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10 August 2014- Some weeks it is just plain survival...

"Working to Strengthen New and Less-Active Members is a Full Time Job..."

All right Elder Flores- lets get this activity under way!

Elder Galo being a good sport even though these little rascals are quite competitive!



Loving these crazy missionaries!

 Enjoying the local sites on a Monday afternoon...


Elder Esteves are you OK? 

We know being an assistant is a little overwhelming even on a good day... Loving our Sister Leader Trainer Trainers (Hermana Cebreros)...

(Spanish Speaking Elder with almost two years in the mission- Check out his excellent ENGLISH)

Hello President Egbert
how are you? i hope you are ok, this week i was awesome because we had a baptism and we accomplish the goal of august and we have another investigator she can be baptize this week, my companion and i we happy with the results in this area i know the lord is blessing us. i am going to focus to find more investigators and put baptismal dates to have more job in this area, am happy for the area for two reasons is growing up and the members they help us in work of salvation, this is a good oportunity to explode the area and see miracles. i know this gospel is true and Jesuschrist is our savior i testify this things - this is all atte Elder C

 Elder Ortega please tell me you are not on someones roof!!!

 Oh my Elder Bickley... (no political comments from me!)

These are some of our amazing missionaries that were (are) serving in Zumpango. The man in the back is their amazing new convert and is so good to our missionaries. We are so grateful for good people like him.


Nothing more beautiful than summer time in Pachuca with our amazing  missionaries. The rain has made everything so green and luscious and the work ethic and great attitudes of our missionaries are finding the field ready to harvest.

 Elder Park and Elder Ortega enjoying a little pizza... they were involved in the last transfer so aren't together anymore but sure enjoyed their time together.

 Seriously I always say we have the BEST missionaries in the WORLD. I'm not lying... you can feel of their great spirits by just looking at these pictures of them through out the blog. I know I am blessed to serve here in Mexico along side them and will try and take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. We often say we have 18-24 months to serve and the rest of our lives to talk about it... goes for me as well....

 Elder  Gomez just trying out this hammock in someones back yard... its always a test of balance until you get situated. So blessed to have him finally here in the mission. 

 A vital part of mission service is to strengthen the unit in which you serve. We acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of all our missionaries who work to support their units and are exemplary examples of obedience. As we know everyone is watching the choices they make...


Taking Care of Our Own

Hermana Nicolosi and Hermana Suazo had enough stress in their lives for several weeks to last an entire mission... Thanks to their "hermanas" in the mission who helped them clean, pack up and prepare to move to another house. 

Hasta La Vista to this leaking house!!! 


Elder Felsted- did you find the home of the "Mason's" ?

 Nothing sweeter than the fruits of your labor... 

...and check out the white board decoration at the baptism!

(Sister Missionary from the US who has been here 9 weeks)
Buenas Tardes Presidente!
So to be honest this week was very hard if not the hardest of my mission so far. I started to feel like i was an insufficient missionary. Because a veces its como i feel so good at night about our plan for the next day and i feel like we are going to have a lot of success and then the next day its just like everything falls apart and i dont know why. I had a really good talk with our district leader Sunday while reporting though. And i think there is something i need to learn. I think its about well relying on the Lord more and truly relying on his hand in my every day life instead of my own hand. But with the difficulties this week i was also able to see the tender mercies that the lord gives us when we feel that we are at our lowest of lows. Thursday when we had our training as a zone one of the elders made a comment that got to Hermana _______ so we went to the bathroom and to be honest i had been holding all of my frustrations in up to this point and putting on a good face. But when she broke down i did too i just felt helpless. We knelt down to pray together and im not sure why but a lot of my spiritual experiences have happened in bathroom raro yo se. But i just felt the love of my heavenly father come over me and truly felt the spirit so strong. Then that day we had eight lessons! And two members to come with us. It was like the best day ever and i know it was all thanks to the Lord. I also had my first two baptisms this week! And that was the most amazing experience. As i watched mother and son enter the waters of baptism i was just overcome with so much joy. Then as they bore their testimonies it was the most well beautiful thing ever. Saturday one of my best friends from high school got married and i was a little worried that i would feel homesick but the truth is that as i sat there and it truly hit me that i am here helping my Savior find his lost sheep there is no place i would rather be and nothing i would rather be doing at this time in my life. I could be doing countless number of things with my life right now but there is no better place to be than here :) Thank you for everything presidente le amo!

