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30 November 2014- "Gods love is so great..."

"Gods love is so great that he loved even the proud, the selfish, the arrogant, and the wicked."

-President Dieter F Uchtdorf


One of the main purposes of each missionary's service here in the mission... 

Well -haven't they been busy?!!

 Elder Englands first baptism (Notice he's dressed in white to do the baptism)


Monday 24th November 2014: P-Day Prep 

House Checks, Transfer Phone Calls, 8 packing up to go home, and 13 new missionaries arriving in the mission... busy busy busy!

Elder Galo and Elder Santos putting last minute finishing touch ups on the new house they helped get ready for the sisters moving into the other half of their ward. Nice job Elders... perfect house and things look great inside! Thank you so much.

 "Just got my transfer phone call.... I know if I sit on this suitcase I can get it all to fit!"

 "No me olvides" - "Don't forget me" 

 We will not ever forget you Elder Ortega. Thank you for your dedicated and consistent service here in the Mision Mexico Pachuca. You will truly be missed!


(Native Spanish Sister who just finished her training)


Gracias por dejarme otro cambio mas con mi compañera. Ella es mi mejor amiga y no hubiera soportado que no hubiera terminado mi entrenamiento :D. Esta semana fue diferente, logre quitar mi miedo de contactar personas. Quiere saber como? ORACIONES ESPECIFICAS, aunque mi compañera se "enojo", bueno no se enojo pero fue muy chistoso. Estuve orando al señor por la oportunidad de contactar personas tanto en la calle como en sus casas y que me ayudara a abrir mi boca y poder compartir el mensaje del evangelio. Todas nuestras citas del día jueves y sus respaldos cayeron, por que lo que empezamos a contactar bajo la lluvia sin ningún éxito, contactamos por mas de hora y media y nadie nos aceptaba. Hicimos una oración y seguimos buscando alguien que nos aceptara pero nada. al final duramos mas de tres horas contactando. Hicimos un aproximado de 30 contactos y aunque no tuvimos muchas lecciones esa tarde , al día siguiente tuve un fuerte resfriado pero también dos nuevos investigadores por iniciativa propia. No cabe duda que cuando oramos específicamente el señor nos ayuda y nos dice como hacer las cosas. Mi compañera esta muy feliz de que ya no necesita decirme a quien contactar, lo hago solita. y ahora lo veo como algo normal.

Gracias por toda su ayuda y deseos de servir al señor. Oramos por usted y su esposa en todo momento,

les ama    hna. B

Mision Mexico Pachuca CCM Arrivals- Early Morning 

24 November 2014

Mision Mexico Pachuca MTC Arrivals - Late Evening 

24 November 2014

Elder and Hermana Ramos welcoming the new Elders who arrived Monday morning and taking their pictures for President's white boards.


Bring on Tuesday...

3 of the new Elders that arrived Monday night headed down to the mission office for Mission wide transfers and companion assignments.

 "Are we really here in Mexico?"

 Transfer meetings get bigger and bigger as we continue to grow... 1/2 of the mission was involved in mission wide transfers. All new arriving missionaries sit in the very front row. The new trainers are announced and sit behind them in the second row- and the returning missionaries sit together on the very left- 


  • 13 New Arriving Missionaries
  • 8 Returning Missionaries: 5 Elders and 3 Sisters, 190 missionaries total
  • Opened one new area (house)
  • Re-opened two houses we had closed due to missionaries returning home early
  • No trios of missionaries in this new transfer cycle
  • Finished up Zone Conferences in November
  • Christmas Devotionals will be in December and Interviews in January

The Faces of Change...


Tuesday Afternoon

When everyone is on their way to their new areas or with their new companions we gather up the missionaries returning home for a BBQ, final interviews, and devotional. We have a little fun in between while President is busy interviewing...

We played "PIT" when it got dark outside, which is a card game selling and trading commodities. After my directions in English then translated into Spanish and a trail run- it was "GAME ON".... and then JENGA is always a good standby while others were playing ping pong. Actually this generation takes the cake for the JENGA game.

