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22 March 2015- "Every day is what you choose to make it."

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"Enjoying these moments now- because they won't last forever..."

The Bicycle Brigade.... Don't mess with these sisters in skirts!!!

Our wall of inspiration!!!


Never give up hope! Those packages usually arrive eventually... and Christmas packages mean just as much in March as they do in December... Thanks Mom Stucki
Friendly Mailing Reminders
Please follow the guideline encouraged below as we had several packages rejected this week for many reasons... 
  • Please put the value of what is in the package/box under $49 US Dollars no matter the value. You may insure it for the cost of shipping too and when you make a claim for a lost package it usually shows up immediately.
  • If you put the value HIGHER than $49 there is a higher probability that they will charge fees for the box to be delivered which can run up to $100's of US dollars. We will NOT pay it even if your missionary has money and it will be rejected at the office or prior to delivery to the office.
  • Christmas Time is always a special time and though your missionary says "I don't need anything" or "I will buy myself something here" it is NOT the same as receiving a box from home. Please arrange on your calendar to have your holiday box sent by October 15th- November 1st. And mark it as such for we can store it for the holiday devotionals. We always encourage you to put pictures or stickers of Christ or the Virgin Mary as they tend to leave those alone. 
  • Please be very VAGUE on the packaging slip. DO NOT PUT "FOOD" as a listed item. "Candy" is better.... they won't deliver boxes with "FOOD" listed especially if it comes from DHL, UPS, etc.... They request we come down and open the box and go through every item with them which we cannot do. So we reject the box.
  • Use the Postal Service if possible- we have better luck in delivery though it can take from 3-6 weeks avg. for delivery.
  • And as always there are those boxes that never arrive. We apologize but we appreciate your efforts and so do your missionaries as it means a lot that you tried. We try to keep the attitude that if it is stolen in the process that who ever took it needed it way more than we did here in Pachuca and maybe their birthday or holiday was brighter because of that box. But 95% of them actually do arrive here safely. 
  • The address for mailing is:
  •  Mision Mexico Pachuca
  • %Elder or Hermana _____________ 
  • Boulevard Miguel Hidalgo Km 4.5
  • Col. Villas de Pachuca
  • CP 42083- Pachuca- Hidalgo, Mexico


Presidente Egbert,
Le estoy muy agradecido que nos ha enviado por medio de revelación aquí a este barrio. Después de 5 (y 6) semanas con 3 de nuestros investigadores que habíamos encontrado al contactar, les bautizamos el sábado pasado. Sentimos una gran bendición de poder estar ayudandoles tomar este paso. Presidente, me encanta ver que hay personas TAN listas para aceptar el Evangelio de Jesucristo. Ellos sabían desde mucho antes que era verdadero, sólo necesitaban escucharlo. De igual forma, una Mamá y su hija van a tomar este mismo paso el Jueves. Es esta hermana que le había dicho la última semana. Corazones están cambiándose, oídos se están abriendo y nuestras bocas han sido llenadas. Gracias por lo que hace Presidente.
Mi compañero está progresando muchísimo y sé que será un gran líder para esta misión. Su español realmente es muy bueno pero su corazón y integridad es aún mejor. Gracias por confiar en mi suficiente para ser su entrenador.
Me falta poco pero definitivamente suficiente para obrar con todo lo que tengo y soy. Le amo y espero que puedo ser de utilidad hasta el último momento.
-Elder S

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Dear President Egbert.

...You right about The Book of Mormon is a powerful Book, give peace and I can feel The Holy Spirit when I am reading, I identify with the profets and I can imagine the circumstances they life, they have faith in God, and they defended the truth, today I'm grateful for this opportunity God's give me to serve Him in this time and I know this special Book can help me always.

I know The Lord listen our prayers, I was remember last month, I pray for teach a holy family and we had to work to found this family. One day we found Jose Luis and Hector his child, and he gives us one appointment, in a first we thought Jose Luis is a little bit weird, he said just taght his children because he wants give his children the opportunity to know a lot of religions, and then they choose one, he was apart in lesson, Hector and Aaron was receptive to message, they are so smart, they understood the importance to have a profet, we invite Gloria's baptisism and Jose Luis take his children to the baptisim. In the second lesson Jose Luis change, he listened the message, we explained the importance to go to Church and we taght about Eternal Familys, he said his wife is catholic and be difficult, but he talk with she. Last 3 weeks was the first time Pazarán Family go to Church, this week they accepted his baptisism and I'm very happy because they are prepared to recieve this covenants with our Lord, they are amazing persons and I love them :)!!!! Miracles happen President, I love you and Sister Egbert!!! Have a beatiful week!!!
Hermana. G

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Querido Presidente,

Tengo muchas cosas que quiero cambiar en mi. Siento que hay mucho para cambiar. Yo quiero llegar a ser el misionero que puedo y que el señor desea de mi. Yo siento que hicimos mejor en esta semana. Nuestros números fueron mejores. Siento que necesito mejorar mis oraciones. No he sido orando como debo. En las noches siento tan cansado y es muy difícil a hacer una oración sincero sin dormirme, entonces necesito ser mas humilde y agradecido. Elder X esta mejorando poco a poco. Quiero ayudarle a lograr algunas metas que el tiene. Quiero ayudarle tener un deseo a hacer mas de que piensa puede lograr. 

