Sunday, December 7, 2014

08 December 2014- "The only true and lasting peace..."

Wishing you peace and happiness this Christmas Season from all of us in the Mision Mexico Pachuca.

I know I have mentioned this before.... but Elders in our mission get one opportunity to actually do the baptismal ordinance. So this picture is meaningful...(Newer)Elder Lash dressed in white on the right used his singular opportunity to baptize this family of 5. The picture on the left is at their official marriage ceremony and then baptism... What an an amazing experience.... that is a perfect example of making it count!!!
¡Hola Presidente!
Esta semana fue buenisimo, la verdad. Tuvimos 5 bautismos. Una familia de Daxtha. Ellos son de oro, en serio. Son muy amables y tienen testimonios fuertes de los principios basicos. Yo tuve la oportunidad a bautizarles. La papa se llama Javier. Cuando nosotros dos estaban en la pila, estabamos llorando. El me dijo "todo mi vida va a cambiar." Fue un momento que nunca voy a olvidar. Siempre voy a tener un lugar especial por esta familia en mi corazon. 
También, les ayudamos a casarse. Ellos estaban bien feliz. Estoy muy agradecido por la oportunidad a ayudar estas personas cambiar sus vidas para seguir Jesucristo. En serio. Es una opordunidad que no quiero olvidar. 
Todo el resto de la semana fue bien. Nuestro districto nuevo es perfecto. Todos nos caemos bien y pues somos como una familia. Creo que cosas buenas van a pasar este ciclo. 
Gracias por todo!       Elder L

 Doesn't get any better !!!

 Life is good in Pachuca... so many working hard and obligating the Lord to bless them in their efforts by being obedient with exactness!

 The young man dressed in the orange jacket was baptized yesterday and confirmed today when I visited their ward... 

Peace, happiness, and contentment is obvious
(English Speaking Sister with almost 6 months in the mission)
Dear President,
This week was a super great start to a new transfer! Me and my companion set some new goals for this transfer and we have been having lots of good changes, miracles and progress come from it! :) So first, M_______ and her kids were baptized this weekend! It was honestly amazing.. I just felt so happy! I couldnt stop smiling. Everything went perfect... (besides forgetting towels and their baptism clothes were all huge..) We had tons and tons of support for the ward, the talks from the members were super special, my district sang at the baptism, etc.. everything was amazing and they were all so happy! I just couldnt help but think of the futures that they have ahead of them now.. Esteben receiving the priesthood and someday he can serve a mission.. Andrea one day can sit in church and sing the hymns with a family of her own, etc.. so amazing! Such a great day. So grateful I got to witness it!
Also.. an important lesson i learned this week. And I cant believe im saying it, but.. i love obedience! Haha, that was something i struggled with here in the beginning of the mission. I didnt like the rules, wanted to do it my way, etc.. but with the goals that me and my companion have made, we have seen some amazing things happen! We are sticking to it and have had lots of opportunities to have service (which we love!) and have had more references from members, more lessons, etc.. I have truly come to learn, because now i know the difference, that when we are obedient, the Lord will bless us! He wants to help us.. but he isnt going to reward us for disobedience. We are striving to be obedient and have success here in our area.
Thank you for everything you do!
Hna. Y

"To love what you are doing and feel that it matters....."

Back to the Mision Mexico Pachuca to finish his unfinished business!

Elder Castillo is back and we couldn't be happier! What an exciting day and what a level of love and respect we have for him and his efforts in returning to the mission. He is back with Elder Kearl in Huachinango to finish his training with his original trainer. Elder Kearl is now training two Elders, but wanted to serve with Elder Castillo again. So he has the "twins". Welcome back Elder Castillo!


Leadership Consejo 
03 December 2014

Don't worry Santa we have all been naughty..

.......... just saving you a trip to Mexico!

( Two options for you parents...)


Zone Capacitation in Tecamac II

 (I and the Sister Leader Trainer Trainers came to this zone, President went to Tulancingo with Elder Stucki and Elder Cruz, and the assistants attended Pachuca Centro capacitation with Elder Ford- Elder Mora)

Thursday 04 December 2014

and then after capacitation I traveled with 6 missionaries to their areas in Zumpango. 
Love these kids!

 Take note of the great new paint job this district did as a service project for the little street that Hermana Preciado and Hermana Garcia live on.... Nice job!

 Love these two Elders who work hard and keep smiling.... one week in the mission and only one bike wreck for Elder Paynter.... Yes Mom, that is road rash on his elbow. He is down one tie and one shirt but he repaired his pants. Thank goodness for helmets.....