 Goodbyes are not forever.

Good byes are not the end. 

They simply mean I'll miss you


Until we meet again!

(A Spanish Speaking Elder who is returning home after 2  years of service)

Hi dad!!! (Presidente)

Well I don't know what to say today. well only thanks for everything yo do for us as missionaries but, specially for the things that you have done that have an eternal effect in my life. what a privilege to work with you in this marvelous work of save the Heavenly Father's children, really as said Elder Holland in the talk that you have sent us the last week, This calling has an eternal Effect in our lifes, Is more that I will be able to thnak to my Faher in Heaven for, in the long list of things that I cant thank him for. But I'm going right now to the past when I was a Less Active Member of this marvelous Church and Gospel, I remember when I said "It's not matter to me that this is the true church I don't want to take part of this " how a mistake it was!!. But I always ponder after my months of less active"Why the Lord want me to come to the gospel again why simply let me go for a inminent destruction?" why he wants a boy of 20 years old to go to a mission with only a few months of return to the church?, but I'm grateful that he chose me to do this work in this moment in my life. Without my mission i'll never get to know my savior at the point that I know him right now. As you have said this is a marvelous calling from our savior to follow Him. It was a sacred responsablility to talk in the name of the Lord, We really represent the Savior if we are faithful and obedient with exactness. that the power of heaven comes in our help if we are wothy. But above all else see others as the Savior do it. see them as children of God with Full potential to become like Him. Well. I believe that I'm going to talk about it in our last interview. Sometimes I felt that I need to serve as missionary forever but know I understand that I can be a missionary forever and that the Lord requiere other things more in my service to Him. it's a little strange I'm going home but I feel that I'm leaving my home. But I will continue forward in the Lord's errand wherever he wants me to go, Whatever He Wants me to Be. I don't have sufficient words to say what I feel ... But I will always remember His Love and mercy and Grace as the hymn say "Comprendo que Él en la cruz se dejó clavar. Pagó mi rescate; no lo podré olvidar. Por siempre jamás al Señor agradeceré; mi vida y cuanto yo tengo a Él daré." I Will serve Him for time and eternity.

Thanks president for all- I love you and I will be grateful forever with the Lord For the oportunity of be one of your sons in the mission. But specilly thanks for show me no only with your words but with your acts that this is the true, and that we can do everything, Just with the Lord's help.

With Love
 Elder R

Mision Mexico Pachuca Weekly Picture Gallery

 Transfers mean leaving members and investigators that one has grown to love. Hermana Cebreros (right) will never forget these cute kids. They will always hold a special place in her heart.

 Elder Mischini and Elder Castro  have volunteered to be the mission chaufers if the church would just purchase this sweet ride for the Mision Mexico Pachuca. And they pointed out that they could haul all their investigators to church at one time!

"President, Do you think we could make it work in the mission budget?"

 It is fun to meet up with other Hermanas as everyone is passing through the bus station.

 We love the Hermana's serving here in the Mision Mexico Pachuca. They are hard working, low maintenance, smart, beautiful, safe, (most are low drama) and have such happy/loving personalities. 

Wouldn't trade a one of them for all the vanilla ice-cream in the WORLD.

 There is nothing like the friendships that build within a district!

 On divisions with the Sisters in Zumpango...

Happy Birthday (20th) Elder Vique!

 Some of our outstanding leaders in the mission...

 These two assistants are starting to feel the "Christmas Spirit"

I stopped by and checked on these two sets of Missionaries serving in Guerreo... 

(Above- Elder Castano / Elder Steadman) (Below Hermana Hoopes / Hermana Chozo)

 We have the best missionaries overseeing this area. They work hard and know why they are here. They sit quite remote in their area- and never complain- I love them !

(A Sister from the United States with 4 1/2  months in the mission)
Hola Presidente!

Another great week!

