Sunday, September 28, 2014

28 September 2014- ... the power of God behind you.

"Nothing ahead of you is bigger or stronger than the power of God behind you."

"Life isn't meant to be easy,it's meant to be lived. Sometimes happy, other times rough. But with every up and down you learn lessons that make you strong."

We just have to look around us to find the beauty of where we presently stand...


The Work of Salvation in Mexico Pachuca is being done by ordinary people who have learned to work in an extraordinary manner...

Holaaaa!!! :DD Presidente Buen dia! (((:
Esta semana tenemos preogramados 2 servicios bautismales, la hna.Eva y su hija Sandra el dia viernes! su esposos Jose las va a bautizar ellas conocen el evangelio de de hace 6 meses pero ahora ya han tomado la desicion de bautizarce y wooooww!!! ellas estan super emocionadas, muy entusiasmadas! y nosotras tambien estamos super felices. La razon de por la que la Hna. Eva no habia aceptado el bautismo antes es porque ella decian que no quiere comprometerce con el Padre y luego no cumplir con él, pero ahora ella entiende que no puede esperar mas y wooooow!! que felicidad :DDDD El otra servicio bautismal es el sabado para Sebastian y Brayan, ellos son hermanos y son una niños increibles tiene un don para reconocer el espiritu de una manera increible! ellos leen juntos el libro de mormon, estan taaaan emocionados por su bautismo, su mama nos dice que au no se siente lista para bautizarse pero su corazon se ablanda cada vez mas porque sus hijos le enseñan le leen y asi!! jajajjaa muy bonito.
Ayer el Obispo nos acompaño a ver a estas dos familias y fueron de las charlas mas significativas que he tenido! nosotras estabamos encantadas de que el Obispo fuera con nosotras defibnitivamente el tiene las llaves para poder ver las necesidades de los miembros del barrio :) Esta fue una muy buena semana, Espero que usted haya disfrutando de su semana y que esta sea mejor :DDDDD Gracias por todo. Lequiero :)
 Hna. A

INTERVIEWS/HOUSE CHECKS concluded this last week- 

Tuesday- Tulancingo Zone 

Wednesday- Pachuca Sur Zone 

Thursday- Tecamac II Zone

Elder Ford training Elder Munoz in the new house of Teotihuacan II Having this second companionship in this area allows for them to have their own district which is so nice because it cuts out so much travel. House looks great Elders- They had all their required medications ( Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Anti acid, and Anti Diarrhea) and their $500 peso emergency funds. 

(Below) the second house in Teotihucuan. Elder Rodas and Elder Sanchez. These two cleaned things up  - thanks Elders!


Huachinango Hermanas 

 Hermana Daines training Hermana Calagua 

They had their house looking great and have great attitudes regarding the continuous water that runs through their front door. The view out the back makes up for the river....


Huachinango Elders

 Elder Ellis and Elder Smith 

They are loving their ward, area, and district members!

Pictures of inside their house will be shown off next time...( sorry)


Tulancingo- Tulancingo Casa I

Elder Felsted (rt) training Elder England 

Their house looked great and President decided to just stay and interview them inside their house which was a great change of pace; so they didn't have to travel down to the Chapel and come all the way back to their area. Elder Felsted is one of those quality Elders that President totally trusts in training a new missionary from the US. He knows he will teach Elder England the Spanish language (difficult to do when you both speak English) and show him how a missionary should work hard, be obedient, and share the gospel with EVERYONE. Thanks for having everything in order!


Tulancingo- Lucerna

Elder Hernandez (rt) training Elder Steadman 

Their house looked perfect and we love Elder Steadman's attitude of if anything is broken or needs repair he wants it fixed. He loves to live in a house of order and cleanliness-

(Thanks Dad and Mom Steadman- Can I just hug him now?)


Tulancingo- Tulancingo II Hermanas 

Hermana Miranda/Hermana Boone in their newer house. They recently moved because where they lived partying boys moved in next door. This is a great new location one block from the church and in a tranquil neighborhood. Reason to celebrate : Hermana Miranda may only have 3 more days of dressing changes on her burned hand. Yeah!!! Thanks for your prayers everyone! And of course their house looked perfect with not a shoe out of line....


