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June 15- 2014

Beautiful snapshots in the Mexico Pachuca Mission


"Believe that people who are being prepared to receive the message of the Restoration will be placed in your path. God will also place  you where your good acts and words will prepare people to receive missionaries and Church members. In all your finding efforts, pray and look for opportunities to serve, help, and lift others. As you are serving, talk with everyone you meet. Have the faith that you can share the restored gospel." 

PMG pg.169

This cycle we had one sister missionary returning home. And 16 missionaries arriving- one Elder is still waiting in the Peru MTC for VISA clearance. So we will anxiously await his arrival. Hermana Escobar will truly be missed in the Mexico Pachuca Mission for her kind - tender mannerism and steady trustworthy work as a missionary. We love you Hna. Escobar... until we meet again.  

 9 June 2014 Arrival from the Mexico City MTC

Arrival of Sister Colby and Sister Rollins from the Provo, Utah MTC at the Mexico City Airport. Its been a long day for them...

This week has been a week that I will never forget. After the zone conference, Hermana ___ and I talked about how we were going to make every effort to talk to everyone. We had a goal and we were going to try everything possible to meet that goal. Well, it was Thursday night and we had tried everyone of our set lessons. No one was home, so we decided to knock on doors. As we walked by to the area that we wanted to start knocking, it began to rain and it never stopped, but neither did we. Before we began, we offered a prayer and began. We knocked door after door. People did not have time. ¨Come back tomorrow¨, they said. Ok, on to the next house. Door after door. No one wanted to listen, but we didn´t stop. ¨One more house, Hermana.¨ ¨This is the house, Hermana.¨ Nope, not this one. It was 8:45, when we tried one house. No one answered. I turned and saw one house with lights on. ¨Let´s try this one, Hermana.¨ We introduced ourselves and explained that we were here to bless her house. ¨Come in.¨ We almost could not believe it! We went in, blessed the house, invited the Hermana to be baptized, and waited. She said, ¨Yes!¨ It was a humbling experience of never giving up, trusting in Heavenly Father, and fulfilling all that we have been taught as missionaries.

This week I have really put every bit of trust and faith in my Heavenly Father. I have poured out my soul to Him each and every day. Searching for ways to help those we teach, searching for understanding of certain things, and seeking His comfort. He answers. His in own time and His is own way, but He answers! My mission has changed me thus far. I can only imagine how much more I can change, how much more I can help those searching for answers. I am very grateful for the opportunity I have to be here and to be able to share the Gospel of Christ with others. What a blessing we have received to be able to share the Gospel each and every day!   Hna. B

Tuesday Morning-Mission Wide Transfers (Cambios) The Faces of Change

  • One departing missionary
  • Sixteen arriving missionaries
  • Eight new houses  opened
  • Five new Zone Leaders
  • Five new District Leaders (not including ZLs who are serving as DLs now)
  • Four new Sister Leader Trainers
  • One new Assistant to the President

Assistants Elder Kearl / Elder Smith waiting for a bus.


Off they go...

With new companions to their areas... 

Seriously will that taxi hold all the luggage???


Two Districts in the Tezontepec Zone on Wednesday

" Hi MOM and DAD"

These two sister using the mission shop vac (closest thing to a vacumn) to give the carpet in their house a good once over. Carpet in Mexico is very unusual and with no vacuums available - its a wonder one doesn't see carpet. I love the sisters make shift clothes line.... 

 St. Augustine

Elder Caballero (Presidents recent assistant) and new Elder Messervy opening a new area- There is a little group that meet in St. Augustine where missionaries haven't been able to live specifically. They are excited about the great potential in this area. This cute man is the "Branch President" and has been so gracious to them. They are making their home in this unique "purple dinosaur" house... When I checked on them Friday night they said they were GREAT and have found 9 new people to teach and some of those with baptism dates!!! Doesn't get better than that!!!


District Meeting in Santiago with Elder Ferrin... 

He did a wonderful job and was such a trooper as President and I stopped into his first meeting as a District Leader. No doubts why President made that assignment. Job well done Elder Ferrin! The Zone Leaders were also in attendance Elder Esteves and Elder Smart.