ZUMPANGO loving their area!
Hermana Liebano and Hermana Ramirez have a cozy little house but the neighbors next door moved in their extra things for storage... President needs to make a quick phone call to reverse that thought process. We have it happen quite often where neighbors think "Oh the missionaries don't have much stuff and they can just store our extra stuff in their house.."  LOL

(New arriving Elder with two weeks in the mission this Monday)
Hola Presidente!
How is it going? Things are going great!! I love my Companion! Elder _____ is awesome! We are doing great together! I´m learning Spanish a lot faster with him, he is a good teacher and an amazing helper to me! The people are incredible here! They are so nice and they love their families a lot! We have so many great families we are teaching. I love to watch them progress in their knowledge of the Gospel. I can´t communicate very well, but I can still understand their needs! It has been a pretty great first week. Me and Elder G______ are having great success, even though there is a Little bit of a lack of communication between us! It´s alright, because I´m starting to learn a lot more spanish! This Saturday we were able to baptize a 9 year old boy named Eliot! It was a great experience! I got to witness a baptism in my very first week! Also after the baptism we visited a family of 4, three of them have baptismal dates, but one doesnt. When we got to the house only two of them were there, Yolanda(w/bap. date) and Angeles(w/o bap. date). We brought Hermana A______ with us to the lesson, and we taught about the Plan of Salvation. It was so great! I got to teach most of the lesson with my broken Spanish! After we finished the lesson, I asked Angeles if she would be baptized on the 27th and she said yes!! It was an Incredible esperience! I´m so greatful for the opportunity that i have to serve the Lord! I can{t wait to see what the next two years have in store! Thanks for all that you do!!
-Elder P

 Hermana Schaumkel and Hermana Vasquez providing service every opportunity they have... following the example of our Savior.

 Elder Cruz (center) is extremely grateful for the dedicated service and example of personal conversion that Elder/Hermana Cano have in serving their mission in the Apan area. Elder Cruz has mentioned so often what a blessing they are to this small branch in the Lord's vineyard.

 This little district just keep on hopping in moving the work forward in Tecamac. We are so proud of the "Bosques District" and are mindful of ALL your efforts.


"Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas"

-Calvin Coolidge

Some of our missionaries who serve close to the mission office from the 4 Pachuca Zones were invited to help with a Christmas Choir program that they have practiced weekly over the last month. It was a missionary tool organized by our own Hermana Garcia and with the aid of the wonderful Garza Alcala Family presented a marvelous program for investigators, members, and less actives with Christmas music and words. Job well done....

 Happy Birthday Hermana Bustos 

Elder Segura (right) is always mindful of his district


Hola Presidente!

Week number one... Where to start? Day one with Hna. Z_______ was so great. The first lesson we had, the first time I bore my testimony, I felt the Spirit very strongly. It was as if I were receiving a confirmation, "Yes, this is where you need to be." And a miracle happened that night! Hna. Z and Hna. ______ had found a lady named Joselyn before I arrived. They gave her a Book of Mormon, but unfortunately were not able to find her afterward. They called and called and searched for her with no luck. My first night here, we stopped at a little tienda to buy a loaf of bread for the next morning, and guess who was there waiting outside? Yes, Joselyn. She told us that night that she had read 1 Nephi through Mosiah. !!!!!!!! As you can imagine, it was incredible. Miracles. Confirmation that this is the Lord's work.

Unfortunately, the next day I got super, super homesick. I felt absolutely no homesickness in the MTC, but it hit me like a ton of bricks on Wednesday. Since then, I've really been trying to shake it but it's proving to be quite the trial. It's affecting a lot of my emotions. The good news is that when we're teaching a lesson or when I'm doing personal study, I forget. But in between those times, it's hard for me to imagine 17 more months doing this every day in a foreign country without my family.

But, I'm okay. If I had any less of a testimony, it would be way harder. Even though I'm not feeling the best emotionally, I have a very strong knowledge that I owe this to the Lord. And even if I felt like this for the rest of my mission (although I know it will pass), I would suffer through it because I know what the Lord expects of me.

In other news... we're prepping for a baptism! We are set for a baptism on the 20th for Hna. Gaby. She is ready! She is so loving and patient and sweet. She is going to make a valient member of the church, and I'm so excited for the happiness it will bring her. Also, we found a family last night! They also are so prepared - open and willing hearts. I love the people here and their willingness to listen, but I can tell that this family is ready for the gospel.

Anyway, President, it's been a good week. One of the hardest of my life, but I know that with time this mission will take hold of my heart if I keep working. Hna. Z is so great and hard-working and we get along perfectly. She is a good example of hard work, boldness, and fearlessness. Thanks for being inspired enough to put me with her!

