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20 March 2016- "An odd character..."

"... missionaries are found everywhere, hurrying, climbing, knocking, walking, biking and getting thrown out. Converts love them, youth worship them, the law tolerates them, dogs hate them and most people ignore them, and Heaven protects them...
... a missionary is an odd character. It can get homesick, discouraged, and temporarily lose faith in the whole human race. Yet nobody else can knock so boldly with such a shaky hand. Nobody is so early to rise or so tired at 10:30 pm. And nobody else can get such a thrill at the end of a discouraging day from the words,"Come right in- I've been waiting for  you." 
Yes, they are all this, but a strange lump will rise in its throat the day it receives its letter of release, and on arrival home its homecoming speech will probably contain the phrase it once considered trite. 
"The time I spent in the mission field was the happiest time of my life." 
- Pg 114. The Missionaries Little Book of Inspirational Stories

House checks done and headed to interviews...

That's a wrap for the day. The last 4 elders interviewed in this zone and now 
we are headed to check the zone leaders casa. Great day!!!

Hola Presidente!
En verdad esta semana fue una semana un poco mas dificil, muchas de nuestras investigadores caieron su fechas de bautismal, y fue un poco dificil para encontrar nuevos investigadores que quiere progresar. Cuando yo reportar a Elder C y explicar un poco el dicho, "entonces hermana, que aprendio?" Yo fui un poco sorpresa de esta pregunta pero soy tan agradecida por esta pregunta inspirada. Muchas veces ya se que yo tengo esta habito de cuando pruebas o desafios pasar yo solo pienso "Esta Bien!! Mañana va esta mejor!" y yo continuar con animo pero esta semana yo realizar que yo necesito enfocar un poco mas en que yo apendi, en que El Señor quiere para mi para aprender para que yo puedo llegar a ser un mejor misionera, y ayudar mas personas recibir el evangelio, y llegar a ser la person Padre Celestial quiere. Presidente, estoy agredecida por mi mision. No me gusta piensa sobre mi vida sin esta experiences y cambios que son muy muy necesario en mi vida. Gracias por su apoyo y amor.
Le amo
Hermana T

"Come right in- I've been waiting for you."

 So the Elders made these cute little handouts which people wrote on for the newly baptized convert words of love and encouragement. Then they were placed in a decorative can and given to her as a keepsake. I love the effort and creativity of our missionaries- and Elders no less!

 A wheelchair is not going to slow her down!

This amazing convert is from Haiti (refugee 2010 Earthquake) and only speaks French. The missionaries taught her with help from Heavenly Father. She is a strong woman with a powerful testimony. They ordered her a French Book of Mormon. Tender mercies and miracles (Gift of tongues) happen all the time if we but recognize them.
.....As well, we met a member in a really interesting way. We found an address of a member in the ward list that lives near our home. We didn't know who would answer, but when we knocked, this old man opened the door, with his wife behind him. He basically screamed, "What do you want!?" and scared our pants off. My companion was looking for a name, and so to give him time I started asking if he had talked to missionaries before, he didn't answer, just glared. then i asked if he had heard of the Church, he got really scary then said, very kindly, "Yes, I'm a High Priest. Come on in Elders." Talk about jaw dropper. We didn't know what to say or do. We had a nice lesson and learned a lot from them. It was awesome.
Elder C

A few smiles from Stake conference today in Tulancingo

and I'm sorry yesterday we were in Stake conference in Tezontepec but I didn't take any pictures. But all is well with the missionaries in that great zone as well.


.....We saw miracles during the week and one of them was about 10 contacts every day. In X area it is a little hard to find new people to teach and we need "to obligate" the Lord! So we did it. During the week my companion and me were talking about that, we know if we contact 10 people each day we will find someone. In the last Tuesday we were working and we didn't people, when we had 9 contacts we were sure that the next was going to be a future investigator. We just had a prayer in our hearts because we hoped we could find that person who was waiting for us with our message. When we walk next to a yellow house we just felt the spirit and we looked one another at the same time and we just smiled because we felt the spirit! When we knocked the door we found a family and they were waiting for us! We came back to the house a few hours later to find the whole family. President, the Lord blessed us at the same time we did his will....
Elder M

Missionaries busy about His work

"We did an activity to show the importance of inviting clearly and directly. One companion had a piece of candy and the other none. The ones that had the candy turned their chairs around to not see the projector. The other companion saw a slide of the projector with instructions. The instructions were that they were not to open their mouths to eat the candy UNLESS their companion said the magic words, "Abra su boca" or "open your mouth." Very simple instructions but man was it funny to see the different tactics used by different missionaries to try to convince, obligate, force, and persuade their companion to eat the candy when all they had to do was make a clear and direct invitation. We learned a lot about inviting - people don't react unless we invite them to."

