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21 December 2014- "What Lack I Yet?"

Seasons Greetings from our house to your's...


Important Notice to Parents about Christmas Calls

Dear Parents of the Mision Mexico Pachuca Missionaries,

With Christmas just around the corner, we are sure you and your missionaries are looking forward to being able to visit. All missionaries are allowed one (1) hour to visit with their families. If parents do not live together, the missionaries will need to divide their time. The visit can be on the phone or on skype,whichever is more convenient, and your son or daughter's companion needs to be in the room at all times.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE encourage your missionary to share positive experiences. Each missionary will have been involved in a district meeting and service project for most of Christmas Day. Service is a great way to forget about ourselves- as the example of our Savior; it was always about everyone else- never about himself. Please be positive with your missionary. Although all the missionaries look forward to these calls, for most it also ends up being very difficult emotionally afterward. If you talk about all the fun things you are doing, how much you miss your child, what they are missing out on, problems at home etc., your missionary will struggle after the call.

If you focus on missionary experiences, how proud you are of them, share uplifting stories of faith, and express gratitude for the their service, it will be much, much easier for your missionary after your visit. This is particularly important for those missionaries who have only a few months in the mission field.

We love each of your sons and daughters and are so blessed to have them here with us. They are each where they need to be this Christmas- no better gift to you their families than their service here- we know your families are being blessed because of their service. We know you may miss them for a split second Christmas morning, but we also know there is no where else you rather have them be this year than here serving the Lord- moving the Work of Salvation forward in our corner of the World.  We appreciate all your love and support. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas as your hearts and thoughts contemplate the Savior;

Con Amor,
Presidente y Hermana Egbert


Christmas Gifts delivered right on time! 

.....I have a friend in Veracruz and in few weeks she will leave on her a mision, and sometimes i share with her the tips that you share us, i share with her, that in my mission i contact the combis and the bus, is share some experiences, and2 weeks more, he told me that she share the gospel with un hombre que se sentó a lado de ella en la combi, and she remember my experience, and she invited that men for her family home evening, was awesome, that men accept the invitation and then he was baptize in 3 weeks :) thanks president.....

Elder V

Mision Mexico Pachuca

 Feeling the Christmas Spirit


 Rescuing one by one...

The Pachuca Centro Zone Leaders on divisions in Molango with the town centers Christmas Tree for a beautiful backdrop...


Hola Presidente,
....I don´t want to write this part in Spanish because she is sitting right next to me, but I just sat down and shared a card with the lady sitting next to me. She honestly loved the video. She really liked gracias a el as well. She shared it on her facebook!!! How awesome is that! Now she is on just checking it out and reading about several things. I am spending quite a bit of time just talking to her but that doesn´t matter this is the best internet contact I have ever had!....

Elder B

Pachuca Mex Zone Activity 

Loving us some little elves!

 I love the creativity of this Elder who visited the house of Elders Ellis/ Rodriquez.

The Secret Santa Elder put all her gifts in a cereal box... SUPRISE! It's not cereal...


Valle del Mezquital Zone Activity 

Mission Family, Food and Fun 

Each district brought/made "Traditional Holiday Food" to share with everyone. We then practiced our musical number for the devotional, played soccer, and found gift wrapped boxes of filled water balloons....That "Santa" is sneaky! 

Then the big water balloon fight was on!!!!

The lights of the holidays are the BEST!

Don't these two add to the Ward Christmas Party?!

2014 Christmas Devotionals 

Theme: "What Lack I Yet?" 

