...

"Laboring in the Lords Vineyard"... 

Not always easy but it wasn't meant to be easy...

 District Meetings March 2014

 "To smile is free..."

 "God gives us commandments for our benefit. They are instructions from a loving Father in Heaven to help us have happy lives."

PMG pg. 72

Presidente Egbert, 
Esta fin de semana tuvimos una experiencia espiritual, el Viernes por la noche al terminar el planeamiento tuve la impresión de que no debíamos ir a Z....... pero aún no estaba muy seguro de lo que estaba sintiendo y fuimos a acostarnos, por la mañana siguiente seguí dudando en cuanto al planeamiento para ese día y vinieron muchos pensamientos a mi mente de que debíamos permanecer en M......, así que decidimos orar para poder conocer que era lo que Dios quería que hiciéramos el sábado, al terminar de orar vinieron más pensamientos a mi mente y no sabía que teníamos que hacer, así que salimos de la casa y nos dirigimos a la central para tomar el camión a Z........., y antes de llegar sentimos que debíamos quedarnos y así lo hicimos, regresamos a casa e hicimos otro planeamiento, aún no sabíamos el motivo por el cual nos habíamos quedado. En una lección que tuvimos por la tarde una hermana nos dijo, elderes tengo una sobrina que se quiere bautizar y está muy animada, vayan a visitarla, eso fue un milagro porque muchas veces pasamos con los mismos miembros y les hacemos la "pregunta" y nos dicen, por ahora no, y está hermana después de un tiempo nos dijo ya tengo a alguien vayan. Luego por la noche ya no teníamos a nadie para visitar no pudimos encontrar a los hermanos que teníamos planeado visitar, así que decidimos buscar por iniciativa propia, e intentamos primero con una persona y nos dijo que no, pero seguimos intentando y sentimos que debíamos pasar por un restaurante por el cual pasamos en muchas ocasiones y la trabajadora siempre nos saluda amablemente, al entrar al restaurante y decir buenas noches podemos compartir un mensaje con usted, ella nos dijo: adelante; después de la oración ella nos dijo ustedes son la respuesta de la oración que acabo de hacer hace unos momentos, anteriormente ya he hablado con misioneros y me sorprende que ustedes hayan llegado ahorita en este preciso momento, nos compartió por lo que estaba pasando y nos pidió que le ayudáramos, aceptó su fecha pero por su trabajo no puede asistir a la capilla, pero nos dijo que iba a pedir permiso para el próximo Domingo, fue sorprendente ese día aprendimos mucho y se que el espíritu nos guía en todo momento si hacemos todo lo que usted nos ha pedido, y sabemos que es Dios el que nos lo pide.

Gracias por todo presidente, le amo mucho   Elder V


Agency: The ability and privilege God gives people to chose and to act for themselves

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