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An "Egg-stra" Special Easter in the Mission

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son... that the world through him might be saved." 

John 3:16-17

Happy Easter Holiday to all our friends and family all over the world... Everyone sends their love from the Mexico Pachuca Mission.

 Under the "Circus" tent are all these cute ringmasters in the Work of Salvation. Missing the two zone leaders in this picture. Can you not just feel of their spirit by the smiles on their faces?

Stake Conference in Tezontepec on Saturday/Sunday the 12-13th of April. The conference was held in a large tent outdoors because of the lack of room in the small chapel. A special spirit filled the tent and the choir looked so nice dressed in matching colors. We were able to see an Elder who was recently released from the mission- and has since returned to work with a man from this area in a restaurant business. So great to see Elder Enriquez. (upper right). The Stake President from this stake always brings the spirit of love and reverence when he speaks. He has such a tender heart and is such a generous host when we come to visit. Thank you President and Sister Lozano for the wonderful weekend.

 A birthday cake for Elder Segura (thanks Mom Segura) who celebrated early with Hermana Garcia who had a birthday on Saturday. What a happy group of Elders on a beautiful Sunday. 


Dear President,
I am grateful for the interview that I was able to have with you. The advice you gave me was huge and really boosted my confidence with my Spanish no matter if it is horrible. Maybe we didnt have the best week ever with lessons and new fechas (baptism dates) but the same day as my interview we found 3 new people for initiativa propia. We were super excited and all the people are awesome and ready to here the gospel. Another way I discovered to start up a conversation is to help serve people. This joven (young man) was pushing his scooter up the mountain in Ajacuba and obviously he was struggling. Well ,I asked him if he would like help and he said yes. I helped push his scooter up to where he wanted it the whole time having a conversation. We really do just need to open our mouths and we will know what to say.
Love,    Elder T


Elder Smith and Elder Mendoza (above) headed on a bus back to their area after Stake Conference. 

Missionaries on the "bus" for transportation to Stake Conference. Gotta love the "selfie" picture....

We were so happy to be able to pick up Hermana Garcia and Hermana Cline in Tiahuelipan on our way to Sundays conference. We checked out their house and found all in order. Nice job !

President Egbert
We have an investigator that wants to get baptized, he has studied the bible a lot and honestly knows quite a bit about the bible and what like all the different churches believe. This week we were going to teach the restoration. We started talking about how God is etc etc. Then i asked him what he thought Gods nature is like if he has a body or whatever. He told me how he has studied it out and he believed that God is a spirit, and he expressed scriptures to kind of back up´what he was saying (not in like a bible bash kind of way though) he told me though he would like to know what i think or something like that .

Anyway, i had no idea what i was going to say, becuase i didnt want this to turn into a bible bash, but as well we needed to be firm and show him that God does indeed have a body. We said a prayer, and i was just praying and praying that i would know how to answer this guys doubt.

Even after the prayer i wasn't sure what i was going to say but two scriptures came to my mind . Luke 24:39 and 3 Nephi 12:48. i explained how Jesus gave us the perfect example of how to do everything. and then took them to the Book of Mormon and share how the commandment is that we become perfect like God and Jesus are. I asked the question are we suppose to come perfect like Jesus, or like God the father? them explained how the word "perfect" is a Hebrew word which is to say "complete" so the commandment is to become complete like the Jesus and like God the father, then explained how having a body is essential to becoming complete like God and like Jesus. After i said that he just kinda looked at me and was like wow, your right! It was really cool, i wasn't sure what i was going to say next but it just kept coming out! truly was a testimony to me that God will put the very words in the precise moments, that we will not be confounded before man!   Elder S

Snapshots of Monday around the Mission

 So if I had to divide the teams up I say "White Jerseys" against "Any other color Jerseys"... everyone agree???

 Gotta love these two zone leaders Elder Hixon and Elder Felsted. They celebrated Hermana Bailey and Hermana Contreras' birthdays with Pizza, cake, and fun.  Happy Birthday Sisters...

 Its true- Pachuca has the cutest, hardest working, and kindest sisters in the World. 

 Our two birthday girls... Hermana Bailey/Hermana Contreras


Meanwhile back at the office... business as usual with "pouch" & supply pickup, reimbursements-rent receipt turn in and special interviews with President.

 Elder Ramos (above left) has a little tienda (store) started in the storage room of the office. Any used/donated clothing by previous missionaries and house supplies are available along with Books of Mormon, pamphlets,  and anything else they may need.

 Then there is the ever so loved painting service projects -but this time it was a district helping paint one of the missionaries houses that was oh so so...  are you guys actually getting things painted?  

Oh wait- I think I do see a difference in color!


