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22 June 2014- The language of the Spirit.

"There is one language... that is common to each missionary- the language of the Spirit. It is not learned from textbooks written by men of letters, nor is it acquired through reading and memorization. The language of the Spirit comes to him who seeks with all his heart to know GOD and keep His divine commandments. Proficiency in this language permits one to breach barriers, overcome obstacles, and touch the human heart". 

 PMG pg. 133


One can find happiness even in the setting of prickly thorns...


Busy busy missionaries...


Service is often among your own flock...

 Elder Vique (district leader) helping the sisters figure out their light and water issues. The boiler was malfunctioning- but a quick lesson on "Instructions on how a pilot light works" was instrumental in less "explosions" of singed eye lashes and bangs. Thank you zone leaders and district leaders.

"Sisters for Life"

 "Cleanliness is next to Godliness"... 

...this was really almost a religious experience.


Elder Clark and Elder Garza cleaned their house on Monday for over 6 hours... they sorted through items/garbage left by previous missionaries from several years and scrubbed down walls, floors, and vacuumed spider webs and dirt from every crook and cranny. They organized the kitchen and all the shelving for supplies- They cleaned, organized, and stacked into one room all the left behind belongings of the home owner. So proud of their efforts to get things in order physically so that spiritually they may continue to grow and be the best representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ as possible. Their fathers/mothers should be so proud! I transported the garbage and donated missionary clothing left behind back to Pachuca... JOB WELL DONE!


Sister Peterson cooking up a storm in her kitchen.... you go girl!

 The Molango Branch-

Something Special about these members!

I thought "Western Days" in Molango was already over... 

Elder Zeledon -Elder Vique no longer together after transfers- what a great companionship. Elder Vique (right) now a new district leader in Pachuca and Elder Ford having the opportunity to serve in Paradise with Elder Zeledon. 

"Serve every day of your mission in such a way that when you get out of bed every morning, Satan says, 'Oh no...HE'S AWAKE!'"

Elder Keel- Boston Missionary
Well to put it simply it has been an amazing week for me in this area. I feel awesome right now! Even though the zone really had a struggle of a week. I feel like I am finally understanding some things in the mission. I firmly believe that Elders are sent to missions not just because there are investigators that need them, but there are MISSIONARIES that need them just as badly. President Elder _________ has been that person for me. I look up to him immensely. He has helped me to find the rhythm in the mission. I am excited about getting up in buses, contacting in the streets, and talking in the comvis! We have had a lot of success as well! President this area has so much potential! My companion has helped me see that. I am really excited about the work right now. We just need to get everyone else excited now. We have encountered so much opposition this last week, but it didn't slow us down. My companion taught me a really great lesson. He was so sick on Friday. He just was having some serious stomach problems. I was sitting down on the couch while he was up in the bathroom for about an hour. He came down and sat down. Then he just stood up and said Elder we need three lessons with a member today. So lets get going. He called a member and lined her up to go with us. It was awesome because the sister that we lined up really helped us on Sunday with this particularly difficult investigator. This last week has been so full of miracles you wouldn't even believe it President. Just everywhere we go things are just happening like WOW! People are giving us references that were not before. Members are helping us out. The biggest one of all though is the fact that the ward council has committed to meeting every Sunday at 9 o`clock! I was a bit stunned with that one. I think our ward has made it through spirit prison and has now resurrected! Well I mean I don`t want to speak to soon, but it is an exciting time here.

Your letter really made me think about my own level of conversion. I have read that scripture on several occasions, but this time I really got to thinking. I was thinking about my own life before the mission, and on the mission. The sins I have committed. It made me really want to change. To have a deeper conversion. Develop an enmity for sin. I have dedicated a lot more time of my studies for others, and it has really helped my teaching. Not just my teaching though, but my testimony. It is funny how many answers I have found just studying for others.

Well- I love you President. Elder B

Tuesday- Valle del Mezquital Zone

 Interviews and House Checks

 sorry my camera was so out of focus....

First stop of the day was the sisters houses in Actopan... looking great!

