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29 June 2014- "ye shall go forth..."

"Ye shall go forth in the power of my Spirit, preaching my gospel, two by two."

DC 42:6

Elder Lancaster and Elder Perez 

Showing off the hats they found in their house...


“The beauty of the natural world lies in the details.”

— Natalie Angier



 "Cleaning house is fun to do , fun to do, fun to do!"

So rewarding to work up a sweat cleaning the house and having such awesome results with a little effort! 

"Welcome to the home of Elder Barber - Smith" in Ixmiquilpan


 Zone Activity in Valle Del Mezquital Zone

 Such a great group of missionaries!

P-Day haircuts... saving a few pesos doing it ourselves...

President Egbert!

Okay so this morning during personal study I read something that said something to the point that God is preparing his people for us to come teach them, and I have definetely seen that in this week.

So I have two quick stories where I saw God´s hand in the work. First off we had a reference to visit this lady all we knew is she had heard a little from other people and she wanted to know more. So we go and she is not there... but her sister is and tells us that we can share the message with her. So we start and go through the whole first lesson, this lady is really receptive, answering all of our questions, and really positive through the whole lesson! So we invite her to be baptized, she goes on to tell us that she is already a member that her and her sister were baptized years ago but haven´t had anything to do with the church since then. So we invited her to start coming back to church with us and her sister and she accepted! It was something little but I feel like we were sent to visit her as a reminder of the sacred covenants that she has already made with our Heavenly Father.

The second story is about a reference as well. We knew that the daughter had a Book of Mormon but that´s about all. So we taught the daughter and her mom. We were sharing lesson one and we got to the Joseph Smith story and the sweet mom goes on to tell us it, like all of it! and the testimony of the 8 and 3 witnesses... She has read the Book of Mormon! and she wants to know more about this gospel! It was a really neat experience.

These two very simple situations were definetely a testimony builder that God does know his children and he is preparing them for this gospel and it´s our job to show up, prepared, and to share what we know to be true! I love this gospel and I love being a missionary so much!

Hermana P

Tuesday- Interviews and House Checks in Tezontepec

 "The  only disability in life is a bad attitude"...

 (Above) Elder Ponce and Elder Smart headed out on divisions. 

(Below) Hermana Anderson- Hermana Garcia enjoying their new home in the area of Santiago. Wonderful members live next door and his dental office is on the bottom level of their apartment. We are so grateful for great members and neighbors of the mission that watch over and assist our missionaries daily.

 Hermana Garcia and Hermana Molina  

These two amazing sisters had their home in perfect order and when they rode with us in the mini van to interviews they sang us "I am a Child of God" in ENGLISH. It was absolutely amazing as their voices were angelic and their efforts to learn that song in English touched our hearts.


 This house has the best view ever. Elder Beesley and Elder Caamal have been able to watch the corn grow out the window of where they study from a planted seed to high rows of corn stalks. Love the brightness of their yellow home which sits on the second level of an existing home.

 Our great zone leaders in Tezontepec - Elder Smart&Elder Esteves

 Our great Sister Leader Trainers Hermana Cebreros and Hermana DeFranco working hard in this new area they opened. Lots of rain recently has made their home a little wet...but they never complain!

 Elder Beesley (above) bought a big bag of mini popcorn bags and shared with everyone in the mini van. He's always thinking of others and is such a bargain shopper! Thanks Elder....

 Elder Flores and Elder Galo working hard in their area and doing a great job in English Study. Elder Flores is making up for lost time my having his English Speaking companion help him daily. Last week Elder Flores passed off two modules!!! Their home was in order and I was even able to collect many extra blankets that can be used in new houses we are opening. Thanks so much Elders.

Some one is a little tired!!!


