Sunday, January 24, 2016

24 January 2016 - "All is well"

The final "bell" on this group of missionaries is ready to be rung.
18/24 months has sped by so quickly.
No "do overs, turning back time, or repeats"
We have only had this time to do it right and the rest of our lives to talk about it- 
Which starts "tomorrow".

.....Oh, something I forgot to add, for I knew I was forgetting something. And it was the LDM challenge of all things!

I just want to say that it is great. I started reading el Libro de Mormon over the summer with my dad, and I didn't understand anything. And here in the mission, I was still reading a chapter every day, but I was only getting it mas o menos. Right now, starting from the beginning, I am understanding almost all of it, only a few words here and there. I am also finding scriptures that my investigators need to hear, even scriptures to share with the members here. I am understanding it better in spanish right now than I have in English! Like this morning I finished 2 Nefi, and found a scripture perfect in chapter 19 to share with a converso reciente that will help them with a hard challenge. Just following the little guide each day for personal study, I am learning so much from the LDM right now there is no doubt that it is not true. I knew it to be true beforehand, but right now I know with even more certainty that it is true. It has definitely helped strengthen my testimony, and through me, others.

Elder C

 The young man in white is "Yaopzin" and he is 13 yrs old. He was baptized by his grandfather who is a new convert of just a year himself. 
Changing generations to come....

"This area is still on fire!"

Baptisms are "sweet" in any area. 
Recognizing this ward needed this blessing!

Buenas Tardes Pte. Egbert

Esta semana fue muy bonita, mi compañera y yo estamos muy contentas porque Hna. aristeo despues de 44 años de conocer la iglesia, tomo la desicion de bautizarse y junto con ella su nietecita de 10 años.

Sé que el evangelio cambia vidas y que por las circunstancias en que te encuentres el evangelio llega a tu vida a ayudarte, este era el tiempo en que la hna. tomara esa desicion y ahora esta muy contenta, ayer domingo fuueron confirmadas miembros de La Iglesia.

Por otro lado, estamos enseñando a una pareja que esta desicida a bautizarse pero su desafio es que no estan casados, pero ellos ya saben lo que tienen que hacer, este domingo fue la 2da vez que fueron a la iglesia y estan dispuestos a todo, comprenden todo y ellos estan muy contentos de escucharnos, leen el Libro de Mormon y pidieron los libros de principios del evangelio y el del pte. Howard W. Hunter, van a ir al centro para visitantes con el barrio el sabado y ahí tambien puedo ver que El Evangelio de Jesucristo cambia vidas, estoy muy contenta de ser llamada como representante de Jesucristo y traer a mas almas al reino de Dios.

Estamos super bien mi compañera y yo, estamos esforzandonos por trabajar a pesar de que las citas caen o los investigadores ya no quieren nada, aun asi seguimos adelante :)

hasta la proxima semana Pte. Saludos a usted y su esposa.

This transfer cycle we did not have a transfer meeting and missionaries traveling alone on public transportation was implemented. Well, after much work logistically, and stress, it went off without much of a hiccup and everyone was accounted for in a timely manner. 
This transfer method went quickly and efficiently. 
The brethren are inspired on what moves the work forward.
It deletes the opportunity for pictures of new companions but we still were able to take them of new missionaries/trainers.
Thank you for your continued prayers on our behalf....

MONDAY  18 January 2016

 Two companionship's of zone leaders oversaw the bus station to assist with questions, hand out mail and to assure missionaries did not "clog up" at the bus station. Grateful for their assistance and positive attitudes. Mean while the assistants and President greeted and transported the incoming 23 missionaries that arrived to the bus station from the CCM. 
All missionaries had to be passing through the bus station at 0900 on Monday morning headed to their new areas either by another bus or taxi. 
It went so well..... I think the assistants felt the biggest sense of relief when everyone was accounted for at the end.

 "Ok Elder Butler... you are correct. Get in a taxi and head to the mission office to pick up your new missionary who arrived this morning. Then off to your new area to open and train!"

 "Elder Bingham please take this mail to your new district"

 Off one bus and headed to our new area via another bus.

 Elder Sermeno wrote "I was so nervous traveling by myself to find my companion in a new area... but when the bus driver said "central"...."
Never been so happy to see my new companion Elder Clifford!

 Even though we were only together for one short cycle - the Lord is in charge and we are confident he knows what he is doing!"

 An amazing ward member made this sign for us so the missionaries traveling to us via bus wouldn't get lost.... well they missed our sign and got lost!
But we finally found each other and all was well!

UNITED at last!

And here are the 23 arriving new missionaries....

 After arriving to the church next to the mission office... we fed everyone a breakfast treat and had quick introductions and then President began interviews with each new missionary. He had prayed specifically for assistance the night before of who to assign to who- and it just is a witness that Heavenly Father is in charge. 
He didn't make one change the following morning as all were perfectly fit with their trainers before even meeting or interviewing them. A tender mercy when you are in our shoes... This generation is a strong and determined group. 
We expect great things from them!

After their interview with President their trainer picked them up at the exit door and off they went in taxis to their areas via buses or taxis.
(Somehow I missed Hrmn Diaz/ Hrmn Flores- so no picture of those two cuties)

Presidente Egbert!!! 
Estoy muy feliz y animada! Fue una semana muy buena!! Ayer domingo asistieron 8 de nuestros investigadores en la capilla fue un gran domingo:)!!!! Hemos encontrado a nuevos investigadores muy buenos! y los miembros nos acompañan seguido, Amo mucho esta area y a los miembros tambien, me siento muy agradecida por servir aqui, y por la asignacion de poder entrenar!
Hermana D

Tuesday- 19 January 2016

11 Departing Missionaries 
These missionaries are from Colombia, Mexico, United States, and Guatemala  

 Elder Rivera and the academia instructor ate lunch with our departing group.