Tulancingo Insurgentes Hermanas 

Hermana Gonzalez being trained by Hermana Nielsen. 

This is a newer house from a cycle ago which I hadn't seen yet. I always know that wherever Herman Nielsen lives things will be perfectly in order- she reminds me exactly of President Egbert. (That is a compliment) She loves things to be clean, organized, and functional! Nice job sisters! Notice the white board and how they are memorizing DC: 4. They are slowly erasing letters of the section. These two are a dynamic DUO.


Las Torres in Pachuca Sur 

This house gives me anxiety as it is one of the nicest houses in the mission (as you can see) and owned by the wards Relief Society President. We are so grateful for good Elders who take such good care of the Lords property. Elder Herrera and Elder Jacobson set all my worries aside- not a thing out of place and obviously so attentive to have everything in its proper place. 

Parents you would be so proud!


Pachuca Sur- Pitahayas 2 Casa

 Hermana Galarza training Hermana Bruggeman

 They had their house colorfully decorated and have extra necessities in their house in case we need to assign three sisters to this area. This little house sits above a dental office- and is in a great location. 


Pachuca Sur- Valle Dorado

 What a great house this one is. Nice quality and next to several member families that keep such a good eye on them- notice the kitchen cabinets and full size fridge. We on occassion need to have a "trio" of missionaries and we so appreciate these sisters for making the most of it. I love their beds as it reminds me of the "Three little bears"... 

Hermana Gonzalez being trained by Hermana Anderson - Hermana Rollins. Thanks for having your house in perfect order!


The Little Yellow House 

Pachuca Sur- Villas De Pachuca 2 

Elder Eusebio -Elder Panigua 

Their house looked great and in order- just a hot water issue with the boiler that needs to be resolved. They are tired of cold showers of which I am very sympathetic. Thanks for having things so clean - love you both!


Pachuca Sur- Los Pinos 

Hermana Schaumkel and Hermana Tellez 

Their house is in a great location and they are currently looking for a second house for another set of missionaries with changes in two weeks. It adds a lot of pressure to be house hunting, working in your own area and looking over sisters in their charge as "sister leader trainers". They never complain- instead move forward with faith and a smile!


Venta Prieta Hermanas- Pachuca Sur Zone 

Hermana Guerrero and Hermana Cuc always have their house perfectly clean. I am so proud of their hard work in their ward. They have gotten 40+ lessons on countless occasions and really know how to use their members to move the work forward. They actually will be moving to a new house that is cheaper for rent on Monday. (29th September) They love this house but realize that with the Lords money we must be accountable and have taken on the charge of finding a more affordable home... thanks so much sisters! House is perfecto as always!


Plazas- Pachuca Sur 

Elder Santos and Elder Niro looking cool for Mom Egbert... I love their fun personality. They rearranged the furniture in their house and so it was fun to see what they had "done to the place"! They had things clean and are also looking for another house for sisters to move into for this next transfer cycle. They just had a new bishop called in their ward and are looking forward to the changes ahead...


Tizayuca- Pachcua Sur Zone 

This little "humble" abode of Elder Meschini and Elder Messick always puts things into perspective for me. One really only needs the simple necessities- and that is about what they got here in this house. They are also on the hunt for a second house in their area where a set of sisters can live. Our mission continues to grow as we are expecting 21 missionaries arriving and 5 departing. What I love most about these two is their happy faces and positive attitude. Nothing is ever a problem or overwhelming and they find the best in all situations. They fill my bucket of faith... We are so going to miss Elder Messick (Rt) as he will be returning home in two weeks. I asked his Mom if we could keep him- and that was a quick "No". Oh well, it was worth asking! Thanks for sharing him with us- 


Tecamac Hacienda 1 Casa 

Hermana Ramirez and Hermana Cline 

They live above the bishop's garage which is close to the chapel and so convenient. They recently went a week without water and barely complained. We appreciate all our missionaries who go with the flow when the power or water is out in their houses. It is not convenient but they do not allow it to slow down the work.