...and then the Monday haircuts. 

I love that most trust each other to get the job done. Uhm... Elders - I hope this turned out OK. But just remember the only difference between a good hair cut and a bad haircut is ONE week. At least that is what I tell President.

The Elders here took advantage of their own area and did a little hiking to take in the beautiful view and to get a good work out.


Tulancingo Zone Interviews- Tuesday

President and I walk around the corner to enter the church and what do we find? Elder Bickley (zone leader) and Elder Macias breaking into the church so we can have interviews and use the high council room that we got locked out of. Thank goodness for tender mercies...

 President loves interview time with the missionaries and it gives me a chance to check on houses, talk with these cute kids, and give English exams. Kudos to all of the Elders today who did great on their modules....

 Elder Stewart modeling his new rain jacket from the previous Bishop in their ward. I think this says something like "If you want to change the World... take care of your Garden"???

 hmmm I don't get it...

 English module exam success!!! Great job Elders...  

Elder Grajales (2nd from left) has two other brothers serving missions in Brazil only one hour apart from each other. What a blessing for his family to have three sons out at the same time; they all left about the same time.


When I asked these two what they needed for their house they just mentioned "A couch"... 

Dear president ,

I am grateful for the unconditional love and blessings that our father has for each and everyone of us his children , His gospel is love and happiness for the people here in Mexico . I have seen many lives here change because of their faith in the gospel and it always makes me happy to know that he is always with us helping us share the gospel . We worked harder than we have worked before and we were able to find more people to teach and more members to go with us , we have done a little better in the work and i am trying to find ways we can do more and better every week. I am asking the sister training leaders for divisions so they can supervise and help us know how we can do better, i really want to do better every week and be able to work hard , we got into every combi and opened our mouths and shared the gospel , its never easy to do so but it always brings us joy when people pay attention to what we say and then tell us no thank you after hahaha some accept and some ask many questions which we always love. People do have interest in the gospel , we were in one combi and there was a pastor in with us he ignored us the whole time while he was reading his bible he got off and i felt the need to just say adios i did and he was shocked and smiled- hahaha it was a miracle for my companion that he actually smiled back at us, same when we were heading to arenal and we met this very angry woman she was worse than the grinch , we felt the need to just keep talking to her while she was giving us an attitude , i cant remember what made her smile but it was something i said very chistoso in Spanish she couldn't stop laughing and we ended up sharing a little , it was a good week for us to see these people smile it made us smile and laugh while we were having our tough times as well in the work , i am grateful for all that we can do for each other while we are here in the work with these people.  Hermana S

Elder Ferrin and Elder Grajales just moved houses in their area and because I had to bring quite a bit of stuff for them to haul back to their area we decided a Taxi was the best way to go instead of the bus. No way they could carry the bookshelf, curtains, toilet seat, blender, chairs, etc.... What a nice taxi driver.


Home Sweet Home in Lucerna  

Dear President,

All is well here in our area. We have had a fantastic week, we have felt the spirit, worked hard, and it looks like we are going to complete with the standard of excellence again.

Yesterday we had a really cool experience. All of our plans fell so we started looking for someone to teach. My companion felt that we should go down a certain street so we went down that way. I felt like we should knock the door of a specific house in that street so we went and knocked the door. A lady opened the door asked what we wanted. We told her that God sent us there to teach them about Christ which will bless their family. She then said "come in" super serious like. We sat down and then she told us that she believes that God sent us, and that she is worried about her daughter and needs help. We talked about the family and the gospel, prayed for them, and we have another appointment with them tonight. They are wonderful people and I know the spirit touched them so that they could start to recieve the gospel.

I really love to see how the Lord does His work. He does all the work. He shows us where to go, what to say, He prepares the people, testifies to them through the spirit, ect. He loves us so much and really goes with us throughout our lives if we let Him.

The Lord has answered our prayers in so many ways this week. There is not enough time in the day to talk about the ways he has blessed the people here in our area and has directed His work this week.

Love,    Elder S

Tecamac II Zone - Interviews on Wednesday


...oh also my testimony of teaching in combis (mini buses) grew even more this week. we were teaching a lesson and it was going really well but it was our turn to get off, we handed forward the money and the driver wouldn't accept it. he gave us a free ride because of the message that we shared, it was amazing and the people seemed to really be paying attention which doesn't always happen. Every week my testimony of the combis and teaching in every given moment grows bigger and bigger.... Elder C

Elder Iverson and Elder Ordonez live above the garage of the bishops house. This house is one of my favorites in the mission.

