Sunday, August 31, 2014

31 August 2014- Wrapping up this cycle

"Going about the Lord's work in the Mexico Pachuca Mission"


There is nothing like reaping the rewards of one's hard work - these moments are priceless and engraved forever as a meaningful memory for each missionary involved.


Yes, this district is full of TOUGH GUYS... but don't be fooled they have hearts and spirits as soft as marshmallows...

 We will be life long "Amigos"- Elder Esteves/Elder Bickley

 Elder "Luis" Ortega (above/below) is just pointing out he is quite popular here in Pachuca...

 These two sisters are busy little bee's - and stole the Elders bikes. They have things to do and places to go!

 Elder Vique (right) has a district full of Hermana's. I think all this girl power is a little overwhelming!!! And these Hermana's are no slackers.. they set the bar high and the pace fast.

 It's amazing how only after a few short weeks as companions you build a sister relationship that will last for eternity.

 Yes, that is a snake head and body "belt" that the sisters were given. Oh my!!!

 Keep on smiling Hermana Peterson... it surely is contagious!


Of course the sisters are working hard on service... 

and the Elders- well you be the judge.

 So proud of these four Elders who worked on service most of the day - from a little construction to washing dogs. They commented that it was "such a fun day"!!! Service can be so rewarding for everyone involved- so proud of you Elders!


 This is the look of two hard working - obedient missionaries. 

Can we send for a duplication of this companionship and order fifty sets? 


Oh how we love house check visits from Hermana Egbert on a Monday morning. But we passed with flying colors... Nice job sisters! PS: Thanks Elder Campuzano for our sink installation- it has made such a huge difference in our casa.


These two sisters have one of the nicest houses in the mission due to the great home owners(next door), the bishop (on the corner), a fantastic ward, and marvelous house. Now they have bikes to help with transportation. They are feeling very blessed.


Headed home from the local hardware store...

 "President- please please don't transfer us on Tuesday!"


 Elder Cardwell and Elder Castro on splits out in the boonies!

Elder Ramos and Hermana Cebreros/Hermana Calderon helping with the unloading and set up of supplies being delivered. We are opening 4 new houses and reopening 1 house this transfer cycle. Next week we will have posted pictures of our 17 new missionaries and the faces of change. 


Hermana Peterson/ Hermana Lorenzo decorated little rocks to remind their investigators to read The Book of Mormon and to "pray" daily. Perfect idea...

This is a game that Hermana Boone and Hermana Galarza played with a family. They played it using the 10 commandments. There were times that they chose a good commandment and got to move toward the Celestial Kingdom. There were times that they chose a bad commandment and had to move away from the Celestial Kingdom. There were also times that they chose Jesus Christ who was there to help them. 
 Awesome job Hermanas - we appreciate your example of creativity and effort!


Gracias to our many amigos back home for the bike donations. What a difference it will make in so many of the Mexico Pachuca Mission areas.


Some of my favorite quotes that seem quite applicable this last week or two.

"Success is not measured by what you do compared to what others do, it is measured by what you do with the ability God gave you."

"Your life is the results of the choices you make. If you don't like your life it's time to start making better choices"


Elder Martinez, Elder Elton, Elder Gomez, Elder Rogel helping unload the truck of supplies.

"Trust doesn't come with a refill. Once  it's gone you probably won't get it back and if you do; it will never be the same- and that's a fact."

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