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29 March 2015 - "Never never never..."

"Never never never postpone a prompting..."

- President Thomas S Monson

Photo taken this last week by Elder Barrios while on vacation with his family... he completed his mission service just 6 weeks ago. 


"You were chosen to participate in his work at this time because he trusts you to make the right choices ...."
- Randall L Ridd

Presidente Egbert,

Pues quiero decirle que esta semana esta fue muyyyy buena. mi compañera y yo ayunamos el domingo por que realmente sentíamos que no teníamos investigadores que eran los escogidos. pero despues del ayuno.. el lunes no la pasamos buscando y hablando con hasta las piedras!!! y no habíamos encontrado a nadie!!! pero en fin encontramos a alguien. y luego un hombre se acerco a nosotras y dijo que el quería que pasáramos a su casa!!! woooo! y fuimos a visitarle y resulta que el antes había escuchado a los misioneros e iba a la iglesia con su esposa hace muuuuuuchos años. ayyy estamos tan felices!! =) se que si trabajamos duro y diligentemente vamos a encontrar esas personas. le amo mucho presidente. gracias por todo.
 hermana c

Well Daniela is just an amazing person one of the most Christlike people I've ever known. We really didn't have to do much which feels so good. She told us she wanted to be baptized and she's been coming to church, she understands so much doctrine- its amazing. In Sunday school she explained to everyone the 'whats and whys' of the Atonement like she was reading Preach my Gospel. She's got some major challenges in her life which is why she wasn't a for sure baptism but with a lot of follow up and prayer we were blessed to have everything ready for her baptism it was quite beautiful, there were lots of people in attendance. My companion and I preformed a special musical number that made everyone cry. We were super nervous.  

Mision Mexico Pachuca
 Missionaries of ACTION

dear President 
This last week has been hard but extremely good for me. I have been improving and I feel like I have started to change. I know that I am better than I was when I got here. I still have a long way to go though. Honestly I feel like the 2nd missionary as of right know. I am pretty frustrated with quite a few things but I have set knew goals and I am going to improve so that I feel that I am doing good things here on my mission. I am going to let the change that I have felt keep working in me until I know that I am the 4th missionary. After I become the 4th missionary I will not stop there I will keep strengthening myself so that I can keep being the 4th missionary. I will never stop trying to raise the bar so that I can reach my full potential. President even when I am having a hard time I have been able to see the blessings of the lord in every situation. I have received answers to prayers and have strengthened my testimony so much. I don't think there has ever been another time in my life where I could bear testimony with complete conviction. I love it I have never been so truly happy consistently.

de Elder J

 "Our golden investigator on Sunday put on his white shirt, tie and black pants that were sent from the main office for him (donated by returning missionaries from last cycle). His baptism date is the 28th.: (yesterday) 


 Elder Zeledon and Elder Castillo "magically" found all these Cokes with our names on them at the local tienda!
 It is truly a MIRACLE!  Thanks Elders you are the BESTES...

An investigator lent these two missionary rain jackets to keep them dry... or they would pass as government employees for the Federal District of Mexico! 

.....Ive realized how awesome my companion is because of both of these splits we have had. I might have taken it a little for granted but i truely am greatful for him and his example. He is the definition of obedience with exactness.....Elder S

 Our recent convert who we surprised with a tie and white shirt for him to wear to Stake Conference as he didn't have one.... WE LOVE THE PEOPLE OF OUR AREA!!!

 "I never lose.... I either win or I learn"

Hello President,

This week has been really great for me here in Tecamac. We finally have a ward mission leader and he is really good. The investigators are progressing. This week a couple got married in order to be baptized and I really feel a wonderful happiness to be able to help in their conversion. It is so wonderful to see how the Gospel changes lives, and theirs in particular because they are really living it. They stopped smoking, drinking coffee and have stopped worshiping the death saint and are faithful in keeping the Sabbath day holy.. I am so happy to see these miracles, but more than anything, to have the opportunity to help others and learn and see how my life has changed through the service to the Lord. I have been able to strengthen my confidence in the Lord and it makes me so happy. Thank you so much for the opportuntiy to learn from the sisters. Each one of them is so special and wonderful with talents and abilities that I can learn and help them develop more. Thank you for my companion and for your confidence. I love you and hope you have a great week.