 Sugar cookies, chocolate kisses and a banana included in an interview with President. It doesn't get much better than that!

This cute little apartment is new to the mission as the sisters just moved in this transfer. Credit to the zone leaders for finding a clean and tidy place for them to live. Notice the laundry station of 6 sinks outside and the community clothes line .... love it!


Zone Leaders house in great order.... Being the example of how it should be... 


Special changes at a last minutes notice-

The mission sent another Elder home and so Elder Ponce was picked up and taken to Tezontepec Zone on Wednesday. The other 3 Elders are now a trio- closing one house down until we can get the other Elder from Peru who is held up due to VISA issues. Thanks to all four who so willingly rearranged their lives and a companionship of sisters who changed houses to accommodate the needs in this same area. President and I love you all!!!

Elder Ferrin and Elder Ponce are now new companions!


Wednesdays are District Meeting Days

I have never seen Hermana Anderson (above) without a smile on her face... she has a contagious attitude of positiveness. 

(Below) look at the hitchhikers I found along side the road in St. Agustin- Elder Ponce and I were headed past their area and past their chapel so we dropped them off for their district meeting. They are loving their area and leavin' a trail of dust behind them!

 I love district meeting pictures...

 Thank goodness these two sisters were moved into this district. These Elders need their positive example of work ethic, tenderness, charity, compassion, and determination! Elder Leon is a great district leader.... We are proud of this district!


English Study... loving everyone's efforts!!!


This new companionship are two peas in a pod. Loving life and getting along great- ready to work hard and blaze new trails!


hola presidente
muy buenas tardes hoy esta semana ha sido de bendiciones por fin ya tenemos investigadores que asisten a la capilla y no solo eso le quiero compartir una experencia que tuvimos ayer con una investigadora que se llama celia y rocio ellas estan progresando muy bien estan asistiendo orando y sobre todo tienen fecha bautismal para este 5 de julio pero le cuento fuimos a enseñarle el dia de reposo y despues de tener una visita muy buena que pudimos sentir el espiritu muy fuerte con ella y una de nuestras metas como compañerismo que tenemos es hacer todo lo que nos ha enseñando hasta ese punto asi que despues de terminar la leccion hicimos la pregunta que si conoce ha alguien que se le puede beneficiar de este mensaje y ella dijo que si antes de salir rocio de 16 años hizo una oracion especifica pidiendo que la persona que ivamos a ir a ver dijo que nos aceptara y que nos escuchara al finalizar la mama y ella nos llevo con la señora jenny que tiene una hija de 14 años madre soltera y ella nos dijo que ella nos presentaria a jenny y ella le empezo a explicar a jenny quien eramos y como ella se ha podido hacerca mas a dios y que nos trajo por que la ama y sobre todo quiere que sus problemas de madre soltera pueda llevar las cargas con jesucristo despues de presentarnos hna. celia nos presentamos y testificamos con poder todo lo que la hermana celia le habia comentado en ese momento despues ella con una alegria en el rostro nos dijo pase por que no escuchar la palabra de dios empezamos hablar de la restauracion del envagelio y la hermana celia se acordo de la leccion al finalizar la leccion le invitamos para hacer convenio con dios y ella dijo que le gustaria ser bautizada como jesucristo lo fue despues le dimos una fecha especifica para su bautismo y ella nos dijo que prepara para tomarlo despues le pedimos a la hermana celia y rocio que comparta su testimonio acerca de la capilla ya que ellas se estan preparando para su bautismo igual y ella le explico que para eso tiene que asistir a lacapilla , leer el libro de mormon y hacer su oracion y preguntar a dios si era lo que dios queria para ella realmente pude ver en su testimonio de la hermana que el envagelio de jesucristo la esta cambiado pero todo esto no hubiera pasado sino hariamos la pregunta despues de eso ella nos dijo que conoce como a 3 personas mas ahora jenny junto con su hija nelly se que empezaran a cambiar su vida y se bautizaran el 19 de julio que hermosas bendiciones nos da dios solo por ser obedientes a lo que usted nos ha enseñado lo amo presidente y feliz dia del padre espero que sienta la felicidad que siento en estos momentos .bye Elder C

Thursday- Pachuca Mex Zone 

Interviews and House Visits

 (below) Elder Camacho and Elder Rubio win the prize for the day for the cleanest/organized house. Kudos to you both!!!

