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June 1 2014

"I have often said one of the greatest secrets of missionary work is work! If a missionary works, he will get the Spirit; if he gets the Spirit; and if he teaches by the Spirit, he will touch the hearts of the people and he will be happy. There will be no homesickness, no worrying about families, for all time and talents and interests are centered on the work of the ministry. Work, work, work- there is no satisfactory substitute, especially in missionary work." 

- President Ezra Taft Benson

How about a little service?

Who needs a gym when you can haul buckets of concrete? These two zone leaders are perfect examples of President Benson's quote above.


dear President

President this was a great week we had success in every aspect of the work, we were able to baptize confirm, worked with the ward, did service with the ward council, gained more trust with the leaders, received references and contacted them, had new investigators by references and by talking to people, 2 new dates, great ward council, our meeting with the ward mission leader, and 41 lessons 26 with investigator, and this week we will do a lot better, we still have to find the house for the new area for next transfers , I am leaving all the excuses out and kick them out the window, this is a blessed zone that will baptize, our main focus is feeding that same attitude to the whole Zone, like Elder Walker said have that Preach My Gospel culture in our bones, this past week we did studies with two Elders, they are doing a lot better in their unity while teaching  and Elder ___ is teaching a lot better than the last time we had divisions, this week we will be doing divisions with them and studies with Elder_____ and Elder______. I was reading trough the end of Ether and I read a scripture that went into my heart and made me ponder about giving every thing to the lord " all of it " not just part of it, its when Morianton a descendant of Riplakish became king over the land "And he did do justice unto the people, but not unto himself because of his many whoredoms; wherefore he was cut off from the presence of the Lord" the way I see it now I can work and do much good but if I don't convert my self unto the lord if I don't leave all my weapons of rebellion and hide them up in the ground to not use them ever again, then its all useless and like in this scripture I will be cut off from the presence of the Lord and I don't want that, maybe its a little too dramatic but its true.

well President thank you so much for everything you do to help us achieve a conversion to the gospel. love ya so much for doing it. Elder C

The Mexico Pachuca Mission had #77 baptisms for the Month of May- 

"We do not preach and teach in order to bring people into the Church' or to increase the membership of the Church. We do not preach and teach just to persuade people to live better lives... we invite all to come unto Christ by repentance and baptism and confirmation in order to open the doors of the celestial kingdom to the sons and daughters of God. No one else can do this."

Elder Dallin H Oaks



Oh man this was such an awesome week! I don't really know where to start...

We are planning to do an activity where all the young men and young women are going to go out to the branch with us and we are all going to knock door. So yesterday we did a little training meeting of how to contact a door. It was super awesome then we did practices . We had all the adults take a room and we gave everyone a companion and they went around and contacted all of us haha it was awesome ill try and send you guys some pictures... They are super ready. We are going to go do that this Saturday.

Also this week we went to our solid investigators house (her baptism is this Saturday) and just like the whole time we were over there she was just like super zoned out and like discouraged and we weren't even sure why. We tried to like find out what was up but she just wasn't really giving us anything. We shared a little something something with her and after she was like hey guys i have something to tell you, we were like yeah whats up. And then she just kind of broke down and was like my mom just found out that she has cancer. I was a really tender moment, but after ward we were able to say a prayer with her and we had a really good talk. One thing that we included was about the Holy Ghost and the role he has in our lives. It was kind of unfortunate circumstances, but a good teaching opportunity the spirit was really strong.

Other story. When we don't have something to eat we usually just go with this lady that has a really small restaurant. Shes not a member but she never really charges us very much and its fast and the foods good. before this week i think i had eaten there 2 times and i had tried to contact her and see if we could come over sometime and teach her or whatever. She is always really nice but always tells us that shes not really interested. Anyway, this week one of our food appointments fell through and so we decided to just run over there quick to grab something to eat. After we ate we just had the feeling we should ask if we can share a quick scripture with here right now. We did and she accepted. We talked about the role Jesus Christ plays in our lives, as a missionary obviously this is something I've taught more times then i can count. But this time was so much different, so much more powerful. It was awesome! I just about cried. Then we left her with the pamphlet about the gospel of Jesus Christ and told her all that he is asking of us is that we follow him. We left that with her as it talks about what he wants us to do. Then we asked if we would come back and talk a little bit more about that and she accepted. We are going to go back today and teach her more!