Yo sé que tengo la potencial para ayudar a los demás cambiar sus vidas, con la ayuda del señor. He visto muchas veces en mi vida. Estoy muy agradecido por la misión. Siento yo que estoy mas convertido. Espero que puedo lograr aun mas mientras que sigo sirviendo. Me encanta los ejemplos que están alrededor de me. Antes de venir a la misión yo pensé que iba a servir. Yo no pensaba mucho mas de esto. Que iba a estar sirviendo el señor y los demás. Pero nunca pensé que iba a aprender tanto que he hecho hasta ahora. Nunca voy a poder mirar a esta vida en la misma manera. No puedo comprender el amor que Dios tiene por sus hijos, y por mi. Sé que este mismo felicidad puede llegar a muchas mas personas, pero tengo que aprender como olvidar de mi mismo. A veces quiero que el señor me toma y me cambia para que puedo ser mas utilizado de el, pero es interesante saber y pensar que es nosotros que tenemos que cambiar. Sé que necesito pensar mas en el salvador y en otras personas. Tengo que aprender como no olvidar su ejemplo. Necesito formar mejores hábitos en mi vida. Pero todo es un proceso y estoy tratando para cambiar. Siento que estoy logrando poco a poco, pero quiero que llega mas rápido.

Presidente, gracias por su ejemplo(sirviendo el señor). Gracias por sus palabras y por el espíritu que trae.

Elder C

21-22 March 2015 
Stake Conferences in Tezontepec and Tulancingo

Tezontepec is having their Stake Center remodeled and expanded and so Valle Del Mezquital Stake President Garcia graciously offered his building to the neighboring stake this weekend. What a great turnout to the Saturday sessions- this stake did not let the travel involved hinder their commitment. 
 So funny story: 
This clown showed up in the parking lot before the General Priesthood session that our Elders were headed into and was asking them lots of questions.... then I saw him later catching the two zone leaders below who are from the other Stake and were picking up pouch (mail) that we brought with us..... and then I saw him late at night as we were exiting the conference. So this morning I text Elder Jones/Ellibee and said "If that clown shows up to your Sunday meetings today get his info and ask him if we can send missionaries to talk to him. He obvious is curious about you missionaries." The Elders text back "come to find out he is a less active member...and is becoming active again from Ixmi. He was just messing with us..."  
Oh geez.... well you just never know!

As we were leaving the church building this sweet lady asked if she could have a picture with us- and it was her "Birthday". I noticed Hermanas Contreras/ Peel had flowers in their hand when they arrived to conference. I love our sweet missionaries who think about and act upon service to others. It touched my heart!

 We love our missionaries and thoroughly enjoy seeing them at stake conferences with investigators, new converts and members. We recognize their efforts, obedience and love of the work. Hmmmm.... looks like President Egbert was hiding a stash of Gatorades and homemade treats in the mission car for the ride back to their areas.

 Seriously, Don't you just want to squeeze them?!!


 Stake Conference in Tulancingo
Sunday Morning 22 March 2015
 President was asked to speak to the "new members" from 0900-1000 am prior to the conference. He spoke about the hard part of "enduring to the end." Great turnout from all our missionaries and the members they invited. 

 Hermana Snyder (Below) played the piano for the entire Stake Conference Meeting. 
Including all the choir numbers... we are so grateful for her talents!.

 Several shared their conversion stories quickly which was awesome....

 Companionship love....

Hola Presidente!

What a week it has been! I am super happy to say that things are definitely starting to look up! We accomplished just about all of our goals this week! My testimony of the Harvesting Blessing has grown immensely over the past few days, and for that I am so grateful. Recently the zone leaders placed a goal for every companionship to do at least one harvesting blessing every day, and therefore place one new fecha every day. We have dedicated ourselves to do it, and it has brought great blessings!

At first, when I read the Harvesting Blessing, I thought it was a little crazy. I mean, I thought it was great, but I can't lie - to extend a baptismal invitation after 10 minutes of knowing someone seemed a little absurd. But President, this week my faith has grown 100 fold! I have learned that everything about the Harvesting Blessing is an act of faith. To knock an appropriate door, to present yourself as a representative of Jesus Christ, to say the things that come to your mind during the blessing, to declare that this is the only true church, to extend a baptismal invitation... It's all faith. And when we have faith, God works His miracles! President, in every single Harvesting Blessing we have done this week, every person has accepted a baptismal date. EVERY PERSON. Wow... I am so grateful for this incredible tool that we have! Thank you, President, for the Harvesting Blessing!

