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3 January 2016 - "Bring on 2016- Mision Mexico Pachuca"

"You have not lived ... until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."
- John Bunyan


"The field is white and ready to harvest..." 
Mision Mexico Pachuca 2016


Commitment is an act, not a word.
- Jean Paul Sartre

Christmas Day District Meeting/Service

Pachuca Sur-Valle Dorado District/Zone Leaders

......Doing a service project on Christmas day was a great idea! For me, at least, it helped me keep my enthusiasm and excitement about Christmas even though we are far away from home. And of course we could talk to our families too, which is a blessing. Talking with them helped me feel my purpose more, and reanimated me after a week that was kind of difficult.
I'm still working on personal changes and trying to be a better companion and missionary, but I can really feel my purpose more now after this week. And I've have a few experiences very strong with the Spirit this week, that helped me feel God's love.....
Thanks for everything, President!

Hermana M

Tulancingo - Huachinango/Xicotepec District

Hola Presidente,

Voy a tratar de esribir en español. Es un poco difìcil para pensar y escribir en español pero no importa jaja. Esta semana fue muy buena! Navidad fue excellente. Sí, porque vi mi familia y platique con ellos. Familias son un bendicion. Yo entiendo porque a Dios nos dio familias. Me encanto que tuvimos la oportunidad para servir en Navidad. Servicio es la regalo mejor que podemos dar a Padre Celestial y nuestro Salvador Jesucristo. During service, it is a time to forget about yourself and think in others and their happiness. I always love seeing other people happy. Navidad in the mission is very spiritual. Noche buena tambien. I don't know how to describe my feelings. I'm not very good at it. I just know that I feel more energized and willing to do all I can for the Lord. The following day we did more service in the night. We went to a hospital and gave hot chocolate and cookies to those waiting outside. They cant wait in the building if their loved one is in a super critical condition. It's sad to see other people sad. It really is like the scripture that says mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stand in need of comfort (Mosiah 17:8-9). Applying the scriptures is a critical part of learning and becoming closer to God. I ready to make my last week of 2015 SUPER great. Always trying to look for ways to be better. And just for a fun part of this letter, When you have heart burn it hurts a bit right? Well when you eat chile...and a lot of very spicy salsa earlier in the day...heart burn feel like your throat is going to melt. It is very very painful. Like the burn is more than I can describe. Probably the most thrilling experience haha. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Gracias por todo!
con amor,
Hermana C

Pachuca Centro- Revolucion District
Tender Mercies that this project was finally approved by this facility manager... homemade Christmas Cards made by each missionary and a program was prepared and delivered. Elder Joshua Garcia (district leader) made such a huge effort in preparation.
A memorable Christmas for everyone involved.
At the conclusion they were invited back to visit anytime... 
"Those Mormon's aren't so bad after all..."


Buenos Días, Presidente!

Esta semana fue maravillosa! La disfruté muchísimo. Navidad en la misión en realidad es una experiencia muy especial. Pensé que al llegar a la misión, que la Navidad sería algo muy difícil, estar lejos de mi familia y amigos. Pero me encantó estar aquí durante Navidad! Me dio mucho gusto ayudar a esta familia pintar su casa y comer con ellos y mi distrito. Espero que recuerde esta Navidad por lo largo de mi vida. Aprendí más claramente que antes en mi vida que realmente significa la Navidad y que debemos hacer en ese día para recordar a nuestro Salvador. También nuestro clase de distrito fue tan bueno! Había muchísima participación, testimonios, comentarios, y el Espíritu estaba allá con nosotros, ayudándonos a tener el deseo de mejorar, y empujar con todas nuestras fuerzas como el Señor nos ha pedido.

Esta semana encontramos un buen de nuevos investigadores! Vimos lo que pasa cuando nos esforzamos a encontrar esas personas que están listas para escuchar el Evangelio restaurado. Estoy muy animado para esta semana para ver el progreso de esas personas.....


Elder H

 "I think it's our turn to sing..."

"We each have within our power the ability to improve someones day"

Pachuca Centro- Pachuquilla District/Zone Leaders
So proud of this district as their exciting planned service project fell through at the last minute.. 
so like all good district leaders. 
They had a "back up plan". 
Cleaning the church is fun when you do it together. 

 "Did you steal Hermana Egbert's ride?"


Pachuca Mex Constitucion District 
This group had collected coats, clothes, and blankets for quite sometime and then went to a humble area where they sang Christmas Hymns and let people take anything they needed.

 Someone has to hold the "Gratis" sign... the sisters sing better anyways!


Tecamac II- Zumpango District/Zone Leaders
This was actually our most homesick group... look how sad they look!
We have set up therapy for all of them to recovery....
"Merry Christmas Everyone"

All the Elders mentioned that they were so grateful the sisters could sing. They carried out the whole service of singing Christmas Songs to a tolerable level.
They really are "ALL ANGELS"

29th December 2015
Interviews/House Checks Tecamac II Zone
- Clean Organized House
- Defrosted Fridge/Freezer
- Washed and Complete Bed Sheet Set
- Five Envelope Process/ Emergency Funds in Full
- 4 Required Medications per missionary
- Bicycles in Good Condition/Maintained
- Two sets of House Keys

Many houses more than ever before were an #11 on a scale of 0 - 10.

Zumpango Hermanas

Zumpango Elders 

Teotihuacan  1 Casa  

Teotihuacan 2 Casa  

Tecamac Tecamac Casa 

Huicholes Casa

 Mom Hazelgren he loves, loves his new shoes!

Ojo De Agua Casa 

Hacienda Casa 

Tecamac II Zone Leaders Casa 

30 December 2015
Interviews/House Checks Pachuca Sur Zone

Senior Sister Leader Trainers in Villas

So Awesome Hermanas!