Super awesome, Ive learned so much in this area! Savoring every minute of my mission, Thanks for everything. You can trust me!    Elder S

"Making Progress one Module at a Time."

The Mexico Pachuca Missionaries are making great effort in their personal English Language Study. They study with their companions daily and every week at district meeting take a module exam. They are rated on a 0-40 point system. If they get above a #30 they may proceed to the next module.  Occasionally they may take two weeks to pass off one module- but the majority pass one module a week. What is most impressive is that many companionship's are two Spanish speakers and so it takes even more effort as they don't have the advantage of having an English speaking companion. Never the less, they move forward with faith that the benefits of learning English will bless their lives immensely in the future. A huge "THANK YOU" to the district leaders and language specialists that consistently help and test these missionaries weekly. Our Zone Leaders (English Speaking) also assist weekly and our Spanish Speaking Leaders make great effort in their personal study as they lead by example. President looks over all the scores and advancements weekly and has a real interest in everyone's progress.  

Book #1- Blue ; Book #2- Pink; Book # 3- Yellow



I can not say enough about this dynamic duo below  -            Hermana Cebreros and Hermana Luna. They are two of the missions amazing Sister Leader Trainers and work so hard in their own area as well as caring for their "sheep". I am amazed at their weekly progress in English Study and can always anticipate one or two modules passed off weekly by each of them. Also President can always count on them to have baptisms- as they are consistent in their teaching and finding. We could brag about them forever...

This sweet sister above was baptized and her two sons on either side of her are recent converts and future missionaries themselves... What an amazing family...


Our new little friend... 


Four of our sisters live in the same house until the contract expires...They work in different areas and are assigned to different wards. Hermana Escobar in the Black/Pink will be released this next cycle. (9 days)  Can't believe how fast her time in the mission has gone...She takes her final English Exam on Monday...

 Oh my what a crazy group of girls.... Love them!


Elder Cruz and Elder Macias (below) serving in Tizayuca received a generous gift for their area from a brother in the ward. We are so grateful for the generosity of the bikes/helmets for our missionaries. We realize that is no small investment in assisting in moving the Work of Salvation forward. It is such a blessing-

Hola Presidente!

So this week was a little bitter sweet. We didn´t have an amazing week as far as numbers and news go, but we still got to see 2 people enter into the waters of baptism!

So our side of our area has been struggling a little bit to find lessons and new people these last couple of weeks, and we do not know why. We are contacting, and asking the question every single time. But it wasn't all that bad, because I got to see a miracle in the end:) So on Saturday I decided that I needed to fast, part of the reason being for our area. As I finished my fast on Sunday, I wasn't sure if it had been a waste of energy, because I didn´t see any major changes in our area like I was hoping for. And then it all started. So we had the food and it was normal and everything and then we went to our first lesson of the day. There we finally found one of the families that I was teaching that we had lost for like a month and a half. The timing was perfect for our visit. We found out that the reason why they couldn´t be there for so long was because their mom and grandma was at the point of death. We were able to teach them the truths of the Plan of Salvation and comfort their souls! I am so happy to be able to teach them the plan that God has for all of them! But it doesn´t stop their. When we were walking after this lesson a van stopped to talk to us. We found out that they were members traveling to visit family. After we talked for a few minutes they gave us 3 references of their family members that live in our area! And those references are married and don´t work on Sundays! And they sound really awesome! Also we gained 4 new investigators yesterday! And then to top it all off last night we contacted someone that looks like they really want to change their life and we are very excited to teach him! I really know that the power of fasting is real, and that God recognizes our efforts to improve His kingdom and bring souls to Him!

I am doing good and continue to love my life right now!

Thank you for everything you are doing for us President!    Elder P


Elder Perez is that you???