Thanks, President!
Hermana S


Happy Day 

 Hermana Miranda (left) and Hermana Nicolosi (right) with a more recent convert are excited for her visit to the temple this weekend.

 Love it when companions get along and work hard together!

Hugs to some old friends in the mission....

"Every gift which is given, even though it be small, is in reality great, when given with affection."

A small gift from Hermana Markle to her trainer Hermana Tuz- 

 An Hermana wanted to collect all these M&M tops... her companion said they have eaten so many M&M's ... but task completed!!!

(Spanish Speaking Sister with 3 months in the mission)
.... ese mismo dia Martes ore algo preocupada empeze a animar a mi compañera y rogaba al Señor dentro de mi corazon que me ayudara a tener luz , a poder encontrar a nuevas personas listas para progresar y ese mismo dia visitando a una menos activa conocimos a fernanda , ella es una joven de 17 años muy buena y amable , ella asistio a una actividad de pasteles de la sociedad de socorro el jueves y a un bautismo el sabado pasado lamentablemente no fue este domingo pero si ira el proximo acepto fecha bautismal y a leer el libro de Mormon !! Ese mismo dia llegue a casa con mi compañera con unos deseos enormes de agradecerle por contestar las oraciones tan profundas que hice en mi corazon ! Siento presidente que habia venido aqui con la intencion de ver milagros en la vidas de las personas , pero ahora comprendo que necesito esforzarme trabajar mas que ayer , dar todo de mi y no temer para poder ver estos milagros !! Senti por primera vez en la mision que mi fe aumento al confiar plenamente en el SALVADOR ! NO significa que antes no haya tenido o que no tenga fe sino que senti claramente esta semana como las tiernas misericordias del Señor me animaban a seguir adelante!
presidente me emociona ver a tantas personas , siento ganas de hablarle a todos !! les hablo en la calle , en las combis , en taxis , en las tiendas . Nos estamos esforzando por hablar con todos sin temer de manera respetuosa! Presidente realmente estoy esforzandome mucho por ser obediente con exactitud por que deseo que el Padre me bendiga ,bendiga este compañerismo ,bendiga a las personas del area , bendiga la mision!! siento la necesidad de contar con su guia siempre !! Me estoy esforzando por concentrarme en los estudios tanto personales como en compañerismos . cada vez que pienso en las necesidades de cada nuevo investigador oro muy dentro de mi suplicandole al Padre que me ayude ! y siento que me responde inmediatamente !!! Estoy muy agradecia al Padre por ser misionera ya que es algo que he deseado desde que me bautize y no deseo desperdiciar ningun especial minuto ! Este domingo les hice una pequeñita carta a cada joven que nos acompañaron a hacer visitas en la semana .Si bien es cierto solo fueron unas cartitas con escrituras y unos dulces pero les exprese la gran gratitud que siento por ellas .Esta semana que paso visitamos a miembros tambien y de formas chiquitas intentamos servirles e hicimos practicas de como comenzar a enseñar con ellos . les hicimos meditar en como el evangelio bendice a sus familas , a sus hijos ,etc. y les pedimos que piensen en alguno de sus amigos y nosotras parcticamos como si fueramos ellos y luego les pedimos que ellos practicaran . Fue increible pues hicieron unas excelentes practicas !!!A pesar de que recien voy conociendo a los miembros y a los lideres ya les quiero mucho a todos :). Estoy muy emcionada con la iniciativa de El Es La Dadiva , porque asi le animamos mas a compartir el evangelio!!
Hna. C

 There are two ways to live your life. 

One is as though nothing is a miracle. 

The other is as though everything is a miracle. 

  - Albert Einstein

 A kind member took four missionaries to tour Real del Monte and an old cemetary where most of the headstones were written in English- The town was settled by English miners.

Loving us a blueberry muffin and blue bikes!

"When we do the best we can, 

we never know what miracle is wrought in our life 

or in the life of another."

- Helen Keller

 Elder Rincon (above left) with Elder Katich who he trained and new Elder Gonzalez who is now being trained by Elder Katich. 3 Generations!!! Elder Rincon was serving as district leader his last cycle and made these special certificates for each of his district members. How creative and so appreciated by each missionary!

Welcome Home Elder Ortega (Colombia) 

 Elder Felsteds arrival in Salt Lake City (Utah USA) with two adorable family members that were born during his service and (below) with his sister over the Thanksgiving holiday.

 Three of our returned Mision Mexico Pachuca Missionaries who were in attendance at the same returned missionary conference in their country. Pointing to the country flag of their mission service. We love these three missionaries and value the impact of their service here in the mission. Elder Vasquez, Herman Escobar, Elder Ajpop


Remembering ONE Year Ago...


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