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23 November 2014- An Attitude of Gratitude

Final reminder....

Holiday Packages  

Mexico Pachuca Mission
Elder/Hermana ________________
Boulevard Miguel Hidalgo 4.5 Km
Col. Villas de Pachuca
C.P. 42083
Pachuca, Hidalgo Mexico

Please send through the United States Postal Service by this week if possible.
If I may be so bold: Please consider something little for their companion in case they don't get anything from home and always list the value under $49 US dollars on the customs form. (Also please put pictures of Christ on the boxes and if it is specifically for Christmas place a holiday sticker or write as such and we will hold onto the box until our Christmas devotionals the middle of December. So less chance of peeking/opening early!) 
Thank you for the love and support your show the missionaries... 
We do have changes/transfers this week so more than half the mission will not be with their current companion for the Holiday...but then no transfers again until the first week in January.  : )

"No missionary can determine the lasting effects of his or her labors."

-Elder Richard G Scott


This young man is ready to be a missionary- and so every opportunity he has he tags along to get the practice in... what a remarkable example of desire.


And this is how it's done...
We have some remarkably talented Hermana's in this mission who have no drama, fantastic work ethic and know why they are here!
 I love their happy and positive attitudes...always feeling their love!


Hola Presidente como esta?, pues esta semana fue muy muy muuuuy buena para nosotras, tuvimos la bendicion de ayudar a 2 personas mas a llegar a las aguas del bautismo, no sin antes trabajar con todo nuestro corazon,alma, mente y fuerza (DYC 4) Realmente estamos felices por tan hermosa labor con ellas, LETICIA Y ATENEA, quien la bautizo fue su hijo Servando y el domingo despues de la conferencia de estaca tuvimos tambien el honor de ver como Alejandro y Servando recibian el sacerdocio de Melquisedec, algo que nunca habia visto pero de lo que estoy muy honrada de ver :D, ¡que bendicion!.... Tambien Leticia, la mamá de Servando y Atenea, expreso sus sentimientos despues de bautizarse y redacto sus palabras tal como las dijo "Realmente quiero tener una familia eterna y luchare por ella", eso me lleno de gozo el corazón por su extraordinaria fe, ademas de que dijo que quiere ser Presidenta de la sociedad de socorro jajajajajaja.... es muy linda al decir eso despues de 24 horas de bautizada .... los amamos de verdad!!!

Esta semana nos propusimos con mi compañera trabajar mas con los miembros y asi fue, realmente tuvimos mas lecciones edificantes y fortalecedoras para cada unos de nuestros investigadores !!!! Nos hemos arrepentido de no querer trabajar con ellos, en realidad, no podemos ayudar a otros a convertirse sin que participen los miembros !!!!

Muchas gracias por todos los esfuerzos que hace por ayudarnos en nuestras vidas, gracias por su ejemplo de humidad y gracias por recordarme que aunque soy misionera en este momento, cuando llegue a mi casa lo seguire siendo, y de tiempo completo, amo esta obra y espero nunca tener que decir "Ya me he cansado de que me hablen de la obra misional" por que ahora mas que nunca me doy cuenta de que esta obra salva vidas!!!!

Muchas gracias y que tenga una bonita semana Hna. S

and the work moves forward...

just a little rain....


hi President how are you today :D

.... i´m happy because the Hernandez Family attend the chapel yesterday i know that the family find the answers in the stake conference. they felt the Holy Spirit. also we have a Raymundo he will be baptized on Saturday 22th of November.
he sells bread in the afternoon when I first started the cycle we saw selling bread on the street. Elder M______ and I felt impressed to speak with the baker Raymundo, but a lady I spoke to him for bread, and my companion and I thought: I believe that he will not attend. And we said, let's go but then again we feel the spirit we had to talk to him and so we did. wait for Mrs. finish buying. and talked with him I agree that we were to house. was time to go house and begin to teach. baptismal date he accepted the first day. and he attended the chapel, now has four Sundays and this Saturday he baptizes.

Raymundo is very good, serving in the chapel. yesterday in the chapel helped collect the chairs at the end of services.
AND ALL FOR OUR OPEN MOUTH....................

i know this church is true is that the promises are fulfilled if we do our part. I am very strengthened by these experiences i Love you President.

with love: Elder C

 We always have a "special district" or two..... 
 just kidding... I love their goofiness!

The best kind of "thank you" begins with your name...

 "President, I found you a new mode of transportation and you can just throw our 'pouch' out the window as you fly over. I think you could purchase it for cheap!"


"Lago Salado" .... "Salt Lake"

Go BYU!!! You have at least one fan in Pachuca! 

 He is a real, but dead armadillo. Wouldn't you want one on your fridge as a decor?

Presidente Egbert,

Hola! Estoy muy bien. Esta semana ha sido un poco difícil en cuanto las hermanas por que realmente queremos ayudarles pero aveces no sabes como. Gracias por su ayuda. Estuvo muy divertido los intercambios con ellas. Espero que ellas estén bien. Me he sentido un poco mal, un tantito por que no hemos logrado el estandarte las dos semanas pasadas. Hemos estado muy cerca las dos veces pero yo se que lo vamos a hacer. Estoy muy feliz de poder estar aqui y no puedo creer que ya mero es navidad! whoa! se pasa muy rapido. Hna. ______ y yo nos llevamos tan bien y no queremos tener cambios por que todavia hay mucho trabajo que hacer aqui. Este domingo una señora fue a la capilla y ella tuvo que arreglar muchas cosas para que ella pudiera ir por que tiene una tienda. y no estoy segura que le dijimos para que ella tenga el deseo tan grande de ir a la capilla, pero se que fue el espiritu. Vamos a tratar de implementar lo que hicimos con ella con todas las personas. también pusimos a prueba la historia familiar con los conversos recientes y funcionó!!! pero igual como hizo la practica ese hermano. nuestros conversos dijeron, pues si, y queremos hacerlos lo mas pronto posible! hasta uno de nuestros conversos dijo "cual es la dirección del templo para poder ir." haha nos dio mucha riza pero por que el lo hizo como una pregunta tan sincera! el pudo sentir la importancia de que sus antepasados recibieran las mismas bendiciones. otra pareja que son conversos nuevos antes nos dijeron que no tienen suficiente conocimiento para entrar al templo pero les explicamos sobre la historia familiar y ellos están tan animados para ir al templo! la hermana va ir al centro de visitantes esta semana. whooooo! esoty muy feliz presidente. gracias por todo lo que hace por nosotras. le amo y respeto mucho =)