Hola Presidente,

I'd like to start this letter saying that I've done what you asked. This past week my companion and I took turns teaching the buses we took. I taught 3 of them! We didn't only contact the buses, we also had actual lessons! We began with prayers and ended with prayers. It was so interesting. We may not have converted an entire busload of people... But we maybe have planted many desires to learn of the Gospel in the hearts of these people. And it was hilarious. On the first bus my companion taught. And when he asked for a volunteer to say the closing prayer the woman that said it was a member! So we counted that one as with a member present... I hope that's okay.

And another cool thing was on one of the other buses. I taught the lesson. I taught about the Book of Mormon and how the gospel can change our lifes and what-not. And when I asked for a volunteer to say the closing prayer no one said anything... But I just kept scanning the passengers faces with a smile. And then an older gentleman that was sitting next to me says, "But what would I have to do?" He stood up and took off his cowboy hat as I explained what he would have to do. He then gave a very basic, yet sincere, prayer. We received many references from that experience. Maybe not all of them went to our area... But their lives will be blessed for their willingness to listen. :)      Love Elder C 

I wonder if the school boys in blue beat our Elders? 

hola presidente
 muy buenas tardes recuerdad de esta mujer que habia leido el libro de mormon ella tiene una fecha bautismal acepto sin pensarlo porque ella en una ocacion tenia muchisimas dudas durante este mes que leia el libro de mormon entonces preguntandole a la persona a la cual le habia regalado el libro de mormon esta persona le dijo pues todas tus dudas puedes disiparse si solo preguntas si estas cosas son verdaderas por medio de una oracion y asi lo hizo esa misma noche oro para preguntar si las cosas que estaban escritas en ellibro de mormon eran verdaderas y asi fue pregunto a dios y recibio una espuesta y cuando con lagrimas en los ojos nos compartia su experiencia nos dijo he leido algo acerc de la DOCTINA DE CRISTO, yo todavia en shock jeje por lo que estaba aconteciendo jejeje 
mi compañero muy seguro le pregunto: 
Seguira el ejemplo de jesucristo y sera bautizado por alguien que posea la autoridad de dios? 
me quede atonito esperando la respuesta y fue una escena como de telenovela cuando ella decia un tan seguro: SI LO HARE
presidente esta semana aplicamos lo que elder walker nos compartio en la conferencia y cada una de las personas a las cuales invitamos a leer el libro de mormon con una fecha especifica o ser bautizado o solo escucharnos aceptaron se que esta obra es verdadera y se que verdaderamente bendice nuestra vida a medida que aplicamos cada una de las invitaiones que siervos del señor nos hacen lo hice con mi compañero y ese fue el resultado agradesco por la ooportunidad de servir en una mision ypoder ser representante de jesucristo y traer alegres nuevas de gran gozo agradesco tanto por esto y se lo comparto en el nombre de jesucristo amen - Elder C

 A little P-Day BBQ with sweet members... such a beautiful place. Eating Elders are Happy Elders



President and I went to drop off some supplies to the home of  Elders and we found our great zone leaders there studying with them. Elder Unamuno and Elder Barrios are the Pachuca Sur Zone Leaders. The home is actually Elder Carlson/Pena's (below left) new house. In last weeks blog they were house hunting... SUCCESS!

 The house of Elder Vasquez/Elder Jones in Pachuca MX. But Elder Vasquez (left) was on divisions with Elder Rogel. 

(Below) Elder Camacho and Elder Lainhart in Palmar... Everytime we see this house it gets better and better. Thanks Elders.

(Above) Hermana Apolinar and Hermana Tellez house was in perfect order and cleaned to perfection. Nice job sisters.... and (Below) Elder Leon and Elder Cardwell had their home in perfect order. President came out to the car and said "Oh my- I have never seen an Elders' home so immaculate!" He was so pleased and thoroughly impressed. Nice job to all....


Elder Caamal and Elder Beesley stopped by the house for a quick lunch- so good to see them and spend some time with them. I love getting to know them each a little bit more...