Thank you for the beautiful conference on Tuesday! I have SO much to be grateful for... but in this time especially for the love and service you and your wife give to me. Thank you!

I had a few little moments that I really loved. The first, came with our investigators Emma and Tamara. They are SUPER prepared by the Lord... so much so that on Tuesday, we asked if they had any questions and Emma said, ¨Yes! I do! Someone told me that when I get baptized I have to wear all white, but the thing is I don´t have ANY white clothing! Would it be ok if I wore red or blue?!¨ :) It just doesn´t get better than that.

Tamra also shared an experience that she had with with prayer. She lives at the top of a huge hill, and walks the way in the night time in the pitch black. She said that she began to feel really anxious and worried, and to try and clam down tried to think logically, breathe deeply, but when that didn´t work offered a prayer, ¨in the way you taught me¨ and said that immediatley after she felt calm and happy. I was reminded of the countless prayers I have offered for little things like that... there is no better feeling than knowing that someone else can enjoy the blessings of sincere communication with our Heavenly Father.

I continue to try my best! I know that I still lack so much, but every day I learn how I can be more dilligent, and more efficient. I am so excited for the next six weeks!

Thanks for everything!     Hermana H

Just down the road in another zone I found Elder Stewart and Elder Ruiz froze out. They reopened this area and just moved in after changes on Tuesday afternoon. Their house was so cold and no water on Thursday AM - so they requested more blankets, another heater, and long johns! They will pick it up on Friday at new missionary orientation. We exchanged the girl bikes left there for boy bikes. They didn't even care- they said they rode the girl bikes with the little white baskets and the purple flowered helmets because girl bikes were better than NO bikes. What troopers! Elder Stewart is going to be an excellent trainer... When I stopped by (Thursday) they still hadn't unpacked as the ward secretary's little girl (12 yrs old) had passed away from pneumonia and so they were busy all day Wednesday assisting with the funeral and family needs. A humbling and touching experience for these missionaries new to this area.

After new Missionary Orientation on Friday.... Not much warmer today...

 Special Changes on Saturday... 
Thanks to those who packed up on a minutes notice to accommodate Presidents' request.


Actopan Branch- 30 November 2014

Sunday church in the Actopan Branch at their little house of prayer that sits in an enclosed garage section.This little branch has revived itself thanks to hard working and dedicated missionaries, a senior missionary couple who are a huge support, and to a Branch President that is committed. Attendance has grown more than double... (Apologies for taking a picture on my I-pad during the opening song... I just couldn't resist giving you a view of what your missionaries are experiencing.) The two Elders behind the sacrament table... Everyone in attendance was sitting in rows beside me and behind me.

Hello Presidente!
This week was very dear to me. The conference with you was very emotional and I was able to learn a lot of things.
Generallty, we alwaus focus on how difficult things can be and not on what we should and can do. In this conference you taught us that no matter how difficult things are, we can be focused.It reminded w¿mw of a point in how to begin teaching that says that no matter the situation or circumstance , The gospel of Jesus Christ can help us.
We teach of that you thaugt us that we need to put in practice each principle that we teach.
There is no better way of helping others than being an example of what we preach. I am very happy for each and every one of the things and blessings that the lord gives me , but also, I realizwed that I should express and demonstrate that with actions.
The gratitude that I feel towards my heavenly father is overwhelming.
Like you know , I am convert and will soon complete two year and 4 months as a member and I feel really happy to be a member and to be here in the mission.
This is the best time of my life to be here and this is the best thing I could be doing rigth now.
This week I had the opportunity to get to know hna ______ better and work with her she is really good and reminded me a little of when I arrived to the mission because my character was like hers, but the lord has managed to polish us and I am grateful for that change that I am experencing.
I testifi that when we have a desire to do the will of the lord, Helo us. I find myself realy happy with my companion that she has had a lot of progress really fast. Its my personal opinion, SHE IS REALLY GOOD AND I FEEL REALLY HAPPY -THANK YOU FOUR YOUR LOVE.

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