Elder Barber and Elder Hernandez live in a little apartment behind a members home. Every time I come to this home I'm scared the dogs are going to eat me... so I call the Elders to retrieve me from my car and walk me back to their apartment. The owners are very nice and recently installed a fence to keep the dogs out of the Elders path and they also allow them to use their washing machine outside; which is very unusual. Elder Barber commented "My socks are always stiff after I wash them?- Maybe too much soap in the wash?" LOL...

These two great sisters white washed this area this cycle, the first set of sisters in this zone which is close to Mexico City and whipped into shape this cute little town-home. They get along so well and take such good care of each other- never a complaint from either one. Love it. Oh - take note of their fridge full of healthy food! 

Elder Niro showing me the cartoon his brother drew for him. Artistic talent runs in the family!

Elder Russell and Elder Niro (Above) with their pet parrot. Elder Russell commented, "He behaves better with my companion!"

Elder Perez and Elder Cordova in their cute little house. The sad news is the home owner is raising the rent by $1000. pesos and so the Elders are having to find a new place to rent. But they had their house clean and in perfect order...I'm anxious to see their new place when they move. I heard a rumor the ward may be donating bikes to this area...


Pachuca Centro Zone- Interview Thursday

 Elder Stucki (right) always make me feel good because he loves what every treat I bring and is always so complimentary. Even if the treats were horrible he would choke them down and thank me for making them. I love and admire him for his strict obedience, and work ethic unparalleled. Did I mention the patience of Job? These two Elders having been working hard and seeing miracles for their efforts.... So proud!

 Elder Hixon (PC Zone Leader) is celebrating his ONE year in the mission today. He told me he can't believe how fast it's gone by... hang on to your hat Elder Hixon -I hear the last year goes even faster!

 What would we do without our "Sister Leader Trainers?" President and I wouldn't even want to contemplate that scenario!

Presidente Egbert-
This week we had a very cool experience. We were on our way to eat, when the member called us and said she couldn´t have us come, and that she called another sister, and that we should go eat with her. We went and ate, and then just as we started teaching her a lesson, someone knocked at the door. There before us was an old investigator coming to buy food. (this member has a restaurant) As the member ran to get the food we began talking with this investigator. De repente she began crying and expressing many difficulties that she is facing in her life. She told us that she kept feeling like she needed to come and get her food at the house of this member.
We were able to visit her this week, and she accepted baptism without hesitation. We were listening to the talk of elder Holland about the creation of preach my gospel, and the importance of focusing on the needs of the members. When we really take the time to listen to the spirit, we always are guided. This was manifested this week. What a blessing it is to be here learning, helping, and becoming more and more converted every day. I hope we can continue to bless the lives of many through our journey here.
Gracias por todos sus esfuersos, y vamos a seguir adelante siempre! Este es la obra del señor.
 Lets give him our best!

Hermana D

Below are the district of Apan and Sahagun- It's a little trip in a bus to get back and forth to interviews. Thank you Elders for your efforts in getting here. 

Elder Maravilla, Elder Pearson, Elder Santos, and Elder Rodas

These two sisters are amazing! They have a humongous area to cover and never complain. They helped President locate another house for a second companionship in their ward. Wow - it will make such a huge difference to have some help. Thank you Hermana Dominquez and Hermana Bailey! 

These two Elders are headed back to the jungles of Molango which is a 3-4 hour bus ride. Sending them with lunch and Dramamine for the winding roads... President and I are going to Molango on Easter Sunday to visit the branch and these great missionaries. Oh - did you leave me any Dramamine?


Elder Contreras and Elder Sic (last cycle) live in a great area for Pachuca Centro! I love their house and the environment which feels safe. When asking Elder Contreras about his ward he stated that the Bishop served his mission from where Elder Contreras is from; and he remembers him eating with his companion in his families home over ten years ago. What a small world!


I dropped off supplies to the Sister Leader Trainers and of course they have no water to their house...argh!!! An often occurrence here in Pachuca. The sisters are usually so patient and rarely complain unless it goes on for days. Troopers!!!

(Below) These two sisters had their home also in tip top shape and only needed a shower curtain- rod and a sheet or two to cover the couches which are less than clean. They love their area and are working hard as they had to white wash their area. They said it was difficult after transfers when trying to find this house - as no one new the street or where the missionaries had lived. They never gave up and with sheer determination found their "casa" and got to work... President and I so grateful and proud!

Full day of Interviews COMPLETED!


Faces of the Work of Salvation moving forward...

Elder Katich- Elder Galo said, "So this weekend was a blast! We had a wedding and a double baptism! We have been working with them for a long time and finally all of it payed off! The wedding was great and the baptismal service was very spiritual! We even had the support of the district there!"
 I have to publicly state how hard these two missionaries work- President told me tonight that last Sunday they had 12 Investigators in attendance at church. AMAZING!