- Matthew 19: 16-22
All Zone Leaders helped set, decorate and clean up! Nice job everyone....
Zone Picture: 1025 am
Welcome: Senior Zone Leader
Opening Prayer: In English by a Native Spanish Speaker
Items of Business: (Asuntos)
Hermana Egbert: Examples of Menu Ideas, Importance of Shopping for Groceries, and Health Reminders
President Egbert: Bicycle maintenance, Financial accountability, Protocol of missionaries in a public place,
President Egbert: Parable of the Talents and using with “effort” the talents and abilities we have been blessed with to further the work here in the mission; not wasting them and how that applies to those called to serve in leadership positions. Some arrive to the mission with 5 talents, others with 2 and others with 1. What are we doing with ours?
Five Minute Break
Opening Song: Page 126 “Cantan Santos Angeles”
Opening Prayer: In English by a Native Spanish Speaker
Introduction of Christmas Devotional Theme and for 2015: President Egbert
Holiday Message: Elder/ Hermana Ramos (Office Secretaries)
Holiday Message: Elder/ Hermana Cano ( Senior missionary couple- Fridays devotional only)
Special Musical Number: Specific Zone
Hermana Egbert: Holiday Message (The Value of Service)
Special Musical Number: Specific Zone
Holiday Message: President Egbert (Experience of Christmas when he was 11 years old)
Closing Song: Page 123 “! Regocijad Jesus Nacio”
Closing Prayer/Blessing on Food: In English by a Native Spanish Speaker
                Holiday Lunch provided by Jose Gonzales
                Passing out of Christmas Cards from the First Presidency
                Distribution of holiday boxes from Family
                Distribution of small gifts from the mission (significant work by Elder/Sister Ramos)
-          Hand towel crocheted onto a ring for each sister
-          Shirt Protector (bib) for each Elder (Idea stolen from Hermana Call/Elder Dove)
-          Temple Recommend Holder with a pictures of Christ / and Pachuca
Everyone headed back to their areas by 230 pm  

*** Apologies if your missionary is missing from any of the pictures- I tried to take as many as I could- but I'm just as easily distracted/sidetracked as a five year old.

Tuesday- Tecamac I & Tecamac II  

Green Salad,Turkey /Mashed Potatoes, French Bread, Mixed Vegetables, Dessert, Holiday Punch 


Wednesday- Pachuca Sur 1,  Pachuca Sur 2, & Pachuca Mex Zones

Green Salad, Cordon Blue, Rice, French Bread, Mixed Vegetables, Pasta Salad, Dessert, Holiday Punch 

Dr Hernandez/wife in the white shirt/tie is one of our mission doctors that gives of his time/talent to care for our missionaries. He is a very busy surgeon but always makes time for us...


Thursday- Tezontepec and Mezquital

Green Salad,Turkey/Mashed Potatoes, French Bread, Mixed Vegetables, Dessert, Holiday Punch 

Some of the packages have been opened coming through Customs, but the ones with the Virgin Mary stickers they don't touch!  Good job Moms!

 Friday- Pachuca Centro and Tulancingo

Green Salad, Ham/Mashed Potatoes, French Bread, Mixed Vegetables, Dessert, Holiday Punch 

 The "sisters always get to go first"...We are gentlemen - but sometimes we want to whine about it!

 "Simona" who helps clean the mission office /home and has been a church employee for 20+ years

Santa's sleigh (mini van) swung by these Zone Leaders house on the way back to the office after the devotional.

***President and I will make every effort to deliver packages that come the first part of this week to your missionaries. We will drive through the entire mission on Wednesday and drop the last of pouch. Anything that arrives after that will go out with regular pouch on a weekly basis.

