Saturday, July 6, 2013

First Group of Departing Missionaries - Home Bound

First Group of Departing Missionaries/ 6 July 2013

We had these five Elders come to the mission home at 230pm from their areas of service for lunch and then President Egbert started the departing interview process with each one and reviewed/finalized paperwork. They were very content relaxing, talking and playing a few games. They watched most of "17 Miracles" with Spanish subtitles and then we ate dinner at 730pm. They stayed in a hotel two blocks from the mission home- President Egbert and I woke at 0250 to meet them in the hotel lobby and to send them off as they rode a bus to Mexico City.  We have been instructed not to leave our mission, so we are unable to take them to the airport. The Elder second from the left called at 1030 to say he had "missed his flight."
When inquiring how- he stated,  "I went to the gate ten minutes before the 1000 flight and it had already left." President Egbert being in the airline industry- took a deep breath -and over the next 1 1/2 hrs was able to make arrangements for his departure on a later flight for an additional initial fee of $1400 pesos. A very helpful agent from American Express who does all the natives travel was able to reduce that fee to a mere $400 pesos. "Another tender mercy"  Needless to say President Egbert will add "arrive at your gate 1-2 hours before your scheduled flight" in the final interview and departure orientation.
(We are laughing about it now- that the Elder is home) 

“If someone only changes his behavior while a missionary, then, when he goes home, he will be the very same person he was when he left, subject to the same problems that plagued him before. But if someone changes his nature, he will go home a new man, with the power and discipline to conquer his old Goliaths. If someone is only moral because his date insists on it, then he has only changed his behavior and will be equally susceptible when each new temptation confronts him. But if he is moral whether or not his date so insists, he has changed his nature. Then he will have an increased resistance when similar temptations come. If someone speaks good words but entertains bad thoughts, he has only changed his behavior. If he also changes his thoughts, then he will also change his nature. Our natures have changed when our inner motives and thoughts are consistent with our outward behavior. With the Lord’s help we can transform our natures,” Tad R. Callister, BYU Devotional Address, 12/2011.


  1. I'm so excited to find your blog. My stepdaughter just got her call to this mission yesterday and will report to the MTC on November 13. I'm excited to learn more about her mission through your blog.

  2. Our son, Byron Joseph Smith Elton, is serving in Pachuca and we don't have the new address to send letters to him. Would you be able to provide the mission home address? Thanks so much.

  3. I didn't know you were serving this mission. I saw this on Peggy Wardle's facebook. I'm excited for you.
    Marlene CVU/SRU

  4. The mission home address according to my bishop is :
    Boulevard Miguel Hidalgo S/N
    Colonia Villas De Pachuca
    42083 Pachuca, Hidalgo

    I hope this helps...and I hope it is correct. I have sent a package there already. :)