Hola presidente
... esta semana ha sido muy buena, y muy dificil. He aprendido como es que mi padre Celestial contesta, y de verdad a darme cuenta de por que estoy sirviendo una mision. Hemos hablado con tantas personas nos sea posible, esto ha hecho que como 32 personas nos hayan dado su dirección para visitarles. Y que pudimos tener 14 nuevos investigadores, cuando llegamos a 10 mi compañera y yo dijimos "Presidente no es un mentiroso" hahaha. Nos dimos cuenta de que valioso es el tiempo, pues tenemos nuestros relojes ahora y nuestra meta es poder mejorar nuestro tiempo . No se como explicarle como me siento, de verdad tan humilde, aprendo cada día más, de verdad presidente siento que he estado siendo cambiada, y aunque aveces me siento insuficiente con mi asignación o incluso como misionera pude sentir por que es que aveces el panorama se vuelve algo dificil , pues estamos vaciandonos y purificandonos, de verdad siento que me he vuelto tan temerosa de Dios. Vivo anhelando ser mejor, pero ahora por el proposito correcto. Después de la reunion de lideres este viernes, llegue a casa y ore, ore con tanta energia en mi corazon, y la respuesta no llegó inmediatamente pero llegó....Hna. C

Wednesday- District Meeting in Tecamac

 What a dynamic companionship- Elder Heninger and Elder Meschini

 Elder Panigua and Elder Hernandez waiting their turn for Language exams.

 Well isn't this a photogenic group?!

 Language study is serious business in this mission. So proud of our missionaries and their progress weekly. Great job everyone!


P-Day had a little hiccup when cleaning the house!!!

 President Egbert delivered a new fridge to Elder Gamez and Elder Pass after their tiny of complication ...

 "Hermana Egbert- we were trying to defrost our fridge/freezer and the ice wasn't melting fast enough. So we used a screwdriver to chop away at the ice and I think I punched through the freezer lines. Stuff is coming out . That's not good, is it? "


(Below) Elder Reese and Elder Lopez loving where they live but they are needing to move and so are in the process of house hunting. 


Photo Gallery of Mexico Pachuca

 Oh ya- House inspection on Tuesday at 0630. And we were ready!!!! 

Elder Elton and Elder Martinez- Contucion in Pachuca Mx Zone

 Elder Chavez and Elder Pearson modeling the new hair do options for Mexico Pachuca Mission.... (just kidding)

 Elder Felsted enjoying the beautiful farm land in his area.

"You got the key- or do I?"


 These are the two SAD faces of hungry Elders. Their lunch appointment wasn't home as planned. This is the part where they tell you "Don't eat off the street- (vendors), but when you do..."

Hermana Peterson- "'Peace out' everyone and have a great week!"

Our amazing assistants Elder Smith and Elder Kearl 

Their work is 24 x 7... thank you so much for all that you do!


Thursday- Interviews and House Checks in Tulancingo Zone

 Hermana Daines and Hermana Gonzalez are new to the area of Huachinango. They are such a great addition to this zone. Their house has a water feature- it involves a daily rain storm that pours off their roof into the front balcony and runs through the front door into their house. They are being such troopers and dealing with the large quantity of unwanted water- hopefully we can get them moved or a quick fix to the roof.


Elder Sanchez and Elder Fox moved to this new apartment as they were living where the sisters above now live. (Now I know the motivation of their move... hmmmm.) 

A few curtains for the windows and a shower curtain should help make this place "home sweet home."

 Elder Stewart and Elder De La Cruz are a great companionship. Keeping working hard on that English Study Elder De La Cruz- you are doing great!


United and Teaching with One Voice

Elder Ellis and Elder Grajales in their own unique area of Huachinango. They actually have the best house in the area and had things properly in order. I wasn't sure I could find my way back to the Church and so they took me back and walked back to their area. Thanks so much for watching out for "Mom Egbert".


A Powerful Companionship

These two sisters are such a great asset to the zone as well. They are serving in Tulancingo (town itself) and had their house in perfect order. 

 I know you are smiling just by looking at these smiling faces of amazing Elders.

 Zone Leaders in Tulancingo- Elder Bickley and Elder Campuzano


Elder Perez and Elder Lancaster

 "Working hard and loving life in the mission!"


Sunday 29 June 2014 in Molango

 Elder Zeledon and Elder Ford House was in perfect order. 

We love our missionaries in this area as they are so trustworthy, obedient and hardworking servants of the Lord. 

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