Tecamac II Zone- Hacienda II Casa 

Hermana Vasquez and Hermana Yates always take an interest in their house and are now willing to take on the project of keeping their chapel cleaner with the help of their district. Hoping to serve as examples to the members of that area "pride in the Church building" which is a huge struggle.

 Look how perfect their house is- they are going to be great wives and mothers in the near future!


Tecamac II - Ojo De Agua I

So this house gets better and better every time I visit. The Elders have put great effort in clearing out unnecessary items left in the house and doing some deep cleaning. I appreciate their steady example of obedience and diligence and watching over their district of sisters... Thank you Elder Leon and Elder Yazzie...


Tecamac II - Ojo De Agua II 

Hermanas Penaloza- Hermana Apolinar love their little house and again not a thing out of place. They had their emergency funds and medications all ready for inspection. Thanks Sisters for keeping things "spic -n- span"... now just go share the gospel with EVERYONE you meet!


Tecamac II- Huicholes Hermanas 

This is the house with the pet parrot in the back yard tree. They had everything tastefully organized and tidy. I appreciate Hermana Gomez/Hermana Cerna as they are always happy!!! 


Tecamac II- Zumpango Elders

 I was unable to inspect their house so they brought pictures for me at interviews. Looks ok...this is a great little house.

 Elder Fox and Elder Ordonez loving the Zumpango area....

(This Spanish Speaking Elder writes his letter in both English and Spanish each week- I put the Spanish version so  the returned missionaries can keep practicing)

hola presidente egbert!!!!
otra semana transcurrida no puedo creer que la semana y la misión se me este pasando volando pues quisiera contarle pues que esta semana trabajamos bien duro que alcanzamos 46 lecciones y mi meta personal que tengo es alcanzar a los 50 ahora estoy viendo la diferencia de un 3er misionero mi meta personal desde hace seis meses ha sido llegar hacer un misionero consagrado en la obra del señor y lo estoy logrando presidente gracias por darme las felicitaciones de mi progreso eso me anima hacer mejor por que se que no estoy fallando al señor siempre he dicho si usted ve mi progreso y esta feliz por mi progreso el señor lo esta aun mas bueno también quisiera hablarle un poco acerca de como estoy mejorando mas mi enseñanza elder hernandez es un excelente compañero que ambos nos ayudamos estamos siendo los mejores misioneros que podemos ser... bueno le cuento esta semana fue de milagro durante la semana revisamos la carpeta de área y pues encontramos antiguos investigadores que tenían asistencias los domingos pero por una razón los dejaron pero pues durante nuestro planeamiento diario sentimos al espíritu de revelación que nos indicaba ir con la familia castillo que ellos son antiguos investigadores desde hace como 3 meses seguimos al espíritu y lo agendamos una cita con ellos al llegar ala casa de ellos fue magnifico conocerlos es una familia muy buena que pues los empezamos a conocer y dimos un repaso de la lección 3 misional y ellos nos respondieron al final de la lección "nosotros 4 nos quedamos en el 2 paso en el arrepentimiento entonces les volvimos a invitar al bautismo y ellos aceptaron una fecha bautismal ellos tienen su fecha para el 11 de octubre... ahora con esa experiencia espiritual que tuve me motive a seguir llevando todo registro en la carpeta de área y tenerla actualizada a diario comprendí la importancia de rendir cuentas por que cuando escribimos a diario en la carpeta es como que le estoy informando al señor lo que hice cada día de mi misión a nuestro padre celestial. bueno al igual ahora comprendí "la parábola del sembrador" así como también hay algunos que siembran y otros que cosechan los frutos.... bueno gracias por todo lo que me ayudado presidente se ahora sin duda alguna cuanto nos ama. gracias por todo.
con amor.

Elder C


Activity on P-Day with the Tezontepec Zone. 

Stake President Lozano and his family graciously feed all these missionaries and hosted them at the house. 

 You go Elder Ford... you got a captive audience! 

 This would be the "pondering look" of Elder De Leon...