 Good byes are not forever-
Good byes are not the end-
Good byes just simply mean... until we meet again.


Ok.... so this is how it goes.

 I'm one proud momma... 
Within 10 minutes these kids were out of control!

 The weather has been cold but it didn't slow them down from playing outside for a little bit... bring on the ping pong and soccer!

 "They are the 'bosses' in ping pong!"

 "A quarter for their thoughts"


...justo hoy leia 2 nefi 9:52 y leia "he aqui amados hermanos mios ,recordad las palabras de vuestro Dios; orad a el continuamente durante el dia, y dad gracias a su santo nombre en la noche.Alegrese vuestro corazon" lei esa escritura y se quedo grabada en mi mente y no sabia por que, y hoy al escribir a mi familia me entere que mi hermanita esta enferma y esta un poco grave realmente no sabia que sentir ni como estar pero en seguida vino a mi mente esa escritura y dije como puedo estar alegre como? y gracias al libro de Mormon se que puedo estarlo se que estas son pruebas que uno tiene que pasar se que el libro de Mormon te ayuda en esos momentos que mas lo necesitas se que todo va estar bien por que confio en mi Padre Celestial.
se que no es casualidad que estemos leyendo el libro de Mormon se que el señor quiere que seamos mas fuertes que nos aferremos a esa barra de hierro que es la palabra de Dios y se que si nos aferramos ese vapor de tinieblas no nos va a desviar del camino y se que si seguimos aferrados a esa barra de hierro podremos participar de ese fruto tan delicioso que es el amor de Dios....
Hermana R

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Hermana Angulo greeted by her happy happy mother!


 Elder Castano missed his connecting flight to Colombia because of delayed flights and so spent the night in Panama. 
What's a guy to do when they put you up in a nice suite?!
Can we just say "Happy parents" when he finally arrived home.
 Welcome home Elder Castano!

Thursday 21 January 2016
New Missionary/Trainer Orientation
Mission Statics-
#144 missionaries before transfers
#23 Incoming
#11 Outgoing
Grand total = # 157
# 101  Elders- # 56 Sisters
73%/ Native Spanish Speakers
27% /Native English Speakers
(I forgot my camera... I'm so sorry about the quality of pictures with my phone)

......Me encanta leer el Libro de Mormón de verdad. Pienso de este libro maravilloso y el gran cambio que ha efectuado en mí tras las veces en que lo he leído. No obstante, mas que nunca antes me sentí identificada con Nefi esta semana cuando leí:

16 He aquí, mi alma se deleita en las cosas del Señor, y mi corazón medita continuamente en las cosas que he visto y oído.

17 Sin embargo, a pesar de la gran bondad del Señor al mostrarme sus grandes y maravillosas obras, mi corazón exclama: ¡Oh, miserable hombre que soy! Sí, mi corazón se entristece a causa de mi carne. Mi alma se aflige a causa de mis iniquidades.

18 Me veo circundado a causa de las tentaciones y pecados que tan fácilmente me asedian.

19 Y cuando deseo regocijarme, mi corazón gime a causa de mis pecados; no obstante, sé en quién he confiado.

Es algo interesante. Al llegar a ser más la persona que Dios necesita que yo sea, al cambiar, refinarme, y llegar a ser mas consagrada, ¡me siento más afligida por mis muchas debilidades! La diferencia entre el pasado y ahora es que ahora sé que el Señor me ayudará a cambiar estas cosas. A veces el proceso es largo y difícil, pero sé que Su gracia es suficiente. Al final de cuentas, me uno a Nefi, quien concluye su salmo así:

35 Sí, sé que Dios dará liberalmente a quien pida. Sí, mi Dios me dará, si no pido impropiamente. Por lo tanto, elevaré hacia ti mi voz; sí, clamaré a ti, mi Dios, roca de mi rectitud. He aquí, mi voz ascenderá para siempre hacia ti, mi roca y mi Dios sempiterno. Amén.

Con mucho amor,
Su hija, hna. S
Photo Gallery
 Look who we found at Stake Conference today?
Elder Herrera (returned) is working back in Pachuca.

Stake Conference smiles in Pachuca Centro....

 Our Senior Sister Leaders are exceptional!

 When President gets this random text- it totally just makes his day!
 We love you Elder Ellis and Elder Ford! 

 Elder Ordonez (Guatemala) recovered from eye surgery and is in school for one month to sharpen up his English skills and then he has a guaranteed job in a call center. So proud of you!

 These wonderful members helped the Elders move into their new house in Guerrero2 and they were troopers. Grateful for their service and interest in helping our missionaries. Oh and by the way- this house is amazing!

 Proof we survived transfers, picked up my new companion who arrived today and we are opening a new area! We have our work cut out for us... but once we got something to eat we were ready to Rock-n- Roll!

 This just made us smile... as Elder Castano sent us this shot of his missionary page showing he is not assigned an area. He returns home on Wednesday morning.
"President why don't I have an area???"

 Oh ya it gets cold in Pachuca!

 Intercambios are a memorable time to learn from each other!

 "We took this picture in case the church is looking for the GQ missionary look!"

 Thank goodness for good helpers who helped get the whole mission immunized with the flu vaccine. The vaccine got lost .... in the mail.... and so it arrived later than we preferred but we appreciate the availability. We have to move the work forward and sick missionaries slow that progress down. Grateful for good health in our mission.

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