Now we just have to get these people to come to church - the ultimate struggle of the mission!!! Sometimes it's just so hard when people say 100% they're going to come and then you show up at their door or at the church and they decided to change their mind, but it's just motivation to give a little more in the week to come! Hermana S and I are learning patience and diligence, and she is a great example to me of humility, something that I always need to work on.

Thank you for everything, President! Here's to another rainy but wonderful week in XXX.
Hermana S

Mision Mexico Pachuca doing what they do!

 We received report that Elder Munoz taught an outstanding district class!

Awesome District Class by Elder Park! 
President loved how he involved others in the district to participate in part of the teaching. Job well done Elder!

Elder Stucki's neatly organized study area! I love it!

"We finished teaching the lesson and I reached down to grab my bag and look what had jumped in!" "Wanted to come with us..."

CRAZY weather... Green grass and then BAM! Hail storm....

Presidente, please please please.... can I keep him?

Trying to take cover from the rain/hail under a garbage sack....

If I'm waiting for the bus I might as well lay down and take a little siesta...
Another painting project?! 
We will be professional painters by the time our mission service ends!


Our district leaders are AWESOME!

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Does this count as a contact?

Pretty in PINK

Waiting for the Mom of this family to arrive...

This "hill" counts as double exercise for the day! Thigh burner...


We appreciate all our missionaries who follow strictly the P-Day protocol including:

1. No more than 4 missionaries in a public place- unless at a church building or service project pre-authorized 
2. Always ask for permission to leave their area/zone 
3. Always dress as a missionary unless pre-authorized by President as we are ALWAYS representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ 
4. Never travel alone with companionship's of the opposite gender 
5. ALL preparation is done prior to an activity so the week is productive and effective 6. No mission money is ever used for personal activity- only personal funds

These good members invited two of our missionaries to explore a cave. Looks like they had a great time... thank you for calling weeks in advance Elders.

Dear President

This week has been a good one. We are setting goals as a companionship I am setting better personal goals. Sincé I have started to set better goals I have noticed that I have started to progress a lot faster and we have started to have more success. We have started to have a lot of success expecually with part member familys. Two of the people that have baptismal dates are in part member familys. I have really started to love the people that are here they are so awesome. One thing that has been super awesome is I have started to understand a lot better. I still have a long way to go but I am filling a lot better about my spanish ability's. There are little things that happen everyday that are hard for me but through constant prayer and better communication with my companion I have been able to overcome them. This truly is the happiest time of my life I have never felt the constante companionship of the spirit like I have here. I have never received so many blessings or felt the love of the savior so strongly as I have here. All it takes is all our effort and then god will carry us the rest of the way. I know this church is true and my testimony is strengthen every day. I love missionary work and I love the lord. I know that threw this Gospel I have received such happiness. 
Elder J
Zone Activity in Pachuca Mex  
  • The activity included battle of the missionary hermanas vs the elderes
  •  Then a game of who knows their companion best
  • Then a bonding experience where every one had to list ten things they like about their companion
  • Then a water balloon fight
  • and finally a BBQ of ribs that a recent convert provided! 
  • AWESOME AFTERNOON with each other...

1-10 Elder... 10 things you like about your companion!

Snack of a champions.... hotdogs?

I think our two sisters got the "old age stance" figured out...
 can you guess these two sisters at their ward activity?

Buenas tardes Presidente,
Este semana fue algo loca pero al después de todo muy buena. Tuvimos días bien estresantes pero también tuvimos 2 bautismos y aseguramos otro para mañana. Este semana la hermana Blanca Estela se bautizo. La contacte en la calle en mis primeras semanas aquí. Desde el principio ha sido muy especial pero por algunas cosas y algunos problemas no se bautizo hasta ahorita. Su bautismo fue muy especial y compartio su testimonio tan sencillo pero con todo su corazon. Dijo que no sabia como expresar sus sentimientos pero se sentia tan feliz como nunca jamas en la vida. Sus hijas tambien pudieron venir y eso fue otro milagro. Los trabajos de sus hijas se acomodaron perfectamente para poder estar alla y su mama les invito a seguir su pasos y los pasos de nuestro Padre Celestial para que puedan seguir adelante juntas. Fue muy especial y pude sentir el espiritu tan fuerte escuchando su testimonio. Me senti tan feliz y contento que por abrir mi boca con una hermana en la calle pudimos llegar juntos a este punto en su vida. No ha sido muy facil para mi hablar con todos pero realmente me he esforzado mucho y pude ver los frutos este dia.....
Muchísimas gracias por todo presidente,
Con amor

Elder P

Happy Birthday to our little Tatum who is #3 yrs old this week! 
Grandpa and Grandma send you hugs from Mexico...
 ..we can't wait to see you be a great missionary like all these amazing young men/women here in Pachuca. But don't grow any more until we get home!

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  1. Hahaha "If that clown shows up again..." I love it! Thank you for all your efforts, Sister Egbert, whether it be on the blog, with all our sons and daughters, or even with a silly clown. Mucho appreciation.