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08 March 2015- "You are assigned to do..."

"You are assigned to do the Lords work in a specific area. He wants you to watch over your area with love and great care."

Fathers advice to his missionary son:
Write to your mother once a week.
Write to your Bishop once a month
Write to your Stake President once a year.
Write to your girlfriend once.
- a Time to Laugh Collection


You are called to teach the restored gospel ...Teaching is central to everything you do. 
"Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain my word, and then shall your tongue be loosed; then, if you desire, you shall have my Spirit and my word, yea, the power of God unto the convincing of men" D&C 11:21

Missionaries are working hard... not wasting a moment as this once in a life time opportunity is over before they know it!

"Friendships are glued together with little kindnesses."  -Tweedale
Service in Tecamac... Such a great time working together!

Esta semana fue genial!!!!!! Estoy trabajando muy duro, me estoy esforzando, estoy cumpliendo las reglas, llevo haciendo los 10 contactos dos dias seguidos, es un gran logro para mi, por fin estoy entendiendo la ley de consagracion, me siento orgulloso de mi mismo, porque a pesar de que todavia tengo verguenza de hablar con las personas, todavia estoy cansado y no tengo ganas de trabajar, aun asi lo hago, y encuentro gran consolacion y gozo. Cada noche cuando me arrodilloy oro a mi Padre para darle cuentas de lo que hice con Su area y con Sus hijos, puedo sentirme tranquilo de que hice todo lo que podia.
Nuestros investigadores son muy buenos, estan progresando, esta semana pudieron acompañarnos 7 investigadores, que gozo!!! Estamos trabajanso para que ese numero aumente y tambien nuestro gozo...
Estoy tan agradecido por mi compañero, cuando tengo alguna sugerencia o idea, siempre me apoya, es humilde apesar de que tiene mas experiencia, siempre respeta mis opiniones....
Me despido que tenga una gran semana!!!!!
Elder C

Elder Groesbeck and Elder Hixon accepting supplies to take on a 3rd missionary in their companionship. Grateful for obedient missionaries who are willing to help out when needed and be an influence to those that are struggling.

Elder Clark and Elder Contreras always up to a working lunch date with President.

It's true, they send all the BEST missionaries to the Mision Mexico Pachuca!

I love it when creativity comes to the forefront...

Visa paperwork renewed.... CHECK!
hi president:
i hope you week was so great!!!!
and specially you are happy!!! say hi sister egbert for me....well this week happen me something amazing, the thuesday we are in interchange and before to eat we go for a wait a member, and i need the bathroom and the member dont come! so we go to our house...and when we are walking we found the member so we start to the work and when i see i forgot my scriptures case!! im like what? know what cab i do? and well i cant do nothing!! so we go to our lesson and for my sorprise i recived a call for somebody found my scriptures!!! :D and he ask me if i want back?? and of course i say yes!!!!
and i see him in the booth of tulipanes, he tell us how he found them, was in the trash and he think was so many dolars for the case!!!! and when he see, he start to read...and he like the book of mormon!! because he need God!! and he dont know how can recibed answers, he is so far away to home, is from sinaloa and he know so many religions! but never hear about the "mormons" so we give him the book of mormon, and he accept to read... and ask god if this is true!!!!! i love the mision and i know this is the best time of all my life!!!!!
have a nice week!!!!
i love you!!!!
sister v

Monday Activity in Tecamac watching "Meet the Mormons"

Dear President Egbert:

One word for this week: MIRACLES.
Sometimes i like to think that this life is like a movie and I'm the main character and wow this movie is a super good story and maybe thispart its almost the end but wow i hope that can have a super end.
But in this week we have TONS of miracles. And I don't know since when start. First of all we started the week with 6 lessons on sunday, we just work together and in my mind I ahd this words of the missionary Handbook in the page which say that sunday is a super good day to do the missioanry work and preach beacause the family is gathered and all that things so we did it. But my sweet companion told me one day , we always go to run in the moorning and see just took card and told me : Hermana birng your planner , and let's contact 5 people. To be honest we had troubles to do it because we need be wiser with the time, and we just did it , I don't know is isn't aloud but i had a great motivation to run until tak with the people, and we did it every day and that was so good, ussulay my comapnion is so shy and she has all this fears to talk, but in the moornings she has this power! and that helped her lots because was her idea! and we just return to home with this feeling to do all that we have since the 6:30 am! and start to tlak with our brothers and sisters. I just remember this :
"Behold, I will send for many fishers , saith the Lord , and they shall fish them; and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain, and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. " -Jeremiah 16:16 I felt like that hunters! running behid the victims! hahaha , well. And then we went to a place is called La colonia Morelos. we concated many people from that place in the combi and we just went. They were waiting for us and one sister her name is Sofia and we had an appoiment with her she said : Sisters please pray for my boss, she is sicj. We did it! but there were 5 more woman and we just talked and share our message! and all of them accepted! a visit! and then one fo them say ok come with my sister in law she is sick, we went I felt so GOOD i felt super humble because they trust in us and saw us as we are of course representatives of Jesus Christ, and one of them sofia give us the best food that she had, i just wanted to cry President if you can see their houses are so humble they don't have nothing and give the missionaries the best. That day was special for me because i felt how we just did out duty. Other day we went to one place and our appoiment was canceladed and we were walking and suddlenly a woman say HEY! SISTERS! and she was contact in the combi (oh holy combi) and she say I need you! pelase go to my house, she just shared with us all her life! and wow bad she feels and he helped her! and our member too! she's a recent covnert and she just shared her testimony and I know that she was strenghted by her own testimony. President after thatw e were in the combi! with our member and suddenly a less active enter in , and i say Hi hermana ( but let me tell you something i just remember her face ) and i dont know why i say so natural (well the Spirit) and we start to talked with her and she tolad us many things! we were lookinf for her many times! and the Lord just put the eprfect moment to find her. Then we say lets make a pray ( with all the combi) and we did it and a woman was there and she said : My dad was mormon! President i has thinking WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW , i was so greatful to be there and the Father just put the people there because we were willing to do it, to talk with love to change their days and their lives!. Other mriacle (YES i told you there's TONS) we were walking! with a smile in the face and then a woman stopped her truck and say : Are you mormon missionaries? and I said Of course! and she said I met the missionaries and i stopped to elarn but my brother is a mamber i want to go to your church can I? (President my heart is filled!) and we say: Hermana Claro! ahahaha and she went to church on sunday! the 3 hours! and she wants to hear us! Other miracle! we have a lesson about Joseph Smith with a investigator and we invited her to to ask good she has a son and he autistic and President on sunday , when the brethren finished to do the sacraments she enter with HER SON! AND HER UNCLE! and wow! i felt so goos! there were 10 people trying to know the Lord! well we have more miracles! and I have love in my heart tons of love and gratitude and happiness and all this things that are wonderful! and this week since we read Elder Maxwell's tlak when we are wuiet one ask to the other: HERMANA WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT CHRIST? and President i think for fisrt time in my life the last week i thought of Him amny times almost the whole time. That's all I want serve Him and Know Him.
President! LIFEEEEEEEEEE IS SUPER GOOD! AND THIS WORK IS THE WORK OF GOD! WE LOVES US! HE KNOWS EVERYTHING we need time to think in Him and hear Him! and wow! and almost all of our investigators payed their tithing! and SO many things that i want! to tell you . Other miracle we have this investigator matias the one who asked God to see his sons and he recieed it! we had a Home evening in Xochitlan and he invited to the other investigators to read the Book of Mormon and pray! I was thinking wow who is this man?! and also Abraham a little kid he's super God and He wants to be baptized! and so many things , i can believe that we are living all this things, I want to do it for the REST of my LIFE! .
President I know that this is the only True Church on earth i Know that Jesus is the Christ the Redeemer of the world and that He has power above all the things that's what make me feel so secure and confident.
I learned to love and I'm willing to keep learning how to love until I do it like Him.
With all my love and respect for you.
Hemana C
Then onto the Pachuca Zones for the movie "Meet the Mormons"... before everyone headed out to work at 6:00pm. What a great way to start the Week!

"Seriously Hermana Egbert, You didn't bring any popcorn?!"


Presidente Egbert,

Una semana muy buena. Yo aprendi mucho y amo estar aqui en la mision.

Elder B es un misionero muy bueno. Estamos aprendiendo mucho juntos y estoy feliz que Él puede disfrutar un poco de éxito en el principio de su misión. Me gusta mucho 12 semanas y espero que podemos utilizarlo bien para que Él progrese bien cada dia. El ha mejorado mucho en enseñar pero esta semana vamos a trabajar un poco con nuestros contactaros. Solo falta un poco confianza en si mismo, pero vamos trabajar mucho en eso. Amo ser un entrenador y ver el progreso de Él cada dia.