First Baptism  

Elder Zeledon was able to baptize his first convert in the Lake of Molango. A memory of a Lifetime. Great job Elder Vique and Elder Zeledon.


Hermana Nunez and Hermana Escobar let me know this sister is incredible. And they love and respect the example she is to them. They consider her a blessing and will forever be influenced for good because of knowing her. 

(Saturdays Letter)
pues esta semana ha sido de las mejores semanas de mi misión enserio! el amor que siento hacia los demás, la diligencia y la obediencia es algo que he podido llegar a comprender mas a demás de que la guía del Espíritu fue tan clara en esta semana que fue imposible no seguirla, a demás de ser mi mejor semana creo que nunca habia estado tan cansado en mi vida jaja pero bueno tampoco había estado tan feliz como ahora asi que vale la pena, no se como, bueno si si se, se que con la ayuda del señor mi compañero y yo hemos podido lograr nuestras metas, el estandar de lecciones es de 40 lecciones y hasta este momento llevamos 36, eso quiere decir que aun tenemos el dia de hoy para poder lograrlo, también puedo decirles orgullosamente que estuve trabajando en tecamac(edo. de mexico) el martes en divisiones y sigo vivo jajaja no es tan malo como todos dicen, y el miercoles trabaje con otro misionero de la otra zona de tecamac aqui en nuestra area, y bueno hemos visto muchisimos milagros en verdad, quiero contarles que por medio de seguir al espiritu el jueves y el viernes pudimos encontrar a 2 familias por iniciativa propia y poder compartir el evangelio con ellos, una de ellas dijo: "se que dios les mando aqui en estos momentos" y bueno quiero contarles esa experiencia del jueves, ya habiamos terminado los intercambios y por fin mi compañero y yo tuvimos un tiempo de trabajar en la mañana, y despues de arrodillarnos y orar para salir senti que debia llevar conmigo mi agenda del ciclo pasado, es decir 4 semanas atras, entonces la lleve y vi una direccion y le dije a mi compañero vamos aqui y no estaba pero bueno dije aqui hay otra direccion vamos alla y en eso estabamos a punto de doblar en la calle para ir a la siguiente casa y le dije no, mejor vamos una calle mas alla y en eso un señor ya grande estaba en la puerta y senti que debiamos hablar con el y pues fuimos nos presentamos y nos dijo que no tenia tiempo pero preguntamos a quien conocia que podiamos visitar y nos dio la direccion de su vecina asi que fuimos y resulta que ella es miembro desde hace 15 años pero parte de su familia no es miembro y enseñamos la restauracion y aceptaron una fecha, y despues de salir de ahi de dije a mi compañero wow como el espiritu paso por paso nos guio hasta aqui? fue bien padre la verdad, y ayer antes de hacer divisiones con miembros teniamos 20 minutos libres por que nadie estaba en sus casas, y en eso senti que debiamos ir a la direccion contraria a donde nos veriamos con lo miembros y caminamos unos 50 metros y le pregunte a mi compañero en donde siente que debemos tocar? y el dijo siento que aqui, entonces tocamos y mi compañero nos presento y dijo que eramos enviados por crsito entonces la señora dijo en un tono muy serio: pasen jovenes!, y dijo que realmente Dios nos habia mandado a nosotros y nos conto algunas cosas y regresaremos a visitarlos hoy a ella y su hija.
estas han sido dos de algunas experiencias maravillosas que he tenido en esta semana, tenemos varias fechas bautismales e investigadores por todas partes, realmente he aprendido a perderme en la obra y a poner mis asusntos personales e interes en segundo plano y es una de las cosas que mas agradezco que dia a dia mi deseo de servir al señor y obedecer su voluntad crece mas, se que esta obra si es verdadera y no tengo ni una duda de ello, y aoihofijdfidfjjhidfefoihf <-- pues ya ven que estoy bien animado....jajajaja   Elder C 

The Sister Leader Trainers in San Juan are busy little beavers...

What is My Purpose as a Missionary?

"Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end."

Elder Esteves-Elder Unamuno Zone Leaders


A picture is worth a ...

"Companions are the BEST" 

Elder Christensen in deep thought... 

When reading the scriptures :

Ask What?Wonder Why?Look for PatternsPonder the SaviorApply to Self


"Thank you to the special brother from the United States who donated these for our mission." These Elders have a large area to cover and bikes will make it "so" much easier!

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  1. Thanks so much sister egbert and pdt. Egbert for putting up these wonderful picture of your children missionaries serving in mexico. We love you all and their sacrifice. We love you Elder Zeledon and his companion