hermana c

 Gotta love us some real "Mexican" snacks... to keep our energy up!

 This district is going to miss Elder Felsted- what a privilege for them to have him as their district leader these last few cycles. "Hasta luego Elder Felsted"-

Kinda how I picture the Stripling Warriors minus the suit and tie- oh and the floral couch!

Service in action

Unas experiencias:
We asked one of the sisters after the food if she knew of someone that we could visit. She told us that she didnt know why but one name can to her head as we asked her. The next day we went to go contact this person in his little store. As we talked with him he told us that he had talked to the missionaries like 2 years ago and that he still had his book of mormon. He also mentioned that he has been going through some tough stuff in his family and in his work. He told us that everytime he started feeling down he would pick up the book of mormon and read for a little bit. After doing so he said he would start feeling better and then he would just like magically get more customers in his business. He told us that he already hada testimony of the book of mormon. 

We had another cool one. In a different food appointment of a part member family. of where the mom was a good active member but most of her children are not members. we shared with them something and at the end we asked the mom if she knew of any one and after wards we asked her non member son if he knew of anyone who would like learn more and she was like "actually yeah, me" and it was cool because the mom just leaped out of her seat and ran over and hugged him real tight. 

¡Que tenga una buena semana!

Elder S

Wrapping up Conferences with "An Attitude of Gratitude"

Tuesday 18 November 2014 

Zone Conferences

 Tezontepec Zone 

Valle Del Mezquital Zone

 Thank goodness for talented missionaries that can play the piano & lead the music!
The Zone Leaders & Sister Leader Trainers took 45 minutes total. Job well done!

 President Egbert always has their attention- we love all these missionaries!

Wednesday 19 November 2014

 Zone Conferences

 Pachuca Sur I Zone

 Pachuca Sur II Zone

 Pachuca Mex Zone

 President demonstrating an object lesson... (some trying to see a little better)


Thursday 20 November 2014

 Zone Conferences

Tulancingo Zone 

(Elder Felsted, Elder England, Elder Williams, Elder Hernandez- Tardy so not included in the pre-conference picture- sorry Mom's)

 Pachuca Centro Zone

President and the Zone Leaders ready to roll....


Mission Picture Gallery for the Week

 Elder Ortegas drawing in his agenda. (yep- he goes home on Wednesday... sniff, sniff)

 Are these the Tezontepec Super Hereos? I think so!!!
hola presidente!
i´m nearing the end of being able to write in english. sad. where to start. well, the conference about family history was super awesome. i´ve always loved it, since its something my grandma does every day and she later taught me, i´ve been to the little towns my great great great grandpa started in southern utah, and i have some pretty cool pioneer stories from basically every branch of my ancestry. but now i´ve been able to apply these things to my work, and its been great. we´ve already taught about it a few times, and i´ve found its something easy, that basically everyone enjoys talking about. one recent convert was all too excited to share with us what she had already done.
this week really had one theme for me: Love. the lack of it, the abundance of it, and the growing of it. my companion was frank with me this week in companionship inventory, that i teach well and i teach with the spirit, but i don´t teach with love. that i´m dissappointed when people don´t complete with things, but i´m not sad. that its not important to me what people do for a living, what they like to do in general, or much of any other detail of their personal lives. and it was a little harsh, but she´s kinda right. i´m content doing missionary work, i do it with all my strength, i´m obedient and i serve others, but out of love for the Lord, not out of love for the people. and i need both to have success, to really help and understand these people, and also to become the person i want to be. i´m still at that point from our 2nd interview, that i have a desire to love them but i don´t actually love them. i lack charity. and thats the one essencial thing to really everything. the problem is, its not a lightswitch that you can just decide to have one day and not have the next. its something i need to develope, and its about time i attacked that part of my great brick wall of problems, weaknesses, and excuses, as it´ll help me with just about everything else. its easy to love people at home. not so much here. so now the question is, how do i work on it. i´ve been praying, and its actually a repentance process that i´m doing about it. i don´t know how much time i will need to be where i want, its really something for my whole life to keep improving, but best to start now. i found a scripture that said how can you love God, who you can´t see, if you can´t even love the people around you that you see every day. it was a little punch in the gut, cause i do love God, but aparently with much room for improvement as well. so i have to start somewhere, i´m starting with the person attatched to me by the hip. i need to love my companion more. i already serve her, but we´re starting to get to know each other a little better. yes, after a whole cycle together we´re just now really getting to know each other, beyond the names of our siblings and our favorite colors. we need to be more than companions, we need to be friends. and while thats not something we can completely force, the little we can do, we´ll do. for my investigators, i´m just gonne keep praying for more love and praying for for them specifically and hope something happens. i think loving all of them will especially make my mission emotionally a lot easier. yup i think thats about it.
hasta luego!

Hermana R


 Elder Rincon is leaving us as well on Wednesday- his district celebrated his service! 

"Hasta luego Elder Rincon - We love you"-

So we weren't quite ready! Where's the President????

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