Saturday, July 13, 2013

Interviews July 11th-12th 2013

Interviews in Two Zones July 11th-12th 2013

"Mezquital" and "Pachuca Centro"

A small glimpse of our days....

"We are so blessed to all be in the Mexico Pachuca Mission!"

"Looking over Area Books, helping with English study, filling empty stomachs, and sharing the love!"

One of our areas is "Molango"- which is a 4 hour bus ride north from the
Mission home and office. We have two incredible missionaries in this very remote area- Elder McCormick and Elder Hixon. They take care of a "small branch" and a "group" 45min apart from each other. They have been working incredibly hard and had a baptism last week, one this Thursday of 3 investigators and one scheduled for next Saturday. This little remote area is a piece of heaven and so the following collages are a peak at their "heaven on earth". Thank you Elders for being so obedient and faithful as you serve with extreme commitment and faithfulness.

"Some of these critters are not part of the branch!" 
"What a beautiful area- growing because of the love and work of these Elders"

"No baptismal font available... but one not needed"


  1. Thanks so much for creating and sharing your blog. You both have special places in our hearts here at home. It will be fun to watch your adventures unfold. WOW, a large group of boys to keep you busy and young. :)
    Barb Terry (Green Springs Ward)

  2. I love the blog and wanted to say gracias for sharing. You are going to be great leaders for the young men and serving along side you. Keep up the faithful work.

    Sister Katich

  3. My boy already loves you! Thanks for your service and love for our missionaries!

  4. What a joy to see our son, Elder Christensen, with the Tecamac Zone 2 missionaries. Thanks for starting this blog. Thank you Elder and Sister Egbert for caring for and loving our sons and daughters while they are on the Lord's errand. We look forward to many more blogs.
    S & P Christensen

  5. I would just like to ditto what my wife said. Elder J, Christensen loves the mission, his location and companion. We are grateful for the opportunity to see what is happening on the mission and in the lives of these young men and women who are serving the Lord in this part of his vineyard. Thanks so much for watching over them at this time. It helps us sleep a little bit easier. Thanks for your service and dedication.