Pte. Egbert,

Well this week has been kinda of crazy, but has helped me a lot to rely on the Holy Ghost to guide me. My companion and I have been teaching together very powerfully. We have had the spirit present very storngly in our lessons... It has been incredible. We were teaching a less active member that has rejected the missionaries to enter his home for the last 2 years. Well he let us in, and then he started just tearing the church apart and the members. He was very upset with a situation that had happened to him while he was in the ward. I kinda of cut him off because he was just getting more angry, and I asked him a weird question, I asked him if he believed in eternal life, he responded no. I ask why. He then explained that he has never understood anything like that. I asked him if he believed in the resurrection, that if we will all be resurrected. To my suprise he said yes. I then turned to Alma 40 and explained to him what is going to happen after this life. As I finished reading some verses, I saw that he completely had a change of heart. He was calm and had tears in his eyes. I then asked him if he now believed in eternal life, and he said yes.... The phrase of Boyd K. Packer came into my mind, when he said "when someone understands true doctrine, their attitude will change." He then promised that he would read, pray and go to church with his entire family.. It was very neat to watch the spirit work on him and guide my companions and I words. I know that the spirit is the true and perfect teacher.

I am doing great!! And I wanted to thank you for coming to our district class. It was very neat to have you there and thank you for what you shared with us. I know that is what we needed. To remember why we are here and understand our calling as missionaries and servant of Christ. I feel very blessed to have this sacred opportunity to be here in the mission. I am treasuring every moment, and not wasting any of it. Thank you for all that you do!! Have a great week! :)  Elder B


District Meeting on Wednesday

Some weeks we divide -n- conquer between President, the assistants and myself so we can observe 4 District meetings. (Yes- President apologizes as he didn't get pictures from his district visit this week) I was lucky enough to run to Apan/Sahagun for house checks and their district meeting.  I loved their church house. I had never been to their chapel and was pleasantly surprised. Elder Chavez did a MARVELOUS job in district class and is honestly honest with those he teaches whether other missionaries or investigators/members. He doesn't mince words and tends to make one consider their commitment to the work. Elder Pearson like always is so dependable and reliable- and everyone took their English Exam- and passed off one module. In a district of only 4 everyone is depended on for participation. Elder Marvilla/ Elder Rivera were great in practices and actually I had the best time observing. So practices this week consisted of "really listening" and "working as a team" while teaching. Each companionship sat back to back and would start teaching... after 30-45 seconds I would say "Switch" and without hesitation the opposite Elder would continue teaching where the other one left off. It was harder than it appears as you really have to listen and concentrate on what the other one is saying and then be effective and efficient in following up for your next 30-45 seconds. Back and  forth they would go for several minutes and then we would stop and assess- and try again. It so hard not to be distracted by things in peoples homes such as "the kids, the cat, the candy on the table, thoughts of your own family, or what you want to eat for lunch etc..." and really make your 40 minutes in the lesson meaningful and a great exchange between companions. Awesome Idea for practices!

 Notice above how intensely Elder Pearson is listening to his companion Elder Chavez... Elder Marvilla was tapping them on the shoulder every 30 seconds as they demonstrated the practice concept. Nice job everyone.

"After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel."

 - Prophet Joseph Smith


buen dia presidente
esta semana seguimos buscando personas a las cuales podamos ayudar las veces que no encontramos a nuestras citas en su casa hemos optado por contactar a personas y ha dado resultado solo que buscar hasta ayar a los elegidos, este domingo despues que salimos de la capilla fuimos a ver a un contacto que hicimos en la combi entre la semana pero no estava regresemos y una pareja de señores nos saludaron cuando pasamos enfrente de su casa, mi compañero dijo vamos a regresar, hablamos con ellos y mientras hablamos de la expiación ellos nos dijieron que querían encontrar un lugar donde le quitaran la tristesa que el tenia desde hace 6 años pues avia perdido a uno de sus hijos, mientras les enseñamos pudimos sentir un espiritu de mucha paz pues ellos quedaron muy tranquilos después de pro meterles que podrían estar reunidos nuevamente con su hijo, les invitamos a que a medida que nos escucharan ellos tendría la paz y un consuelo por eso que sentian. Ellos nos pidieron que volviéramos y siguiéramos enseñando por que estaban deseoso de aprender mas y hacercarse mas a dios fue una lección muy linda por decirlo haci, el evangelio realmente puede sacar las heridas y tristesas del alma y brinda un ancla de paz y tranquilidad no puedo dudar que esto es verdad y que devemos seguir haciendo mucho mas

Elder F

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