Hna. T

 "Being the Good..."

 "'s pouring outside and we just got back from an activity. I just want to testify of being an example in word, conversation, action and thought. We were working, walking and teaching for 4 and a half hours, and nothing, however we did not whine, we were singing! We only had 5 lessons, and we are grateful for that, however when we were on our way home, I remember our neighbor saying, "man you guys are still out there? Teaching God's word? you guys can never do anything wrong" and we are going to see them at 8pm today :) 
I know that this is his work and if we do it, he will bless us, not with attention, but a way to complete his commandments."   Elder G ( part of his letter home to his family and friends)

 Hermana- Elder Ramos who have been serving in our mission office complete their mission service next Monday the 6th March. I have promised her I would demonstrate how to make "Orange Rolls and cinnamon rolls" from scratch before she left. And though my oven has been non functioning for 12 weeks we used a little oven and made it work... and then by heavens the next day they installed a new oven! SCORE!!! A true testament that PRAYER works!
 Now can have sugar cookies for interviews that start in April... thank you Pablo!

Wednesday District Meeting in Iximiquilpan 

I may have brought Gatorade and homemade cinnamon rolls
 to celebrate successful English Exams....

 We had to make paper airplanes for an activity and thank goodness Elder Yazzie reminded me how to fold one. Elder Martinez' had the best flying plane out of all of us!

 Sister Egbert in the first round of practices was the "Investigator" and it was rough.... I need to learn this LANGUAGE! Ugh.... but the missionaries did great and translated the parts I was missing ...


Wednesday District Mtg in Panuaya w/ Elder Hernandez
 President mentioned how impressed he was with Elder Hernandez's class and that it was easily one of the top five district meetings he has attended. He mentioned he bore a powerful testimony- and covered the topic PERFECTLY!
Nice job Elder.
... we will be saying "good-bye to two great missionaries pictured below"

.....This Sunday was a good one, we received a call for our investigators asking us where was the meeting and they gave us a ride and they gave the ride to two other investigators. And they were together and all the messages were about the family exactly what they need. Cecy and Abrham were there- Cecy was wearing a skirt! and she made a good job with her hair . Aurelia our recent convert and Ana y Enmiliano y Blanca. But my surprise was that there were Erica and Brisa two faithful Christians who are knowing the church, Brisa went to see the Movie meet the Mormons and we taught her about the Restoration this week, she prayed in this way "Father please bless us with the courage to don't trust in the flesh but trust in you, because you make me feel that you have a Church and a prophet " and she finished the prayer and the three of us felt so strong the Spirit and was a pause with silent, and they were there on SUNDAY! and After the meeting we went to Erica's house and we saw the story of Vincenzo Di Francessca she wept and we too! and she accpeted a baptismal date! and she really understood the importance to read the Book of Mormon! PRESIDENT LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS of miracles! I think I dont have the vocabular to share my feelings! Emiliano and Ana are so happy with the church! and Emiliano wants to do the temple work for His mom! we wants to be married now BUT... hahaha he drinks coffee! and we talked about the temple and He said: "Ok I will try for the temple". I love them, I lvoe the sacrifices that everyone of them do, I love the members here and they are working!.....
Hrmn C

Saturday Morning Pachuca Centro Stake Youth Activity

... specifically on "becoming a missionary" where President was asked to speak. Started at 0800 and they had a great attendance. 
Love seeing our missionaries support the youth in their areas!


Hola Presidente.
Esta semana fue una semana bastante buena. Hemos sido capaces de encontrar más investigadores esta semana que estaban realmente querer oír más acerca del Evangelio. Nos encontramos una familia increíble de los tres que están realmente amar a escuchar más acerca del Evangelio. La primera vez que nos encontramos con esta familia, tuvimos una gran experiencia en la que compartió con nosotros una experiencia muy impresionante en su vida. Ella dijo que había una vez en su vida que no estaba segura de si Dios existe o si la amaba. Dijo que durante el momento más difícil en su vida, ella nunca se sintió sola. Ella siempre sintió que Dios estaba con ella.
Nuestra segunda visita con ella, nos enseña acerca del plan de salvación y también acerca del bautismo. Le preguntamos acerca del bautismo y me dijo que sentía que faltaba algo en su vida, pero quería compartir otra experiencia con nosotros. Ella dijo que normalmente no permite a los extraños en su casa. Ella normalmente les hablará sólo a través de su ventana. Sin embargo, dijo que cuando nos vio caminando por la calle y hablar con los demás, entonces cuando nos llamó a su puerta, ella sentía que éramos diferentes. Ella dijo que no estaba seguro de lo que éramos, pero quería saber. Como nos presentamos y por qué estamos aquí, sentimos que estábamos muy diferente y pudimos ver que teníamos un resplandor sobre nosotros. Ella está muy emocionada por venir a la iglesia el próximo domingo.
Nunca se sabe quién está mirando y el impacto que puede tener sobre ellos con el más pequeño acto.