Ward Family Home Evening

"Pick me... I know the answer!"

"Sometimes you find a 'mini me' that you'd just like to steal in your suitcase!"
Interviews/House Checks in Tecamac 1 Zone
Tuesday 15 March 2016

Casa Jardines De Morelos
How do you say "PERFECTO"?
(Even had washed their bathroom rugs!)
One word Adjective: Perfect!

Casa - Pradera
These two missionaries are working hard and being obedient.
Looking forward to a P-day in the near future of a house painting project.
I'll bring the Pizza! House looked great and all in order.
Two word Adjective: "Simply done"


Casa- Heroes
Adjective: Ready and waiting


Casa- Bosques 2
One word Adjective: Comfortable


Casa- Bosques 3
One word Adjective: Inviting


Casa- Montes 1
Two word Adjective: Cozy Potential

Casa- Huicholes
Two word Adjective: Warm/Inviting

 Ahhhh... love them!

 Thank you zone leaders for a great day of interviews.


Casa- Venta de Carpio
 Adjective: Home sweet home


Interviews/House Checks in Tecamac 2 Zone
Thursday 17 March 2016

Casa- Teotihuacan 1 
These two diligent Elders are working so well together and just had construction in their house while a new boiler was installed... so they had to move everything upstairs and on Monday will move everything back down and re-organize.

 Adjective: Impressively Adaptable

Casa- Teotihuacan 2
Two word Adjective: Perfectly Done


Casa- Tecamac Tecamac
Adjective: A rose in the brier patch

Casa- Zumpango 2
Two word Adjective: Safe/Tidy

 It's that time of year for the ANNUAL clean blanket exchange... now and through the month of April house by house I will be exchanging dirty blankets for clean blankets.
Between this annually and the missionaries washing their bed sheets the first Monday of each month sickness stays really low.
I love how missionaries are taking responsibility for their own health in a mature and reasonable manner using common sense and making good choices.
Exercising, eating healthy, and putting effort in keeping their houses clean!
Dad's and Mom's at home should be proud!

Casa- Zumpano 2 Hermanas
Three word Adjective: Light/Bright/Clean


Casa- Huicholes
Adjective: 10 out of 10
Job well done!

Casa- Hacienda 1
Adjective: Simple and Unique

Casa- Hacienda 2
Two word Adjective: Perfectly Prepared

Yep her bed broke...

 Seriously, are they not the cutest companionship?!
Casa- Ojo De Agua 2
Two word Adjective: Perfectly Impressed

Casa- Ojo De Agua 1
Two word Adjective: Peaceful and Perfect
(And they washed their bathroom rugs also... impressed)

 Don't mind me and my "Hot Mess" appearance. Doing house checks/ interviews
in the beautiful warm weather on crutches was quite the work out.  A little sweat never hurt anyone - and I didn't fall up or down any ones stairs!!! 
So grateful for missionaries who have everything ready and in order....

Zone Leaders below during interview waiting time taught and reviewed principles that would help them retain new converts and follow up with the 5 lessons after baptism.
Job well done!

Casa- TecTec ZL
 Adjective: Smart and Tidy
(Such a great day #2 in interviews in this zone)

Photo Gallery

Zone Activity Monday
- All zones hold their activitiy on the same day once a cycle
- They all have a purpose of significance and are held on chruch property
- They start after 1:00 pm and missionaries come and leave dressed in missionary attire
- All P-Day prep is completed prior to the activity including grocery shopping, house cleaning, parents/ president written and laundry picked up.
- $500 peso emergency fund available
- All missionaries to be in their areas and out the door to work by 6:00 pm.
So grateful for their strict obedience to these mission rules

Pachuca Sur Zone

 Packing our testimony (Egg) so as to be protected from challenges...
How many survived the drop?


Tulancingo Zone (a small but mighty zone)

 Elder Grajales (far right) who returned home last cycle was the last brother to get home of the three boys. They returned a cycle before him.... it was an empty house for Dad and Mom all at once- and then a full house again quickly! We sure love him!

Look who is getting married...
Sending our love and congratulations.

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