Durante mis primeras semanas aquí en Tulancingo, teníamos aproximadamente 2 a 3 lecciones con los miembros. Mi compañera y yo pedimos a muchas personas a ir con nosotros en las lecciones. Nunca tuvieron tiempo. Comenzamos a orar ya buscar maneras de servir a los miembros. También nos hemos centrado en la capacitación de los miembros como se nos ha enseñado en las conferencias de zona. Intentamos visitar una familia activa cada día y compartir con ellos un mensaje corto en lo que compartimos con la gente todos los días. Les pedimos que expresen su testimonio de este mensaje. Luego les preguntamos si estarían dispuestos a compartir este testimonio con un investigador. ¡Qué diferencia que ha hecho !!! Tuvimos 16 lecciones la semana pasada con los miembros. Muchos de ellos con los miembros que se preparan para servir en una misión. Sus testimonios han ayudado realmente a la gente vea que tienen que hacer para seguir a Cristo. No sólo están fortaleciendo los testimonios de otras personas, sino que también están fortaleciendo sus testimonies. Puedo ver la diferencia que está haciendo en nuestro barrio y con la obra misional. No tenemos muchos investigadores que están progresando en este momento, pero tenemos muchos miembros que quieren ayudarles a progresar. Tenemos muchos que se preguntan cuando pueden venir con nosotros y qué día los necesitamos para que nos pueden ayudar. Me encanta la obra misional!!!!

¡Muchísimas gracias, Presidente, por su ayuda, amor y dedicación a la obra de nuestro Padre Celestial!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana B

Picture Gallery

 This street sign represents the name of the State which Elder Mendoza calls home

 District meeting in Molango- Every other 6 week cycle

 This sign in the Elders house.....

 Our hard working/baptizing hermanas! 
President calls them his "Twinners"-Hermana Louis/ Hermana Colby are both twins, with their twin sisters serving in other missions in the WORLD. They tell everyone that they are "twins" which is a great conversation starter about "family and the gospel".... they almost look like twins! 
We are so proud of them...

 PS President, "If you feel inspired to keep us here in Molango forever....that works for us!"

 "Gotta love the opportunities to do divisions with many amazing missionaries"

Happy Sunday from these little Elves!
Dear President,
This week was a good one! There are good days and ok days, but in the end, its always a great week! Progress!
So i want to talk a little about the Familia Reyes. They are making progress! We have been having trouble setting a baptism date, but they are doing lots of preperations. They have quit drinking coffee. Mario, their son, told us that he doesnt want to smoke anymore and he hasnt smoked or drank in more than a week! And they were planning the different ways that they could pay their tithing.. first week of the month verses the second..etc.. wow! What changes! They are amazing and have definatley been prepared by the Lord before we found them! I am praying I can see their baptism before i have to leave this area!

We had some great lessons this week with our investigators and have also been checking up on our recent converts and everyone is just doing super great. There are of course a few who struggle, but we have been seeing some good things! For example, sacrament meeting yesterday was super special.. because our newest convert, Esteben (12 years old) passed the sacrament for the first time yesterday and he got to pass it to me and my companion :) My heart was so happy! It was awesome. The very first steps to such great things ahead!

Well, one of the biggest lessons i have been learning this month is the importance of humility. It is a hard thing to have, but we need to do our best to obtain it. Be the first to apologize, even if its not your fault. Admit when you are wrong, because sometimes you are. Dont think that you are better than anyone else.. God loves them just as much as he loves you. Think of others before yourself. Just listen. Try to think of what Christ would do and do it! I have been working on this a lot and its hard, but if we pray for help, the Lord will provide opportunities to practice and obtain humility! I know that the Lord has been helping me to obtain humility and to learn many important lessons! So grateful for the perfect plan of my Heavenly Father that he has for all of us imperfect children.
Thank you for all you do!

Hna. Y 


  1. Thanks, once again, for this awesome blog! I know it's very time consuming to put together each week. We look forward to Sundays even more than usual because that's when the mission blog will be updated! This post today was soooo wonderful. I felt ALMOST like a fly on the wall at the Christmas devotionals and THAT is such a tender mercy to a mom. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! And may you have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas! Thanks for all the great pictures.

  3. Gracias por todo su esfuerzo y trabajo en este blog, de verdad apreciamos el saber de nuestros misioneros por este medio y conocer un poco mas de esta hermosa Mision en la que les toco servir, es hermoso ver sus sonrisas y momentos felices. Les mandamos todo nuestro amor desde León, Guanajuato. Merry Christmas!! Thanks for everything!! Brother and Sister Rubio