Hna. R

Ohhhhhh.... that was a whole chili I just ate!!!

 You won't find two happier zone leaders... leading by example!


Hermana Cardona/Hermana Palacios loving the WORK

 This is a reason to CELEBRATE!

 A Mexico Pachuca Warrior with his new bike- He is just a little excited!

 Hot Diggity Dog!!! 

Elder Bickley and Elder Segura- Zone Leaders from Utah


Yep, we will hold them captive to keep them here if that's what it takes!!! (just kidding) Two of our great sister leader trainers! Hermana Luna and Hermana Schaumkel


No disrespect but these are not uncommon dogs in Mexico. Dirty and ratty  running around on the roof tops...anyone want to adopt a dog? The other day a mean dog with big teeth was chasing me down the street and I was running like my skirt was on fire... Elder Sims saved me as he came scurrying on his bike to scare the dog off... 

 Yep, my stripling warriors forgot to invite me to lunch on Monday...  those fries look delish! 

but...Never fear we were too  busy painting in Actopan doing a little home improvement with Elder Campuzano and Elder Jimenez. What a difference a little paint can make. Great job Elders and they liked the waffles and bacon we ate before to spur us on!


 This may be a discussion over an investigator... I'll put my money on Hermana Peterson winning this!

 Our sister missionaries do a wonderful job here in the mission and bring such a great spirit to any event. Love the giant size replica of the the Book of Mormon !


Apan may not have bikes...

 but how about the neighbors horse to get where you are going? OK- never mind, these two are as far from "cowboy" material as you can find. 

Dropping off the assistants in Nuevo Hidalgo III for studies with Elder Gomez and Elder Cardwell. They live in a rather remote area and have a little humble home that they keep spic & span!


Sometimes the "cards" you are dealt are a little difficult and sometimes "a lot" difficult. 

Hermana Zenteno (left) and Hermana Roper keep smiling.

 #3 doses of IV meds infused over 30 minutes- I don't know who was shaking more putting in the IV-Me or Hermana Roper?!!! Loved that there was a nail on the wall- INSTANT IV POLE!

 Surprise!!! "We love to see Hermana Egbert at our door at 700 am delivering us a bunk bed set- since we are bed-less!" Their house looked great... Elder Camacho and Elder Martinez (on divisions)


Sometimes the week is all about survival...

 We appreciate our missionaries who so willingly pack up on a last minute notice and come to the mission office for special changes. We acknowledge their willingness to be flexible and do what is asked to help further the work when unexpected events happen. Thanks to all involved in "special transfers".

 Elder Grajales squeezed into the mini van with Hermana Egbert and many supplies headed to Apan... 

Thanks to these four Elders who worked all day in moving Elder Chavez to a new house with his new companion so that we could clean and prepare this house for the new missionary couple coming Monday to serve in Apan. (They are from another area in our mission boundaries) What a blessing they will be to this area specifically. Thanks Elder Chavez and Elder Grajales for giving up your "mansion" for another's needs...

Apan is ready to roll... 

Thanks to Elder Ramos and these two great missionaries who saved us on the second day of house prep. We worked ALL day long and got things painted, stocked, and assembled for our new Elder/Sister Cano. I can't wait to meet them. Elder Chavez found his new happy spot... on their area rug!

 Elder Grajales and Elder Chavez in their new little house. Though it is tiny and simple it has new paint on the walls... we LOVE the color RED!


Don't worry -in Apan you don't have to worry about "pedestrians" only goats and sheep crossing the street....

 A view of the moon from the Mexico Pachuca Mission

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  1. I always love reading this blog! What a fun surprise to scroll to the bottom and see the moon from Mexico. I had looked out of my own window that evening and saw that big, bright, super moon and thought how beautiful it was. The tender (albeit cheesy) thought came that even though my missionary son is far away he really is "somewhere out there, beneath the same moonlight..." Thanks for sharing!