Venta Prieta 1 Casa 
Assistantes Elder Meschini/Elder Zeledon-
Excellent Job!

Pachuca Sur Zone Leaders Casa 
Pitahayas 1- Wow!!!

Tizayuca  1 Casa 

Plaza 1 Elders Casa 

Plaza Hermanas Casa -Super Duper!


"the sacrifiec is what makes us feel more dedication."
our zone goal is read "la hermana susan fulcher" and we found this phrase, these days many people (like members and non members) tell us how difficult it is to serve a mission or work everyday and "sacrifice". during this season i feel that i need to sacrifice more for the Lord. In the topical guide defined sacrifice as devotion and dedication. this is my goal to have every day more dedicaionand serve with my heart. "EMPUJA es mi nueva frase, sometimes when all people are on vacations and nobody is at home i just said EMPUJA, this made me feel happy and motivated through the day.
Christmas was awesome, we had experiences that helped us to appreciate more the gospel and our families. We served in a orphanage and many children broke my heart, the just need to feel loved and that a person loves them. i was thinking that i have my family and i know that they loves me but more importantly, i have a Heavenly Father (el saber que me ama es un sentimiento que nadie puede quitarme) these dayts i felt more strong the love of God in my life, especially when we serve other people, this was the most special Christmas that i have in my life, others years was hust parties and food but this Christmas changed the meaning of Christmas i my life. (dar mas que recibir, mostrar del amor de Cirsto a los demas y sonreir) i want to always have these feelings and remember that is more important to give than to received

love hna. G
Las Torres Elders Casa -Home Show Quality

Las Torres Hermanas Casa  

Pitahyas II Casa 

Valle Dorado Casa -That's how it's done!


Los Pinos Casa 

Venta Prieta Casa 

31 December 2015
Interviews/House Checks Tezontepec Zone

Ixmiquilpan 1 Casa 

 Too Stinkin Cute!

Ixmiquilpan II Casa 



Tlahuelilpan Casa 

 Loving that chin up bar!!!

Progreso Casa 

 Perfection for these two is easy peezy!

Presas Casa  


Tezontepec Casa 

 Yellow all the way around.... It's a sunshiney house.

Panuaya Casa 

 Though it's a tiny house, it's one of my absolute favorites... Great Job!

Mixquiahuala 1 Casa 

 Zone Leaders get the job done without breaking a sweat!

Santiago II Casa 

 These two have figured out how to do it right... I'm a proud momma right here!

Santiago I Casa 

 Everytime I'm in this house I think of Elder Pass and how it was his favorite house of ALL!
Photo Gallery 
Christmas Zone Activities- Service- Moving the Work Forward...

Tezontepec Zone- Monday Afternoon 21 December 2015
Making the longest Reindeer Antlers... (harder than it looks)

Tecamac II Zone Activity - 21 December 2015
 "Drawing a Christmas Tree on a paper plate"- 
They are much better missionaries than they are artists...


This is the "thigh buster" and "Cardio workout"... area!

 This is companionship inventory and morning jazzercize all in one!

  The coolest looking neighborhood in Pachuca ... check out those colors!

 Service does the heart good!
Dear President Egbert,

This week was a good one because we served other. We had the chance to do service on most of the days of the week. On Monday we wash the dishes of a family that looked like they had never wash them since 2014---  on Wednesday, we clean a backyard of a part member family, on Thursday we helped a family to prepare a Christmas desserts table, on Friday, we came to the nursing home to take care of the older who where alone during Christmas, and on Saturday we clean the Church. After all these days I told myself, "How many times am I going to do this again?" I guess that being part of the Lord's army also includes the chance and opportunity to serve others without expecting something back. I know next Christmas will be very different, but I totally want to do some service during that week for this coming 2016. By the way, I talked to my family and they all say Hi to you and sis. Egbert, and they also say Thank you for giving this time to watch over the Lord's army.

President, time goes so fast. I can remember exactly a year ago, and I can't believe how it went so fast. I remember some months ago when I had Sis. A in her training. I love the mission because it gave us the chance to make friends specially friends with the same perspective of doing this marvelous work. I guess I will never have enough to thank God for giving us the chance to learn from this experience. Sometimes it is hard, but it is worth it. Love you and have an amazing NEW YEAR!!
Sis. B

  We are so grateful for the many members who shared their homes to allow missionaries to call home on Christmas Day Night and who feed them so graciously.
We are very blessed in Mision Mexico Pachuca.

 0500 wake up to open Christmas presents ... just like at home!
They look a little excited!!!
Elder Groesbeck liked the box almost as much as what was in it.

 Elder Cloward must have eaten his green beans growing up... 
...Elder Martinez you better eat more vegetables. 

 Hermana Gonzalez/Hermana Tobey 
Trainer/Trainee- A Christmas to Remember!


Pachuca Sur Zone Activity
Monday 21 December 2015


Tezontepec Zone December 2015

.....This week we had a lesson with two investigators and it was really good! It was a daughter and a mother from Cuba and the mom is really having problems with her daughter, spouse, and missing her country so we read some scriptures with them and shared with them the story in your letter last week. And they are also listening to another church and are trying to decide between us and them. But our lesson had an effect on them! They surprised us and showed up to church with her step daughter who is a member and the lessons taught and the talks given were just perfect for them both. It was a miracle. It is all thanks to Heavenly Father and the Spirit.
Thanks for all you and Hermana Egbert do for us! Thank you for your love and concern. Have an amazing week!
con amor,

Hermana H

 This 18 months has gone so fast... I can remember when Hrmn Cuc arrived to the mission like it was yesterday.
 And now she will be leaving us after serving faithfully  20 January 2016.

"Christmas Dinner anyone?!"

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