 Thank goodness we can wear boots in the mission- they save our life!

 The Mexico Pachuca Missionaries take seriously their English Study! We love and appreciate their efforts... Four took their Final Exam last Monday and did amazingly well. So proud!!!

 So this poor church building has had its struggle of problems. Our missionaries showed up for district classes and found that thieves in the night had accessed the church through the roof and used fire extingushers to punch through the CONCRETE walls to steal computers and look for tithing money. They damage every wood door by knocking holes through them too. So sad- this church alone has been broken into at least 4 times since we have been here in 14 months. I think an alarm system may be the answer- just sayin'.

A beautiful sight in the Teotihuacan skies...

 Hurry back Elder Beesely we are all going CRAZY without YOU!

A little BBQ for Independence Day Celebration


 Elder Reese is that you? We have many "super hereos" serving in Mexico Pachuca. This Elder was playing for a few minutes with the little boys of the house....

 This language exam is looking pretty intense....

 Our missionaries are so good to each other. Above is Elder Reese and Elder Gomez. On Elder Reeses birthday- Elder Gomez made him breakfast while he was in the shower and had this ready for him when he was dressed... Egg sandwich, Peanut butter/jelly sandwich and cereal with the milk poured. And look - meaningful birthday wishes written in ENGLISH..... 

 Above the streets are decorated with little streamers around the Independence Day celebrations. Love the colors of Mexico.


 This is the look of total "SURPRISE"- 

Thanks Dad and Mom Guerreo... you totally made her week!


Yep, I was following this chicken truck... 

one step away from being a chicken taco!!!

 President with Zone Leaders Elder Mora and Elder Segura...They lucked out and didn't get a house check... I'm sure everything was in order... Thanks Elders as we enjoyed the interviews with your great missionaries.

 Taking a breather...

Our great Zone Leaders of Tecamac II 

Elder Stucki and Elder Vique

¡Hola Presidente!
This week has seriously flown by! I can´t believe I´ve been here for three weeks now! We have had kind of a bittersweet week. Our baptism with Oscar fell through again, and our investigators are having a hard time coming to church. But we are optimistic for the future and have awesome things planned for them this week!
I had a really powerful experience with prayer this week. We had to drop an investigator early this week and some of our investigators are not progressing. I prayed to the Lord for more opportunities to share the gospel, for more success, and for more new investigators. Low and behold, He delivered the very next day. We gained three new investigators and one of our old investigators said that she wanted to start having lessons again. Let me tell you, my testimony of prayer is so strong right now! I really do believe that The Lord hears and answers our prayers. Sometimes it takes a while, but luckily this time was fast!
I am so grateful to Elder ______. He teaches me new things constantly and is always so supportive! Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve with him. I know he will continue to teach me new and wonderful things over the next few weeks!
This week my goal is to develop some more natural conversational skills in Spanish. I have tried to contact people on the street and in taxis recently, but for some reason I have completely forgotten how to talk to people. I can do it in English, I´m just having some trouble switching it over into Spanish. 
I am so grateful to be here! And by the way, I went an entire 2 weeks and 1 day without getting sick from the food. That has to be some kind of record!
Thanks for everything!
Elder L

 New Church cleaning crew!!!


 These two look tiredly delirious....

The Rockin' District of Guerrero....

 Amazing how quickly you learn to love the people of your area.. they become like family.


Pozole... anyone? 

Elder Cruz excited about he restaurant he found with his home country of "Peru" in the name... too bad it was closed!

Almost reminds me of my Grandma Mae's Sunday dinner of Pot roast, mashed potatoes and homemade rolls.... not.... 

Popular dish in this part of Mexico.... Barbacoa


Celebrating Mexico's Independence Day

 Sharp knives, fruit, and object lesson with Elder Russell and Elder Esteves all in the same sentence? I'm scared!


  1. So wonderful to see these great young warriors on a daily basis preaching and charity of Christ to pachuca Mexico

  2. Woot woot! Look at those clean missionary apartments - I would love to know what your secret is . . . please tell me how you do it! Sending greetings from Honduras :)