Estoy demasiado agradecido a nuestro padre celestial por esta semana. Tuvimos un Bautismo de la hermana Zulema y sus dos hijos. Hemos trabajado con ellos desde yo llegue aquí en Plazas y no puedo creer que ya se bautizaron. Son buenísimos. Tal vez, ella es mi converso con lo mas fuerte testimonio de todos porque para tomar la decisión no fue algo tan fácil. Aprendí tanto preparando por sus lecciones y anudándola con sus dudas porque tenia mucho aprendizaje de su tiempo como Testigo de Jehova. Pero La cosa interesante es que como todo investigador, su conversión no fue porque entendió todas las cosas, sino recibió una confirmación de la veracidad de estas cosas por el espíritu santo. Ella me dice que todavía hay cosas que no entiende, pero no le importa porque ella sabe que la iglesia y libro de Mormón es verdad. 

Presidente Sé que estamos aquí para ayudar a las personas convertirse completamente al evangelio restaurado. Cuando las ayudamos recibir una respuesta de Dios, todo las otras cosas cae perfectamente en orden. Lo he visto vez tras vez y me siento agradecido que El Señor me ha ayudado aprender esto en mi misión.

Espero que estén bien.

-Elder E
Leadership Consejo
Wednesday 04 March 2015

I was treated to a beautiful birthday cake, card, and the leaders singing to me...
Our mission home oven is still broke ... Week # 9! So we had a sandwich buffet and multiple salads, chips, drinks, and cheese cake. YUM!


.....So Yesterday we went to Cubitos, and the sure dates fell, the back up plan fell, So we were going walking and We saw a man with two boys, I give him a card but him expression not showed interest, He arrive a house and he left the children there. So a Lady was in the door. We present us, She smile and She let that I and my companion enter to the house (Lupe the father, the mom, and the 2 boys: Cesar 11 and Angel 10 years old) . Sister L and I sing a hymn: families can be together forever and I prayed. So the Spirit was there!!, Sister L asked: What are they feeling, Cesar said: I feel repentance because and don’t be a better brother, But I Love my family . We testified and taught God is our loving Heavenly Father and The Gospel blessed the families, so We commit to be baptized. Crying they said Yes!, So I said but before you need to marry, because you are not married. they accepted surprised that we knew that. Actually I and my companion also was surprised that knew that. The lesson was a success cause the spirit was here. I felt, All felt. I am so greatful to be a missionary.....

Thursday Capacitations through the Mission zone by zone
I started in the Tulancingo Zone with "Meet the Mormons" movie at 930 am; then they continued on with their training.

Yogurt and Granola pre-training snack!
Hola Dear President

Esta semana no fue muy bien. Especialmente quisiera contarle lo bonito que fue ver entrar a las aguas bautismales al hno Vicente Reyes!! En verdad yo sé que él es una persona que estuvo siendo preparado por 2 años.. y ¿por qué digo 2 años? Porque desde hace 2 años el estaba siendo invitado por una hermana a la iglesia y enserio es tan tan bonito y fuerte su testimonio. Lo que más me gustó luego de su bautismo fué que él con un coracon bien sincero nos dijo: "Ahora yo sé que soy completamente limpio y estoy empezando de zero y me voy a esforzar por mantenerme limpio en esta iglesia que sé que es verdadera"
Esas palabras en verdad me impactaron mucho. Él espíritu se hizo presente allí. Y mi corazón se hizo enorme!! Enserio ese momento fue hermoso.

Estamos esforzándonos mucho por encontrar a los escogidos...

La semana pasada encontramos a una hermana que se llama Emma y ella es bien bien amable.. ayer domingo fuimos a visitarle y enseñamos La Restauración del Evangelio. Durante la lección ella nos hacia preguntas muy muy buenas.. y gracias al espíritu muy bello que testificaba en nuestros corazones el mensaje fue super especial. Ella aceptó prepararse para bautizarse el sab 4 de abril.

Pues Ah... enserio amo la misión.. hasta el estrés que conlleva.. :D

Sólo puedo decirle que seguiré esforzandome y dandolo todo por consagrarme completamente al Señor!
Gracias por todo presidente!

Con cariño, su hijita!
Hermana. G
President attended some of the Pachuca Mex Zone Training where things were going well....

and then I picked him up as I passed through Pachuca and we traveled onto Mezquital and Tezontepec Zones training which was just wrapping up and they watched the movie "Meet the Mormons" together before heading back to their areas.

Elder Gomez and Elder Ordonez invited a young man who will soon be a missionary.

The Mission is about working hard and having fun....

A surprise in pouch... can you guess this autograph?

Our district represents HondurasColombiaNicaragua, USA, and Mexico 

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