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16 November 2014- "Have faith..."

"Have faith that you will know what to teach and what to do to find those who will receive you. ...You will find that God will place in your path His children who are being prepared to receive the restored gospel."

- PMG Chapter 9

"After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel."

-The Prophet Joseph Smith

Pondering over the entire pueblo of Apan in which he (Elder Cruz) and Elder Martin serve-
 "Who is waiting to hear our message?"


Doesn't get any better than this...

(This Spanish Speaking Elder took his final English Exam Monday- he has 7 more weeks in the mission- Be impressed...."it is the motherly side of me bragging")

Well this last week was good, I learned a lot of the spirit, I had a experience very good, we were talking with a investigator about the L2, he is a person that has a lot of problems in his life, with his family, work, etc.. and we could feel that he had the self esteem very low, and in that moment the spirit inspired me and I said to him : brother we appreciate you, and you are a good man, we showed our love for him and we said to him the important that he is for God, in that the brother told us : I was waiting for that words for long time, anyone say to me those words, and he told us thanks. In that moment I learned that in many times the thing that move to the people is the love, to show our love for the people that we teach is crucial, in other experience that I had, we had a investigator that is reading the book of Mormon, he is reading in Mormon he almost finish the book, he doesn't have enough time, so we just see him on the weekend, he is very good, he really know that the book of Mormon is true we're working hard so that he accept a baptism date, this last Saturday we're having a lesson with him and his family, and we were inviting him to attendance to the church the Sunday ( we invited him a lot of times) but he told us: " I'm not sure, I'm going to talk with my family, I don't want to force to my family to go with me,etc.." but I was frustrated, I din't understand why he doesn't want to go, but in that moment I promised him with all my heart, the blessing that come to obey that commandment, the brother din't change of idea, that night and in the morning we prayed for that family so that God talk to their hearts and the come to the church, in the Sunday we were in church and all of sudden they appear all the family ! and God answer our prayers, it really was a miracle, I keep learning a lot on the mission, my faith and testimony has increased, I always have in my mind your words " we're here to change lives" . thanks president for everything that you do for us :) Elder R

Monday at the office... 

Pouch picked up - and dropped off

7 Final Language Exams Taken - Everyone Passed Beautifully

Visa Paperwork Renewed

Special Interviews with President

The Life In Molango on a Monday

And since these two Elders are so far from the hub of the mission office they on Monday "were gettin' their tan on", drinking a Cola, and shining their shoes.


 Zone Conferences in Tecamac I & Tecamac II 

11th November 2014 

"An Attitude of Gratitude"

 Tecamac I Zone

 Tecamac II Zone

   This by far was one of the best, if not the best zone conference we have had in the 16 months we have been here. I wouldn't have changed a thing- we felt a wonderful Spirit and many participated. The Sister Leader Trainers taught both zones with the theme "An Attitude of Gratitude for our Savior Jesus Christ". The Zone Leaders taught in their perspective zones and did an outstanding job. President started the meeting with an inspirational message that helped set the tone... and he ended with some great teaching the last 50 minutes. I did my little thing- I know I'm being vague but I don't want to ruin it as we finish up zone conferences next week. I love these missionaries and their tender hearts and testimonies. They all prepared 3 minute talks from D&C 78: 17-19 and the ones randomly picked to share did a great job. One can quickly tell who is prepared and who is "winging" it ....We appreciate all those who come prepared- Thank you! We had a 10 minute bathroom break and handed out a granola bar/juice box. This is the first time we have not provided a lunch for the zones during conference- but we found very quickly (like we had been told in the past- and I was just dragging my feet) that it is true! The Spirit stayed throughout the whole conference as a meal always loses the spirit of the meeting as then it becomes a big social event and 'fiesta'. 

So impressed with the end result... 


Wednesday District Meeting

 I headed to the Tulancingo area to "pop in"on a district meeting per Presidents request. I found both districts combined due to illness of one district leader. It was a wonderful meeting as Elder Felsted always has his act together and comes well prepared. It was tender as he shared the feelings of his heart when bearing his testimony. He finishes up his mission in just under two weeks. This was his last district meeting as next week are zone conferences for them. "Thank You" Elder Felsted for a wonderful district meeting, for teaching with the spirit, and for involving so many in the class. You are truly going to be missed and especially those silly faces for the camera!

Language Exams are always a success...

 Dear President Egbert,

In the short 3 months ive been here the mission has given me so many blessings... why has Heavenly Father blessed me so much??? Its amazing how much success we have had and are having in this area, it has been amazing and I never want to leave.

We had another baptism this week! We baptized hermana A___ and her son Santiago (9). They are amazing people who we have been working with for a very long time. Hermana A____l has been struggling a lot with her sick mother, and her rebelious son _____. Its been a struggle to get her prepared for baptism, but it was all so worth it. Its amazing how much the mission gives back to you, more than you could ever give. The next step is to try to get her son more interested in the church and wanting to listen to us again. Before the mission something like this would seem like to much work, but on the mission, Ive learned to be excited to take on challenges like this..

Spanish is going fantastic, a few weeks ago I was worried that maybe I would be incapable of leading an area, presenting our investigators to ward council, etc. Its amazing my improvement every week. You dont realize it until you look back. Its amazing how effective study can help you so much in the mission, whether its teaching, speaking, or simply understanding. The values Im learning on the mission are great and I know they will do me well for the rest of my life.