 So these two Elders have the absolute smallest house in the mission. No one should complain... all yours are mansions compared to this "home sweet home". Their house was clean and organized... easier when you can clean the toilet and do the dishes while standing in the same spot. (Just kidding)

 Kudos to these two zone leaders whose house marks the biggest improvement since the last visit. Thank you for hanging up your white boards and organizing your shelves. Made a HUGE difference!

 Checked these two sisters house a week ago and found all in order. This week they were troopers as they are dealing with a clogged kitchen sink and a shower that is having an attitude. I think the "sisters" will win this battle!

buenas tardes presidente

Esta semana pude explotar todo mi potencial con mi nuevo compañero pude contactar a 10 personas diaramente y en ocasiones hasta mas, pero lo que me parecio grandioso es que muchos de ellos si aceptaban que les enseñaramos y otros si aceptaban una segunda visita fue una maravillosa semana ya que tambien de camino de los cambios a tepatepec mi compañero se levanto del asiento fue al chofer y le hablo al oido pense tal vez quiere ir al baño y esta piiendo que le abra la puerta pero cual fue mi sorpresa cuando comenzo a hablar del libro de mormon en medio del camion y lo unico que hice me levante y comencé a compartir tarjetas fue maravillosa y unica la experiencia vivida pero se que esto que eh vivido esta semana me a ayudado a poder perder el miedo de poder contactar en las calles y casas y hasta en los camiones agradesco por su revelación al invitarnos a abrir nuestras bocas y al ehortarnos a que si lo hacemos recibiremos bendiciones especificas es verdadero y gracias a esas bendiciones sigo teniendo animo de abrir mi boca hasta con mas personas en ocasiones pienso 10 no son suficientes quiero mas pero se que poco a poco podremos ir teniendo mas gracias por todo y que tenga una excelente semana Elder C

Great Spirit in this two hour Leadership Training on Friday 

Including all "Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and Sister Leader Trainers."

 "A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves." —Lao Tzu

Presidente Egbert,

Hola! First of all, thank you so much for trusting the Lord that I can train hermana _______. She is aweesome! I thought I was going to be alone and that she would be shy to talk to everyone, but she's not at all. We talk to everyone on the street, combis and any one that is in our sight. She is ready to work and I am so blessed to be her companion. She is funny and really sweet. Her English is really good. Anyways, we have had a great week. I have noticed that when we both talk to everyone... our planners fill up for the week and planning is a lot easier. Ever since she got here we have kept the promise of talking to 10 people every day. Last night it was almost 9 and we were running around trying to find 2 more people. I think people thought we were going to mug them haha. But, of course we didn't. We have been completing the meta and we have seen the blessings. We have also been praying a lot. To find those families and people that have been prepared by the Lord. I am so excited for these next 5 weeks. I know that they're going to be great. Closed mouths don't get fed!!! Right? haha. Thank you for all of your help president. You and your wife are an example to me. Thank you for loving us. I love you both. =)

oh i forgot! but the man that we baptized 2 weeks ago, Jose Hndz, he hadn't had a job since the 8th of December. We promised him, as representatives of Christ if he got baptized that he would find a job. This past week we saw him and he said that he was offered TWO jobs and that he even had to turn down one of them. It was SO cool! The Lord does bless us. I KNOW it! When we do our part of course. That is all. =)

Hermana C

Look what I found in the street... 

...they don't come any sweeter or any cuter. 

 I followed them to their house to pick up a missionaries belongings and I have never seen kids ride a bike so fast! I was sweating just watching Elder Lancaster and Elder Perez fly over those topes! (speed bumps)


Birthday Boy... Elder Stucki


Elder Barber and Elder Smith in IxmiquilipanAn amazing ward and area....

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