Sunday, April 13, 2014

Isn't it thrilling to belong...

"In following him, we serve him. Isn't it thrilling to belong to a church that requires us to serve, to sacrifice, and to give diligent effort?" 

Sister Wixonm

Some people have all the luck!


Mondays are a Special Day 

It's the Preparation Day we take to get ready for the rest of the week- so that we can be the very BEST servants of the Lord

"So Elders this is how its done... On the first Monday of each month...efficient and effective!" 


Mexico Pachuca Missionaries never pass up an opportunity for service! Here the district of Elder Clark helps a sister move... 

Elder Yazzie do they trust you with that plant?!


Let the games begin....

Mondays also provide opportunity for fun and games when preparation is complete. I love the colorful soccer jerseys that everyone wears. They go dressed as missionaries to the church and then change into "play" clothes; and then change back after the game is over. Always looking like a representative of the Savior Jesus Christ is important when out in public. Great job everyone!

This Monday activity below was a water balloon relay and everyone brought a food to prepare or  already prepared from their home country to share with everyone else. I understand Elder Jones made some yummy brownies! 

No sign of "FIRE" so that's a good ...


Our good assistants remembered Hermana Ramos' birthday.


Tuesday Interviews in Valle De Mezquital Zone

...and a few house checks along the way.

President loves interviews as it gives him a chance to get to know each missionary's heart better.

This cycle of interviews allowed the unique opportunity to have a cute native "Family History" consultant couple come and teach the missionaries about Family Search on how it plays a significant role in the Work of Salvation 

Thanks to Elder Campuzano (Zone Leader) Elder Garcia and Elder Smart are smiling with the repair of their toilet!

 Simple tender mercies-


Wednesday is District Meeting Day 

 President went to Elder Clarks mtg in Pachuca Mex- 

I split off an traveled back to Guerro with Elder Smarts district - 

The Assistants Elder Smith/Elder Caballero went towards Tecamac 2

Elder Clark and his cute district!


Elder Smart in Guerro with his district. 

What a wonderful job he did. I commented to President that he:

  • Was very aware of the time 
  • That he involved everyone 
  • He did an activity at the beginning that instantly brought the spirit
  • Prepared with Presidents letter to review, lesson, and reporting of the districts specific progress
  •  Left the perfect amount of time for practices
  •  Effectively made sure everyone was tested on their "English" exam modules

(Below) I visited these sisters cute new house and when I went to drive away they leaned out their window and said "Hermana Egbert we 'heart' you" as they waved a little paper heart out the window. It totally touched my soul... as I have the utmost respect for these missionaries and the efforts and sacrifices they make to be here serving their Heavenly Father. These two walk along ways on dirt roads to get to the center of the little town. Its a pioneer trek to carry their drinking water that far. 

So these two cute sisters have made extra effort spring cleaning their house. It looks amazing! They called me to come pick up a mini van load of garbage and items left behind by years of past missionaries. They rearranged and hung more curtains... So therapeutic for these two sisters as well as they had special changes after the start of the cycle and so were thrown together at a moments notice. Thanks for all your efforts.  



Elder Cardwell and Elder Leon get the "Cleanest House Award" for on the day I came to inspect this cute 'casa' they had not a paper out of place. So proud of them and so impressed with how much they care about the environment they live in- it totally makes a difference in their performance as missionaries. I wished every missionary understood that concept. 

These two sisters just moved to this new house a week before my visit -It is SO much better than the last place and the water actually works!!! Go figure?! They had it clean and in order and had already decorated their little study area. They only needed a few simple items to finish off the new house... a toilet seat and some curtains.


Photo Gallery Mexico Pachuca Mission 

"A snapshot view"

Add your own captions.... it makes it fun!

(Below) all I will say is that this is the "Grandpa" style they were trying to impersonate. 

This amazing convert found the missionaries... instead of the missionaries 

finding him. A once in a lifetime experience!!! An AMAZING Man -

Interviews in Pachuca Mex Zone- Thursday

House of Elder Clark and Elder Castano  OUTSTANDING! 

Interviews in the Tezontepec Zone- Friday

This is just some of the missionaries as one was in interviews and four others had already interviewed and left back for their areas.

Elder Segura's birthday box arrived full of fun Easter candy & stuff - But NO he wouldn't wait until his birthday and unselfishly shared the entire box with the whole zone during interviews. What a CHAMP! Thanks Mom for the box and new shirt and bottle of Red Robin seasoning!  Below Elder Segura and Elder Camacho had their home in total order and cleaned to perfection. Thank you for your efforts. 

This cute house of the zone leaders is so perfect. I love the windows and the location and how they had it organized. We exchanged one Elder for another in areas- so now Elder Esteves and Elder Christensen are in Tezontepec and Elder Unamuno joined Elder Barrios in Pachuca Sur. Thank you for your willingness to adapt.


Missionary Work is hard work but so worth the 18 or 24 months...
Its been said that you only have that many months to be here, but the rest of 
your life to talk about it. 

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