We have four ¨sures¨ for the 22nd of november, which is amazing. Two of these investigators are awesome and I will never forget their faith in the Book of Mormon and their desire to learn more. If only we could find more like them. 

To say the least, it was an amazing week. The mission is the best, the good, the bad, all of it. Thank you for all the support, your encouraging weekly letters, and for you prayers. Hope you and sister Egbert have a nice week.

-Elder E

 Loving us some great districts...

 Hermana Egbert "popping in" after district meeting to bring a treat. I was cleaning an empty house that we will be putting missionaries back in this next cycle. (Out of uniform with Pres' permission)

District Meeting in the Guerro District

"Working to understand the importance of our vision to do our best! If we don't have vision our results may be scrambled, like the results of Elder Stephens notes jajaja."


"More Popping IN"

Friday popping by to check on missionaries and planning sessions...Though the missionaries do nightly planning- on Fridays they take a few hours and really plan ahead with an extra prayer in their heart for the needs of their investigators and for opportunities to be inspired to share their message. "The Weekly Planning Session" "Once you have set goals, decide how you will achieve them. You and your companion should hold a weekly planning session...Your discussion should focus on the needs of people and how to help them progress. During this weekly planning session, review your past goals, and set new goals for the coming week. Consider every aspect of your proselyting. ... approach your weekly planning with 10 days in mind."

 Keeping these specific steps in mind: 

- Pray for and seek inspiration.

 - Set goals and make plans for investigators to be baptized and confirmed in the coming week.

 - Set goals and make plans for investigators with a baptismal date. 

Set goals and make plans to help investigators attend sacrament meeting.

 - Set goals and make plans for lessons to be taught to progressing investigators.

 -Set goals and make plans for lessons to be taught to all other investigators.

 -Set goals and make plans to contact and teach referrals received from members, investigators, nonmembers, and Church headquarters.

 - Set goals and make plans to seek more referrals from members, investigators and non members. 

- Set goals and make plans for lessons you will teach to recent converts and less-active members. 

- Set goals and make plans to find new investigators. 

- Plan how to work with the ward council.

 - Schedule meetings that occur regularly. 

- Conduct companionship inventory.

 Bike delivery interrupted planning for a moment.


Hola presidente,
que tal, como le fue esta semana que paso???, jejeje esta semana fue bien chevre para nosotras, y bueno, han pasado cosas muy buenas, empiezo por decirle que esta semana tuvimos una experiencia espiritual muy edificante, recuerda a Leticia y Atenea? nuestras 2 investigadoras de oro?, bueno ellas tenian un negocio de restaurante-bar junto con Cervando, el hijo de Leticia y Hermano de Atenea y pues él le dijo a su mamá que ahora que tenía el sacerdocio no se sentia bien atendiendolo por que sabía que no estaba muy bien asi que le propuso a su mamá cerrarlo y ejercer su fé en Dios, y lo hicieron asi, ahí estaban los ahorros de toda su vida, y nos dieron un gran ejemplo de sacrificio, todo por seguir al Señor, eso me conmovió tanto presidente por que en realidad veo que hay muchas personas que hacen todo por el evangelio, por llegar a la presencia de Dios, y gracias a esta decisión tuvieron grandes milagros en su vida, fue bien bien espiritual esto por que, realemtne pude sentir el amor del Salvador y de Dios por ellos :)

También esta semana tuvimos el valor, de enseñar en una Combie :D, FUE ALGO RARO, la verdad, pero fue realmente edificante para mi compañera y para mi, nos sentimos muy bien al hacerlo y encontramos a muchas personas para enseñar :D, ahmm aunque no son de nuestra area :/ .

Alejandro, nuestro converso reciente, tuvo su entrevista para recibir el sacerdocio de Melquisedec, :D, y este domingo dió su primera clase en el sacerdocio :D, estaba tan nervioso, le ayudamos mucho a que siguiera adelante y le ayudamos con algunas escrituras que le ayudaron en su clase :D, además también ya tiene un llamamiento, ahora es misionero de barrio :D ...!!!
Esta semana me propuse como meta hablar ingles con mi compañera en casa, después del planeamiento diario, hammm me ha ido bien con eso, pero aún necesito aprender palabras jejeje !!!
Mi compañera es hermosa, sabe, ella me ayuda, me comprende, y realmente se ha convertido en mi mejor amiga en este tiempo, no quisiera separarme de ella, pero comprendo que es necesario, y que aqui en la misión siempre va a ser asi, le agradezco por ponermela a ella como mi primera compañera !!! :D Me ha enseñado lo que necesito para ayudar a otras misioneras cuando lleguen ...!!! cuando tenga la bendicion de entrenar !!! :D ..

Me he preguntado ultimamente como puedo aumentar mi fe en Jesucristo... ahora estoy leyendo el Nuevo Testamento, pero, quiero que me ayude a aumentar mi fe, puede ayudarme??? ...

Muchas gracias por todo lo que hace por nosotras y estamos agradecidas por estar en esta misión, a mi me ha cambiado la vida !!!

Que pase bonita semana :D
Hna. S


Remember when?

"Crazy Happy"

 Activity with the Youth in the Lucerna Ward

President Egbert- I think if mustaches were allowed I'd look older than 15 "

 Missing us some Elder Cordova...

 Feeling the Spirit of "Viva Mexico" !!!


Saturday this Zone was getting their "service" on...

 "Your good works will help people recognize you as a servant of God and will lead to opportunities to teach the restored gospel." 

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