Gracias por todo!!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana B
29 March 2015
Sunday afternoon in the office for 10 missionaries final exit interviews before Transfers this week.... 

 Elder Grosebeck is quite the poser! 

 No!!! Don't leave us!!!!

 We have the utmost respect for most of our missionaries as they are hard workers, obedient and have fulfilled their assignments and calling as a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ in a respectable manner. We are truly going to feel the absence of many of them for their example and leadership. Job well done...


Activity Picture Gallery for the Week



hey presidente
ha sido una buena semana, nostros nos hemos dedcicado nuestros labores en encontrar personas nuevas, ha sido muy estresante, pero como dije la semana pasada estamos viendo los frutos. esta semana contactamos y contactamos y contactamos y en el final de la semana encontramos a muchos nuevos uno que en verdad esta muy preparado. tengo ya 4 meses aqui y hay una calla que siempre utilizamos por lo menos 10 veces y pensé que allí habiamos contactado a todos pero el sabado bajamos hacia aquella calle y dije a elder castaño elder hemos tocado cada casa aqui pero.. porque no hemos tocado aquella casa. el tamopoco sabia que honda entonce la tocamos, y salió un joven de 17 a 18 años platicamos con él y nos invitó que entraramos a su casa. cuando entramos nos contó que esta busacando la verdad ha leido un poco y el sabia que la virgen y las otras cosas no nos dan la salvacion y él quiera saber cual es la verdad. es chistoso como trabaja el señor una calla que pensamos que nadie aceptaria el evangelio nos dio un fruto una persona que dios esta preparando. amo la obra missional. es la cosa mas dificil de toda mi vida pero la amo y se que esta obra es de dios! le amo president 
elder s

Our recent converts fed all of us lunch one day - because we all serve in the same ward.
 Six hungry missionaries is no easy task!

___________________________________________ this family has been searching for God for a long time. had problems with alcohol and tabacco and everything else. but through AA and some other religious groups they quit alcohol and progressed quite a bit. but the mom still felt like she was missing something. so one night she was praying to God and asked him to send her 2 Angels. so she prayed and went to bed and didn't really think about it anymore. The next day at night my comp and i went to a members house and they said they had a reference for us. So we were like "ya lets go". We went and when she and her family showed up she turned to her husband and said. "those are the two angels". I've never felt so good in my life. through all of this. she has quit smoking and her boy is improving in school and her husband is more calm and they are going to be baptized this week. they are what you call golden investigators. I'm so grateful that i was able to be worthy and obedient to receive and see this miracle. she is only afraid of the cold water for baptism. hahah

But also this week we contacted one lady about a month ago and she said we could pass by her house but and talk a little bit. She was never home and two days ago we finally found her. we entered in and she commented that her son had died and her daughter has schizophrenia and she is divorced from her husband and lives in this little little house. We talked about the plan of salvation and where her son is at right now. and how she can she him again. She accepted a baptismal date and her daughter too. In the prayer she thanked God for sending her two angels. I've been looking for experiences like this all my life and finally I'm living them.
Elder H ( a part of his letter in English that he sent home to his family- the rest was in Spanish)


Exactly one YEAR AGO...


Tucker - Tatum headed to church back home in Utah... 
Future missionaries of the Church in just a few years...


Elder Smith and Elder Lainhart were able to catch up and talk about the mission days this weekend in Idaho as Elder Lainhart attended his cousins homecoming. He is working in Provo, called as the Temple Prep Teacher and dating a cute girl who just returned from the California Arcadia Mission.
 He sends his love to the entire mission...

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