.....We had a miracle happen yesterday. We have been trying to follow the 300 contact challenge and so between lessons we were looking for these opportunities to talk to people. Someone was passing by and I got the strong feeling that we should talk to him. I opened my mouth and it turns out that he was talking to other missionaries from another church but is still looking for the truth. He put an appointment with us and all his family that we are going to go to in the evening today. Its something small, but it made my day knowing that I was in the right place at the right time.
Thank you so much for what you and Sister Egbert do for us. I know you love us and want the best for us. I know that the only reason you demand so much is to help us grow and to be our full potential.
I know the church is true.
Elder F

Nothing better than a chocolate caramel cluster...yummmmmm...

Hermana Sanchez- Hermana Garcia excited about their new bikes...

Elder Garza and Elder Clark in their new area-Tepatepec 

Elder Clark said, "Where's my John Deer Tractor and chicken feed?" They sit in a remote little area where these new bikes (Thanks Dad- Mom) will help them cover more ground. Elder Clark is always so positive and always takes great effort in cleaning his house to perfection. This house may need a coat of paint... Elder Garza is working so hard on his English and is loving serving in the mission. He has been here just 7 weeks!!! 

Hello Presidente!!
this week has been great. we have gotten some great progress and well for the next two weeks we should have 5 baptisms. all super awesome!! one family of four and the other one a good friend of some members in the ward. this family is truly great and amazing! they have come now 3 weeks in a row without us having to go for them. they are really quite diligent. they are super united and strong as a family. they have been a tremendous example to me and how they manage all the things in their home. they are not married right now but when we discussed the fact that they had to get married they hopped right on and said OK we will figure it out because we want to get baptized. i just know the the gospel is going to bless their lives tremendously.

OK i am not going to lie, this whole 10 contacts a day thing is really a lot harder than i thought. me and Elder ____ are always on the run, full speed, and its very difficult to find contacts. we gun it on our bikes to make the next appointment and we gun it for the next. i have great desires to do it but i am just having a hard time finding the opportunities.

i know that its for the best of have a balance between finding, teaching, baptizing and confirming but i guess its just a matter of not looking for excuses, and i know there are none, rather just doing it. president i am always inspired by the zone training's and the advice that they give and i always have a ton of excitement to complete and do the things you and the Lord ask. i guess i just need to figure out whats more important to me. in my studies this morning i found a scripture for just that. it hit me like a bus and well there is a lot to learn form it. D&C 60:2-3. it speaks of how the lord is not pleased with those who do not want to open their mouth and they he gets angry with these people. he says that they are not faithful because they are scared and if they don't become more faithful then he will take away all the good we have. to be faithful is to open your mouth!!!

i know i found this scripture in my studies this morning for purpose, to give me a kick in the bum and figure out what i want most. President i Promise i will do better. i will be more diligent in opening my mouth and showing people that i am not embarrassed to be a servant of the lord and to have the blessings that i have.

President i hope you have a better week and all goes well for you.
Saludos to Hna Egbert.
Love Elder H

Arriving soon... 

This picture is of two young women who will be reporting to the Mexico Pachuca Mission soon. Sister Roper (left) reported this Wednesday to the MTC for arrival in the mission in July. Sister Bruggeman will arrive 23rd July to the MTC and in the mission 01 Sept 2014. They both have attended the same middle school, high school, and college and only live a few streets from each other. But, interestingly enough had never met before. Through Face Book they realized they were going to the same mission and have continued to correspond through email. They officially met on Sunday at Sister Ropers farewell- 

See you soon Hermana's - we love you !


Stake Conference 14-15 June 2014 

Tecamac Stake- 2 Zones

"Nothing like a homemade chocolate chip cookies...." 

 Guess who we ran into after conference? Elder Almaraz who is taking a 5 week business course in Mexico City and came to this stake conference and surprised us! What a wonderful surprise seeing one of the best missionaries Mexico Pachuca Mission has had the privilege of knowing. He will always hold a special place in our hearts as he served as an assistant to President. We hear that "marriage" is in the near future... We love you Elder Almaraz and wish you all the best!


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